TA086 | Dirk Geiger: Connected Worlds

TA086 | Dirk Geiger: Connected WorldsDirk Geiger’s fourth full-length album ‘Connected Worlds‘ delves deeper into the mind of this prolific German composer, unlocking new paths within his universe of sound creation. At once brooding, yet hopeful, Geiger’s work unfolds like a story, revealing it’s secrets piece by piece until a full conception is realized.

Slow, steady grooves match dark overtones, downbeat melodies, and enveloping atmospheres while found sounds intertwine among the relics of haunting tones. Dirk Geiger creates a synthesis of sounds characterized by regularity, precision and a hypnotic melding of harshness and harmony. There’s freedom and clarity, in the rise and fall of the melody and the sway of the piano. A gritty beat brings to mind a place where you’d sometimes go to hide, or store things you’d never want anyone to find – a door leading off a deserted train platform that you’d happened to walk past on your way home, one desolate Sunday evening.

Sometimes, the timbre shifts and you’re listening to the murmuring of strings beneath the beat, or tracing the subsidence of the sound into silence. The greens and blues of the aurora glimmering above you as you lie on the frozen ground, peering up into the sky, marveling at the swashes of color that hug the night.

Connected Worlds’ takes you on a journey up through quivering ambient atmospheres to a world above the clouds – away from the swarming city, with all its frenetic activity, pulling from a dense well of sound and a beat that serves as a reminder that all that furious hastening is not meant for you.

Artwork by shift. Available on 6-panel digipak Compact Disc and Digital formats December 2nd, 2014.



  1. Connect
  2. 24 Hours Without Interruption
  3. Mats
  4. Closer
  5. Meeting Of Both Worlds
  6. Endless
  7. Don’t Break Down All Bridges
  8. Not The Last Meeting
  9. Black Sundays
  10. Disconnect
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