TD005 | Displacer: Lost Mission

TD005 | Displacer: Lost MissionFollowing up Displacer‘s new album ‘X Was Never Like This…‘ is the new progressive EP ‘Lost Mission‘ available as a free download exclusively from Tympanik Audio.

Displacer returns to his darkened roots with a fantastic new track + a tight collection of paranormal phenomenons including remixes by CoordinatesDisplacerGus & Griz, L’OmbreS:cage, and Larvae.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone motherfuckers.


01. Lost Mission
02. Lost Mission (Even Stars mix by Coordinates)
03. Lost Mission (Gus & Griz Space Cadet remix)
04. Lost Mission (In The Company Of Robots mix by Displacer)
05. Lost Mission (L’Ombre remix)
06. Lost Mission (S:cage remix)

Bonus track:

07. Lost Mission (Larvae remix) [download]

Download this release here.

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