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Disharmony: Cloned Reflections Of Darkness -


The birth of DISHARMONY can be dated back to the year 2001 and after a small phase of experimentation and exploration, they released their first material. Today, the Slovakian duo, whose real names remain unknown, can look back on five regular albums. The most recent work ‘Cloned: Other Side of Evolution’ released by Chicago based label Tympanik Audio is a vast collection of their best remixes +2 new tracks. A new album called ‘Evolution’ is already in the making

Track Review

01. Idealism (Original by Polygon) – 6:46
A dark thunder storm is approaching and the sound of poring rain welcomes us to the first track. A dark mood is built up and speech samples from a late-night radio talk show come in. This dark mood is maintained over the course of the whole track yet it gets a touch of melancholy and wistfulness from the use of multi-layered strings. The rhythmic section isn’t less interesting. There are swapping beats, tight glitches and hidden under the surface there’s so much more, everything that cheers the heart.

02. MutantX (Original by Grandchaos) – 5:15
There’s an analogue synth melody, shimmering in the dark and gloomy ambient textures are drawing close, just to vanish in the background again. Something’s clicking and then we get torn out of this deceptive calm by massive, echoing beats, bound together with distorted percussions. The sinister atmosphere gets more and more threatening, the strings are alternating and also the rhythmic underground is changing more than once.

03. Stir Up The Dust (Original by Anhedonia) – 4:03
The title couldn’t be more fitting for this song, but it won’t only stir up dust, it will make the earth quake. The distorted beats kick in with an uncompromising harshness and they won’t give you any time to calm down. The exact opposite comes in with the dreamy ambience, made of wide layered soundscapes, providing a wonderful counter point to the mentioned harshness

04. Apocalypse (Original by Pecadores) – 4:00
These sustained tones at the beginning are giving me the creeps and I think I’ve heard them somewhere else before. In some way they’re reminding me of a scene from a horror movie, when clouds of haze are gathering in the dead of night and someone’s getting followed by a dark creature. Back to the music. Clean fast beats are dominating the tune, broken by a sudden outburst of distorted brutality in the middle and enriched with driving sequences. The voice which is presenting the vocals sounds cold and full of hate.

05. Tuistoz Herz (Original by Burzum) – 5:41
Strings open the gates to ‘Tuistoz Herz’. Despite the rhythm patterns being complex enough to please the ears of electronic music lovers, one should focus his attention especially on the beautifully crafted melodies, reaching orchestral heights at times and through the use of polyphonic choirs deliver a feeling of unlimited depth and room, captured inside nearly six minutes of sound.

06. Alone (Original by Empty) – 4:51
One of the trademarks of the original track by the Australian formation EMPTY is that it pretty much gets along with only few beat injections. DISHAORMONY turned the whole thing around, mostly, but isn’t that what remixing is all about, putting a song into a new costume, giving it another direction and so this one’s sounds pretty different, it actually has more structure due to the razor-sharp industrial beats, moving under the surface of a more subtle ambient theme.

07. Suspection – 5:04
This is one out of two exclusive new tracks on this release and only now you get a real impression how DISHARMONY sounds, how good both artists are able to blend the beautiful melodies and the complexity of very elaborate rhythms into one another. The sad sound of a violin seems to waver in the middle of a wide room, surrounded by translucent shades of ambience. The listener’s getting another surprise when the strong beat with its many layers enters the scenery and one gets impressed by how those two profoundly different elements interlock in that track.

08. Bar Code (Original by Flint Glass) – 3:36
Now it’s getting dark, extremely dark to be more precisely. Like the future vision of a science-fiction author, black sonic scenery is building up, pervaded with samples, dying away into the distance to get replaced by new ones. The beats are almost jumping; get glitched and disturbing noise effects have been applied on them.

09. Immortal (Original by Deadjump) – 4:19
A remix that is very much focussed on the rhythm work compared against the others. It clicks and crackles on every corner and it isn’t a simple construction yet it doesn’t sound too intricate. It has just the right balance. I spoke of the focusing on the rhythm work but there are those ambient doses, which always spread their melodious wings, when it’s time to do the chorus.

10. Nautilus – 4:29
Honestly, I had to think of that track from THE KLINIK with the exact same name. But the title reflects the mood and the atmosphere very good. It’s like diving into the sea to enter an underwater universe imbued with sounds; it is a very unique feeling that embraces the listener, taking him on a journey. Smooth, reverberating melodies surround him. While the rhythmical underground stays a bit more complex with the elaborate drum programming.

11. Zeit Zerstört (Original by Mnemonic) – 5:08
Being a fan of piano sounds for a log time, I was pleased to hear the intro in which you’ll hear a reverberating speech sample which is accompanied by melancholic piano lines and I was already preparing for a ballad when the piano suddenly died away but luckily the mood it spread stays inside the song all the time, captured within wide ambient veils. Only the rhythm is different than I expected, getting a faster pace, more fidgety with a rather experimental approach

12. Earth (Original by Sara Noxx) – 5:06
I recently had the chance to review the single, where a new version of the ‘Earth Song’ was of SARA NOXX was included and that one was quite club-orientated in marked contrast to the DISHARMONY Mix. The rhythm is more brooding, the beats a bit delayed and in addition to Sarah’s distinct vocals, the guys added some own vocal lines resembling an angry outcry with the heavy distortion effects. The mood and the basic melodies remained untouched but they’ve been created with different synths this time.

13. Like Falling Crystals (Original by Stendeck) – 4:23
The mood of this song is substantially different from the others. While there was an underlying current of darkness and despair in the other compositions, this one’s virtually sun-drenched with airy synths, floating and liquid like water fuse with bells and beats, sometimes clean and unaltered, another second they come around with glitches and a slight distortion.

14. Synove Svetla (Original by Tabor Radosti) – 6:01
Again a piano melody, but this time it’s there to stay with us and become sort of a leading melody for the track. If you listen closely to the song, you’ll get the impression to deal with a narration with musical accentuation. The voice is distorted and is telling us a story instead of singing. The mentioned piano line creates a wistful mood, a mood inhaling the breath of a goodbye. Beats are used very subtle at first, casually dripping out of the synths, getting more numerous a t he song progresses.

15. Kasida (Original by Fractional) – 4:40
Like the very first song on ‘Cloned’ this one’s introduced by rain and a thunderstorm, crossed by a dull layer of soft melody in the background which is getting company by broken, intricate industrial beats. The emerging of orchestral strings marks a turning point and veil of sadness descends on the composition, but also the rhythm and the tempo change. New sounds emerge and the song becomes faster. One of my absolute favourites because the string arrangement are so deeply touching and you don’t sense the quite harsh beats to be disturbing. They just fit in perfectly. Brilliant stuff!!!


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9


This record was my first contact with the music of the Slovakian duo and now I think I’ve missed something. This is how good Dark Electro has to sound like for me. Not strictly aiming for the dnace floors, integrating other influences as well. Honestly, I don’t know most of the originals, but the remixes gathered on this CD are top notch. They’re melodious and they have something, compositions of many other acts of this genre lack: A genuine atmosphere. With the two new tracks ‘Suspection’ and ‘Nautilus’ the listener’s also get an impression of how DISHARMONY sound aside from the remixes. Thanks to Tympanik Audio, this duo will now get much more attention and they deserve it.

Igloo Mag -Disharmony’s Cloned: Other Side Of Evolution on Tympanik Audio dives straight into what you might expect, broken layers of noise balanced with razor sharp beats and cascading melodic ambiences; on “Like Falling Crystals,” Disharmony reconfigures Stendeck’s original (featured on Geska’s released of Faces in 2007) to include chopped female vocal extracts and a more lively feel; its emotional elements still intact, “Like Falling Crystals” is a gorgeous piece of beautified industrial wastelands.

Igloo Mag -Disharmony’s latest entitled Cloned: Other Side Of Evolution) for fledging Tympanik Audio collects several Disharmony remixes of post-industrial acts such as Stendeck, Polygram, Anhedonia, Empty, Mnemonic (and others); a compilation that focuses solely on desolate beats ricocheting from distressed melodies. Dry landscapes covered with eroded soil forms the foundations of Cloned…, a highlight for a label that continues to grow with each release.



Elektrauma – Mit dieser Veröffentlichung fasst das slowakische Duo Disharmony ihre Remixarbeiten für andere Bands zusammen. Und wenn man sich anschaut, wer schon bei Disharmony angeklopft hat, um ihren Stücken ein neues Gewand zu verpassen, kann man auch Rückschlüsse auf ihr Talent ziehen. Unter anderem haben Polygon Grandchaos, Empty, Flint Glass oder Mnemonic sich von Disharmony remixen lassen. Die Ergebnisse sind immer sehr erstaunlich, denn wenn diese Band remixt, dann mit viel Verve und dem Gefühl, wirklich etwas Neues erschaffen zu wollen. Die Songs dienen sozusagen als Matrix, darauf werden aber immer wieder neue und erstaunliche Sachen hinzugefügt. Der wohl bekannteste Song ist „Earth Song” von Sara Noxx, der ebenfalls eine sehr eigenwillige Neuinterpretation erfährt. Disharmony haben sich darauf spezialisiert, scheinbar gängige Sequenzen und Synthielinien mit scheppernden Beats zu paaren. Durch die Vordergründigkeit der teilweise sehr ausgefallenen Drumprogrammings erhalten die Songs immer etwas sehr industriallastiges. Allerdings sind sie es nicht, weil eben die teilweise sehr ätherischen und harmonischen Sequenzen viel Wind aus den Segeln nehmen und dadurch sich trotz der Sperrigkeit der Beats immer wieder beim Hörer einschmeicheln. Daher kann man Disharmony in die Schublade des so genannten Intelligent Electro stecken. Nach mittlerweile drei Alben ist „Cloned – …” ein schönes Geschenk für Fans, die sich auch noch auf zwei neue Songs, „Suspection” und „Nautilus”, freuen können. (4.5/6) – Nuuc

Darkroom – da quei Ryby e Lord Sauron che compongono anche l’altro ottimo tandem artistico Oxyd, in occasione dell’album dello scorso anno “Malignant Shields”, quinta release in cinque anni per i due artisti in questione, i quali tornano sul mercato anche in questo 2008 non attraverso la propria label Aliens Production, bensì grazie all’attenzione dell’emergente etichetta americana Tympanik Audio, nuovo nome del panorama discografico che ci ha già regalato ottimi momenti in ambito IDM (vedi il recente debut di Subheim). “Malignant Shields”, terzo album per il duo, ha rappresentato il fatidico conseguimento della piena maturità artistica per Disharmony, nome attivissimo anche nelle vesti di remixer come dimostrato da questa nuova release, che raccoglie una collezione dei migliori remix curati da Ryby e Lord Sauron per tutta una serie di nomi più o meno noti nelle rispettive scene, ai quali si aggiungono due nuovi brani del progetto slovacco stesso. I nomi noti, come detto, non mancano: troviamo infatti i remix curati per artisti del calibro di Polygon, Mnemonic, Sara Noxx, Stendeck, Flint Glass e persino Burzum (!) affiancati a quelli fatti per nomi tutti già più o meno attivi nel panorama musicale (soprattutto in quello IDM) come Grandchaos, Ahnedonia, Pecadores, Empty, Deadjump e Tabor Radosti, per un totale di 13 tracce (più i due inediti di cui sopra) atte a dimostrare l’abilità in qualità di remixer dei due artisti slovacchi. Il sorprendente mix di IDM, ambient, industrial, harsh/dark-electro, chillout e downtempo di cui il duo è capace nelle proprie superbe composizioni confluisce con assoluta maestria anche nelle trame sonore dei brani altrui, sia che si tratti di artisti con sonorità affini come Flint Glass e Mnemonic, sia che a venire remixato sia il Burzum di fine millennio scorso (fra l’altro questa rivisitazione di “Tuistoz Herz” è a dir poco favolosa!) o la più electropop-oriented Sara Noxx: segno di come Ryby e Lord Sauron sappiano infondere il proprio tocco ad ogni manipolazione sonora messa in atto, caratteristica dei migliori remixer. Una raccolta di remix che ha un suo filo conduttore, ma guai a pensare che il metodo adottato dai Disharmony possa finire col risultare ripetitivo: ogni rielaborazione gode infatti di caratteristiche forti, capaci di emergere sopra all’efficacissimo tessuto ritmico e di fare capolino fra i superbi suoni cesellati dal duo, e le emozioni non mancano di certo. Nei remix curati dai Nostri c’è intelligenza, inventiva, fisicità, classe, solidità, raffinatezza, intensità: suoni gelidi, visioni futuristiche, panorami solo apparentemente desola(n)ti, scorci post-apocalittici dove la frenesia non riesce ad avere la meglio sul subconscio, scenari da un altro pianeta e molto altro ancora, tutto nelle interpretazioni che i Disharmony hanno inteso offrire per tracce nate dalla mente di altri artisti. Al fianco di un lavoro così certosino e riuscito non sfigurano certo i due inediti, “Suspection” e “Nautilus”: avvolgente e squisitamente venata di neoclassico la prima, splendidamente suadente la seconda, ed entrambe ci confermano l’assoluto pregio di suoni e produzione a firma Disharmony. Un’eccellente raccolta di remix per chi ama l’elettronica più intelligente e vuole tenersi lontano, almeno per una volta, dai soliti remix-album stracolmi di club-mix elementari e di prove deficitarie in ogni senso: questa è elettronica per palati fini, e potrebbe riservare molte sorprese non solo ai cultori di IDM ed affini.

Gothtronic – Not so long ago I got to know the American Tympanik Audio-label with the overview-album ‘Emerging Organisms’. To me it was a rediscovery of a kind of music I thought I had heard it all before. The dark ambient and rather experimental and industrial electronics on ‘Emerging Organisms’ made me realize that there is still a whole new range of creative and inspiring acts to discover.

One of these outstanding bands on the Tympanik Audio-label is the Slovakian duo, Ryby and Sauron, a.k.a. Disharmony. It’s an electronics-act which exists since 2001, and until now they have released already five albums. Their newest record is called ‘Cloned’ and like the name already suggests, it’s a remix-album. There are 13 reworked tracks on it from other musicians and 2 new pieces of Disharmony music. This in the first release for me to get acquainted with these electronic wizards and in the meantime I feel a bit disappointed that I cannot compare this cd with the older work of these guys. Some musical parts make me think of other bands like ‘Aphex Twin’ or ‘Autechre’ but with a much more darker background. Experimental noises cross swords with knifesharp broken-beats, spooky synths and ‘Big Brother is watching you’-vocals. Rarely the songs are up-tempo but the vicious soundcollages are a feast for your soul and ears. Listen to songs like ‘Idealism’, ‘Mutant-X’, ‘Zeit Zerstoert’ or ‘Earth’ to be convinced. I can’t describe it any better as in a title I saw lately: ‘Cloned’ is a lovely piece of beautiful industrial wasteland. 9/10 – reviewed by sx-base

Chain DLK – Disharmony’s latest release “Cloned: Other Side of Evolution” is a collection of the Slovak industrial/EBM project’s best remixes that span from dark wave pop to militaristic power industrial. The collection starts off strong with a haunting remix of Polygon’s “Idealism,” which is immediately followed by a powerful version of Grandchaos’s “Mutant X,” which sounds like the evil love child of Frontline Assembly and Laibach. The remainder of the collection contains remixes that span a variety of speed and styles. However, the element that links them together into a cohesive whole are Disharmony’s use of subtle dark atmospheric synths parts that provide an evocative backbone to music that would otherwise be very cold and clinical. This is evident on the original track “Nautilus” and the remix of DeaDJump’s “Immortal,” which is disturbingly touching and sounds more like :Wumpscut: than :Wumpscut: does (if that makes any sense). This is indeed the strength of Disharmony’s remixing abilities as the songs being remixed sound close enough the original version to be recognizeable while sounding very much like Disharmony’s original work.  4/5 Review by: Michael Grillo

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