Best Banjo Hard Cases

A lot of banjo players are always on the go, especially for pro players. When you’re moving around constantly, a durable case is a must-have. You can protect your banjo by securing it in a hard case. So make sure you find a great hard case to store it in – there are lots to choose from!

Banjo cases come in different qualities and prices; some are lightweight but fragile while others are sturdy. We recommend that you find a balance so that you can get the most out of them. The article we have put together contains the best banjo hard cases available at the moment. We won’t keep you waiting for long, so let’s dive right in!

Top Banjo Hard Cases Review

To make things a lot easier for you, we’ve highlighted some of the best banjo hard cases in specific detail. By understanding each one’s features, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. It’s always a good idea to compare features of prospective products thoroughly before placing an order. With more detail, you can make sure your choices are best suited for your needs.

1. Taurus Hard Shell Banjo Case

The Taurus Hard Shell Banjo Case is an exceptionally designed case that securely fits all standard banjos. This hardcase comes standard in black and quality, durable hardware.

The interior lining is lined with soft padding to protect your instrument from being jolted or scratched when you’re on the go. There’s also a small compartment where you can store your accessories.

2. Crossrock Vintage Case for Banjo (CRW600BJBR)

Kicking off our list of the best banjo cases is this Crossrock Vintage Case for Banjo. It has a brown leather exterior that’s really stylish and tough at the same time.

This guitar case has a nice hard exterior with soft padding for a snug fit. It also has red plush lining to protect your instrument from bumps and bruises. Not only does this case have protection, but it also comes with storage space for your extra gear!

3. Lykos Wood Banjos Case

If you’re also looking for a good way to transport your banjos, then we might have the perfect solution: Lykos Wood Banjos Case. It has an elegant look and high quality features, making it one of our favorite cases on the market.

The Ryback sofa is made of high-quality leather, plush, and wood materials. We really love the durability and sturdiness it offers as well as its overall quality. The microgroove pattern on the cotton upholstery makes for a beautiful finish.

4. Crossrock Molded Hard Shell Banjo Case (CRA860BJBL)

We think that the Crossrock Molded Hard Shell Banjo Case (CRA860BJBL) is also a good option so you should consider that one too. It’s got an anti-scratch ABS exterior that’s both strong and sturdy.

This banjo case has a thick hard foam core and soft plush lining to protect your instrument. It also has a special place for accessories. Finally, it has a strap that attaches to your back, making it easier to carry!

5. Kala HCBK-BNJ-C Banjo Hard Case

This traditional black hard case is made with heavy-duty materials, with a velour lining for safe keeping. It’s perfect for traveling musicians.

It’s also made of durable chrome hardware. We also love the accessory compartment where you can store stuff like your capo!

6. Golden Gate C-1530 Hard Shell Banjo Case

The C-1530 Hard Shell Banjo Case is an essential piece of kit. It offers a plywood core structure, which is both strong and protective. Plus, it has a stronger top construction that offers protection where it’s needed most.

The double gusset design ensures that your banjo is kept safe and sound. It also features triple brass plated hardware and lockable latches for added security.

7. Gator Cases Journeyman Series Wood Case for Banjos

The Gator Cases Journeyman Series Wood Case for Banjos is the perfect choice if traditional craftsmanship and vintage style are what you seek. With heavy-duty plywood panels, this case is strong enough to protect your banjo.

This hard case helps you carry your banjo safely, with its thick, plush upholstery. The interior contains a single compartment and plenty of space for your accessories.

8. Gearlux Banjo Hard Case

Gearlux is a company that specializes in banjo accessories. Their Banjo Hard Case comes equipped with a textured black finish, chrome lockable hardware, and padding inside the case.

The plush padded interior is great for when you’re carrying around your bankee and want it to stay safe. It also features an interior compartment where you can store banjo accessories.

9. Crossrock Banjo Hard Shell Case (CRA860BJBK)

The Crossrock Banjo Hard Shell Case is one of the best in its class and it’s strong, sturdy construction is perfect for protecting your instrument.

It has a thick foam core for protection. The case also features a deep plush lining to keep your banjo free from scratches and nicks. This case not only provides you with an accessory compartment but also has a lid. We’ve got this covered on both the front and back sides with the inclusion of backpack straps too, making it easier to carry.

10. Crossrock Banjo Case (CRF2000BJYL)

CRF2000BJYL is made of a strong material for its exterior, and its interior is padded & can fit most banjo types.

This unique bag makes securing your banjo easy while also making storage space a cinch! We’re also partial to its stylish handle and premium hardware. What sets it apart is the large accessory pocket with a matching lid.

What to Look for in Banjo Hard Cases

First of all, we have to talk about some important factors. Understanding these factors will help you get a better idea of what your dream hard case banjo should be like.

When you buy a product, make sure to check for these elements. The product should be high quality and suit your needs otherwise you will waste your money. Here are some of the features to look for:

Fit of the Banjo

One way to figure out which banjo hard case is the right size for you is to see if the banjo will fit inside. If you have one that’s too small, your instrument might shift or move when being carried around.

Dishes are the norm in these cases. You would have padding to ensure your banjo stays firmly seated, and padding to make sure it gets to your gig safe and sound.


The best hard cases for banjos are made of solid materials that would protect the instrument. These include wood, fiberglass, and plastic. They are covered with leather on the outside or tweed material.

The hinges/pins that attach the case should be made of metal to keep them from breaking. In my opinion, it’s important to pick a material that is both durable and light.


You want to make sure you purchase a durable banjo case so in the event of an accident or rough transport, your instrument is protected. You don’t want to put it fragilely into something that may not provide adequate protection.

Let’s say you’re looking for a case for your banjo. It helps to know how the case is made. If it’s durable, you’re confident that your instrument is safe inside.

These are just a few of the features you should keep in mind when picking a banjo hard case. You may want to bear these in mind always because if you purchase product that isn’t durable, then it might not be as good as it was before.


For banjo players who are always on the go, you can always count on a good banjo hard case. The functionality and quality they provide will allow you to have a product that lasts for a long time. Just remember that not all hard cases offer durability and protection – look for one that stands out from the rest!

We recommend that you study the different cases and then decide. If you exhaustively examine our banjo case list, it will be easy for you to find one that suits your needs.

FAQ for Best Banjo Hard Cases

What are the best banjo hard cases?

Banjo cases are important to protect your instrument from damage. The best banjo cases will provide the most protection and be the easiest to carry.

The first is by Gator Cases, which is a popular brand in the industry. The case is made of heavy-duty molded plastic and has a foam padding for maximum protection. You can choose between two different colors: black or white.

The second case that we recommend is by SKB, which also offers two different colors: black or green. It has a lightweight design and an interior foam padding for maximum protection as well.

The third case that we recommend is by Musician’s Gear, which offers three different colors: red, blue or black with a nylon exterior and interior padding for maximum protection as well as wheels for easy mobility from place to place!

Do come in banjo hard cases different sizes?

Banjo cases come in different sizes, and there are a few different types of banjo cases. The most common type is the open-back banjo case, which is usually made of wood and has an open back.

An open-back banjo case will not protect your banjo as well as a closed-back banjo case would. If you plan on traveling with your instrument or if you plan on taking it out on the road, then you may want to invest in a closed-back case.

What are the features of the best banjo hard cases?

The best banjo hard cases are durable and come with a padded interior for protection. They also have a shoulder strap for convenience.

Some of these cases have a neck strap and an accessory pocket to store your picks, strings, and capo. The best banjo hard cases also come with an exterior accessory pocket so you can store all your other accessories in one place.

What are the benefits of a hard case for a banjo?

A hard case is a protective cover for a banjo that provides protection from physical damage and helps maintain the instrument’s value.

A hard case will protect your instrument from the wear and tear of being transported, as well as provide some degree of protection against moisture. They also help maintain the instrument’s value by protecting it from bumps and scratches, which can happen during transport or when it’s not in use.

How much do banjo hard cases cost?

Banjo hard cases are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are made from different materials, such as leather or other types of synthetic material.

The cost is influenced by the size and shape of the case, as well as its quality. The type of material used also affects the price, with high-quality leather being more expensive than synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester.

A banjo hard case is typically made of wood, plastic, or a combination of both. They can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes for different types and styles of banjos. The cost will vary depending on the size and quality of the case.

A typical banjo hard case will cost around $30-$150.

What is the difference between a soft and hard case for a banjo?

The difference between a soft and hard case for a banjo is that the hard case will be more protective against bumps and falls, while the soft case will be lighter and easier to carry around.

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