About TympanikAudio

Tympanik Audio is a Chicago-based electronic music label established in 2007 by music journalist and DJ Paul Nielsen as a vehicle to promote innovative new artists in the electronic music subculture.

Home to many forward-thinking talents including Totakeke, Displacer, Ad·ver·sary, Stendeck, ESA, Unterm Rad, Pneumatic Detach, Broken Fabiola, Integral, Geomatic, Flint Glass, Haujobb, Erode, Normotone, Disharmony, Anklebiter, Known Rebel, C.H.District, Subheim, [Haven], Fractional, Zentriert ins Antlitz, SE, Black Lung, Access To Arasaka, Ex_tension, Candle Nine, Tapage, Meander, Dirk Geiger, Endif, Zeller, Lucidstatic, Undermathic, Autoclav1.1, Opposite Exhale, Pandora’s Black Book, Famine, and Aphorism.

Tympanik Audio strives for quality and consistency to bring our listeners the very best dark electronic music from around the world.





Title Artist Cat No Year
Emerging Organisms Various artists TA001 2007
The Rake’s Progress Unterm Rad TA002 2007
eLekatota: The Other Side of the Tracks Totakeke TA003 2008
Approach Subheim TA004 2008
Cloned: Other Side of Evolution Disharmony TA005 2008
Bone Music Ad·ver·sary TA006 2008
Circumsounds Flint Glass TA007 2008
The Witching Hour Displacer TA008 2008
ko·mor·bid Pneumatic Detach TA009 2008
Gravedigger Lucidstatic TA010 2008
Carbon Endif TA011 2008
Love No Longer Lives Here Autoclav1.1 TA012 2008
Rise Integral TA013 2008
The Institute of Random Events Tapage TA014 2008
Forgotten on the Other Side of the Tracks Totakeke TA015 2008
Surge Aphorism TA016 2009
…No Zentriert Ins Antlitz TA017 2008
The Sea & The Silence ESA TA018 2008
Severed Broken Fabiola TA019 2008
Emerging Organisms Vol.2 Various artists TA020 2008
Sonnambula Stendeck TA021 2009
Epiphora SE TA022 2009
The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes Totakeke TA023 2009
Fallen Clouds Tapage TA024 2009
A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky Ad·ver·sary TA025 2009
Black Brothel Pandora’s Black Book TA026 2009
Where Once Were Exit Wounds Autoclav1.1 TA027 2009
Full Spectrum Dominance Black Lung TA028 2009
Evolution Disharmony TA029 2009
Plastic [Haven] TA030 2009
Oppidan Access to Arasaka TA031 2009
X Was Never Like This… Displacer TA032 2009
Return To Childhood Undermathic TA033 2009
The Immaculate Manipulation ESA TA034 2009
Nothing Lasts Opposite Exhale TA035 2009
Emerging Organisms Vol. 3 Various artists TA036 2009
The Muse In The Machine Candle Nine TA037 2010
Blood Fractional TA038 2010
L36 SE TA039 2010
64 Light Years Away Geomatic TA040 2010
Turbulences Zeller TA041 2010
Symbiont Underground Lucidstatic TA042 2010
On the First of November Totakeke TA043 2010
I Will Wait Anklebiter TA044 2010
void() Access To Arasaka TA045 2010
Autumn Fields Dirk Geiger TA046 2010
10:10PM Undermathic TA047 2010
Conclusion C.H. District TA048 2010
All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon Autoclav1.1 TA049 2010
Etched In Salt Tapage & Meander TA050 2010
Nature’s Twin Tendencies Famine TA051 2010
Scintilla Stendeck TA052 2011
Night Gallery Displacer TA053 2011
Queue Anklebiter TA054 2011