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Best Conductor Stands Reviews

If you’re going to conduct an orchestra, you need a conductor’s stand. That’s because that’s where the conductor will keep all the sheet music or scores during the performance. So, whether you’re leading a full orchestra or just conducting a small group at a music class, the stand you use is important.

It’s hard to find the right conductor’s stand, but luckily for you there are loads of different ones out there. We have a list of the best ones below, so hopefully this will help you decide.

Top Conductor Stands Review

Music stands are important for all sorts of musicians, whether you’re a violinist or guitarist. You’ll get to find a great stand that suits your needs and isn’t too pricey!

1. Manhasset 5401 Regal Conductor’s Music Stand

We’re excited to announce that you can now buy a music stand online. Some of our popular products are the Manhasset stands which come with a double shaft. These shafts make it easier to carry big scores around and avoid back pain!

The automatic friction-tilt neck allows the stand to have constant tension at any angle so that it can hold music almost anywhere. The stand’s height is 63.5 inches.

2. Manhasset M51 Four Score Music Stand

Another Manhasset, the top of the M51 stand is 32″ wide so there is plenty of room for scores. In fact, it can hold four sheets of paper side-by-side, there there’s plenty of room for full scores. The maximum height of the stand is five feet and one inch.

3. BlueDot Trading Conductors Music Stand

The BlueDot conductor’s stand is a great portable conductor’s stand. Not only does it fold up to be easily carried and a weight of 2.4lbs, but it can also hold the weight of large heavy music stands too. Overall, it provides the same essential benefits as any other music stand without taking up so much space or weighing more than necessary when you’re.

4. Hamilton Conductor Stand

A stand is a great way to display your full-sized scores or sheet music. The Hamilton Conductor Stand has three stabilizing tubes and can fit up to three full-sized scores. The stand is 31.5 inches wide and reaches up to 49 inches high. The Hamilton stand is comparatively priced to others.

5. On Stage SM7312W Conductor Stand

The On Stage SM7312W Conductor Stand is one of the most stylish conductor stands on this list. The bookplate on top is made from Rosewood which makes the design look elegant. The width of this desk is 22 inches, and the height can be extended to 45 inches.

6. Musician’s Gear Folding Music Stand

The Musician’s Gear Folding Music Stand is a high-quality stand that folds down to a more compact size. It’s perfect when it’s not in use and great for saving space!

For the stand to be transportable and adjustable, that is a good thing. The height of the stand can be adjusted from 37.01 inches to 58.07 inches, but this all depends on what you need it for.

7. Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand

Easy to assemble and a great buy, the Manhasset Model 48 is a conductor stand that you can trust. Its neck tilts automatically so it will stay at the right height, which makes it much easier to use when you’re on stage.

The design of this conductor stand includes a solid-brass bearing and is free of grease. The Magic Finger Clutch is a one-hand grip which leads to increased safety and stability. The heavy gauge steel base is sturdy and easily stored.

8. Gearlux Deluxe Collapsible Orchestra Music Stand

Our next conductor stand is the Gearlux Deluxe Collapsible Orchestra Music Stand. This durable and well-built conductor stand is lightweight and easy to transport, so it can last a long while. It’ll help you conduct your symphony.

In this conductor stand, the height can be adjusted from 28 inches to 48 inches. The knob you find on the vertical post is specifically designed for maximum weight handling capability. Lastly, with maximum flexibility in mind, it’s possible for you to work at any desired height with this conductor stand.

9. Musician’s Gear Deluxe Conductor Music Stand

The Musician’s Gear Deluxe Conductor Music Stand is great for any conductor as it has a steel bookplate to place the sheet music. It allows you to focus on the performance and not worry about balancing the sheet music on your lap.

Additionally, the bookplate has a back lip that can be tilted as situations require (though not removed from the vertical shaft) and can go from 1.5m to 4.5m high depending on what’s best for you.

10. Peak Music Stands SMS-20 Collapsible Music Stand

This collapsible conductor stand has a tubular steel frame so you can take it anywhere, it even folds up for easy storage. This light-weight, portable stand folds up and has levers which help to make adjustments very simple. It also has a handy little plastic desk where conductors can place their sheet music while they’re conducting.

It comes with a carrying case which makes it easy to store them and keep them in one place. With four different designs, you’re sure to find one that matches your taste.

11. On-Stage SM7211B Professional Grade Orchestral Music Stand

The SM7211B stands are a professional grade product. The bookplate is designed with rolled edges for safety and strength, perfect for the stand in which it’s used.

Remove the lever arm from the turntable with a couple of turns of its angle adjustment tension knobs for easy installation on your upper shaft. The center shaft can be adjusted depending on the height of the conductor. There are replacement parts for any missing pieces.

12. Hola! HM-MS+ Professional Folding Orchestra Sheet Music Stand

Our next Hola! model is an HM-MS+ Professional Folding Music Stand. It’s extremely heavy duty and easy to fold. The lip on the bookplate is 2 inches and rolls up for storage.

You can use their height to suit when standing or sitting. This is perfect for people of different heights. The stand allows you to set the angle, and it’s completely adjustable. It contains screws, knobs and more for different parts of the stand.

13. AmazonBasics Sheet Music Stand

The AmazonBasics Sheet Music Stand is a conductor stand with an adjustable height and 4 different tilt positions. It’s a perfect way to save space around your set up and provide more stability for the music you’re preparing on it. You can easily adjust the angle to make watching more comfortable by using the knobs.

It can be used for height adjustments, thanks to its automatic friction slide that works with just a touch of pressure. It also has a welded steel base and non-skid feet so it stays steady when you’re typing. This conductors stand tube is telescopic which makes it easier to position at the left or right of your podium. It has a ring for securing loose sheets and a socket for attaching the base for quick, easy setup.

14. TopStage Deluxe Lectern Orchestra Conductor Music Stand

Our last product is the TopStage Deluxe Lectern Orchestra Conductor Music Stand. It’s a professional collapsible conductor stand that’s lightweight and durable. With its convenient hand straps, it can support plenty of weight without any straining! The original platform could be tilted and adjusted. It was also able to hold large sheet music.

This stand is sure to be able to hold sheet music securely. The dual tier vertical shaft makes it a good choice whether you are standing or sitting. It could be folded up if needed, which makes it easy to carry with you.

15. Peak Music Stands SMS-35

The Peak Music Stand from SMS has a detachable desk and handy leg locks. This stand is made from tubular steel and is one of the more portable conductor stands for orchestras.

What to Look for in Conductor Stands

When you’re a conductor, it’s important to carefully inspect the different elements of the stands and how they affect aspects like tone quality. Some can be great. Others could make things worse. A conductor stand should be made of durable material with a seat that can be adjusted to the height of the conductor, as well as a sturdy stand.

Durability of the Stand

Durability is very important when buying a conductor stand. You want one that’s well-made and can last a long time. Additionally, the bookplate should hold the sheet music easily, no matter how heavy it is.

Portability of the Stand

Another thing to think about is the fact that this stand will be travelling with you if you’re playing for different events. This is why it’s important to get a tripod stand that is light and compact. It needs to fold so you can put it inside your bag when you’re on the go.

There are some important things to consider when buying a conductor stand. Knowing these will make it much easier to find the best one for your needs.


Conductors rely on a lot of complicated devices and gears for their job, but talent and skill are still important. Each of the conductor stands should be scrutinized so that you’ll be able to find the one that suits your needs.

FAQ for Best Conductor Stands

What are the benefits of using a conductor stand?

A conductor stand is a device used by conductors to conduct an orchestra. It is also used as a podium to read from, as in the case of a lectern.

A conductor stand provides a focal point for the orchestra, and helps with communication between the conductor and their musicians.

It also prevents eye strain for both the conductor and the musicians, as it allows them to be at eye level with one another.

What are the best conductor stands on the market?

The best conductor stands on the market are the ones that are sturdy, adjustable, and affordable.

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a conductor stand. You need to find a stand that is sturdy enough to hold your music, but also adjustable enough so that you can see the music clearly. You should also find one that is both affordable and durable.

What kind of conductor stands do orchestras use?

There are two types of conductor stands: podiums and podiumless.

Podiumless stands are often used in smaller orchestras, because they take up less space on the stage. They are also used when the conductor needs to be able to move around the orchestra.

Podiums are more common in larger orchestras. They provide a higher vantage point and make it easier for the conductor to see over their musicians.

What is an orchestra stand made out of?

An orchestra stand is a piece of furniture that musicians use to hold their musical instruments when they are not playing. It is usually made out of wood, metal, or plastic.

The stand has three legs and a flat top. The musician will place their instrument on the stand and then sit on the floor in front of it. The top part of the stand is where the musician will put their music and sheet music.

How much do conductor stands cost?

The cost of the conductor stands varies depending on the type and size, but can range from $50 to $200.

Is there a difference in functionality between a conductor stand and an orchestra stand?

An orchestra stand is used for an orchestra, while a conductor stand is used for the conductor.

The conductor stand has a place for music sheets, while the orchestra stand does not.

In an orchestra, there are many musicians who play their instruments and need to be able to see what they are playing. The conductor needs to be able to see the whole orchestra as well as have access to the music sheets.

What’s the difference between a conductor stand and a music stand?

A conductor stand is a device that is used to aid the conductor in leading an orchestra. The stand typically has two tiers of shelves, which can be adjusted to accommodate different scores.

A music stand is a device that is used to hold sheet music for the musician to read from.

What are the different types of conductor stands?

There are four main types of conductor stands:

1) The podium

2) The podium with a music stand

3) The podium with a music stand and a third leg to increase stability

4) A grand piano or keyboard.

The horizontal conductor stand is more popular than the vertical conductor stand. The reason for this is because it provides a better view to the conductor. It also provides more space for the musicians to play their instruments.

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