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Franz Hoffmann violins can be considered beginner or entry-level violins. They are often preferred to the V.S.O. (violin-shaped object). To help children get used to playing the violin, they will be given a shape object that looks like a violin (usually a piece of wood) several times.

Sometimes the VSO looks like a violin, with strings and tuning pegs. But they are only for show. They don’t make a violin sound. Experts disagree on whether a VSO is the best way for a child to learn the violin. Experts believe that a VSO can actually hinder learning. A VSO can lead to confusion in a child’s mind.

We were able to play the 5 Franz Hoffmann violins we examined. They were not VSOs. VSO is a tongue-in-cheek term. It can be used for describing an object cut into a shape like a violin, but it can also serve to describe a string that looks exactly like a violin but is so poor quality it cannot be played.

Top 5 Franz Hoffmann Violin Review

1. Franz Hoffmann Concert Violin

The Concert Violin, a full-sized violin, is hand-carved and finished in a high quality varnish. This enhances the sound and brings out the beauty and tone woods. This large-sized violin is a great choice for students.

The top is made from spruce and the back is maple. All fittings, including the fingerboard, are made of ebony. The model’s wood is all aged to perfection.

This outfit includes a brazilwood horsehair bow, soft bag and rosin. This model is still affordable.

2. Franz Hoffmann Maestro Violin

The Maestro is an upgrade in quality and price from the Amadeus. You can also get this model in the 1/16-4/4 size.

It is made from high-quality tone woods and features a maple back, spruce top, and ebony fittings. This student violin has great projection and produces warm tones.

Before it can be shipped, it is tuned and tested in our Ann Arbor MI shop. All violins in the Franz Hoffmann range are made in China. An outfit, just like the Amadeus model, will need to be purchased separately.

3. Franz Hoffmann Etude Violin

This is Franz Hoffmann’s “step up” instrument. It is perfect for the beginner who wants to get started with a great instrument, or for the intermediate player who is looking for a better instrument.

It features a solid spruce top and inlaid purfling. It was hand-carved in China, and then tested in Ann Arbor MI. Ultra Overture strings are available. They feature ebony fittings and a hand-rubbed spirit varnish finish.

This violin is both a beginner and intermediate-level instrument. It is beautiful and sounds great. You can also purchase this violin as part of an outfit that includes an upgraded brazilwood horsehair bow, hard case, and rosin.

4. Franz Hoffmann Prelude Violin

The Prelude features enhanced arching that gives this violin a warm, resonating sound and projects well. This is a great option for beginners. It’s affordable and comes in a wide range of sizes.

The strings are made from high-quality tone woods, which allow the student to create a beautiful sound. The Overture strings will last a lifetime and are great for young violinists.

This model has durable pegs that make tuning easier. You can purchase the Prelude as an outfit that includes a horsehair brazilwood bow, soft case, and a supply of rosin. There are many sizes available for the Prelude.

5. Franz Hoffmann Amadeus Violin

This 3/4 violin is suitable for children between 8 and 11 years old, provided their average size is not exceeded.

It is important to choose the right size violin for your child. If the violin is too big, it can cause problems in the playing experience.

This violin is made of spruce and ebony. It features a spruce top and maple back. For added durability, the tailpiece is made of carbon fiber.

This is an excellent alternative to a VSO. You can upgrade the Overture strings to metal when necessary. You must purchase the outfit separately. This model comes in sizes 1/16-4/4.

Choosing the Right Violin for Training

It is important to choose the right violin for you. A successful start will encourage a greater interest in the instrument. It is important to learn the correct way right from the beginning.

A new student will respond better if they can get the right sound from the violin.

Students who don’t have a good instrument to begin with often feel that their technique is not up to par and are discouraged from playing.

It is crucial that students have access to reliable instruments in order not to give up and quit before they even start.

Reliable doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, it simply means it must be well-made and function. Franz Hoffmann is an excellent example of a reliable student instrument that is budget-friendly.

After you have made your decision on which Franz Hoffmann violin to purchase, it is time for you to decide on the size. For violins over 13 years old, it is important to be clear that you must choose a full-sized (4/4) violin.

This guideline chart can be used to help you choose the right size violin. However, if your student is smaller than or larger than their age, it is possible to move up or down one size.

Violin Size Arm Length
(base of neck to fingertip)
Approx. Age
4/4 (Full Size) 23.5+ in 12+
3/4 (Three Quarters) 22 – 23.5 in 10-11
1/2 (Half Size) 20.75 – 22 in 8-9
1/4 (Quarter Size) 19 – 20.75 in 6-7
1/8 (Eighth Size) 17.75 – 19 in 5-6
1/10 (Tenth Size) 16 – 17.75 in 3-5
1/16 (Sixteenth Size) 14.5 – 16 in 3-5

The student’s left arm should be measured from the base of their neck to the tip of the pointer fingers. To avoid buying a violin that is too large in a few months, you can move the student up a size.

A student violin is one the best investments you can make. VSO’s don’t really serve as learning tools. VSO’s can be used as props rather than learning tools.

Suzuki Method is highly respected and children as young at 3 years old can learn to play the violin. Why delay it with a prop when they can have a great instrument to help them reach their music goals?

Their progress will be slowed down by the VSO. The best way to help your student excel is to invest in a reliable instrument.

As your student becomes more committed to the craft, you can upgrade Franz Hoffmann’s quality by changing the bridge and adding new strings.

Franz Hoffmann is a wonderful place to start your journey to musical proficiency.


So that we could help you choose the right beginning violin, we looked at five Franz Hoffmann violins. The best thing about Franz Hoffmann violins is their affordability.

A reliable, affordable and reliable real playing option is a great way to help a student get off to a good start. When it comes to playing a violin, SIZE IS VERY important. Franz Hoffmann violins come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for students of all ages.

FAQ for 5 Franz Hoffmann Violin

Who is Franz Hoffmann Violin?

Franz Hoffmann Violin is a brand of violins. Franz Hoffmann Violin produces high-quality violins that are made with the finest materials. Franz Hoffmann Violin has been manufacturing violins since 1820 and is based in Vienna, Austria.

What is the difference between a Franz Hoffmann Violin and other violins?

The Franz Hoffmann Violin is a handmade instrument that was created by the Austrian luthier. It has a thin and narrow neck, which is perfect for any player with small hands. The sound of this violin is deep and warm because of its unique sound post design.

A Franz Hoffmann Violin can be identified by the label on the inside of the instrument.

What are the benefits of using a Franz Hoffmann Violin?

The benefits of using a Franz Hoffmann Violin are that it sounds better than many other violins, it produces less noise and it has a beautiful finish.

What materials were used in the making of Franz Hoffmann Violin?

The materials used in the making of Franz Hoffmann Violin vary from the wood, to the varnish, to the strings. The wood is usually spruce or maple and is often chosen for its strength and resonance. The varnish is a protective layer that protects the violin from damage such as scratches and dents.

The Franz Hoffmann Violin is a handmade violin with a solid spruce top and maple back, sides, and neck. The fingerboard is ebony, the tailpiece is made of brass, the pegs are made of boxwood, and the chin rest is made of maple.

The Franz Hoffmann Violin is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

How much does a Franz Hoffmann Violin cost?

On Amazon the Franz Hoffman’s violin is priced from $149 to $350.

Where can I find a Franz Hoffmann Violin?

Franz Hoffman violins are available for purchase on the company’s website. They also have dealers in many countries around the world.

What’s the difference between a VSO and a beginning or starter violin?

Your violin must be tuned, and the pegs and strings must be strong. Many beginners, or their parents, make the error of purchasing a VSO instead of buying an actual playing violin.

Although it can be difficult for parents to make the financial investment in an instrument if they are unsure about the commitment level of their child, there is a greater chance that they will not be able to achieve the early successes that will motivate them to continue playing.

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