TD019 | Integral: Sercosa

TD019 | Integral: SercosaNearly 6 years have passed since Integral‘s debut album ‘Rise‘ was released. Now the German duo returns to present their new masterpiece. ‘Sercosa‘ unfolds like a hallucination and brings visions to life in the kaleidoscope of the mind. Vivid images begin to blossom as an ever-present and hypnotic beat pulsates like a star. Simultaneously, you are in the city and the machine speaks through the fabric of the dream.

By manipulating the elements of space, texture, regularity, immersion, sparseness and distance, Integral have created a living soundscape that seems to traverse the origins of the universe and the breadth of human civilization; from the tribal forest villages of our forebears to the abandoned cities of the future.

Sercosa‘ is a journey through the sounds of prescience and lament, in which deep, earthy rhythms and tribal drumming swell beneath a layer of whispers that tell the story of an ancient ritual. Or perhaps the ritual is telling the story of the dream of the world to come.

A sound journey that will make the tiny hairs on your arms and on the back of your neck stand on end, ‘Sercosa‘ explores the dance of man and machine, the precarious truce, the curious symbiosis diminishing…

Perhaps even a looming conclusion, put off for another day. Or an outcome, yet to be determined but easy to extrapolate. In the far reaches of your mind, you’ve already heard the answer.

Available now on digital formats through Tympanik Audio.



  1. Substance D
  2. Haunting Voices
  3. Senex
  4. Insight In An Unseizable World
  5. Madea
  6. Scarisoara
  7. Santa Georgia
  8. States
  9. The Aboriginal River
  10. Fragments Of Beauty
  11. Encompassing

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