Best Bluetooth Speakers Below $100

It’s now easier than ever to find top-level wireless audio at a bargain price, and our best cheap Bluetooth speakers deliver the promised performance quality at ultra-low prices. In this review, we found some great $100-a-pop Bluetooth speaker deals. They came discounted to just $50 which is fair when you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker in general.

A lot budget models also include water protection, to the same level as other expensive devices we’ve seen from companies like Sonos, UE Megaboom 3 and Sony SRS-XB12 are highly portable, waterproof speakers that offer great sound for the price. This means they can accompany you, for example on the street or in the bathroom, without worrying about splashes and waterproofing which you can buy now.

Some speakers can last for a long time without needing a recharge, and some can be connected to another speaker in order to create sound in both settings. In our list of the best Bluetooth speakers, we’ve taken into account the performance and cost, so you can find a cheap one that performs well!

What are the Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

The UE Wonderboom 2 is ranked No. 1 on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100. The UE Wonderboom 2 delivers big sound and has a long battery life. Music will sound brighter and have a higher bass than it should for its small size. It is water-resistant and portable. We also love the many color options.

Clip 2 is the second-place winner for wearable speakers. This sequel is ideal for outdoor adventurers and bikers who need to keep their hands busy while trekking. It has a better design, sound quality and longer battery life. You have the option of choosing from black, blue, red or teal colors.

The JBL Go 3 is a great option if your budget is tight. Although the battery life is not as long as the Clip 2, it is extremely portable and comes in many color options.

How to Choose the Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers for you

A balance between price, quality, size, and features is the best Bluetooth speaker. Although these speakers are all affordable, there will be a difference in the sound quality between the ones costing closer to $40 and those that cost less than $20. You will get better bass and vocals if you are able to spend more money. Also, the battery life will be longer.

You want the speaker to go with you on hiking and swimming trips. Make sure it is lightweight, waterproof, and loud enough to hear over ambient noise. Pay attention to the wireless range. Some will connect up to 100 feet from your source of audio, while others can only be used at 33 feet. Although these Bluetooth speakers are cheap, they may not have the same quality as your phone’s.

Top Bluetooth Speakers Below $100

Which Bluetooth speaker is the best under $100? This is a question that we are often asked. Here’s the definitive answer. Below are our top budget Bluetooth speakers under $100. Continue reading to learn how you can get more Bluetooth speakers for your honest dollars.

There’s no need for quality to be sacrificed. $100 is a lot these days. The technology behind Bluetooth speakers has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Modern models can produce a loud, full-range sound in small spaces and are packed with features. You can also find many water- and dustproof options to use for vacations or pool parties.

Additional features include microphones that allow you to use your Bluetooth speaker as a mobile phone call device, or support for virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. All the speakers have Bluetooth connectivity. However, some models also have an aux input that allows you to plug in an analog cable and listen to music from any source.

The following list will help you find the perfect Bluetooth speaker for your boat or balcony. You can feel confident buying from this list because they have all been tested by What Hi-Fi audio experts.

Without further ado, here are the best Bluetooth speakers for under $100.

1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Ultimate Ears is making a splash with its line of waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are affordable and high-quality. Although the 2019 Wonderboom 2 is slightly more recent, it is still a powerful Bluetooth speaker that has a 13-hour battery life and an impressive sound.

It is waterproof and floats making it an ideal companion for boat trips or pool parties. You can also blast tunes at the beach with it being dust-proof and water-proof. It can be rinsed under the water tap if it gets dirty.

It also produces a great sound quality for the price. Although it is only 10cm in height, the Wonderboom 2 has a powerful bass, spacious presentation, and exceptional musicality.

The Wonderboom 2 is unbeatable when you consider its superb sound, rugged design and long battery life (despite being charged via the older microUSB instead of USB-C).

2. Tribit Stormbox Micro

Although the StormBox Micro costs $50, it is well worth it. It’s a smaller speaker than the XSound Go and is fully waterproof to 1 meter and dust- and dirt-resistant.

It sounds fantastic, unlike many small speakers. The speaker produces clear vocals as well as a strong bass. This speaker is small enough to attach to a bike handlebar or satchel. There are two drawbacks to this StormBox Micro: the app is not available (though you can pair up with multiple devices simultaneously) and the battery life is very short. The StormBox Micro runs out of juice after eight hours.

The Doss SoundBox is a wireless speaker that you can use primarily on your desk. The Doss SoundBox is a great choice for those who want to enjoy full-range bass and clear vocals at an affordable price. It weighs in at 1.2 pounds. The 6.6×2.9×2.7-inch unit, with its 12 hour battery life and water resistance, isn’t the best choice for outdoor use. You can choose from black, white or pink, as well as a touch-sensitive dial to control volume.

It doesn’t project well so it works best when you are near it. You can make the sound too loud, which makes it unsuitable for personal listening. If you wish to use it as an audio speakerphone, the microphone is included.

3. Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation)

It is up to you to decide which voice assistant you want to add to your home. Amazon has made the strongest case for Alexa by updating its Echo device, which is affordable and popular.

The Marmite design is a bit strange, but Alexa’s answers are faster, clearer and more powerful than ever. Amazon’s entry-level smart speaker has made great strides in sound quality since the introduction of the second and third Dots. You could even say that Amazon has come full circle in the smart speaker market.

4. Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation)

Smarts, sound, and screen starting at $99. Okay, so to put the Google Nest Hub’s 7in (1024×600) touchscreen in context, the display realty is only marginally larger than the 6.7in iPhone 12 Pro Max measured diagonally – and here, no camera for selfies or security duties – but it still offers a lot of features.

There are many music streaming and TV services, including Deezer and Netflix. And, remember that Amazon’s smart devices don’t have any’skill support for Disney Plus. Sleep Sensing is the headline-grabbing service, but it is only available for free on the Hub this year, and will be charged from 2022.

The Nest Hub features Google’s Soli sensor to detect motion and light, and can also be used to stop and resume tracks by showing your Hub your palm. Additionally, the chip within the speaker can tell you how much sleep you had and how restful it was. It’s a different experience and it’s quite addictive to try to align your “sleep circles” with eight hours of sleep.

Amazon’s Echo Show 10 (a similar smart-speaker-with-screen concept) is almost three times the price and is bigger, beefier, and comes with a snapper. The Google Nest Hub, with its Disney Plus, Sleep Sensing tech, and good sound quality, is worth considering, depending on your priorities and budget.

  • Excellent far-field performance.
  • Microphone mute feature.

5. JBL Clip 2

It has been in existence for six years, and it is still one of the most affordable products in its class. The JBL Clip 2 delivers powerful audio performance with impressive treble, bass and midrange. It is also compact and sturdy, which makes it easy to transport.

Attachable carabiners are available at the top of the speaker. They can be easily attached to any bag, backpack, or bike handle. Another important feature is the IPX7 waterproof exterior. This gives you peace of mind while taking the speaker to the pool or riding through the park in a rainstorm.

You can connect it with up to two Clip 2 speakers to create surround sound depending on where they are placed. Because the speaker is not very loud, you will likely need to buy more than one. This older model doesn’t have app support but it is not a major problem.

6. JBL Glip 3

This is the best waterproof speaker with a carabiner.

This tiny portable speaker from JBL is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. It can go anywhere, and with the latest Bluetooth technology, your phone will always be within reach. The Clip 3 Speakers have an integrated carabiner, which lets you hook it up to your belt, clip it to your backpack or attach it pretty much anywhere.

People with an active lifestyle, who listen to music often, are looking for the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers. These speakers can withstand rain and water spills. The JBL Clip 3s can go almost anywhere and still perform well.

  • 10 hours of battery life.
  • Reliable Bluetooth within short distances.
  • IPX7 rating for waterproof and dustproof capabilities.
  • Easy to clip onto your person with carabiner.
  • Can be used as a speakerphone as it has an inbuilt mic.
  • Not very powerful or loud. Only really suitable for 1-2 people.
  • Bass sounds can go missing somewhat due to the small size.

Generally, if you’re looking for portability from your speakers, the JBL Clip 3 could be a fantastic option. The volume is pretty decent, but the speaker isn’t the loudest. For mountain climbing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors, just attach this to your equipment or to your belt for hours of listening pleasure.

7. JBL Clip Plus

Although the first-gen JBL Clip was praised for its powerful sound and compact design, it did not have water-resistant protection. This ultraportable speaker has been a favorite item for hikes and bike rides for more than a half a century.

The 40mm driver will deliver crisp treble, deep bass and a clear treble. The speakerphone can also be used to hear the person on the other side of a call. You can attach the integrated carabiner to your belt loop or backpack.

The Clip Plus is an older model and won’t have the same battery life as its younger siblings. It is not waterproof so you can’t use it in the pool or shower, but outdoor adventurers can still have fun with it.

8. JBL Flip 4

The best overall Bluetooth speaker under $100

JBL has descended on all our lives with their new $100 Bluetooth speaker. I might just buy one myself, they sound great. The Flip 4 is a great speaker from JBL. They’re known for their sound quality and this one definitely holds up to that criterion. What’s even better is that this speaker is portable, so you can use it just about anywhere.

  • Sold as a bundle with a portable hardshell case, this offers extra protection.
  • IPX7 waterproof rating means it can be used in the rain or even briefly submerged in water.
  • 12 hours of battery life.
  • Excellent audio clarity and a balanced frequency response.
  • Compact size, easy to transport in a backpack.
  • If played loud, it can reduce the battery life.
  • Can’t be paired up as a stereo pair of Bluetooth speakers.

There’s not much to fault with these speakers – they’re really good. They won’t create a party atmosphere, but are just fine for campfire singing or if you want some background music at home. They’re so great. There’s no way you won’t love them. Everyone has awards, judging and ratings to back it up. Possibly the best sounding Bluetooth speaker under $100.

9. DeWalt DCR010

The most durable $100 Bluetooth speaker.

This isn’t made by an audio manufacturer, so you might expect the audio quality to be inferior. The sound is actually pretty good and this speaker is really durable. It’s been designed to offer the durability necessary for use in a rougher environment, like on construction sites.

If you’re often on-location for work and need better acoustic quality, get yourself an audio recorder. A portable USB record can make all the difference when it comes to chronic sound quality.

  • Change the volume, skip to next track and utilize other controls on the speaker, no need to use your device.
  • Connect to devices up to 100 feet away.
  • Very rugged and durable.
  • Easy carry handle.
  • USB charging output, so you can use the speaker as a portable charger.
  • Up to 30 hours battery life.
  • Battery and Charger not included and need to be bought separately.
  • Quite a big and bulky product, not easy to transport in a bag, for instance.
  • No IPX rating for waterproof capabilities.

If you need a tool that can do the heavy lifting while you’re staying in a building site, the DeWalt could be a good option for you.

10. Oontz Angle 3XL Ultra

The best portable speaker under $100 for bass.

Oontz speakers are made by Cambridge Soundworks, and they offer an unexpectedly high level of quality. The Angle 3XL Ultra is the loudest, under-$100 Bluetooth speaker that they make. Loudness is one thing, but bass response is another. The Oontz Angle 3XL Ultra manages booming bass well with its clever design, including multiple drivers.

I like that there are 24 watts of power, but I also like that these speakers also can pair for a stereo sound. You can have two of them together for a 4x volume and a stereo experience.

  • Rich bass sound coming from a multi-driver design.
  • Stereo pairing to double the wattage and sound of your portable speaker setup.
  • 100 ft Bluetooth range. Connect to devices far away, such as indoor devices when listening to the Oontz in the back yard.
  • IPX5 rating for water resistance.
  • 8 hours battery life is okay, but not overly impressive for a larger speaker. Also, this may be lower if you play at high volumes.
  • Quite bulky, so not as easy to take from place to place as some of the options on this list.

If you prioritize the sound and volume (bass) of your speakers, these might be the answer for you. We recommend using two of the Oontz Angle 3XL because it increases the cost.

11. Pyle Street Blaster PBMSPG190

The loudest Bluetooth speaker under $100.

Pyle is a company that produces a wide variety of electronics, with some products at an affordable price point. This is one of the only Boombox-style speakers you can get under $100 and the reviews are not as impressive as those on some of the other top-quality Bluetooth speakers on this list.

The Street Blaster may not have the best of everything, but it does boast that it allows you to crank the volume up to 11. This is one of the most powerful bluetooth speakers on the market, so you’ll be able to play your music loud at big parties and listen to it anywhere with lots of other people. It has 10x the volume capacity of many of the options listed here.

You would not be able to achieve great audio clarity with this system, but if you need to reach high volumes either because of a larger space or just on a budget, it will work just fine.

  • 300 watts of power.
  • Includes a microphone that can be used alongside your Bluetooth device.
  • Lots of connectivity, Aux-in, Bluetooth and USB all supported.
  • ¼ inch inputs for instruments, you can use this as a guitar amp.
  • Audio clarity is not top class.
  • Battery can die after just a couple of hours.
  • Changing the settings can be awkward.

The sound quality on this speaker isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good. It’s not as loud as some speakers, but it would be a good option if you need something louder and you’re only looking for a one-time purchase.

12. Oraolo M110

The best wearable Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Another exciting design idea. Brands such as the popular Bose have started making wearable bluetooth speakers that can be put around your neck. The Oraolo is a budget alternative to this kind of speaker.

It might seem like a really obvious solution (wear earphones!), but using speakers actually has its benefits. It’s great if you’re aiming to prevent any ear fatigue and your ears stay in the best shape possible by listening to any hazards. Other people will also be able to hear what’s going on, as well!

  • Provides 360 degree sound by using speakers that surround your head and ears.
  • Can be used to make and receive calls.
  • IPX5 water resistance, so can be used in the rain.
  • Battery life of up to 24 hours on one charge.
  • Not very powerful with only 6 W.
  • Audio fidelity is not the highest.

If you think wearables are the future and want to listen to whatever you’re doing hands-free, it looks like there’s a product for that! This is a relatively new option and can be found for under $100.

13. Anker Soundcore Flare

The best 360-degree sound under $100.

Soundcore speakers by electronics brand Anker have excellent features on a budget, and Soundcore Flare is an affordable solution with 360° sound and solid clarity. It’s also under $100. Back to back for a full sound experience. There’s a neat light that pulses with the beat of the music and can even change to different colors if you’re trying to set a mood.

This Bluetooth speaker has really good reviews and the option to have stereo. The price of this service is really affordable so it’s worth doing. We’re only talking about $100 or so.

  • Bass Up technology is designed to make your bass sound better.
  • Can be chained together for a stereo sound.
  • Enjoy a light show while you listen.
  • IP67 waterproof so can be used for pool parties or in the rain.
  • One downside of this speaker is that the high frequencies don’t sound as crisp and clear.
  • Getting two of these to sync together can be temperamental.

If you need a speaker that has the full range of features or is looking for a light show, then Soundcore Flares may be right for what you need.

14. Bose SoundLink Micro

The best mini Bluetooth speaker under $100.

Technology is getting smaller and smaller, it’s true. SoundLink Micro is a small speaker that provides clear sound and volume without taking up too much space. This speaker is ideal for packing in your backpack for hiking or at the beach.

Bose is a great audio company and it wouldn’t be fair to include them on a list such as this. Their products are high-quality, durable, and feature-rich. This is the case with SoundLink Micro.

  • It can fit a lot into a small package measuring less than 4 inches.
  • IPX7 waterproof, great for wet conditions.
  • It can be used to make calls because it has an integrated microphone.
  • It comes with a strap that allows you to easily attach it to your belongings and clothes.
  • Good bass to match the size.
  • A 6 hour battery life.
  • Volume-wise, the device isn’t very powerful. This is not surprising considering its size.

The Bose SoundLink micro is a small, portable Bluetooth speaker that costs less than $100. You can also rely on Bose’s audio credentials.

15. ION Pathfinder 280

We’ve found the ION Pathfinder 280 to be the best party speaker for a budget. The large speaker has RGB lights and radio capabilities, which allow you to save up 16 radio stations. Although it takes some time to fully charge, the speaker’s long-lasting battery life allows for many long listening sessions. You can also transport it easily to your next event because it is battery-powered.

The mix reproduces vocals and leads instruments clearly and accurately, but there is some unbalance in the mid- and treble ranges which can cause them to sound veiled or honky at times. Although the default sound profile of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is not as balanced, you can adjust the bass and treble settings using the physical controls. The companion app also has a graphic EQ as well as presets. The speaker can fill large areas with minimal compression and is louder.

It lacks low-bass so it can’t feel the deep bass in bass-heavy music such as EDM or hip hop. Also, it downmixes stereo content into mono which makes it less immersive. It doesn’t have any inputs for connecting an external microphone or other devices to it, which is a major difference to other party speakers that we tested. It’s currently priced at just over $100 but is still a great choice for anyone looking for a speaker to bring along to their next event.

  • Gets very loud.
  • IPX5 rating for water resistance.
  • Decently portable.


As you can see from our list, the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 can vary hugely depending on what features are prioritized. There are some massive speakers with a lot of portability and some really small models, too.

As technology gets better, it’s easier and cheaper to get great features. Features like stereo pairing used to be rare at this price, but now they’re more common in the latest Bluetooth speakers.

Make sure you take the time to figure out your needs and priorities before looking to see what speakers are the best ones for you.

FAQ for Top Speakers Below $100

What is the most popular speaker under $100

The most popular speaker under $100 is the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled speaker that provides hands-free access to music, information, weather, and more.

This speaker is great for people who want to listen to music while they are cooking or cleaning up. It also provides smart home control capabilities with its Alexa software.

Where to buy a Bluetooth speaker below $ 100?

There are many places where you can buy a Bluetooth speaker with good quality and below $ 100.

You can buy a Bluetooth speaker from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or Target.

What are the most popular brands of Bluetooth speakers under $100?

The most popular brands of speakers include JBL, Bose, and Sony.

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