TA085 | Tineidae: Shadows

TA085 | Tineidae: ShadowsAfter the unprecedented response to his debut album ‘Lights’, Tineidae returns to present his follow-up album ‘Shadows’. Focusing on beat-oriented IDM and tightly-textured ambient sounds, this young Ukrainian producer manages to harness intensity and precision to create an engaging sound motifs that will certainly resonant with the listener.

By fusing expansive ambient atmospheres, harmonic notions, dissonant glitches and broken beats that guide along haunting melodies, ‘Shadows’ creates the impression of a hollow chamber, in which sounds ricochet from tunnel walls. Tineidae shares his vision of a dystopian metropolis – a glimpse at the origins of future life, from millions of merging datastreams. And having awoken from the terrible vision of the dystopia that lies ahead, we’re reminded that the future is not set in stone.

Featuring artwork by shift. Available December 2nd, 2014 on Compact Disc and Digital formats.



  1. Damaged Datastream
  2. Be.Heavier
  3. NTT
  4. G_RN
  5. Chased by a Moment
  6. Antidote
  7. Shapeshift
  8. Alta
  9. Lotus Feet (feat. Trickle)
  10. Subconscious
  11. Echoing Lights (feat. Anodised)

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