Best Gifts Ideas for Saxophone Players

There are two kinds of gifts you can give:

  • The useful and practical
  • The fun!

For many people, giving a “blanket-type” gift such as a housewarming present or graduation present can be tough. Either they want one huge gift that cost a lot of money, or they want to give something of very specific value.

I like to get different types of things for my wife, and she likes stories about the oddities in life. But I tend to do more essential tasks for her, like getting her cooking supplies and dog food.

A saxophone player will need some powerful microphones too, and these guys are great for that. They’re super versatile and add a sleek look to any home! Just make sure you don’t get a Gretsch.

Remember to pick up a saxophone player’s favorite piece in this list of great gift ideas from all price ranges.

I own all of these accessories, and have been using them for a long time. They would be compatible with any saxophone. If I received one of these as a gift, I would be pretty happy and also impressed.

If you have any great gift ideas that don’t get covered here but you’d like to share, please do below. I’m always looking for new sax accessories too, and I love to hear about my listeners/viewers’ suggestions :).

Gifts for Saxophone Players Under $30

Mouthpiece Pouch – Vandoren

Neoprene mouthpiece pouches protect your mouthpiece from being damaged.  Vandoren makes them and you should pick some up. Sax players generally store their mouthpieces with the ligature and mouthpiece cap in place, so a pouch keeps the whole ensemble together nicely. The idea is to keep the whole ensemble from rolling around in their case and coming in contact with anything else.

I have a set of mouthpieces and accessories for both alto and tenor. These items fit all my combinations, as well as any new items I’ll be adding to the collection. It will be good to keep some in case they aren’t available from other sources, which I’ll also store in these cases.

Body, Neck and Mouthpiece Swabs – BG France

I have tried a lot of different types of saxophone swabs, but I have always come back to these BG France ones. The feel and effectiveness on my horns are just unmatched! I’ve been using them for 10 years now, so they’ve kept my horns in great condition since day one. I’ve chewed on my hairbrushes a bunch of times and they still work just fine.

An item like this needs to be built with high quality materials if you don’t want it to come apart over time. You also need to use a material that stands up well against the way people clean their teeth, otherwise what will happen? What have happened with most of my other swabs? Some material doesn’t absorb moisture as well and works better in certain models while other materials are stuck in certain instruments. The best way to find what you need is to understand the specific needs of your instrument. You can always try different models to see what works best for you.

The A31 swab works for all types of saxes and mouthpieces. It’s important to have one swab for the body of your instrument and one swab for the neck/mouthpiece. For alto saxophone, get the body swab A30 and 10or saxophone, get the body swab A30T as well as an  A31 for the neck and mouthpiece.

Reed Case – D’Addario

This reed case has been designed for the professional musician. It will easily hold up to 8 reeds and come with a replacement pack that helps maintain optimum humidity levels. I would recommend this case to woodwind doublers who need to store different sizes of their instruments because they are specifically designed with special slots.

It would have been a good idea to buy an AI reed in those days, when I was touring and playing with a pit orchestra and on cruise ships. This could give you up to three different types of reeds for your oboe at the same time and would make performing easier because you wouldn’t need to carry around so much equipment

Hygro Case – Vandoren

I finally upgraded to a new reed case from Vandoren. It’s the first one I have ever owned that keeps my reeds humidified and free from mould. This case has a light system based on air circulation and it comes with two sizes. It’s the HRC10 and it holds 6 of any Bb, Eb or alto clarinet. The HRC20 holds six of any bass clarinet and tenor or baritone sax reeds.

I have one of each and love them. My cases are inside that changes to accommodate the different size reeds. If you just want to get one for your needs, I would recommend the HR20. It’s versatile and can be used for more than one purpose.

Box of Saxophone Reeds

Sax players need reeds. Even though you might want to purchase a gift for your friend, you should be very careful of what type of reeds they use in their saxophone. Every brand has its own system with numerous options available and it’s important to know what kind of strength and cut you’re getting with each reed so that it is appropriate for their preferred instrument.

Many players prefer a system of numbers to identify the strength and personality of reeds. Some systems choose one number that refers to the overall strength or hardness, while others use a series of numbers that refer to characteristics like tone color, material, playing style etc.

It’s possible to show that your saxophonist is using a particular reed by taking a peek inside their case. Check out what they have been playing and take note of other variable factors like whether or not they’s filing it.

Gifts for Saxophone Players $30 – $100

saXholder Saxophone Harness

I’ve been using the Sax Holder saxophone harness for a couple years now and love it. Traditional neck straps place all the weight of the saxophone on the player’s neck and spine, but this product by Sax Holder helps even out that distribution of load. Playing the saxophone for long periods of time usually leads to discomfort, pain, and even serious injury.

This accessory has a clever way of transferring weight from your shoulders to the center of your chest when playing. I recommend The Saxholder for all sax players especially those who play tenor and baritone sax.

Auto-Grip Alto/Tenor Saxophone Stand

Every sax player needs a quality stand. I love the Auto-Grip Stand because it is super fast to set up and simple to use. It securely holds my alto and tenor saxophones because my arms don’t get sore or tired. When you place the instrument on the stand, the weight of the saxophone triggers a mechanism that grips it securely. The stand folds up nicely and although it is on the heavier side, that’s a reasonable trade-off for security.

It is easy to increase the number of attachments on this stand with a pair of additional pegs that can hold a soprano saxophone or flute.

Saxxy stand – K&M

K&M is a company specializing in stands of all types and their Saxxy stand is a clever and attractive design. This stand can be folded up easily and put into the bell of the sax while it’s in its case with minimal effort. This stand is surprisingly sturdy and securely holds the sax.

Unlike the Hercules stand, the Saxxy stand only works for one type of saxophone so you would need a seperate one for alto and tenor. There is a tendency for the saxophone stand to stay on the bell of the saxophone when it’s picked up. If your audience notices this, then it can be a big distraction in performance.

Sometimes, a musician might want to use a synth or keyboard at home where they won’t be performing and there’s not much of a need for high quality. At work, however, where performance is critically important, I would recommend using the standard stand.

Sax Deflector – JazzLab

I’m all about JazzLab! I’ve been using this brand for a few years now and it’s become an irreplaceable piece of gear that I always use on my gigs. A simple device that attaches to the bell of your saxophone and refracts sound back to your ears. This allows me to hear yourself much better when playing in live situations where there are special events going on.

The Sax Deflector works great in both acoustic playing situations and when playing with a microphone. The hole in the Sax Deflector allows it to be used while playing into a microphone, and a clip-on mic can easily be attached to either side of the bell.

The bell clip stays put when being used. It attaches to your saxophone very easily and doesn’t take up lots of space in your case. The Sax Deflector can be used with most saxophones including alto, tenor, soprano and baritone.

Reed Adjuster – ReedGeek

I was struggling with bad reeds that seemed to be a never-ending nightmare and I had given up hope. Then I found this device and it ended the never-ending struggle in just one day by fixing the problem. A simple looking device, the ReedGeek allows you to finely tune your distance measurements.

I can now improve the properties of my reeds in seconds with a single tool that makes it easy to get used to tuning them. I have noticed a significant increase in the life that my reed blows and I am able to easily fine tune them with practice. It took me a little more than 2 years to get my money back from ReedGeek.

The ReedGeek is truly an exceptional tool and it’s the only saxophone mouthpiece I use.

Music Stand – Manhasset

A quality music stand can really increase a musician’s life. My favorite is the Manhasset stand. It’s sturdy, easily adjustable and can hold a lot of stuff securely. It’s not the type of folding stool you would want to take on a performance or rehearsal, but it does make for a great decoration in the studio.


I haven’t seen or tried one myself, but some of my friends have bought their wives saxophone necklaces. They loved it, and they look so pretty and well-made.

The Devil’s Horn

This was a great saxophone book. It tells you everything you want to know about their history, their impact on all types of music, and how to play the instrument. I enjoyed this post so much I was able to learn about some new amazing performers!

Sax T-Shirt

I love themed shirts, too! There are so many different things to choose from this time of year. If you know a sax player who loves funky and unique clothing, I’m sure they’ll be excited about your gift.

Wine Rack

Yeah, don’t get this wine rack for a kid, but an adult sax player will love this. I thought it was so cool (though, to be honest, it was my wife who found it). We gifted these to a friend of ours and they are now permanently installed in their home! And it’s always stylish with their decor.

Sax Art

I linked to a few options for good quality Wall Art but everyone may have a different preference. Make sure you know what the person likes so it can be just what they need or have been wanting for small price. You could start a simple piece of art by just painting on whatever canvas you want. This would be possible for musicians and everyone else who loves to paint and draw! These are great gifts for friends or loved ones of all types.

Saxophone Lamp

It never fails to amuse me how many students come back after the winter holiday with new saxophone and other instrument-themed lamps. Still, they’re excited about it, so it’s got to be a good thing!

Gifts for Saxophone Players Over $100

These are the bigger ticket items for your special someone. The sax is not always a necessity to buy, but no one will ever know if you don’t buy them a new instrument as a small gesture of appreciation.

Clip-on Sax Microphones

Audio Technica PRO 35

Every saxophone player at some point may need a microphone, and the PRO 35 is an entry level clip-on. For many years I used one of these before and it was perfect. On the job, I have been really happy with this microphone. It’s well made, it holds up well and is a great choice for regular gigs.

DPA D:Vote 4099

This mic is a professional piece of gear and produces the sound of my horn very accurately and naturally. I expect to get many years of use out of it. I couldn’t be happier with it!

Portable Recorder – Zoom H5

Recording yourself playing is important for saxophone players to improve their sound. The Zoom H5 can now do the job across a variety of playback methods and in places with no recording capabilities. Having access to this in the practice room is great. You can record practice sessions, lessons and anything else for later use.

Bluetooth Headphones – Bose Soundsport

For me, headphones in the practice room are a necessity. I practice with these “Bose Soundsport Bluetooth” headphones in my ears every day. Since they are wireless, I have freedom to move around the studio as I want. No wire to get tangled up with.

Have you ever noticed when you are listening to music on your headphones or phone, they seem to be loud until the speaker is within an arm’s reach of your ears? That’s because sound travels through vibration and the earplugs provide a sound-isolating barrier which reduces noise at the source. This was a custom-fit solution for me before I. There are lots of reasons there’s been an increase of people practicing while listening to music on their devices. Not only can you hear the music better, it’s also easier on your ears.

EWI USB or 5000 – AKAI

Electronic Wind Instruments are a type of instrument that was pioneered by Yamaha and made famous with the success of the maker’s A series instruments. They’re used in most orchestras, symphonies, and jazz bands around the world. These particular professional instruments must be constantly maintained so they can work at their best levels during performances. The EWI-USB! There are some drawbacks, but at $99 for 225 tests, it can’t be beat.

The EWI 5000  is a unique instrument that can be plugged into an amp or sound system. It plays less of a range than some instruments, but you’ll still be able to hear the sounds it produces. There’s even wireless ability with some models and a headphone jack for your convenience.

The AKAI EWI is a great machine for anyone who is dedicated to past traditions and the art of improvisation. It’s simple enough that even young people can get out a sax or controller, but it’s also jam-packed with lots of features meant to give the player a little bit more control over their sound.

Portable Microphone

I love the Blue Yeti option for making YouTube videos, precasting videos, and when I record playing my tuba. They’re affordable and durable and came in a wide range of colors.

I really love the way it’s easy to use. My wife and other band directors all use it for recording their students’ solos, including saxophones and the music sounds great.

Saxophone Cases

The cases that come with the sax can vary in quality. They offer protection, but when looking for a case that has better design, you should be looking at higher-tier cases. This case is a bit more expensive than most of its competitors, but it has some killer features like its design and protection.

Best Fun Gifts For Saxophone Players

This list has a mix of fun sax gift ideas that are perfect when you’re in the shopping mood.

Sax necktie

There are so many fabulous patterns that use actual music notes, like these I really like. In my opinion, they should be worn by everyone.


I recently found out that saxophone-playing friends of mine can too wear cufflinks.

Where’s the Saxophones Reeds and Mouthpieces?

I wanted to keep this list of instruments pretty simple in terms of what players are likely to have. With that said, I did also want to note that many people like to leave out their standards and play toy instruments or electronic ones instead. There is nothing wrong with that and they should try a few things out before deciding which one fits them the best.

These gifts work all year long. Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas etc. You name it! 2.5 or 3 are the best abilities on a saxophone instrument and those are what you need on your reeds if you’re picking a strength.

Some higher-quality mouthpieces exist that offer a lot of options for most players, but if you’re just looking for something that will work well as a baseline, there are typically several options in individual categories. The Conn-Selmer is the best overall, but that’s not to say it’s universally favorite. It sounds clear, articulates well, and offers a richness of tone that is wonderful for producing polished content.

Final Thoughts

You’ll impress your loved ones by shopping for a gift ahead of time. It takes more time to research, but you can save yourself from guessing on the day in front of them.

Just make sure they don’t already have something like it, and you’ll be good to go! Enjoy the look on your saxophone player’s face as you give them one or multiple of these awesome gifts!

If you have any fantastic ideas for gifts or items on your own wish list, please share them in the comments below. I’m always looking for new saxophone related gear and accessories.

FAQ for Gifts Sax Players

What are the top gifts for sax players?

This is a question that many saxophonists have asked themselves before. There are so many saxophonists in the world that it can be difficult to understand what gifts to give them. Here are some of the best gifts for saxophonists.

  • Saxophone Reeds: The most popular gift for saxophonists is a set of new reeds. The saxophone reeds need to be replaced every few months and they would like to get new ones from time to time.
  • Saxophone mouthpiece: Another popular gift for saxophonists is a new mouthpiece. They may not want anything special, but they want something that will help them play better and sound better in their band or orchestra.
  • Saxophone Case: If your friend or loved one has been playing his instrument for some time, that he may need such an attribute.

Also, the most popular gifts for saxophonists can be: a new instrument, rare notes and “special” clothes.

What are some of the best gifts to give a sax player in 2022?

Some of the best gifts to give a sax player in 2022 would be:

  • A new saxophone
  • A new instrument stand
  • A new case for their instrument

What is the difference between a gift and a present?

A gift is something that is given by someone else. A present is something that you give to someone else.

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