TA075 | Atiq & EnK: Fear Of The Unknown

TA075 | Atiq & EnK: Fear Of The UnknownLed by heavy wobbly basslines and pulsing synth pads, Atiq & EnK‘s debut album ‘Fear of the Unknown‘ exhibits a dark yet airy approach to beat-driven electronic music, injecting each song with an unmistakable groove and flow. Striking atmospheric breakdowns facilitate transitions among the infectious beat movements, while subtle glitches and echoing snares accentuate the overall flow of each song. Sometimes brooding, sometimes wondrous, ‘Fear of the Unknown‘ manages to hold the listener’s attention throughout with a steady and cohesive tapestry of expansive beatwork, contorted melodies, and enveloping atmospheres that all seem effortless and natural to these talented new Dutch sound designers. A remarkable and impressive debut, ‘Fear of the Unknown‘ burrows deep into the subconscious and ascends into an unknown inner universe. Do you fear the unknown, or will you embrace it?

“…(a) remarkable debut album.” – Chain DLK

“Well executed and accurately building very nice, deep atmospheres.” – Ad Noiseam

“A swirling mix of electronic, classical, trip-hop, dubstep and breakbeat influences permeate Fear of the Unknown, creating a wonderfully cerebral and intriguing experience.” – Igloo Magazine

“…an entertaining album that delivers innovative ideas, which only a seasoned pro could pull off.” – The Equal Ground

Atiq & EnK‘s ‘Fear of the Unknown‘ is available now on CD and digital formats, featuring artwork by shift., only from Tympanik Audio.



  1. Stay with the Familiar
  2. Moonlit Tea Party [free download]
  3. Slow Clouds
  4. My Obligation
  5. The Glass Kingdom
  6. Like An Angel’s Feather
  7. Sim One
  8. What Was That
  9. Three Minutes
  10. Shards of Brilliance
  11. The Moment of Truth (feat. Mike Redman)

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