TA083 | Idlefon: Intensive Collectivity Known As City

idlefon-1kThe city is alive with whispers and its movement is blurred and feverish. A soothing and evocative urban sound, comprising images of the purposefulness and anonymity of life and machines in this vast oppidan. The sound of beings rushing past in the street, blurred faces, urgent whispers, warnings? Abandoned buildings stand stoic, guarding their stories with a cautionary glare. An old swing in a forgotten playground sways in the wind, shadows lengthening as this urban sprawl settles with the fading daylight.

The sound of ritual gongs in the city’s temple echo through the dusk, winding down ancient tunnels, punctuated by radio waves and the ebb of wary modernity. Ambiance and rhythm seep through this interurban soundscape, haunting and beautiful, calibrating the subconscious and aligning the soul. Complex and intricate beats blend with textural tones, signed by distant voices and enticing melodies to create this serendipitous world where responsibilities are disregarded and time is seemingly infinite. A glimpse at what lies beneath the ordinary.

The louder you make this, the more introspective you will become. Idlefon prove that music is indeed a universal language.” – Santa Sangre Magazine

…very meditative and introvert, fitting very well together with the rest of the Tympanik Audio roster. …quite a pleasant listen.” – Ad Noiseam

…a powerful first solo-album and Idlefon will surely be interesting to follow.” – Monsterhed

…fans of early Yasume and Near The Parenthesis will certainly rejoice.” – Igloo Magazine

Recommended for fans of Subheim, Lusine ICL, Nebulo, Yasume, Funckarma, Arovane…” – Headphone Commute

…the kind of work that will progressively grown on you to let you discover a beautiful sound universe.” – Side-Line Magazine

Available now on Compact Disc and Digital formats.



  1. Kuchinawa
  2. Where Voices Vanish
  3. FairLight
  4. Reminiscence
  5. In The Sea
  6. Intensive Collectivity
  7. Ikigami
  8. Benight
  9. Of Rust
  10. Pretend It’s Spring (with Siavash Amini)
  11. Pickers Of Empty Cocoons (with Nima Pourkarimi)


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