Totakeke is Frank Mokros, NY-based electronic music producer who lets his music speak for itself. When he's not putting out noisy breakcore-tingled industrial under his main project Synth-etik (Hands Productions), Frank focuses on the deeper elements of sound structure with his Totakeke project. After his first two releases for Frozen Empire Media, a remix for Terrorfakt, and a recent appearance on the 'Emerging Organisms' compilation, Totakeke is back with his 2nd full length album titled 'eLekatota: The Other Side of the Tracks' on Tympanik Audio in January 2008. Thirteen solid tracks of addictive rhythms, richly-layered beats, intriguing samples, and cavernous atmospherics, that all seem to somehow replenish themselves with each listen. eLekatota: The Other Side of the Tracks is timeless opus that is sure to be hailed as one of the finest Industrial productions in years.


- eLekatota: The Other Side Of The Tracks [Tympanik Audio 2008]
- V/A: Emerging Organsims - Totakeke: Power Of Ideas (Hidden Forms Mix) [Tympanik Audio 2007]
- Terrorfakt: Cold World Remixes - Zero (Totakeke remix) [Metropolis 2005]
- At The Train Station On A Saturday Evening [Frozen Empire Media 2004]
- Lament [Frozen Empire Media 2003]