TA068 | Anklebiter: Raintree

TA068 | Anklebiter: RaintreeTwo years after the release of his debut album ‘I Will Wait‘ and a year after the remix companion collection ‘Queue‘, Anklebiter returns once again to Tympanik Audio with his newest masterpiece titled ‘Raintree‘.

A melancholy montage of beauty and soul, incorporating haunting atmospheres with intricate beatwork to create a massive aural experience that weaves emotion into every sound and pattern, allowing the listener’s mind to flow effortlessly with the music. A labor of love and reflection, ‘Raintree‘ is the product of an unfocused, distracted time, full of perplexities about convergence and direction in the face of middle age. A new sapling against a grey sky. Cold and uncertain, but spring has arrived at last.

TA068 | Anklebiter: RaintreeFeaturing collaborations with Sheldahl (ML), The OO-RayErode, and c.db.sn. Artwork by Bogdan Ceausescu and mastering by John McCaig. Available now in a unique slim paperpack from Tympanik Audio.



  1. Homonymic
  2. Nested (feat. Sheldahl)
  3. When Your Ghosts Outnumber Your Living
  4. Clever Drunk
  5. The Lazy Pioneers (feat. The OO-Ray)
  6. Feature Creep (feat. Erode)
  7. The Best People
  8. Short Pig
  9. Colorado Recursion (feat. c.db.sn)
  10. Illegal In February
  11. Raintree (feat. The OO-Ray)
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