How to Fix your Fluance RT81 Platter Wobble

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Today I am talking about the awesome Fluance RT81 turntable which is one of the best turntables I have used in quite some time. I told a friend and also my father-in-law about it. They got theirs and they’re both very happy. My father-in-law is what brings me to today’s subject and that is how to fix your Fluance RT81 turntable wobble.

You see, my father-in-law decided he wanted to get back into vinyl. As you might know I’ve written about how to fix turntables many times, so he asked for my help to stop his from wobbling again. So I thought it would be fun to try and help you guys out in term’s of content. It is also worth noting that while I am specifying the Fluance RT81 due to my father-in-law, the information. Advice of all sorts, if you read. Today, I’m giving you something that might be useful on most other turntables.

Give Little Wobble

Every turntable is designed in a way so it doesn’t wobble and most of the time you wont notice it anyway. It is just that some will have more wobble than others. Some people say they can detect the slightest of wobbles, but I have not been able to. Your ears might be more sensitive than mine are though.

Sometimes you might notice a little wobble with your turntable when looking really close at it, but everything else is working OK. It’s probably not worth messing with or getting all bothered about that part.” His Fluance RT81 sounded great! But because he saw this for himself, he was convinced the sound was different.

What Causes the Wobble?

I love the Fluance RT81 as I feel it has such a cool and elegant design to it. If a person knows what they are doing, they can keep their record off the ground by using a plate – like this one. The plate is called a platter and it needs to be about this size for the record to fit on it. Anyway, this is how it would work. If the platter moves, it will read the record off-centre. My father-in-law was freaking out because he could see the whole thing wobbling!

Keep reading to find out a few ways to lower the wobble so that your records can continue sounding awesome.

Check for Dust

I want to start with the easiest first and that’s how to remove dust! Even though the Fluance RT81 has that awesome looking protective shell on it, dust can still be a factor. As a vinyl collector, the dust is one of my worst enemies. Make sure there’s no big bits of dust on the record, or any other kind of dirt that may have gotten onto it. The wobble was really throwing me for a loop, so I tried giving it a clean and see if that fix the problem.

Is the Platter Warped?

As much as I like Fluence, they’ll never be 100% perfect. Mistakes can happen in a factory too. So, once again remove the platter and use a spirit level to check if it is warped in any way. If the plate or record seems out of shape, then you should be able to notice that things don’t sound 100% right.

If the platter is warped, then you might need to get a new one. If you’re still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, then you can either request that they send you a whole new turntable or a replacement platter. If you have a pre-owned one or it is out of warranty, you can purchase turntable platter on Amazon and there are quite a lot to choose from.

Always Check your Rubber!

This may be a cheeky thing to say, but some people also think that one of the main reasons for a turntable’s wobbling is because the rubber has come unglued from the platter. Even if just a little bit has come off, this can make the weight not be 100% even and this can cause the tower to wobble. If there’s a lot that’s come unglued, it’ll be worse.

I would advise you to try gluing it back down at first. Try to use as little glue on any surface as much as you can. If you need glue for anything, try and find a place that is strong enough to stand up to whatever you are gluing. I once had a bit of plastic break off from the bottom of a record player like thing, so I glued it back on with a very small amount of glue which was, hey, @this person said it best:

The Spindle! Could it be the Spindle?

If your platter is wobbling, it probably means that the spindle is dirty and needs a clean. Cleaning & lubricating the spindle could solve some of your problems.

Could it be your Record?

I know you’ve probably already thought of this, but I’ll say it anyways: when it comes to records vs. platters, I would say the latter is far less likely to warp (in my opinion). So make sure that the record isn’t the only thing on your turntable that’s making that noise! When I first got into vinyl and was going through. If you go to a vintage store or buy an old record off of auction sites, there’s always the risk of it being damaged.

Keep your records in order with these awesome tools I found. Having proper storage can also help you keep your record from warping and it sounding less than graceful.

Is it Time to Buy a New Record Player?

Sometimes you might need to buy a new spindle, mat, or platter for your turntable to keep working. If you’re not so confident in doing this on your own and are worried about the supplies/parts costing too much, it might be much easier to just get a totally new turntable instead. I have been researching the RT81 from Fluance. Reviews on the site can help you to compare different table models to find which one is right for you – there’s even more options if vinyl’s your thing!

At the end of the day, a little bit of wobble on your Fluence RT81 is probably not going to make a whole lot of difference to your rocking out. That’s right, sometimes all you need to do is clean your guitar off and it’ll work again quickly. In my case, my father-in-law was sick of playing tennis so I took his tennis racket away from him and he was back to normal in no time! I honestly think it’s all in his head.

FAQ for Fix your Fluance RT81 Platter Wobble

What is the best way to fix the wobble on a Fluance RT81 platter?

There are many ways to fix the wobble on a Fluance RT81 platter. One way is to use the Fluance RT81 platter stabilizer. This is a small piece of rubber that is placed on top of the platter. The stabilizer prevents the disc from being able to move and wobble in any direction. Another way to fix this issue is to use a felt ring that goes around the platter and attaches with an adhesive or glue. This will prevent movement as well and can easily be removed when needed.

How can I fix my Fluance RT81 platter?

The Fluance RT81 is a turntable that is made with high quality materials and has a lot of features that are beneficial to the listener. Unfortunately, some people have had issues with the platter and have been wondering how they can fix it. Here are some steps to help you fix your Fluance RT81 platter.

1) Remove the platter from the turntable.

2) Clean off any dust or dirt from the bottom of the platter with a dry cloth.

3) Use a small leveler to make sure that both sides of the platter are even.

4) Place your finger on top of one side of the platters and then use a flathead screwdriver to tap in on top until it becomes level with your finger

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