TAPR3 | Various Artists: Approach Lights – 2010 catalog sampler

Approach Lights 2010Tympanik Audio‘s 2010 catalog sampler is finally here as a free download featuring some of the very best selections from our third year of releases including Totakeke, C.H. District, SE, Access To Arasaka, Dirk Geiger, Fractional, Autoclav1.1, Undermathic, Displacer, Tapage & Meander, Candle Nine, Geomatic, Zeller, Anklebiter, Famine, Lucidstatic, and remixes by L’Ombre, Autoclav1.1, and Subheim.

For our families, friends, and fans far and wide; without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for three amazing years. The best is yet to come…

Download Approach Lights 2010 here [320kbps MP3 - 220MB .ZIP]



01. Autoclav1.1: Waxing
02. Tapage & Meander: Tolopea
03. Geomatic: Above Horizon
04. Zeller: Starship Weapons Kit
05. Displacer: Lost Mission (L’Ombre remix)
06. C.H. District: Conclusion
07. Lucidstatic: A.L.
08. Fractional: Sie (Autoclav1.1 remix)
09. Totakeke: Untitled 09
10. Undermathic: 10:10pm
11. Candle Nine: Icarus Descending
12. Access To Arasaka: kill_recorder=$c1
13. Famine: Material Things
14. SE: Mimikry (Subheim remix)
15. Dirk Geiger: Itch Glitch
16. Anklebiter: Frigid

Compiled by Paul Nielsen

Photography, Design, and Mastering by Mike Slansky