Best Oboe Concertos of All Time

I think the oboe sounds really, really good. It’s one of the most pure instruments I know. The oboe is such a beautifully composed, solo instrument. It features in many classical pieces and orchestral music from concertos and symphonies to selections from their own show. We put together the following list of 10 of the best oboes concertos so you can find some really good music to listen to.

Top Oboe Concertos of All Time

1. Albinoni: Oboe Concerto in C Major, Op. 9, No. 5

The Italian composer Albinoni wrote the “Adagio for Oboe and Strings in G Minor”. It was completed in 1722 and is a piece that is sure to delight everyone who listens to it. Your heart will be sent into overdrive with the wonderous copmetations of sound. It’s really easy to get swept up by the beauty of this music.

This is typically a work of around 9 minutes. There are three movements:

  1. Allegro
  2. Adagio: non- troppo
  3. Allegro

Instruments: The composition is scored for 2 Oboes, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, and Continuo.

2. Handel: Oboe Concerto No. 3 in G Minor, HWV 287

This lovely piece of music was composed by Frederick Handel sometime between 1703 to 1705. This four-movement slow-fast-slow-fast music is too good to be missed. It will immerse you in its relaxing sounds, soothing you and improving your productivity.

Usually, a performance goes for about 10 minutes. Handel choose to write this piece in 4 parts instead of the modern 3 parts. Though being German, it was difficult for him to adopt Italian developments at the time. The 4 movements are:

  1. Grave
  2. Allegro
  3. Largo
  4. Allegro

Instruments: Solo Oboe, Piano, Violin, and Orchestra.

3. Righini: Idomeneus Concerto

This oboe concerto was written by Righini in 1806 and it took the name ‘Idomeneus’ from Mozart’s opera Idomeneo which was staged in Berlin. This is a beautiful and joyful piece of music. It will make you happy and the gentle music will give you a sense of peace like no other.

Generally, a performance of this classical period oboe concerto should take around four minutes. It’s totally worth your time.

4. Corelli: Oboe and Strings Concerto

“This beautiful oboe concerto is written by Corelli”. This 2-movement composition has something for everyone. In the first movement, you have the mourful music with a change at which point it turns into a lyrical feel.

The combination of a movement with a twist lasts for about 4 minutes. These 2 movements are:

  1. Preludio
  2. Giga

Instruments: Solo Oboe and Strings.

5. Albinoni: Oboe Concerto in D Minor, Op. 9, No. 2

Out of all the Italian composers, it’s Albinoni who is first to write oboe concertos. This D Minor oboe concerto is considered his best one and is an energetic composition with dotted feet. When you first hear the melody, it may sound like any other tune from an old cartoon. But when you listen to the full song with all of its instruments and movements, the music will win your heart. It’s just a classic that deserves a second listen!

This piece is beautiful and lasts about nine minutes when performed. It has four movements:

  1. Grave
  2. Allegro I
  3. Adagio
  4. Allegro II

Instruments: Oboe, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, and Continuo.

6. Cimarosa: Oboe Concerto in C Minor

Looking to listen to some classical music? You should check out this beautiful oboe concerto by Cimarosa. The concerto consists of four separate keyboard sonatas and they can be played individually. Arthur Benjamin took the four violin sonatas and rewrote them in a concerto form. He scored them for oboe and orchestra strings.

If you want to feel good and laugh, then this composition will do just that. It has an upbeat rhythm and comic sounds to make you feel great. This piece is about 10 minutes long. There are four movements in it.

  1. Introduzione
  2. Allegro
  3. Siciliana
  4. Allegro giusto

Instruments: Solo Oboe and Orchestra string.

7. Bellini: Oboe Concerto in E-Flat Major

This piece is a beautiful oboe concerto by composer Bellini, written in the Romantic music period. The movements used in this piece of work were not well-known at the time, but he made good use of them. The piece has an intense introduction, but the music stays on the same note for most of it.

Typically running the length of 7-8 minutes, this performance has three movements.

  1. Risoluto allegro
  2. Larghetto cantabile
  3. Allegro polonese

Instruments: 2 Oboes, 2 Bassoons, 2 Clarinets, 2 Flutes, 2 French Horns, and Strings.

8. Mozart: Oboe Concerto in C major

Mozart wrote this classical period oboe concerto in the summer of 1777. This is one of the most studied and popular oboe concertos in the repertoire. Lots of musicians had done this, but it’s a folkloric piece and doesn’t work well with oboes. You won’t be left questioning what to do with your time if you choose to go there. They’ll leave your heart rate elevated after the class, which is always good.

This piece of art has three movements and they are:

  1. Allegro aperto
  2. Adagio ma non-troppo
  3. Rondo: Allegretto

Instruments: This composition is scored for 2 Oboes, 2 Horns, 2 Violins, Violas, and Cello.

9. Albinoni: Oboe Concerto in C Major, Op. 7, No. 12

This is another stunning piece of oboe concerto by Albinoni. This is one of the most alluring pieces of oboe concertos I’ve heard yet. The combination of these instruments will give you an earful for sure. You must love this song. You’ll be really happy with me, I can promise you.

A performance typically lasts about 8 minutes and has 3 movements. They are:

  1. Allegro
  2. Adagio
  3. Allegro

Instruments: Oboe, Strings, and Continuo.

10. Marcello: Oboe Concerto in D minor

This oboe concerto was composed by Marcello in the early 18th  century. This 3 movement concerto is gracefully lyrical. The beautiful music is extremely calming and energizing at the same time. It will calm your mind and charge you up at the same time.

This last but not the least composition has three movements. First:

  1. Andante e spiccato
  2. Adagio
  3. Presto

Instruments: Solo Oboe, Strings, and Continuo.

FAQ for Best Oboe Concertos of All Time

What are the best oboe concertos of all time?

The oboe is an instrument that has been used in many different genres of music. One of the most popular genres is classical music. There are many different composers who have written oboe concertos, and some of them are better than others.

The following are some of the best oboe concertos of all time.

1. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43: III. Rondo (Allegro)

2. The Swan – Oboe Concerto in C major, K. 314

3. Oboe Concerto in D minor, Opus 87: II Andante con moto

4. Oboe Concerto in G major, KV 431: II Adagio ma non troppo

What are the best oboes currently available?

The oboe is a woodwind instrument that is a part of the woodwind family. It has a double reed and an oboe players use to play melodies or harmonies.

Oboes are made from either wood or plastic, and come in different sizes. One of the most popular oboes is the English Oboe, which is usually made from boxwood. Other popular types of oboes include the German Oboe, which is made from Grenadilla, and the French Oboés which are made from African Blackwood.

The best oboes currently available are those that have been built with quality materials and have good sound quality.

How do I find good oboe concertos?

Oboe concertos are not as accessible as other instruments. The instrument is often played in orchestras, so it is not typically the soloist.

A good place to look for oboe concertos would be on YouTube or on different websites that sell sheet music. You could also ask your orchestra director if they know of any places to find them.

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