TD014 | Worms of the Earth: Anagami

Tympanik Audio welcomes Worms Of The Earth for the release of his new album ‘Anagami‘. Discordant, pounding rhythmic noise with tribal undertones, atmosphere-rich dark ambient pieces, and complex and contorted IDM, ‘Anagami‘ effectively demonstrates a fresh approach to the genres and the impressive range of this dynamic artist.

Anagami translates to literally “non-returning”; a person who has achieved partial enlightenment and thusly is not reborn into this world, but into a higher plane. Two years in the making, Worms of the Earth‘s new mantra ‘Anagami‘ marks a significant move forward in his sound design, while staying true to his roots with a solid contrast of old and new sound rudiments culminating into a powerful and cohesive blend of abrasive rhythms and enveloping atmospheres. Mystical and serendipitous, ‘Anagami‘ lurches and heaves under a wall of sonic sculptures accented with Eastern influences, generously embossed with stomping beats and harsh noise elements.

“…Worms of the Earth’s debut on the esteemed Tympanik Audio is a venomous and harrowing trip through the sonic abyss that demands to be heard.” – ReGen Magazine (Top 20 Albums of 2012)

“18 Hands of Cundi” by Worms Of The Earth [from 'Anagami' Tympanik Audio 2012]

“Enshrine In The Sacred Stones” by Worms Of The Earth [from 'Anagami' Tympanik Audio 2012]

Worms of the Earth’s ‘Anagami’ is available now in digital formats via Bandcamp and our shop – order here.


  1. Wandering the Realm of Wind and Sand
  2. Exhuming the Tome of the Worm
  3. Enshrined in the Sacred Stones
  4. 18 Hands of Cundi
  5. Samma-Sati
  6. Ceaseless Suffering (The Poisons of Being)
  7. Kaivalya
  8. Arupadhatu
  9. 1st Jhana (Dimension of Space)
  10. 2nd Jhana (Dimension of Consciousness)
  11. Anagami