Locking Wall Hanger: Types of Guitar Wall Mounts

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Playing guitar can be a rewarding experience on its own, but sometimes you need to put your instrument down for the day. Chances are, if you’ve been playing guitar for a while and you don’t have one of these, you need the stand now.

If you want to keep your guitar easily accessible, guitar stands are a great option. You might be looking for safe ways to store your electric guitar or acoustic, to keep it from getting lost, to show off your expensive investment, or to simply make sure your guitar is always at your fingertips.

No matter what reason, hanging your guitar on a wall with guitar hangers and other guitar holders is one of most secure and convenient ways to store it for short-term or long-term storage. A guitar hanging on the wall is a great way for you to show off your guitars. It looks better than a stand.

Types of Guitar Wall Mounts

There are various types of guitar wall mounts – understanding where you want to display your guitar will help you figure out which one fits your needs the best.

Basic Wall Hangers

A basic wall hanger is the most popular type of wall mount.

Two rods are used to hang your guitar’s headstock from the wall. These wall hangers for guitars are among the most affordable and work well with all types of guitars.

These basic hangers can be adjusted so you can adjust the width to fit your guitar. Some cannot be adjusted. You should ensure that the hanger is suitable for a large neck guitar such as a Classical Acoustic acoustic.

Although most wall hangers are strong enough to hold a guitar in place, I recommend avoiding the weakest options. You don’t want to compromise the quality of your guitar by using a cheap hanger. To ensure that my guitars are safe, I purchased some high-end wall mounts.

Pros: these hangers are cheap and work well with most types of guitars.

Cons: some basic wall hangers will have trouble holding guitars properly such as the Telecaster.

Locking Wall Hangers

Locking wall hangers can be upgraded from the basic hangers. These hangers have a locking mechanism that locks the guitars in place.

There are many brands available, but the most well-known is Hercules’ range of guitar wall hangers. These wall hangers have the advantage of securely holding your guitar so it doesn’t get knocked off.

These wall hangers can be used for mandolins and ukuleles thanks to the attachment for narrow instrument necks.

Pros: an extremely secure way to hang a guitar to the walls. It can hold many different sizes of instruments

Cons: are more expensive than the other options.

Angled or Horizontal Wall Mounts

Although most wall hangers in this guide are vertically mounted, there are other ways to mount your guitar.

A room can be made more interesting by mounting a guitar at an angle. This is a great way decorate a space. It’s great for a small collection of guitars. These hangers are designed so that the upper neck is held by one hook and the body of your guitar is held by two more hooks.

This wall hanger kit can be used for acoustic or electric guitars. It can also be used horizontally. Hanging a few guitars on a narrow wall is a good idea.

Pros: looks great and securely holds your guitars. The weight is spread over multiple anchor points.

Cons: takes up more wall space, so it may not work well in small spaces or when you have many guitars.

3D Print Hangers

3D printing technology has made it possible to hang your guitar on the wall in a new way. You can make your own hangers or ask someone else to do it for you.

You can download many similar designs to these and print them for your guitars. They can hold your guitars secure if printed correctly.

The ability to make completely unique hangers with a creative design.

Pros: the ability to create completely individual hangers with an interesting design.

Cons: you need a 3D printer or use the 3D printing service. When printing with incorrect settings, the hanger will not hold over time.

Frames and Boxes

These options can be inexpensive and look great on a wall. If you want to display one or more of the guitars on a wall, it is worth framing or putting it in a display case.

This might be a good option if you are skilled at woodworking. Some build glass cabinets with custom lighting while others make a simple frame that fits around a standard wall hook. This type of cabinet is simple to construct and can be impressive if it matches the rest the room.

Pros: is a great way to display a guitar on the walls.

Cons: requires decent woodworking skills in order to build and look great. It takes up a lot space, which might not be a good choice if you have many guitars to hang.

Top Guitar Wall Hangers That Actually Work

If you don’t know which wall hangers to buy or if you should DIY it, we have all the answers on this page. We cover everything and help you answer your questions as best as possible.

1. String Swing CC01K OAK Hardwood Home and Studio Guitar Hanger

The String Swing CC01KOAK Hardwood House and Studio Guitar Hanger has two titles in the guitar community. It’s a popular model and one of today’s most affordable. This wall hanger is a popular choice for musicians who want to purchase multiple wall hangers for different stringed instrument units (or multiple guitars).

This wall-mounted guitar holder doesn’t come with any extra safety features or fancy extras. It’s simple and easy to use. The installation of this hanger is very easy, making it a good choice for those who aren’t confident about hanging up a guitar. The actual hanger is constructed from high-quality materials. It also comes with a soft foam padding that helps to protect your instrument.

The mount is made of hardwood (wood base), and the hanger pivots on it. This makes the whole contraption more flexible, particularly the yoke device. Although the wall hanger’s design is simple, it is cost-effective and works well.

2. Gator Frameworks Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger

Some people aren’t looking for something simple that will keep their guitar off the ground. That’s perfectly fine!

Gator Frameworks Wall Mounted Guitar will suit your needs if you’re looking for an easy design and a variety in the appearance of the hanger. Gator Frameworks offers a variety of options for their mounted guitar hanger. These include mahogany, maple, black and satin chrome. This is a great option if you want to keep your music room a certain theme.

The actual hanger’s construction is not complicated or too complex. The yoke-cradle design is curved to hold the guitar’s headstock. It can also be used to swing ( swivel) to support non-symmetrical headstocks.

Gator Frameworks has rubberized the interior of their hanger to protect your guitar’s finish. Gator Frameworks’ mounted guitar hanger has a unique feature that many users love. It is placed between the wall and your guitar so that you have less chance of your instrument getting damaged. If your guitar accidentally knocks against the wall, it will get scratched.

3. Top Stage Wall Hanger with Hardwood Base Wall Mount

This may seem like a very basic design. Top Stage has added two discs to the hanger that will keep your instrument from falling down (and possibly falling) if it is bumped into.

This wall mount is made from the finest materials. If your guitar happens to slip, there is foam padding that covers the tubes.

The padding used in the guitar wall mount discs we mentioned earlier is also included. This wall hanger is extremely cost-effective and efficient. It is best for musicians who don’t want to spend a lot on a complicated mechanical model but still need a wall hanging solution that offers some security.

4. Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Guitar Wall Hanger with Auto Grip System

If you are looking for a wall hanging that goes beyond a standard wall hanger, the Hercules GSP38WB Wall Mountable Guitar Wall Hanger With Auto Grip System might be what you are looking for. The GSP38WB wall hanging has a more mechanical appearance than some of the others on this list (regardless of the yoke).

Although this wall hanging is unique in appearance, it has the same mounting system as most wall hangingers. The wall hanger is bolted to a piece solid hardwood.

The Hercules GSP38WB wall hanger is unique because it has adjustable claws. These allow you to secure your instrument and prevent it from sliding out of the hanger.

The claw grip may not be for everyone. However, musicians might find it too secure. If you plan to hang your instrument in an area with lots of people, the Hercules Hanger is the best choice. The claws of this wall hanger prevent your instrument from being accidentally bumped.

5. Wolfride Guitar Hanger Wall Mount with Safe Slot

If you are looking for something a bit more complicated and more secure, the Wolfride Guitar Hanger Wall Mount With Safe Slot is probably your best option.

The Wolfride Guitar hanger is not like the others I’ve listed here. It doesn’t come with a block of solid wood for wall mounting. This wall hanger is made of steel and does not use wood as the base.

This wall mount has a weight limit of 44 pounds. So even if your biggest guitar (like a bass) is to hang on it, it will be safe. The wall hanger also has two hooks that can be used to secure your guitar and prevent it from falling out.

Although this wall hanger has these additional features, it is still a very affordable model compared to other models we have reviewed. This wall hanger is worth the extra money if you have the budget. Amazon has the Wolfride Guitar Hanger Wall Mount With Safe Slot for $10.

Final Word on Guitar Wall Hangers

Important tip: If your guitar has a varnish made of nitrocellulose, it won’t work with standard wall hangers. To make your instrument compatible for a standard wall hanger, you just need to add an extra layer between the guitar and the hanger. A cotton cloth can be used as an extra layer.

For guitar hanging, I recommend you install your hanger in a stud. When installing your wall hanger, you should make sure to use superior drywall screws, brackets, and anchors.

Wall anchors and screws will keep your instrument’s weight from pulling on the drywall (drywall anchors). This will prevent your guitar from crashing to the ground. This would cost an extra, but it is better to be safe that to be out of your instrument.

I hope you find the right wall hanger for your needs and budget among the five I have recommended.

While I recommended some expensive options to those who want to invest in the safety and security of their instrument, I also suggested some affordable options for those who are looking to keep costs down or just get started.

You can have your electric or acoustic guitar set up with a wall hooker, bracket, cradle, or fork arm.

Side Note: These wall hangers can be used for other stringed instruments, such as cellos and violins, if you have them (or own a studio).

This post should have helped you decide which guitar wall hanger you want to use.

FAQ for Guitar Stands vs Guitar Hangers

Here are some common questions you might have about hanging a guitar on your wall.

Guitar stands vs Guitar Hangers: Which is a Better Choice?

You may want to consider investing in a good freestanding guitar stand as well. These are ideal for situations where you need to be mobile (travel guitar stands), OR for studios or performance settings where you need to frequently change instrument staging or positioning.

Why do you need a wall hanger for your guitar?

Depending upon your personal preferences, some people in the guitar community really don’t feel comfortable using guitar hangers or a guitar wall mount and prefer using guitar stands. If you happen to be one of those people who feel more comfortable using a guitar stand rather than a guitar wall hanger, know that there isn’t an absolute need for having a guitar wall hanger.

However, having a wall hanger to store your guitar in can be incredibly beneficial. Keeping your guitar hung up on the wall helps to keep your guitar safely away from small children, animals, and any spouts of clumsiness you may have.

If you’re someone who gets up a lot and moves around when you’re playing guitar, storing your guitar on an unstable guitar stand or a chair (even worse) can increase the like hood of you dropping your instrument and either breaking your guitar or damaging the finish (depending on how far the guitar has to fall until it hits the ground).

Keeping your guitar stored on a wall hanger serves as an easy way to store your guitar if you need to put it down in a rush, but also makes as a great way to keep your instrument away from the clumsiness of you, your pets, and your children. However, storing your instrument on a wall hook also serves a great option if you are looking for a way to store your guitar for long-term and maybe even use it as a decoration piece!

Can I use a wall hanger if I don’t have an acoustic guitar?

No matter if you have a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a banjo, or an electric-acoustic guitar (any guitar size or different shaped guitars), you will still be able to use your average sized guitar wall hanger.

Depending on what your budget is, you can choose between a standard inexpensive guitar mount or invest in an expensive self-locking wall hanger. A self-locking wall hanger will close the grip around the neck of your guitar when you mount it, which adds an additional layer of safety, as you will have to physically lift your instrument to be able to unlock it.

There are also models available that hold your guitar by the strap pin, which allows you to style your instrument on your wall aesthetically!

If you have a vintage guitar, I would highly recommend re-thinking keeping your guitar on a wall hanger. The absolute safest way to keep your guitar is in a well-built hard case with a humidifier or a de-humidifier, depending on the type of environment your guitar lives in.

However, storing your guitar on a wall hanger is the next safest place to keep your instrument, especially if you take care to monitor the environment of the storage room you’re using. Take time to ensure that you keep your storage room at the perfect level of humidity and using a wall hanger will be the best way to store and show off your guitars!

While storing your guitar on a wall hanger (neck or yoke or cradle) does serve several benefits to the life and well-being of your guitar, there is the obvious risk of your guitar dropping or the wall hanger pulling out if you don’t have the hanger properly installed. The easiest way that you can avoid this risk is by purchasing a wall hanger that has outstanding performance.

Are wall hangers bad for guitar?

Wall hangers are not bad for guitars. The weight of the guitar does not cause enough strain on the neck to cause any damage. You can safely use any sturdy wall hanger and it will not damage your guitar.

Wall hangers are safe to use if you correctly mount them to the wall. The only time a wall hanger can be bad for a guitar is if it isn’t mounted properly and causes the guitar to fall. If you follow the advice in this guide, your guitar will be safe.

Should guitars be stored flat?

Guitars can safely be stored flat in a case, on a stand, in a rack, or hanging on a wall. Some guitars cannot be stored flat due to an angled headstock.

How do you hang a ukulele on the wall?

You hang a Ukulele on the wall in the same way you hang a guitar. You can even use a standard guitar hanger if it uses an adjustable space.

The hangers I used included inserts to allow you to hang ukuleles, mandolins and any other instrument with a thin neck.

There are many other ways to hang a ukulele on the wall as they’re incredibly light and don’t require heavy-duty mounting hardware.

What is the best guitar wall hanger?

The locking guitar wall hangers by Hercules are some of the best available. Any wall hanger that securely holds your guitar while providing padding to the neck is worth considering.

Keep in mind that the best wall hanger for you depends on your budget and how you want to display your guitar. For some guitarists, a locking wall hanger like the Hercules branded hangers are overkill.

Is it bad to hang a guitar on the wall?

It is perfectly fine to hang a guitar on the wall. If the guitar mount is installed properly, the guitar won’t fall. The force on the neck from hanging the guitar won’t cause problems.

Keep in mind that the tension created from the guitar strings is significantly higher than the force created from hanging the guitar by the headstock. So hanging the guitar by the headstock isn’t bad for it.

Is it safe to hang a guitar on drywall?

Yes, you can safely hang your guitar on drywall if you use suitable drywall anchors. When suitable drywall anchors are installed, they provide more than enough support for the weight of the guitar.

Most of the problems when hanging a guitar on drywall arise from poorly installed fasteners.

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