Best Friedman Amps: Which Model is Right For You?

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When you’re looking for the perfect guitar amp, a lot of different elements come into account. The most important ones are your budget, genre, skill level and the type of guitar(s) you have. When it comes to finding the best Friedman amps it can be challenging to determine whether it’s worth looking at high-end Friedman Amps or if a lower-priced amp would be sufficient for you.

In this guide, we’re going to explore our favorite Friedman amps, on a budget for a good amp? we have reviews for all of the best combos in our buying guide. We chose to focus on these amps only and did not include heads (for fairness).

The top questions during our research are addressed on this page, concerning Friedman Amps before finishing with our final thoughts. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what our favorite tech is, we need to mention, beginning with an overview of the Friedman Amps we have selected to investigate.

What do we Know about Friedman Amps?

Experts state that Friedman amps are more affordable and slightly chewy Marshalls. They’re easier to play and, boy, are they highly engaging. Friedman amps are known for their phenomenal response and their ability to pick up every fine detail.

They’re loved by many professional musicians, and the brand’s website has a page dedicated to famous artists who use Friedman amps.

When you want to become a professional musician and perform on stage, you first need to get your amp before anything else. It’s important to take amp quality into account, especially when it comes to tone. Even the best guitar can sound pretty awful if you plug it in to a crappy amp.

Most Friedman amps are hard-wired, compared to mass-produced amps machines, handmade amps take longer to create and deliver a higher quality product with more durability.

They’re not cheap and require a lot of skill and labour, but they’ll last much longer than a regular circuit board.

Why Should you Consider a Friedman Amp?

There may be better amps out there with more well-known brands, but you should consider the options before dismissing Friedman altogether. It’s always hard to say whether people will go back to their old equipment, but many guitar players have told us they’ve never looked back once they play with a Friedman amp.

Guitar amplifiers are called ‘the best amplifiers’ online due to their out-of-this-world quality. Friedman amps have an excellent build quality, high and low inputs are awesome, and the loop is a great addition. The master also provides balance to the game requiring minimal tweaking.

They come at a high cost, but this is because people don’t often resell the guitars. This implies that people buy them to keep them.

Looking After Your Amp

If something like an amp costs a lot of money, it’s important to keep in mind that you have probably spent a pretty penny on it. As with most musical instruments and equipment, an amp is also seen as a pretty large investment. You may pay a lot for your things, but it’s worth protecting them from the get go.

There are a number of ways you can look after your amp:

  • Consider quick-cover insurance at the point of sale – this will often include unlimited repairs for up to 5 years. In case you’re concerned, our warranty plan does not cost anything upfront and covers any number of repairs (including replacement amps).
  • Buy a coveror or case for your amp before you store it at home or take it with you on the road.
  • Keep the amp clean by regularly wiping it down with a wet cloth, specially after times of high humidity. Avoid build-up of mildew and mold.
  • Store it in a room that has an appropriate amount of ventilation – not too smelly, damp or too warm. Keep it away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
  • One example of this would be fixing your amp. This can cause further damage to the wiring and future problems for you.

Top Friedman Amps

We have chosen Friedman amps to explore below, based on. One of the most popular options, this amp is a best seller at all different prices depending on if you need something affordable or high end.

Model Color Features Price Range
Friedman Dirty Shirley 1X12 Cab Black Budget-Friendly, Baltic Birch Construction. $ 499
Friedman Jerry Cantrell JJ Junior Signature 20W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black Years in the making, perfect the sound and tonal experience in a smaller format. $1599
Friedman Pink Taco 20W 1×10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black Iconic sound in a compact, manageable format. $1799
Friedman Runt-50 50W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Black Friedman’s legendary tone from a versatile 2-channel amp. $2099
Friedman Buxom Betty White Classic American Clean sound To a classic British crunch $2149

Below we investigate the best Friedman Amps (in our opinion)

1. Friedman Dirty Shirley 1X12 Cab – Great Budget Option & Great Sound

The most affordable one on our list is Dirty Shirley – one of the ultimate vintage-style amps on the market today. Other amps have lost their vintage vibes to keep up with modern-day trends, but this amp remains smouldering close to old customs and traditions.

The Dirty Shirley amp was used by famous guitarists such as Clapton and Hendrix, who are most well known for pioneering the Rock and Blues genres in the 60s and 70s. The 12 gauge speaker wire connects wirelessly to the amplifiers terminal — providing clean audio without any connection wiring.

Using Baltic Birch and made in the USA, this is a well-built instrument. When you invest in a Slides guitar you’re investing in much more than just another guitar. This is a reliable option both on stage and for the road! The Baltic Birch also has positive sound properties to it, which allows for light bass notes and impressively tight sound qualities.

This amp is actually quite impressive. It’s not just super lightweight and portable, but it also has a surprisingly good sound that will fill up any area you’re in. For the money, it’s worth looking into and would be perfect for someone who gigs on a regular basis.

After listening to the audio samples, this amp works well across the genres. It especially lives up to the expectations for country, blues and can handle Billy Idol, The Who and David Bowie too. But if you’re on a budget, The Dirty Shirley is versatile and affordable.


  • 65-watt power handling
  • Closed-back
  • Ported design
  • 16 ohms impedance rating
  • Baltic birch construction
  • 1×12 Celestion G12 Creamback
  • Tongue and Groove design
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19 x 16.75 x 12 inch


  • Very affordable
  • Compact for on the road
  • Excellent sound
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Solid birch wood


  • Sound is said to not be as good as more expensive Friedmans
  • Some buyers mention an inability to gain a clean tone
  • Said to not be great at keeping up with rock drummers in a band

2. Friedman Jerry Cantrell JJ Junior Signature 20W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp – Years in the Making

Here we’ve made a big jump in price as we go from the Dirty Shirley to take a look at our second-most expensive Friedman amp- the Jerry Cantrell JJ Junior Signature Tube Combo.

Friedman managed to shrink the legendary features of Cantrell’s amp head, known for its high-quality, high-gain tone into a compact combo. And the result is impressive.

This amp can emit amazing sounds and features with lots of modern features to meet the needs of contemporary players. This amp is designed with an old American style and iconic American character that would be sure to make any traveling musician happy.

The JJ-100 is available as a compact, affordable option that can perform just as well on stage or in a studio jamming session. It has all the important features of its bigger brother, but doesn’t come with a hefty price tag or larger size.

Tonal experience is still the same- JJ’s classic sound was now condensed into a smaller size. The heart of this amp is the Celestion 12” speaker, which delivers the mid response, bass and signature tone of Cantrell.

This amp can be played either ‘Loud’ or ‘Silently.’ The latter is great for practicing and rehearsals. As this amp has been designed to work with pedals, its versatility can’t be beat.

The JJ-100 Jr. guitar amplifier shares the same beautiful Tolex, grille cloth, and Baltic Birch as its predecessor but is much more affordable. It has most of the features of the original amp but in a more condensed package.


  • 20-Watt power
  • 2 channels
  • 1×12” Celestion G12M 65 Creamback speaker
  • 8, 16-ohm switchable impedance
  • Footswitch included (single-button)
  • Tubes: 12AX7, EL84
  • Controls: presence, JBE voicing switch, bright switch, volume, master, gain, 3-band EQ
  • Series FX loop
  • XLR Cab Simulated output with Level, Axis, and Ground Lift switches
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.75 x 17.25 x 19 inch


  • A compact and more affordable version of the JJ-100
  • Takes pedals very well
  • Sturdy build
  • Ffx loop is incredible
  • Takes boosts and overdrives very well


  • Can be difficult to source
  • Often only pre-order, with a wait

3. Friedman Pink Taco 20W 1×10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp – Iconic Sound in a Manageable Form

You know what’s better than the BE-100 from Friedman? This Pink Taco, which is somehow even lighter – and sounds just as good. It’s perfect for somebody who wants a small, compact Friedman guitar that sounds like a big one.

At 30lbs, this amp is relatively light, and easy to carry around. For professional musicians out there who are always on the go, you might want to consider Transporting your amp with an  amp transporter for extra protection.

This amp is perfect for rock, metal or anything else that grabs your attention. The natural compression works to keep the tone tight and controlled – it can be played both at home or on stage. If you’re looking for a distortion-free amp then these aren’t the amps you’re after.

The Pink Taco is super versatile, it has 3 different modes that all sound great! Rock and metal are up to date on this 20-watt beast with its hand-wired design. Conveniently, because of its heavy weight, the Pink Taco is perfect for taking into large venues or outdoor concerts. It delivers that legendary Celestion sound thanks to a 10 inch Celestion Greenback speaker, but with more bass and depth.


  • 20-watt tube power
  • Single input
  • Single-channel
  • Tubes: 12ZX7, EL84
  • 1X10 Celestion G10 Greenback
  • 8, 16 ohms impedance
  • Controls: 3-position gain switch, master, gain, 3-band EQ
  • Semi-open back design
  • Ultra-transparent series FX loop
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 15.5 x 16.5 inch


  • Extremely versatile
  • Compact and manageable
  • Lightweight without sound quality being compromised


  • Expensive
  • Has been described as ‘over-priced

4. Friedman Runt-50 50W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo – Versatile 2-channel Amp

Friedman amplifiers are new to the area of boutique-style, small-sized amps. The Runt 50 is one of their newest models and it’s hand crafted in the USA. It also has a surprisingly powerful broadcasting volume. This amp has 2 channels and is a rocker’s dream. The clean channel is quiet, but the distortion channel will satisfy your power needs.

Friedman designed this amp so that it is usable no matter the situation and without speakers.

Attach the XLR and you are good to go. Two different mic positions can be extremely helpful, buyers have been particularly happy with this.

The Runt-50 will work with any pedal and is able to produce effects and loops in sound, but it’s versatility makes it a good option for rock, country, and blues.

We really couldn’t find anything wrong with this amp. The Boost switch and Gain knob are good for giving your sound a bit more overdrive without going overboard.

This amp provides a midrange and tight bottom end, often found in amps of other much higher watt

Open-boxed Runt-50’s are available right now at Guitar Center, but they may not be there for long!


  • 50-watt tube power
  • Tubes: 4 12ZX7, 2 EL34 (Preamp and power amp)
  • Single input
  • 2 channels
  • 8, 16 ohms impedance
  • G12M 65 Creamback speaker
  • Controls: Presence (universal), gain boost (overdrive channel), gain, 3-band EQ, 3-position bright switch (clean channel), volume, 2-band EQ
  • X2 ¼” outputs
  • Buffered series FX loop
  • Cab-simulated XLR output
  • Weight: 55 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.75 x 20.25 x 22.5 inch


  • Rich, sparkling American-style clean channel
  • Legendary Friedman lead tone
  • Excellent note clarity
  • Clear sound


  • Power would be unsuitable at ‘bedroom’ volumes!
  • Buyers state: ‘lacking the gain I wanted’ – without a pedal add-on

5. Friedman Buxom Betty – Classic American Clean sound To a classic British crunch

This single-channel, hard-wired 50W boutique amp is the priciest one on the list, and for good reason. It packs all of the American and British tones you could hope for into a beautifully designed chassis from Dave Friedman.

It’s easy to go from Classic American Clean to Classic British Crunch just by turning up the volume knob. And the results are fantastic.

Guitarists have always been blown away by this amp’s sound quality. No one has ever used the word ‘ sophisticated’ in relation to amps before, but we soon realised they were spot on when we looked into the Buxom Betty.

Buxom takes the high quality and versatility of a Marshall, Vox or Fender amp but packs it all into one box. For the price you could buy amps with more features but there’s something very appealing about how simple the Buxom is. Playing with headphones on will not help you become an accomplished musician. Listening to music that sounds “authentic” is more important.

The Buxom Betty comes in an eye-catching white color and it’s already standing out from the crowd. The American-made amp has been crafted and engineered to the finest detail with care. The Baltic Birch wood is strong, durable and we’ve included a Celestion 12” speaker to deliver that very FMT sound.


  • 50-watt tube power
  • One channel
  • Spring reverb
  • EL34 power tube x2
  • 12AX7 preamp tube x3
  • 16 Ohm Celestion 12” G12M Creamback speaker
  • Controls: Reverb, presence, bass, middle, treble, volume
  • Three-position bright switch
  • Custom USA made transformers
  • 4, 6, 16-ohm impedance selector switch
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 22 x 24.25 inch


  • Undisputed sound quality
  • Eye-catching white finish
  • Simply sophisticated


  • Very expensive

Which Friedman Amp is the Best Choice for you?

Pricing varies and some AI tools offer different functions, there can be significant differences between Friedman amps. The equipment is of a high quality and reliability – the inventor always inspects it before sending it out.

This amp from Buxom is ideal for anyone looking to improve their guitar playing experience. It has a large sound and is capable of filling any stage- even the largest spaces.

The striking white finish of this amp is immediately noticeable on stage and sets the tone before it leaves your audience breathless with its powerful capabilities.

The downside of the Buxom Betty is its price point, but we think it’s an investment. For less than a third of the cost, our cheapest amp, the Dirty Shirley is a steal for guitar players.

The SoundLink Mini II has a compact and lightweight design, which makes it an easy tool to carry around. It also comes with some great projection options that might be useful for gigs.

The Martin Almond X4 is the perfect amp for you, if you’ve been looking for something that’s had every detail of it carefully explored, vigorously tested, and tweaked an unimaginable amount of times to reach perfection then there’s nothing that fits the bill quite like the Friedman Jerry Cantrell JJ Junior Signature 20W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp. Previous buyers have commented on how great the quality is too.

The Friedman Pink Taco Tube Guitar Combo Amp is practically a copy of the other amp. It also has a lot of similarities with the Friedman Runt-50 50W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo and makes for a great choice for musicians who need no compromise on stage or in studio.”

Friedman amps are as high quality as they come. The passion of the man who makes them reaches into the amp and you can feel it. From the painstaking checks to each part of the amp, there’s not much to complain about and thats why we love them.

I had a hard time finding anything negative about Friedman on the internet today.

FAQ for Friedman Amps

Here we look at the commonly asked questions and queries about Friedman Amps.

What is the Friedman Amps?

The Friedman amps are a type of guitar amplifier. They were invented by the guitarist, Mike Friedman in the 1960s. They have become popular among many guitarists over the years and they have been used by famous musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend, and Carlos Santana.

Friedman amps are not as popular as they once were in the 60s but they still remain one of the most sought after amplifiers for guitar players around the world.

Who Makes Friedman Amps?

The inventor of Friedman amps is Detroit-born Dave Friedman. He has been modding, repairing, building amps for nearly three decades and is responsible for the signature tones of some of the world’s best rock icons such as Steve Stevens and Eddie Van Halen.

Does Friedman Make the Best Tube Amps?

Tube amps are undeniably a popular choice, especially for professional live performers. Friedman amps are exceptionally good tube amps, capable of filling arenas and supporting the career of many of the world’s famous artists. But, they’re not the only tube amps out there.

We’ve taken the time to draw up 5 highly popular tube amps, from 5 different brands, that are suitable for live performers:

  • Supro Black Magick Reverb 25W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
  • Fender Blues Jr IV
  • Marshall DSL5CR 5W 1×10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
  • Orange Amplifiers TremLord-30 30 Watt 1X12 Combo
  • Vox Custom AC15C1 15W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

How does the Friedman Amps work?

The Friedman Amps is a guitar amp that utilizes the power of the internet to produce an amazing sound. It has a built-in Wi-Fi chip that connects to the internet and uses an app called “Friedman Fender”, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, to connect with your smartphone.

This amp has two channels and eight modes. It also has a 3-band EQ, a distortion effect knob, and dual 1/4 inch inputs for instruments such as keyboards or drum machines.

The Friedman Amps work by being plugged into the amp and then running a cable to the guitar. This allows the player to control everything from their guitar tone to their effects, all with one pedal.

What are the benefits of the Friedman Amps?

The Friedman amps are some of the best guitar amps in the world. They are known for their versatility, durability and sound. They can be used for any type of music genre and they are a perfect choice for practicing, recording or even performing live.

This is just a short introduction to this section topic which will provide more details on what these amps offer to musicians.

How much does the Friedman Amps cost?

The Friedman Amps is a guitar amp that was first introduced in the year 2000.

This amp was designed by David Friedman and it features a tube preamp and power amp, a 12-inch speaker, and an 8-inch speaker. It also has a single input, as well as an auxiliary input for connecting external devices.

The price of this amplifier ranges from $2,000 to $3,000.

How do I use Friedman Amps?

Friedman Amps are a type of amplifier that is often used in the studio. They are typically used for vocals, but they can be used for other instruments as well.

The first step is to plug your instrument into the input jack on the back of your amp. Next, plug your amplifier into a power outlet and turn it on. If you want to control the volume of your amp with an external device, you will need to plug that in as well.

Finally, adjust the volume and tone knobs until you find a sound that is pleasing to you!

Where is Friedman Amps Made?

Every Friedman amp is made in the USA, using hand-selected components and to Dave Friedmans exacting standards. Furthermore, Friedman personally inspects, plays, and even signs every single amplifier before shipping!

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