TA064 | Known Rebel: Hollow

TA064 | Known Rebel: HollowEmploying a variety of styles of electronic music such as glitch, ambient, breaks, and electronica with expert subtlety and control, Known Rebel craft their sounds into breathtaking movements of auditory emotion that build elegantly and flow into marvelous finales. Poignant melodies, rich basslines, and lush synth measures serve as the undercurrent for wondrous atmospheres that embrace the listener, allowing plenty of room to breathe.

Charming melodies, graceful fluidity, and an illuminating depth make ‘Hollow’ a must-have for those who appreciate classy bedroom IDM. Includes remixes by Jaime Irles and Mothboy plus bonus remixes by Roel Funcken (Funckarma), Lucidstatic2methylBulbe1ol, and Access To Arasaka. Available on compact disc and digital formats December 13th, 2011 from Tympanik Audio.



  1. Anonymous
  2. Neigh
  3. Mechanical Sunset (feat. Andrey G)
  4. Herz Aeon
  5. Gathering of the Argonauts
  6. Science
  7. Smart
  8. Helium-3 (Jaime Irles remix)
  9. Herz Aeon (Mothboy remix)
  10. Smart (Roel Funcken remix)
  11. Gathering of the Argonauts (Lucidstatic remix)
  12. Helium-3 (2methylBulbe1ol remix)
  13. Herz Aeon (Access To Arasaka remix)


Free ‘Hollow‘ bonus remix EP featuring Erode, Millipede, Autoclav1.1, Totakeke, Andrey G., and Displacer.

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