Samsung Q70T vs. Samsung Q800T: Which Soundbar is Better

The Samsung Q70T vs Samsung Q800T, is in many ways like watching a battle between equals. The numbers and performance are similar except for support for Q-Symphony. So, we’ll compare the comparative pros and cons of these soundbar alternatives, highlighting in detail the actual differences that might tilt the scale.

Let’s compare a few different performance metrics here to give you a sense of where we stand and how we compare – Samsung Q70T vs Samsung Q800T and you’ll quickly see just how close these two soundbar solutions are.

Side-by-Side Comparison

A high quality soundbar would be a good choice for you as it will provide a immersive experience, so Samsung HW-Q70T vs Samsung HW-Q800T comparison definitely makes sense. Based on the ratings that we’ve collected, both soundbars seem to be rated at 8.2 and are worth trying out! What’s the difference between the control buttons on my competitors’ devices?

Performance Specs

Samsung HW Q70T Samsung HW Q800T
3.1.2 Channels 3.1.2 Channels
8” Subwoofer 8” Subwoofer
Wireless Subwoofer Wireless Subwoofer
No charging No charging
No playback No playback
Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X, DTS Digital Surround Dolby Atmos, DTS Digital Surround
1 HDMI in 1 HDMI in
1 HDMI Out 1 HDMI Out
Bluetooth, WiFi, SmartThings App Compatible Bluetooth, WiFi, SmartThings App Compatible
Built-in support for Alexa & Google Built-in support for Alexa & Google
No Airplay Support No AirPlay support

You may be wondering where the differences are? This is something that many people have inquired about, and you’re not alone. This level has one value acting on it, and although you may or may not be impacted by it, it’s worth mentioning. At first, it’s hard to tell if/when the soundbar you are buying will actually provide you with good auditory performance. It’s only when you get into the actual performance of these two soundbars that you begin to detect a difference in their performance characteristics.

To start, let’s look at the pros and cons of just two voice types.

Audio features

Soundbars are both have an amp type. There is 3 channels on all three speakers and a subwoofer, plus 2 outputs. The output power is identical and equal to 330 (overall) W. Competitors do not have a built-in subwoofer. The rivals have wireless connection to separate subwoofer. The two models received our recommendation of 7 for features and specs.

Streaming services

Soundbars don’t support AirPlay, but Spotify is available on each of them.


These models can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi. Competitors from our review have Bluetooth support. Each soundbar has 1/0 HDMI inputs/outputs. HDMI Audio Return Channel is a feature that allows you to transmit audio from a TV to a connected soundbar or other device that doesn’t have its own speakers. Both soundbars have a USB connector and they both scored 9/10. For connectivity, each of the soundbars received a rating of 9/10.


These are two models that will support voice control using Amazon Alexa. There are built-in microphones in most soundbars, making it easy to set up your TV to automatically switch on every time you walk in. Multi-room technology is available to every soundbar.

Multichannel surround

They both have support for Dolby Atmos multichannel audio format. DTS:X is a surround sound technology under review that can be supported by devices. For multichannel surround, each of the opponents received a 10 out of 10.

Pros and Cons of the Samsung Q70T vs Samsung Q800T

Samsung HW Q70T Pros:

  • The system includes a soundbar and a separate subwoofer. This allows the soundbar to deliver a broader range of sounds.
  • Wireless subwoofer can be positioned anywhere that has an electrical outlet. It handles low frequencies with ease is a fantastic addition to your home audio setup.
  • Samsung’s Q70T is perfect for delivering greater immersion with a Dolby Atoms processor which was designed for richer surround sound experiences. Now, you can feel like you’re in the movie action.
  • You can also connect other WiFi-enabled devices so you can enjoy music playback from your smartphone or other wireless devices.
  • This sound bar can support Bluetooth connectivity if the WiFi isn’t available or doesn’t function well.
  • Samsung’s soundbar has a built-in app that can be used to control every aspect of your sound. You’ll have more control over the soundstage be able to change it faster than with any other products on the market.
  • With an HDMI Audio Return Channel and an eARC, the soundbar includes easy integration with your TV. This means the soundbar can be easily connected to your TV and controlled from the remote you’ll probably have with the soundbar.
  • It also has a USB port on the back of the soundbar that allows you to play MP3s and movies from external sources and to update the soundbar’s firmware when needed.
  • You can now spread this sound bar around your house and still get a great listening experience. Wireless speakers are available as an add-on accessory.
  • This soundbar has a built-in Alexa, so you can control it all with your voice.

Samsung HW Q70T Cons:

  • There’s an Apple AirPlay option on this TV, but it’s a little complicated. If you don’t have an Apple device anyway and just want the best possible soundbar, you can save time and effort by just getting a wireless speaker set.
  • With no satellite speakers, the surround sound performance isn’t as deep and rich as it could be.
  • The subwoofer might not be the most comparable thing to the Samsung Q800T, but it’s far from bad. In fact, its performance is much better when compared to other features.
  • The wireless connectivity on this soundbar seems to have a slight tendency to drop out. However, this isn’t that uncommon and it’s hard to say what the specific cause is with these bars, but it has more of an effect on some brands than others.
  • Samsung’s Q70T is not the ugliest laptop I’ve seen, but it’s also not the most attractive. It is a black laptop that comes in only one color – black. The material of this laptop is also tough to keep clean but dust obscures some of the other features.

Samsung HW Q800T Pros:

  • If you’re looking for a soundbar that also includes a subwoofer, the Samsung Q70T has some great options. This speaker can deliver a solid movie experience no matter where you’re sitting.
  • The wireless subwoofer provides a solid low-frequency performance that improves the performance of the Q70T in terms of low-frequency reproduction. You can place the speaker wherever you want (within the range of its wireless network) to ensure that you get great sound.
  • With Dolby Atoms support, the Samsung Q800T brings more immersive sound that caters to movie-makers’ intentions. Many Samsung TVs now include the new Q-Symphony feature for an immersive surround sound experience. This option is mainly useful for newer models and also allows 3D soundstage capabilities.
  • WiFi connectivity provides you with the ability to use your soundbar with a WiFi system and share it.
  • The soundbar can also be controlled via Bluetooth which makes it a great alternative to other connections options. It’s especially good for mobile devices.
  • With the SmartThings app, you can control your sound system with more ease. Additionally, you can also shape your sound.
  • With HDMI arc and eARC support this soundbar can work with your TV with just one single wire. This makes it easy to control the soundbar from the TV remote.
  • Many things to like about this soundbar. It has a usb port on the back of the soundbar so you can play movies and music from an external source and update its firmware when needed.
  • You can wirelessly connect this soundbar so it’s connected to your HDMI port(s) and you can use it throughout the house.

Samsung HW Q800T Cons:

  • Unlike the Q70T, this soundbar does not support Apple AirPlay. While you can get a docking station that connects wirelessly, it just isn’t the same.
  • You can’t connect additional soundbars with this soundbar but that’s not necessarily a problem. It’s designed so you can wirelessly connect to your favorite music.
  • When compared to the Q70T, which has a subwoofer that doesn’t sound nearly as impressive, the Q800T is a more refreshing difference with clear improvements placed on most aspects of audio. Performance that is low-frequency (for example, around 10 to 20 performances) is more noticeable and definitely a differentiator.
  • The Samsung Q800T is notorious for its frequent connection breaks. It may be more prevalent than the Samsung Q70T, but overall it’s no more annoying or difficult to manage.
  • This soundbar might look nicer than the Q70T, but it’s missing metal grill covers. The side grill is only made of plastic, which isn’t very helpful.

The Tale of the Tape Samsung Q70T vs Samsung Q800T

Samsung HW Q70T Samsung HW Q800T
  Soundbar Soundbar
Width 38.6 inches – 98 cm 38.6 inches – 98 cm
Height 2.4 inches – 6 cm 2.4 inches – 6 cm
Depth 4.5 inches – 11.5 cm 4.5 inches – 11.5 cm
  Subwoofer Subwoofer
Width 8 inches – 20.4 cm 8 inches – 20.4 cm
Height 13.9 inches – 35.3 cm 15.8 inches 40.1 cm
Depth 11.9 inches – 30.3 cm 15.8 inches 40.1 cm

As you can observe the dimensions are similar until the subwoofer. This dimension difference is the reason the Samsung Q800T provides higher low-frequency response. This extra volume allows Samsung to provide the most efficient driver.

Both of these soundbars can be described as cost-effective. The most recent costs for the Samsung Q70T are $328. The Samsung Q800T costs just 60 dollars more, at $389. This puts both soundbars in the lower tier of the soundbar market. systems. Comparing this with prices at the top of the Samsung product line, which is for instance, the Samsung Q950A. It greatly improves your viewing and listening experience, but for a price which is almost 3 times the price the Q70T or the Q800T would cost.

For the vast majority of viewers in a typical living space even with the latest QLED TV the quality difference isn’t significant enough to warrant that kind of a premium cost. You’ll be extremely satisfied with either Samsung Q70T or Samsung Q800T.

The Verdict

We love both of these Samsung soundbars. This Samsung HD Q800T Soundbar makes a good choicethat is on the lowest end of the range. For those with an extremely tight budget, you can get plenty of features without spending much.

It’s better in terms of providing bass, which means music and action films which is driven by powerful bass lines will sound more clearly with this soundbar. It also offers a more expansive soundstage, however the differences between this and the Samsung Q70T is minuscule.

The cost for this model is slightly more expensive than the Q70T however it’s only just a tiny difference. If you do your research you’re likely to find bargains that help make Samsung’s Q800T Samsung Q800T an even better option.

We are still awestruck by this model from Samsung. It’s a great performer within this category of soundbars. It is a good match to the Q800T as well as other brands in the same price range. For instance, those who have reviewed Bose Smart Soundbar 300 say that Bose Smart Soundbar 300 say it is comparable to the Samsung Q70T, but it doesn’t have a subwoofer, and is priced higher.

It also compares favorably in comparison to its counterpart Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar +, which is at a similar price. As with the Q70T model however, it comes with an additional subwoofer, but no satellite speakers. If you take a look at its Amazon and BestBuy scores the Samsung Q70T wins the top spot overall for performance.

The main point is this. There are better soundbars in the market, including inside the Samsung family. However, when you look at the price and performance, they are both excellent choices. In our head-to-head test of Samsung Q70T vs Samsung Q70T vs Samsung Q800T We give a slight edge to the Q800T, but we’d love to have both in our home.

FAQ for Samsung Q70T vs Samsung Q800T

What are the differences between Samsung Q70T and Q800T soundbar?

The Samsung Q70T Soundbar is a great option for people who are looking for a soundbar that has good quality and is easy to use.

The Samsung Q800T Soundbar, on the other hand, has all the features that one would expect from a high-end soundbar. It provides an immersive experience for movies and music.

The only difference between the two is that the Samsung Q800T Soundbar offers Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated subwoofer.

What is the difference between soundbar in terms of design?

The Samsung Q70T soundbar is cheaper than the Samsung Q800T soundbar. But it is a little bit shorter and has a smaller speaker. The Samsung Q800T has more powerful speakers and a bigger display.

The difference between these two models is in design. The Samsung Q70T has an elegant look with a small display and long speaker, while the Samsung Q800T has an upgraded look with a bigger display and more powerful speakers.

How does the sound quality of soundbar Samsung Q70T compare to Samsung Q800T?

The soundbar Samsung Q70T is a product that can be found in the market. It is designed to deliver sound quality at an affordable price. The soundbar comes with two speakers and a subwoofer. While the Samsung Q800T is a premium product and has four speakers and a subwoofer.

The sound quality of the two products are very different, but for some people, it depends on their needs or preferences as to which one they would choose.

Which soundbar is better the Samsung Q70T or Samsung Q800T?

The Samsung Q70T is a soundbar with a built-in subwoofer. It has an integrated 7.1 surround sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, and Samsung’s proprietary SoundAlive technology that enhances the clarity of music and movies. The Samsung Q800T is an upgrade to the Q70T with a higher wattage speaker system, improved wireless capabilities, and an improved design.

What is of soundbars Samsung Q70T and Samsung Q800T price?

The Samsung Soundbars Q70T and Q800T price are available at $300 and 230 respectively.

Which soundbar would you recommend for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space?

Samsung Q70T is a soundbar that has a slim design and does not take up too much space. The sound quality is also quite good for the price.

Samsung Q800T has a larger design and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. It also comes with surround sound speakers.

Which soundbar would you recommend for someone who wants to connect to other speakers?

If you’re looking for a soundbar that can connect to other speakers, the Samsung Q70T is the best option.

The Samsung Q800T is a more affordable option with a smaller footprint and more features.

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