Best Concert Ukulele Cases

Best Concert Ukulele Cases Reviews

Concert ukuleles are a fantastic instrument to play, because of the sound that they produce and how easy it is for them to be played. They’re also known for their unique way of playing. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, always be mindful of the safety and security of your instrument. Make sure to protect it with a high-quality case to ensure safe and hassle-free transport.

With the recent surge in concert ukulele cases, it’s hard to find the best one for you. Whether you’re a new or old player, there are many different products with different features available across all price ranges. In this piece, we’re going to cover the best ukulele cases. We’re also going to list the different features each one has so that you can be sure you’re making the right choice for yourself.

Top Concert Ukulele Cases Review

1. Gator Cases Gig Bag for Concert Style Ukuleles (GBE-UKE-CON)

The Gator Cases Gig Bag for Concert Style Ukuleles (GBE-UKE-CON) is a great ukulele case that was also fairly priced. It can hold your concert length ukulele and is made with strong nylon and lined with 10 mm internal padding for extra protection.

Stuff your ukulele accessories in the exterior pocket of this sturdy case, and adjust the backpack straps to suit your needs. It’s designed to protect your instrument very well.

2. Tosnail Ukulele Case for Concert Ukulele

Next is the Tosnail Ukulele Case for Concert Ukulele. This concert ukulele case is made of a quality cotton with a 0.6-inch cushioning inside protecting your ukulele.

The reinforced pad on the headstock is perfect for your instrument. This case has double zippers and is made of high quality materials. It also comes with a carrying handle, shoulder straps, and interior pockets for accessories.

3. Gearlux Concert Ukulele Case

If you’re looking for a high quality ukulele case at an affordable price, the Gearlux concert ukulele case is perfect for you. It’s made of durable polyfoam and has a strong handle & lock to keep your instrument safe.

The inside of this case is covered with felt in order to protect it from scratches. The outside has a pocket with a zipper for security. This ukulele case also comes with a shoulder strap for traveling convenience.

4. Ibanez IUBC541BE Concert Ukulele Gig Bag

The Ibanez Guitar Company (IUBC541BE) Concert Ukulele Gig Bag is designed with a casual, outdoor theme and has the internal colors and zippers that reflect those on the exterior. The double-sided padding on the sidewall protects your instrument as well as its top, back and sides.

The additional 10mm of padding at the bottom helps to protect your ukulele. There are 3 exterior pockets on this ukulele case. This bag is made for carrying any extras you need when you’re playing some tunes. The color is beige, but there are also other colors to choose from like black, navy blue, wine red and moss green.

5. MUSIC FIRST Concert Style Ukulele Case

This MUSIC FIRST Concert Style Ukulele Case is another good choice for you. It has a nice feel due to its pure cotton shell fabric and soft brown suede lining. The inside of this case also has 0.5-inch cushioning material, which protects your instrument from wear and tear and accidental dropping.

It also has a 0.6-inch cushion for the handle and some extra space in the front pocket for your tuner, cellphone, string pack, and pick pack – just to name a few.

6. CLOUDMUSIC Concert Ukulele Case

The CLOUDMUSIC Concert Ukulele Case is made of polyester with a 10mm padding to protect your instrument. It also has heavy duty, dual opening metal zippers that keep all your stuff (picks, an extra pack of strings) inside.

It also has a nice adjustable strap, perfect for whatever your preference may be. If you prefer something more sturdy, the carry handle provides the functionality you need. This instrument comes in multiple designs and colors.

7. Kala Concert Ukulele Gig Bag

The Kala Concert Ukulele Gig Bag is a great option too. It’s made of durable black Cordura and has 12 millimeters of padding to protect against bumps, hits, and other things that could happen to it.

The bag is also essential for guitar players, who will be able to fit a lot of essentials inside including picks, strings and tuners. It’s only available in black, though

8. Phitz Concert Ukulele Case – PH87937UCP

You might want to get a case to protect your concert ukulele. Phitz Ukulele Case – PH87937UCP is a good choice because it will protect it with 0.6-inch foam padding and water-resistant fabrics. It also comes with heavy-duty luggage-grade threads Meaning: “This is due to the fact that” would.

Stretch points prevent the strap from fraying or breaking. The front pocket can hold any accessory including straps, picks, and strings. They come in lots of different styles and colors like the tree of life or a cartoon light.

9. Phitz Concert Ukulele Case

The Phitz Ukulele Case is equipped with thick foam padding and water-resistant fabrics to protect your instrument. There are heavy-duty, luggage-grade threads throughout the case. The stretch points have been double-stitched, making it more durable and less likely to tear when carrying your instrument.

It comes in several colors, like orange summer poncho, deep space, hibiscus flowers and robots blue. The case can carry anything from straps to strings and picks.

10. Crossrock CRA800CUBL Concert Ukulele Case

The Crossrock CRA800CUBL Concert Ukulele Case is one of the best products on our list. It has an anti-scratch ABS interior and plush lining that protects the instrument. Four latches secure it for transport.

This bag also features a detached compartment which is spacious so you can carry more. The case comes with a single strap which is adjustable, and it has an inbuilt handle that’s sturdy.

What to Look for in Concert Ukulele Cases

The first thing you’ll have to do as a wise musician is identify the important characteristics that come with ukulele cases. This way, you’ll make sure that when you’re looking for one, it will be the right case for your needs and preferences. Here are two of the features that you should look for when picking out your favorite ukulele cases.

Fit of the Concert Ukulele Case

One of the first things that you have to consider when picking a concert ukulele case is how well it will fit your instrument. One reason to pay attention to this is because concert ukuleles have a specific size, so you should think about picking out the best-fitting case. To prevent your instrument from moving or bending in the case, you should use a properly sized case. A tight or loose one can actually damage it.

Durability of the Concert Ukulele Case

Remember that durability is important. Some cases are made of a material that won’t last very long, or which will severly deteriorate after a few uses. That can be an issue if you need to use your case every day, or if you play in the rain and it often gets wet. You don’t want to have to keep rebuying cases all the time. With a tough construction, you can be sure that your ukulele is safe inside the case.

There are many different things to consider when purchasing a concert ukulele case. The features mentioned above are just some of the key features you should take into consideration for your purchase. It is worth noting that, regardless of the case you select, it will all come down to what is most important for your needs.


As a musician, you should be careful to compare and contrast each maker’s product down to their finest detail. Even if they might seem similar on the surface, there may differences between them that can’t be seen at first glance.

It’s incredibly important that you know the differences between strings for your ukulele – failure to do so could result in permanent damage or even worse, breaking your instrument. It’s important to know the type of ukulele case that is best for you, which is why we’re highlighting different aspects like material and style so you can choose what’ll work best.

FAQ for Best Concert Ukulele Cases

What are the features of the best concert ukulele cases?

The best concert ukulele cases should be lightweight, have a snug fit, and have enough room for the ukulele. They also need to be durable and easy to carry around.

The best concert ukulele cases are made of hard shell and have a handle.

How much do concert ukulele cases cost?

The cost of a concert ukulele case is not very high, but it does vary depending on the style and materials.

There are many different factors that influence the cost of a concert ukulele case. For example, the type of material used to make it can have a big effect on its price. Some cases are made with expensive materials like leather or real wood, while others are made from cheaper materials like polyester or vinyl. The size and shape of the case can also affect its price, as well as whether or not it has any extra features like pockets for accessories or straps to hold music books.

The average cost of a concert ukulele case is around $25-$35 USD.

What are the best brands of concert ukulele cases?

There are many brands of concert ukulele cases on the market, but not all of them are as good as they claim to be.

Here is a list of the best brands of ukulele cases:

  • Kala
  • Luna
  • Oscar Schmidt

How do I choose the best concert ukulele case for me?

When choosing a concert ukulele case, it is important to find the right balance between price and protection. A good concert ukulele case should be able to protect your instrument from the bumps and bruises of everyday life while also being affordable.

There are many different styles of cases on the market, so it is important to choose one that fits your needs. The most common type of case is a soft gig bag with a zipper closure. This style of case provides minimal protection but is very affordable and easy to carry around with you.

Another popular type of case for ukuleles is hard shell cases with a latch closure. These cases are more expensive than soft gig bags but offer better protection for your instrument in transit and during storage.

What are the benefits of using an concert ukulele case?

A concert ukulele case is designed to protect the instrument from scratches, dents and other damage while it is being transported.

There are a few different types of concert ukulele cases available on the market. Some of them are designed to be carried by hand, while others can be carried on a back pack or in a car.

The benefits of using an ukulele case include protection for your instrument and its accessories, as well as ease of transportation.

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