Fiddle Chords Guide: Everything you Need to Know

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As a fiddler or a violinist, you won’t always be playing chords while playing with a band. If you’re repeating the chords the music is playing you might be playing the melody, so a normal place to start learning is fiddle chords for beginners. This gives you a solid base and lets you start playing songs early.

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to play any particular chord. Sometimes you need to play it in a different way, in order to make the sound work with what you’re playing. This article will just cover the basics of music theory. We’ll only be going over chords that are higher up on the neck or in the first place. When you first pick up the bass, it’s best to focus on the higher string notes. But as you improve, you can tackle those lower notes too.

If you want to learn how to play the fiddle, you’ll come across fiddle chords but what are they and how do you play them? Don’t fret! Our fiddle chords guide will teach you everything you need to know, Including tabs that you can use as a guide when practicing these chords.

This story is aimed at helping absolute beginners, we want to help you learn to play basic chords on the fiddle. Once you have these beginner fiddle chords memorized and you’re able to play them effortlessly. You can use the app to play enough tunes to master bow technique and play double-stops in your violin!

What Are Fiddle Chords?

Chords are created from playing multiple notes at the same time. Harmony is another word for it. For example, all you have to do is play three different notes on a violin and they’ll sound good together. They connect or bond to create one complete melody, and it gives an effect of musical emanating from just one instrument instead of the many we see onstage.

Fiddle chords are the first violin notes to learn, they include something called “harmony” and “melody” that. You can play guitar, ukulele or piano. But before we start playing, it’s important to know how it all works first.

How Many Fiddle Chords Does a Violin Have?

Hundreds of chords lie in wait, but you will only choose a few. In classical music, there are 12 major keys and 12 minor keys. In this post, we’ll be talking about seven chords: A major, D major, G major, F major, A minor, E minor and B minor.

Violin Chords Chart

At the start of your ukulele journey, it’s probably a good idea to take a look at a few notations charts, but just for reference. Getting comfortable with the neck of the ukulele is really important. When you know the notes in a chord, it can be easier to place your left hand on the correct frets for chords. Sometimes it’s more difficult when your fingers are slightly off, so knowing the notes helps.

The neck on a fiddle doesn’t have frets, so it’s important to learn about the different positions and notes before playing any chords. Once you know how to position your fingers, it’s time to start playing chords.

Before you even attempt to play easy fiddle chords you should spend time each day placing your finger on each note. It’s important to develop your ear rather than relying on visual feedback. Apart from that, a tuner is a good way to know what you are playing.

Fiddle technique only comes with practice. You should practice the way your chord sounds. If you’re getting choppy, broken chords, experiment with different ways to hold the bow and try new positions to see what sounds best.

A Major

To play this chord, put your first finger on the A and E on the G and D strings. To start off, your 3rd finger should be on the high A note on the E string. After that, your middle finger should be on the C notes of A string. Lastly, place your 3rd finger on the high A note of E string.

D Major

Playing a D major on your violin can be tough to do. G string’s A: Place your first finger here, then your second finger on the D string’s F note. Put your third finger on the D of the A string and your fourth finger on the A of the E string.

G Major

The G major is one of the easiest fiddle chords that you can play and master because you will only need to press the G on the E string and B on the A string.

F Major

Put your first finger on the F note on the first E string for F major. Your second finger will be on the F note string on the D. For your third finger, you will put it on the string on the 3rd fret of G.

A Minor

If you’re already familiar with how to play a major, playing the A minor should be pretty easy for you, too. The only thing you have to do is move your finger from C to flat C. So, it’s going to be A-E-C-A.

E Minor

E minor is another easy chord to play. Put your first finger on the D string’s E and A string’s B. Place your middle finger on the E’s G string.

B Minor

For a B Minor, place your second finger on the G string’s B and D string’s F. Then, your third finger will be on the D note of the G string.

How to Play Basic Fiddle Chords?

If you want to play and master basic fiddle chords, you will need to practice. You’ll also need to maintain a good grip on the bow as well and position it close to the two lower strings. If done right, you should be able to hit both strings. And just like with slurs, you should only have 2 fingers on each of the strings in question.

Quick tip: If your scratchy sound is too much, lessen the amount of pressure you apply when you move the string – but be conscious of the two upper notes.

Two Note Chords

Double stops are chords that use two notes played at the same time. In order to successfully play a double stop, you’ll need to apply the same amount of pressure with both fingers or one string will overpower the other.

Three Note Chords

For three-note chords, you have to slur the lower two notes. However, only slur the first and last note together.


Mastering fiddle chords will require a lot of practice. You’ll need some time to get your fingers used to the pattern of movements needed when holding down these chords. Keep practicing with the bow pressure, and don’t forget about getting your technique sorted!

FAQ for Fiddle Chords Guide

What is the Fiddle Chords Guide?

The Fiddle Chords Guide is a free resource for fiddle players of all levels. It’s been designed to help you learn how to read and play fiddle music, but it can also be used as a reference for experienced players.

The guide will teach you the basics of reading chord symbols and rhythms. You’ll also get an introduction to some of the most common types of fiddle tunes, like jigs, reels, and waltzes. It’s designed to be a fun way to learn about this style of music!

What the benefits of using Fiddle Chords Guide?

Fiddle Chords Guide is a free, interactive website with lessons and exercises to help you learn how to play the fiddle.

Fiddle Chords Guide is a free, interactive website with lessons and exercises to help you learn how to play the fiddle. It’s a great resource for beginners who want to start learning how to play without paying for a private lesson or attending an expensive class.

What is included in the Fiddle Chords Guide?

The Fiddle Chords Guide is a comprehensive guide for beginners. It covers everything from the very basics of how to hold the instrument and tune it, to playing chords and melodies in all keys, reading music notation, and understanding more advanced concepts like syncopation.

It’s been created by a musician with decades of experience teaching violin to children and adults alike.

What is the difference between Fiddle Chords and other chord books?

Fiddle Chords is a chord book for fiddle players. It contains the most common chords used in traditional music, which are also the chords used in bluegrass and country music.

Fiddle Chords is different from other chord books because it doesn’t just have chords for guitar players. The chords are also arranged in alphabetical order to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

What kind of chords does Fiddle Chords contain?

Fiddle Chords is a mobile app that lets you learn how to play the fiddle. It contains a library of over 100 different chords.

What are the main features of Fiddle Chords?

Fiddle Chords is a website that is designed to teach people how to play the fiddle. The site has a variety of different lessons that are broken up into different sections.

The Fiddle Chords website has many different lessons for people who want to learn how to play the fiddle. These lessons are divided into the following sections:

  • Basic Fiddling Lessons
  • Intermediate Fiddling Lessons
  • Advanced Fiddling Lessons
  • Resources Section
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