TA076 | Comaduster: Hollow Worlds

TA076 | Comaduster: Hollow WorldsTympanik Audio is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album ‘Hollow Worlds‘ from Canadian sound designer Comaduster. After a promising self-released EP ‘Slip Through‘ in 2009, video game sound design work for Bioware, a memorable live performance at MUTEK festival in 2011, remixes for iVardensphere, Aesthetic Perfection, and Architect, and most recently the buzz-generating single ‘Winter Eyes‘, Comaduster finally reveals his remarkable first full length album ‘Hollow Worlds‘.

Drawing from a deep well of influences, ‘Hollow Worlds‘ encompasses a distinctive range of musical styles skillfully incorporating elements of industrial, dubstep, EDM, post-rock, glitch, IDM, ambient, and pop music into a wholly polished and cohesive assembly of work that garners cerebral as well as dancefloor allure. From start to finish, ‘Hollow Worlds‘ executes a potent strike, sustaining a proficient balance of bass-heavy beats, gushing synth melodies, taut rhythmic structures, and absorbing lyrics with humanistic vocals to match.

Unlike many artists who attempt such audacious genre hybrids, Comaduster dispatches it masterfully, resulting in an accomplished collection of tangible songs that authenticate an intriguing and seductive contrast between complexity and accessibility. Reasonable parallels can be likened to the sounds of such influential acts as Haujobb and Hecq, however Comaduster has commanded these influences as mere inspirational ingredients to create a transcendent style and distinguished sound to claim as his own.

Energetic, heartfelt, and captivating, ‘Hollow Worlds‘ is a truly engaging and memorable experience with the potential to change the game. Highly recommended and not to be missed. Explore Comaduster‘s ‘Hollow Worlds‘ available now in a 6-panel digipak CD featuring striking artwork by shift.


“‘Hollow Worlds’ epitomize a forward thinking and considered approach to electronic music. ‘Hollow Worlds’ is the rare LP that can cross those boundaries and make us reconsider our assumptions about music; that it’s imminently listenable and enjoyable beyond those intellectual concerns is remarkable and bracing. Highest recommendations.” – I Die: You Die

“Hollow Worlds remains one of the most innovative and appealing electronic releases of 2013 and it’s a crime that it seemed to go so unsung by the music press. #6 Best Electronic Music of 2013″ – Popmatters

“That ‘Hollow Worlds’ is Cardinal’s debut LP is nothing short of miraculous. Little wonder, then, that it has been such a hotly anticipated release, as there are precious few artists out there capable of creating such finely cut gems as this.” – Igloomag

“The album is a masterfully crafted brew of electronica, EDM, synthpop, glitch, dubstep, witchcraft and wizardry. I really commend Comaduster for making such a dynamic feature that tastefully incorporates such opposing styles. If you like any style of electronic music at all, I would recommend Hollow Worlds.” – Head Full Of Noise

“If you were waiting for an electronic album to call album of the year, you should consider this one. It tops everything with a flawless production and not a single track that feels like filler material.” – Reflections of Darkness [9/10]

“Clearly destined for better things, I take my hat off to this artist for providing probably one of the best albums I have heard this year, maybe in the last couple of years if truth-be-told; and I am struggling not to give it a straight 10/10.” – Blackaudio [9.8/10]

“With such anticipation surrounding the album you’d be forgiven for thinking that this can’t possibly live up to the hype. But it does… and more. …you can really delve into this and discover something new every time you listen. ‘Hollow Worlds’ is quite simply an excellent début. In fact it is one of the strongest for a long while. The music is intelligent, yet accessible and the production is absolutely faultless.” – Intravenous Magazine

“I’ve never given a 10. This album is mind numbingly good. This level of sonic coherence would be an achievement for anyone… but for a debut album? Unbelievable. Every track is individually crafted to such an extent that it will take multiple listens to fathom it all. I just came as close as I’ll ever get to making love to my ProAc 110 studio monitors. Go straight out and buy it, now.” – Brutal Resonance [10/10]


  1. Ma
  2. Winter Eyes [free download]
  3. The Send Off
  4. Hollow Worlds
  5. Unfound
  6. Walls
  7. Chasms
  8. Futureproof Design
  9. Nightsail
  10. Connecting The Seams


Order Comaduster ‘Hollow Worlds’ HERE.

Download free ‘Hollow Worlds‘ wallpapers courtesy of shift.

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