Best Yamaha Keyboards and Digital Pianos

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If portability is a key concern, then this 76-key Yamaha digital piano is a perfect choice. The keys are not only ‘piano style’, but they are also built with Yamaha’s graded soft-touch technology, making them incredibly responsive and intuitive. These qualities mean they require less pressure & force to produce consistent musical results – which helps to.

Yamaha is a world-class keyboard company and they produce high quality digital pianos, keyboards, and all other types of musical instruments. Their instruments are widely praised by both professional musicians and beginners.

Here we have compiled a list of the best Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos that are currently available in the market and have received loads of compliments from the users. Note a few things you should think about when buying a piano or keyboard. In a way, we are letting you know how we have selected and sorted this list of best Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos.

What to Look for in the Best Keyboards and Digital Pianos?

Yamaha, which mainly did piano manufacturing in Japan back in the 1880’s, was also the company that invented the world-class reed organ. As the company continued to grow, they started making guitars and drums, too. And if you’re not mistaken, they’ve also made motorcycles less recently.

Over the years, with experience and growing competitions from its competitors, Yamaha has grown a lot more trustful among its customers.

So, when you pick up a Yamaha keyboard or a digital piano, you can always trust that the quality and functionalities are at par with professional standards. YAMAHA has an amazing selection of digital pianos and keyboards that work for both professional and casual players. They all come with a great deal of accessories, a fully responsive interface, are made to meet your budget needs and are super portable!

The range of notes, tones, expressions and other learning functions on a Yamaha keyboard is generally the most significant thing to look for. It comes with many essential features, too.

Top Yamaha Keyboards and Digital Pianos

We have done the necessary research on these instruments and we hope you find one that you’ll really be happy with.

1. DGX660B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

The DGX-660B 88-key piano has a lot of features that make it perfect for anybody who is just beginning or is more experienced. It comes with a durable stand, which is great for getting started and painting a picture of what your kid will be able to do when they’re older.

The design of this 88-key digital piano is built for the feel of an acoustic piano. The GHS weighted action more resembles that of a real acoustic piano than some keyboards with lighter tone and heavier keys.

The piano room feature in this device allows you to select any piano voice from over 150 samples and customize it using the provided acoustic settings.

You can connect a microphone to your AI assistant and sing along while playing it. The in-built high-quality speakers let you hear that sound, and if you don’t like it, you can then throw some digital effects into the mix. Yamaha invested in sound knowledge and offers their own pure sound engine for its keyboards. It’s modeled on the CFIIIS grand piano.

So, you can adjust the volume and put your works in better form on the LCD screen attached to the front panel with a hammer action. In addition, it is compatible with footswitch connection and other controlling function.

The DGX-660B offers wireless audio and MIDI functionality that lets you stream any track from an iOS device. This piano also comes with a USB drive that can record and play back your keyboard tracks. When this model is paired with the matching DMXPro app, you can use its incredible interactive features such as layer over 2,000 sounds depending on the song.

Key Features:

  • This 88-key weighted digital piano offers wireless audio and MIDI features, making it convenient to use.
  • I can review my speech with playback options.
  • The starter package or stand comes in a white variant.
  • It’s integrated with Yamaha’s Pure CF sound engine, which has 150+ voices and 15 drum/SFX kits.

2. YDP184R Arius Series

Yamaha’s Arius series is probably the most popular digital piano among musicians all over the world. In fact, the Arius YDP-184 is generally deemed as “the best one.”

This new Arius piano looks like a grand piano, but is digital. It is a cross between an acoustic and electric one. It features the VRM or Virtual Resonance Modelling method, that was made famous with the CFX concert grand piano from Yamaha itself.

This piano is for people who want a realistic feeling when playing music on the piano. The full dot display, 88 GH3 keys and graded hammer action will make it easy for you to reproduce the same sounds as those found in real concert pianos.

Plus, the LCD screen is big enough to easily navigate through different features and functions. Also, the stereo-optimizer helps when playing piano through a set of headphones or normal speakers.

It’s very easy to access a lot of learning exercises & tutorials through the Yamaha Smart Pianist app on a device that includes the following: a stand, music book, padded bench and power supply.A huge library of learning exercises and tutorials is accessible through the Smart Pianist app of Yamaha for playing on the keyboard.

But to top it all, the device comes with a music stand, sheet music book, a padded bench, and a power supply for complete and convenient usage. Although the piano is quite expensive (starting at $1,499), you are going to get so many high-end features on this digital model that’s easily worth it.

This piano sounds great, so you can’t ignore its beauty.

Key Features:

  • This digital piano has an 88 graded hammer action keys, which is similar to the CFX concert grand piano.
  • This has a full screen display and can handle up to 24 voices and other features easily.
  • Available in three beautiful colors – dark rosewood, black walnut, and plain black.
  • Comes with a padded seat, a music stand, sheet music and a power supply.

3. P121 73-Key Weighted Digital Piano

Looking for a highly portable good quality Yamaha keyboard? The P121 73-key weighted digital piano is a great option for you.

Pianos have changed over time, with new features and designs cropping up all the time. However it’s not just about the style of a piano that defines its quality; there is also differences in weight and tone which should be taken into account before purchasing one.

The Pure CFIIIS grand piano has a concert grand sound that is beautifully designed with a great sound engine and cool features. You can also play, among other things, using the MIDI controller. This keyboard is only available with a bench, power supply and piano.

The P121 will give you the same convenience as the P125, but at a more affordable price!

Key Features:

  • This is a piano with 73 keys and features the Yamaha pure CF sound engine.
  • Extremely easy to carry with you, built-in battery extender, and lightweight build make them the perfect go-to travel companion.
  • You can use the controller to input rhythms with some of the existing mapped buttons and assign compatible patterns to them.
  • A mini version of the Yamaha P125.

4. PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard

A 76-key keyboard from Yamaha that has everything you need. It is another highly portable Yamaha keyboard.

With this keyboard, you can have access to almost 70 different voices and 160 preset songs. Yamaha Education Suite allows you to practice many preset songs one-handed or two-handed and still be accurate.

The touch tutor lesson mode also helps you track the velocity sensitivity of the keys, which makes it easier for you to learn how to type on a keyboard.

Now you can use a USB port on your laptop to connect this keyboard. It also comes bundled with an adjustable stand, bench, and power supply so you can learn how to make songs easily!

If you’re looking for a lightweight and portable 76-key Yamaha keyboard with a simple user panel, then the PSR-EW300 is a good choice.

Key Features:

  • It’s a portable keyboard with a wide range of functions: 160+ music styles, 500+ voices, and 150+ preset songs.
  • Includes the Yamaha Education Suite for practicing with preset songs on one hand or both.
  • The USB remote gives you access to basic midi information and connects to your computer via USB.
  • Comes in a bundle package that includes a keyboard stand, power supply, and mouse.

5. NP12 61-Key Lightweight Keyboard

The NP12 is a more affordable option for someone who already has an Yamaha NP32 keyboard but needs a more portable model. The quality is incredible for the price point and it’s among the best value keyboards out there, entry-level Yamaha keyboards.

Weighing less than 15 pounds, the NP12 lightweight keyboard has 61 small-size touch-sensitive keys perfect for those with small hands. This device has a simple, easy to navigate interface.

What do you think of the controller app for app? It has a lot of cool features that make it easy to configure your favorite controller. It’s a low-tech keyboard, but it offers just enough features for beginners – sounds, ten notes of polyphony and no fancy effects.

AA batteries are one of the most common types and can be easily carried anywhere in your purse or pockets. This allows you to use it without any power outlet nearby.

The NP series digital pianos are a popular option for beginners. Yamaha actually came up with this series to help people discover their musical passions, and as they say themselves, “sometimes less is more”.

Key Features:

  • It’s a touch-sensitive 61-key piano that is super-lightweight and highly user-friendly.
  • It uses six AA batteries to power up and plays up to 5 hours.
  • Allows connection to any music-creating app on a mobile or PC via the USB port.
  • A mini version of the NP32 model having two color variants of black and white.

6. PSR-E-363 61-Key Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR-E363 is a portable digital piano and contains great sound & features for beginners as well as professionals, making it a worthwhile investment.

The keyboard on the Yamaha Y.E.S comes with lessons designed to make sure you don’t have to invest time in a teacher. Lessons are offered at your own pace through the on-board display.

The keyboard features 570+ instrument voices ranging from acoustics to percussion so you can play along with what’s on the screen. You can also connect it to a mobile or pc in order to make learning more interactive and immersive.

Besides, these devices have ample sound-producing in-built speakers and USB connectivity. This way, you can let any MIDI and audio files sent to a compatible device or can control the virtual instruments or DAWs.

The IoT, or Internet of Things allows you to remotely control smart devices without even having to connect them physically.

It is always best to start learning songs on an instrument that can be more portable, while giving you the chance to develop a type of workout based exercise. This keyboard also provides all of the basic sound options a beginner would need.

Key Features:

  • A 61-key touch-sensitive portable Yamaha keyboard.
  • Integrated Y.E.S allows for a more improved practice session.
  • Features good quality in-built speakers and USB to host connectivity to any music software.
  • Includes a wide range of instrument voices from basic piano tunes to synth and percussion sounds.

7. P71 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

Another impressive 88-key model is the Yamaha P71 digital piano. Designed mainly for beginners, the P71 boasts the classic slim and stylish look of a traditional piano. It comes equipped with a beautiful acoustic sound thanks to its 88 fully weighted keys.

Yamaha’s new speaker system combines 10 different voices like digital samples from Yamaha’s own acoustic grand pianos. You can also put them together into the dual-mode for a more creative experience.

Weighting only around 25 lbs, the piano is an incredibly lightweight keyboard that comes with a sustain pedal and power adapter. The included speakers and the sustain pedal are decent enough to start out.

This Yamaha stage-style digital piano has a classic design and provides an expert piano playing experience for a budget.

Key Features:

  • An 88-key black digital piano with weighted action.
  • Comes with a power adapter and sustain pedal.
  • Contains 10 voices of digital samples from real Yamaha grand pianos.
  • Has a nice slim design with a classic look.

8. PSR-E463 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Our next pick on the list is the PSR-E463 61-key portable keyboard. It is perfectly suited to the needs of a beginning player.

Similar to other top-notch entry-level Yamaha keyboards, this includes a powerful pure CF sound engine that is just two-thirds of the way up the entire guitar’s body, in addition to other functional features.

The Soundcraft TB-303 is a legendary analog bass synthesizer, used in countless dance and electronic tracks. It sports a stylish, compact design with lots of assignable knobs and controllers for real-time effects and styles.

Additionally, the XG Lite Voice Library has a huge collection of different voices that are comparable to what you would find in companies like Google. Now you can replay songs from the vast Yamaha XG MIDI library more easily.

The onboard 230+ preset styles and 48-note polyphony allow you to play more notes on one song, which lets you create your own custom vibes. There is a lot to love about the PSR-E463. It has a great sound, and it’s USB connectivity makes it easy to save current sounds in your computer or transfer them to your device.

You’re getting a high-end portable, affordable keyboard that will help you make the best of your time with it.

Key Features:

  • This is a 61-key highly efficient keyboard with a powerful sound engine.
  • Enables access to the Yamaha XG Lite Voice library for playback songs.
  • The 48-note polyphony allows for playing more complex passages.
  • The integrated USB ‘to device’ port lets you connect USB flash drives for loading and storage of data.

9. EZ-220 61-Lighted Keyboard

Yamaha released another starter package of features-packed keyboards. The EZ-220 61-key portable keyboard is ideal for beginners and casual players.

This keyboard has 61 keys that light up and have a special touch strip on them. It makes typing in the dark so easy even a new learner could do it!

It includes 390+ high-quality voices and 100 style accompaniments in your demo for easier learning and a higher level of quality.

The keyboard has access to the Fingering guide, EZ-220 Page Turner app for iPad, and Yamaha Education Suite or Y.E.S., which allows you to learn how to play the piano at your own pace.

But the best part is that it includes some things that are perfect to start with like a keyboard.

Best for people who are on the go, these headphones are resistant to weather conditions thanks to the closed back design. They also fold easily, making them great for travel. The Yamaha keyboard stand is easy to carry around and provides a solid base while it’s not in use.

You get an amazing piano and keyboard bundle from Yamaha in this package deal. It includes a piano with EZ-220 under an economic price range. This is a great option for someone just starting out or for the family who doesn’t have much to spend on their instruments.

Key Features:

  • It’s a 61-illuminated touch-sensitive key lightweight keyboard.
  • Comes in a bundle kit including headphones, keyboard stand, padded bench, and power supply.
  • There are over 390 high-quality instrument voices, 100 accompaniment styles, 100 in-built songs with a single demo song for an explorative learning session.
  • It includes a Fingering guide, Yamaha Education Suite, and the EZ-220 Page Turner.

10. Arius YDP-144

At the end of our list is the Yamaha YDP-144 Arius digital piano. This instrument comes with some pretty impressive features and allows you to enjoy your time playing.

This is by far the best Yamaha instrument that can gloriously reproduce the sound of the CFX concert grand piano and is modeled on the CFIIIS.

The piano’s beautiful ebony look with ivory and black keys is extremely unique!

Hammer action pianos have a fairly hefty low-end so you won’t feel like playing an electronic piano. The sound is also very authentic and immersive.

The piano app on iOS devices is convenient because it is easy to control and makes for interactive learning sessions.

Some of the shortcomings of this instrument are that it doesn’t work with any Android device. The good news is that it comes in a premium kit with a high quality piano.

The kit includes a pair of headphones, online lessons, an instructional book, and a polishing cloth for the bench to maintain its bright black finish. It’s not just general things either – you get both an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD and some other neat features.

By now, you probably know that the Arius series of Yamaha pianos is really gorgeous. One particular model from this range, the YDP-144, has a nice style and some great features. It’s an excellent example of an electronic piano and one of the best types out there to buy!

Don’t hesitate to buy the piano. It is responsive and can instantly become engrossing and expressive when you start playing it.

Key Features:

  • With 88 synthetic ivory and ebony, touch-sensitive, graded hammer action keys, this is an ultramodern version of a grand acoustic piano.
  • Comes in a premium bundle kit including a set of headphones, a cushioned bench, a fast track music book, an Austin Bazaar instructional guide on DVD, and a polishing cloth.
  • This is a stylish black model featuring the realistic Yamaha CFX concert grand piano sound.
  • The IAC adjusts the balance between bass and treble to provide a great audio experience, without having to turn up your volume or change any other settings.


Yamaha instruments generally have a long tradition of sound quality and innovation. They consistently create products that provide this in addition to being trustworthy, which is why we recommend one for your needs.

Yamaha keyboards digital pianos have been around for over a century. Of course, you might have purchased one of them and found it really great, but we had somehow missed out on it.

Share your thoughts with us. It might help a fellow reader or might be included in the future!

FAQ for Best Yamaha Keyboards Digital Pianos

What is a Yamaha keyboard for piano?

The Yamaha keyboard is a piano keyboard that has been designed to be compatible with the Yamaha digital pianos. It is used by professional pianists and students alike.

The Yamaha keyboard has 88 keys. It also has a dual-pedal system that makes it easy to switch between different types of sounds and volume levels.

What are the best Yamaha keyboards for piano?

Yamaha keyboards are an excellent choice for those who want to learn the piano. They offer a wide range of models and feature different types of sounds, styles, and features.

Yamaha keyboards are great for beginners. They come with a lot of features that make it easier to learn the piano.

What makes Yamaha keyboards stand out is their durability and sound quality. They come with a lot of features like built-in speakers and headphone jacks that make playing music much more enjoyable.

What is the best Yamaha keyboard digital piano?

The best Yamaha keyboard digital piano is the Yamaha P-45. It has a very good sound quality and a lot of features that make it worth the price.

The Yamaha P-45 digital piano is one of the best keyboards on the market. It has a very good sound quality and a lot of features that make it worth the price.

The Yamaha P45 digital piano is one of the best keyboards on the market, with great sound quality and an abundance of features.

Which is the best Yamaha keyboard for beginners?

Yamaha keyboards are popular for their simple design and quality sound.

The best Yamaha keyboard for beginners is the Yamaha P45. This keyboard is very affordable and has a lot of features that make it ideal for beginners. It has a piano style key action that is easy to learn, a built-in metronome, and an auto accompaniment function.

As you progress in your playing skills, you can upgrade to other types of keyboards with more features like weighted keys or aftertouch.

Which keyboards, digital pianos and keyboards do you recommend?

I recommend the Roland RD-700NX. This keyboard has a really good piano and sound quality. It is also compatible with a variety of different software, so you can easily switch to different sounds and styles.

The Korg SP-170 is another good option for those who want a more traditional piano sound. It’s also very versatile since it’s compatible with both Mac and PC software.

For more modern pianos, I like the Yamaha P-255 Digital Piano because it has great features like USB connectivity and dual speakers as well as an impressive sound quality.

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