Best Violin or Viola Wall Hangers and Mounts

Proteins found in meat, such as beef or pork, are full of a variety of nutrients that can help build muscle and gain lean muscle mass. For some reason, it’s never good to set your instrument down while it’s playing. There’s always a risk that someone would walk by and knock the instrument off the stand on the floor. You should keep a close eye on your instrument – don’t allow anyone else to play it either!

Another alternative is using a violin wall mount or hanger. They are convenient devices that let you put your instrument on the wall or stand so it stays out of harm’s way. Below we’ll show you the best wall mounts and hangers for violins and violas.

What Will Be a Perfect Violin Holder for You

When you’re looking for a hanger or stand, there are many factors to consider. Here’s some advice:

  • Which one do you have available?
  • Where would you like your check to be deposited?
  • For materials, what would you prefer?
  • Do you want to share the stage with other groups or instruments like guitars or ukules?
  • What price range do you need to be in?
  • Are there any specific preferences you have for how it looks?
  • Is it likely you might be in an accident with a vehicle like this?

Benefits of Using Violin Stands and Holders

Stand holders are often mounted on the floor, cabinet, or shelf. They can be useful because they prevent damage from occurring when you leave your instrument on a surface. Violin holders often get mounted on walls or music stands.

Musicians often enjoy the perks of owning a violin like how it can help them take care of damaging conditions on their instrument, or having the opportunity to practice more by seeing it.

Violin stands and holders can be a little bit tricky to set up since they do require some careful balancing and they take up a lot of room. That’s why it’s very important that you purchase something sturdy so it doesn’t tip over or your violin will fall on the floor.

I recommend using a stand or/and a case for your violin during practice. It will be helpful in maintaining motivation and helping you focus on your playing if you take breaks from it for an extended period of time such as when going away on vacation.

You should always keep your violin in a case so it doesn’t get damaged from overexposure, potential items falling on it, dust accumulating on the violin, or insects flying onto it. This is a great way to ensure its safety and also prevent anything from happening to the instrument itself.

Violin holders and stands can be a nice gift for someone who loves the violin.

Best Overall Violin or Viola Wall Mount

String Swing CC01V-BW Wall Mount

String Swing is a very popular brand for people looking for high-quality products at an affordable cost.

This is a handmade violin hanger introduced by STING Swing. It is made of high-quality materials in the USA and has been tested to hold up nicely.

This North American solid hardwood hanger is made out of three quality materials: high-quality rubber, welded steel, and distinctive woodgrains. This prevents other metal components from weakening over time and makes the hanger a reliable choice for your valuable instrument.

A bundled package of protective rubber and holder peg is included to ensure your violin remains safe.

The H-Bar weighs a little over 5 ounces and is 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches.


  • You can trust that your expensive violin will be safe when you put it on String Swing’s handmade guitar hanger. String Swing has been making these for 5 years and is proud of the craftsmanship.
  • There is only one type of wood in the North American hardwood, but each block offers unique qualities.
  • Violin doesn’t rest on the tuners. There’s a peg for the bow that comes with it, too.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Life-time warranty; handmade in the USA.

Best Overall Violin Stand

Stagg SV-VN Foldable Stand for Violin

When you decide to invest your funds in a violin, the very last thing you want is for it to break since you didn’t store it correctly. When choosing a laptop stand, ensure that it looks and feels like this one.

The stand is made from a solid aluminum and is completely black. It comes with an ABS base development for strength and stability. This design preserves the paint on your violin without featuring any sharp edges.

You can find this product in any, at home, college or live show anywhere and it’s great – the design is simple but impactful. It’s convenient and lightweight. You can easily store or carry it without getting tired of holding it.

You can use this product on different instruments, including violas, violins and ukuleles. The scratch-resistant coating will make it last longer and look more authentic.


  • Foldable stand for Violin
  • Holding Hook for Bows
  • Max. height of neck-rest: 21 5/8 in. / 55 cm
  • Distance between supporting arms & neck-rest: 15 3/4 in. / 40 cm (min), 19 in. / 48 cm (max)
  • Black Aluminum

Top Violin Holders and Stands Review

I reviewed a number of violin hangers and stands, as well as the make-your-own option.

1. Hardwood Violin Hanger with Bow Holder

This holder is the one I am using and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a wall-mounted violin holder.


  • solid wood
  • beautiful design
  • space-saving and sturdy
  • holds the bow
  • includes silicone padding to protect the instrument
  • cheaper than a floor stand


  • you should make sure the wall is water resistant to protect it against the furnace or well, repair any cracks if there are any, reinforce sturdy and keep it from getting cold too much.

Price: $11.99

2. String Swing Violin Hanger

This String Swing Violin Hanger is a good option that has a simpler design.


  • easy to install
  • minimalist design
  • holds the bow
  • cheaper than a floor stand


  • it’s important to screen the wall for structural damage, water damage, cracks, and temperature changes. The wall should have a sturdy framework and be free of any moisture.

Price: $13.49

3. String Swing Music Stand Instrument Hanger

This device is intended to be used with a very sturdy music stand. If you are not sure of your music stand, it may be best to use this product elsewhere.


  • easy to install because does not require drilling a wall
  • cheaper than a floor stand


  • if this solution appears to be untrustworthy, it is! Because it’s secured only by the lip of the music stand and makes use of a thumbscrew which is only going to loosen up over time.

Price: $12.49

4. Gewa Violin Stand BSX

This is a small, durable stand that you can use on cabinets, pianos or any other type of furniture. It’s been around for 15 years and is still providing good service.


  • it’s heavy, so there’s no risk of wobbling or tipping over
  • it’s discrete
  • very affordable


  • the base support is not adjustable

Price: $10.30

5. Ingles SA-20 Violin Stand

Violins and violas can be very overwhelming to hold so a stand is a pretty handy device for setting one down for during practice or for an instrument change. These stands are great because the height of the arms can be adjusted easily so that your instrument is positioned at the proper height.


  • easy to assemble
  • adjustable
  • lightweight
  • has a bow holder as well
  • much closer to the ground and less likely to fall a great distance
  • has adjustable support and a safety bar to secure the neck
  • can leave your shoulder rest attached


  • the legs do not lock into place for extra stability
  • if you have children, they might knock it over so make sure that it is in a safe place and that the pieces are properly assembled
  • expensive

Price: $30

6. Guitar and Violin Folding Stand

This guitar and violin stand is portable and can easily fit in a case or bag. You’ll love using it for a lesson, class, or gig.


  • extremely lightweight (
  • won’t break easily
  • super portable
  • easy to set up
  • comes with a carrying bag
  • available in many color choices
  • can use for many instruments


  • legs are difficult to set up
  • no neck support, only base support
  • no bow holder
  • expensive

Price: $33.95

7. K&M Violin Stand

This compact, interesting-looking stand is great for multi-instruments as it can fit also a mandolin or a ukulele.


  • the metal of the violin met in wavy juxtaposition with the polished wood
  • quick and easy to assemble
  • affordable
  • small
  • perfect for at-home use


  • no neck support (only base support),
  • not adjustable,
  • not as sturdy as other options

Price: $24.99

8. Zither Solid Wood Violin Stand

This handcrafted wood stand is 31″ from top to bottom and fits full-sized violins. It comes in many beautiful colors and is really elegant.


  • includes a bow holder
  • great neck support
  • timeless design
  • individually hand-crafted
  • requires very little assemblage
  • even includes a lemon oil for maintenance


  • very expensive
  • no base support
  • the violin is far from the ground – in case of falling
  • there’s a higher risk of a damage

Price: $149.99

9. Paititi Premium Violin Wood Stand

This type of violin-shop stand used to be more likely to be seen in the corners of a showroom, but it has now found its way into a lot of shops. It’s more like you would see at a violin dealer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find value here.


  • protects and secures the violin by offering a cushioned cradle
  • nice finish on the wood
  • includes a bow holder
  • comes with beautiful velvet on the inside


  • if you are looking to display your violin, it might not fit in this violin case
  • expensive

Price: $59.99

DIY Violin Hanger

Yes, you can make a DIY violin hanger! Here is the instructions for making an easy DIY violin hanger.

What You Will Need

  • So which wall do you want to hang this screw tool on? Make sure that you’ll find the surface type below to help you make your decision.
  • A hammer or driller.
  • A rope or cord – ca. 45 cm or 18 in.

How to Make Your Own Hanger

  • Depending on what type of wall you’re putting up, drive a nail or drill a hole and insert an expansion plug into the wall.
  • Make sure that the nail, screw or dowel won’t move or fall out.
  • Loop the handle of the bow in a knot and then tie it off to put around the violin’s neck and to the scroll.
  • Next, you can add a string for the bow.

Features You Should Look For in Violin/Viola Wall Mounts and Stands

To find the best violin/viola wall mounts and stands, you should look for the following characteristics:

1. Padding on Cradle

Make sure your instrument doesn’t get damaged by trying to mount or store it on the wall without proper padding. A non-marring rubber-based protector is best for ensuring the best protection for your instrument.

2. Durability

After you’ve finished playing your instrument, it’s important to make sure it’s safely stored. To prevent damage to your instruments and also minimize risk of injury if something were to happen, look for mounts that are made from durable materials and designed in a way to keep the instrument from falling off or collapsing.

More Information About Violin Wall Hangers

Frequently using your Violin?

If you’re sick of taking your violin and putting it in its case multiple times a day, you’ll want to use one of these wall hangers for easier management.

A wall hanger is a great way to save time and keep your instruments close, especially when they are not readily in reach. You can grab them quickly and even hang them from certain surfaces!

Rare, Unique, and Special Violins!

In case you have a really special violin, it might be nice to protect that instrument. If you don’t want the instrument just lying around in its case, that is a completely different story.

You don’t see many people in love with this idea, but the violin wall hanger is a great way to showcase your unique instrument and tell its story. Just attach it on the wall and enjoy!

Maybe it is part of your family history, maybe it’s just decor. Regardless of the reasons, you know that it’s essential that the instrument does not fall and break while it sits perched on a mantlepiece or jury-rigged to a wall with a couple of nails. Be sure that there is a violin holder for your prized violin.

Another interesting reason to use a violin holder is that you can remove your instrument whenever you want and it doesn’t need to stay permanently framed.

Different types of violin hangers

Bows, violin and other instruments can be hung on different types of hangers. Some can only hold one instrument and some are able to hold multiple instruments with their bows.

In this post, we mentioned different types of violin hangers which will help you find what is best for you and also give you some additional ideas.

Wall-mounted violin hangers

When you want to mount a special item, be sure you select a wall that is free of water damage, cracks, bumps, or termites.

There is a perfect spot to screw in the violin holder. Then, locate the v-shaped prong on the back that will gently clasp your violin and hold it up there in its place.


There are tons of different hangers available in this store and they’re each made out of a high-quality material. Unlike other stores, these are inexpensive and each player is offered a price range based on their preferences.

Some violinists seek quality and some prefer a look that’s more attractive. We have several stunning options in both categories for your consideration that serve the purpose of hanging your instrument as well as looking very appealing aesthetically to the eyes.

Budget is a huge factor when deciding on which style of watch to buy: you should consider not only the quality, but also how much it costs. We have a variety of models for you to choose from. Whether you want something expensive or mid-range, we’ve got you covered!

FAQ for Best Violin or Viola Wall Hangers

Do you need a violin stand?

A violin stand or holder is an optional item for violins. Those who have them find that it’s not just helpful when practicing, but also convenient to store their instrument during breaks.

Some stands are foldable which makes them easy to transport and will work well if you are planning on moving practice set-ups. The holders that you can pick up at a nearby store, however, are best for your specific practice area. Stand holders are useful if you plan to play at a gig and want to put your violin on the stage for a little bit. They can help you fix your beautiful instrument, but they also have an additional benefit: it can remind you that it’s time to practice!

Can I hang a violin on the wall?

Yes. You can hang your violin easily with a hanger, but be sure you choose the right one! It should be well-mounted (e.g., by screwing it onto the wall with screws) and it should be positioned on an insulated wall which is not very hot or cold.

How do I learn how to hang a violin or viola properly?

Some holders have screws that are attached to the wall and a toggle if you want them secured in other ways. If the holder doesn’t come with this, set up your own anchor and screws before installing it.

Make sure to know where your holder or stand supports the violin, and then adjust your bow holder so that the tube can place over the pegs.

What are the best materials to use for hanging a violin or viola?

The best materials to use are those that are strong and light. The materials should be flexible enough so that they can easily be molded into shape, remain in place, and can support the weight of the instrument without causing any damage to it.

How do violin and viola wall hangers work?

Violin and viola wall hangers are used to hang stringed instruments. They are typically made of wood, metal or plastic and have hooks on the back.

They work by hanging the instrument from one end of the hanger, then sliding it to the other end. This allows for a more secure hold on the instrument as it is not only being held in place but also being kept off the ground.

What are the most popular types of violin and viola wall hangers?

Violin and viola wall hangers are the perfect decoration for your living room. They can be hung on the wall or on a stand, and they come in a variety of styles, designs, and materials.

The most popular types of violin and viola wall hangers are typically wooden ones that have an ornate design. These include the following:

  • Violin with bow: This type of violin is one of the most popular. It features intricate carvings on its body, while its bow is made from wood.
  • Violin with scroll: This type of violin has a scroll carved into it which makes it look more realistic than other violins that are not carved in such detail.
  • Viola with bow: This type of violin has a bow carved into it to make it look more realistic than other violas that do not have their own bows attached to them.

Is it easy to find a wall hanger that fits my instrument?

The wall hanger is a key part of the instrument and should be carefully chosen. It can be difficult to find a wall hanger that fits your instrument’s specifications. There are many factors to consider while choosing a wall hanger, such as the instrument’s size, weight, material, and more.

If it doesn’t fit your requirements or it is too heavy, then you should start looking for something else. You also need to make sure that the material of the wall hangers is strong enough to hold up against repeated usage without any damage or tearing.

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