Acoustic Guitar Humidity

Understanding the impact of humidity on your acoustic guitar is instrumental to preserving its life, playability, and richness of tone. No matter where you find yourself in the world, varying levels of humidity can take a toll on your guitar. If you’re a guitar enthusiast, an amateur, or a professional, you’ll find this guide on … Read more

Ultimate Guide to the Best 10-Inch Car Subwoofers

The Impact of Subwoofers on Sound Quality Ever wondered why car audio enthusiasts are so passionate about subwoofers? Simply put, subwoofers are the heart and soul of any car audio system. They produce the low-frequency sounds, or bass, that give music depth and fullness. From the throbbing beats in an EDM track to the resonant … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to the Best 6X9 Car Speakers

Introduction Why 6×9 Speakers? 6X9 car speakers have become the gold standard for car audio enthusiasts around the globe. The reason behind this is not far-fetched. The 6×9 format offers a perfect blend of size and performance. These speakers often boast better bass response compared to their smaller counterparts, and their relatively larger cones can … Read more

Best Easy Guitar Songs to Learn

Best Easy Guitar Songs to Learn

It can be difficult to learn your first song, but beginners should focus on songs that are easy to sing or play. That way, you’ll get a feel for playing your instrument and getting a few feet out the door! You get to practice your skills as well as gain a better understanding of how … Read more

Best Yamaha Violins

Best Yamaha Violins

Discover Yamaha’s exquisite range of musical instruments! They have a rich history dating back to the late 1800s that has earned them a solid reputation as a trusted manufacturer. You can find out more about their world-renowned violins here. They carry top-of-the-line violins which turn out great sound quality for their construction. No matter your … Read more

Best 88 Key Weighted Keyboards Pianos

Best 88 Key Weighted Keyboards Pianos

If you don’t have the space or can’t afford an acoustic upright or grand piano, you may be able to find a weighted keyboard. These keyboards replicate the feel of an acoustic piano, with heavy keys and lots of dynamics in each note. We’ve scoured the market for fully weighted keyboards which means that typing … Read more

Best Violin Sonatas of All Time

Best Violin Sonatas

Composers have been writing for the violin for hundreds of years and the repertoire spans beyond impressive musical, instrumentation, and creative innovation. It also includes sonatas as one of its most versatile categories. Traditionally, sonatas are composed in a variety of mediums and can be written for different types of instruments. In this example, it … Read more

Best Vintage Speakers for Vinyl Record Players

Best Vintage Speakers for Vinyl Record Players

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, your speakers are one of the most important pieces of your record player. They need to be well-matched and reserved for a rich, classic sound which is one of the reasons they’re popular at high-end headphone or audio system stores. While record players with built-in speakers exist, they don’t truly … Read more

Best Vintage Speakers for Rock Music

Best Vintage Speakers for Rock Music

If you want the best options for your speakers, we’ve got a ton of them! You can choose from any type of speaker you like. And despite their diverse features and specifications, X can all serve the same purposes. Everybody has their preferences. There’s nothing wrong with that, so it’s a good idea to be … Read more

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Best bluetooth speakers under 100

Portable Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to our lives. No more stress of dealing with cables, you can enjoy music and audio without them. You don’t even have to be inside the house as they’re portable – take them anywhere for a listening experience wherever you go! If you’re having a get together in … Read more

Best Ukulele Pickup: Buying Guide

Best Ukulele Pickup

All ukulele Pickups are designed to amplify the sound of your ukulele. But not all of them can give you that perfect sound you’re looking for. You need to be careful when buying ukuleles, as some pickups may end up distorting the sound or introduce background noise. To make sure you’re choosing the right one, … Read more

Best Tube Preamp Under $1000: Buying Guide

Best Tube Preamp Under 1000

As a pro musician, you know how crucial having the right sound is to your craft. Achieving that ideal tone requires various elements – but one of the key ones is your amplifier. Ready to take your music recording to the next level? In this blog, we’ve hand-picked some of the best tube preamps under … Read more

Best Tools for Online Music Lessons

Best Tools for Online Music Lessons

Everyone has their own special approach to teaching and learning. For music, it’s usually preferred to be taught in-person as people are hesitant about taking online music lessons. That said, online instruction for this is becoming more common these days. There’s plenty of options available for teaching music lessons online – from courses to tools. … Read more

Best Studio Desks and Workstations

Best Studio Desks and Workstations

When you’re busy choosing recording gear for your studio, don’t forget the importance of a good studio desk. It’s easy to overlook, but it plays an important role in setting up an efficient and comfortable space. Regardless, the furniture you pick for your studio has a massive impact on its overall setup. And if you’re … Read more

Best Soundbars for Dialogue

Best Soundbars For Dialogue

If you’re struggling to understand voices in movies and shows, then a soundbar could be a great upgrade for your TV. It’s also perfect for improving your listening experience when listening to podcasts, audiobooks etc and casting wirelessly. It can be tricky to figure out which soundbar wil give you the best voice clarity. Some … Read more

Best Sexy Songs to Have Sex

best sex songs

Have you ever come across a song so hot that you thought, “Wow, this would be perfect for getting intimate to”? It could’ve been something slow and sultry like R&B or perhaps a more upbeat track with risqué lyrics that instantly made your thoughts go south. Songs that make you want to dance and have … Read more

Best Play-Along Beginner Cello Books

Best Play Along Beginner Cello Books

Got a kid who’s starting to learn the cello? Teach orchestra at school? Or do you tutor and lots of newbies come your way? To get a young learner hooked on playing an instrument, show them songs they like or already know. That way it’ll be easier and more enjoyable for them to get into … Read more

Best Phono Preamps Under $500

Best Phono Preamps Under 500

Phono preamps, or phono stages, are essential if you want to get the most out of your vinyls. They help make it compatible with modern amps and provide standardised equalisation so you can achieve your desired sound quality. A phono preamp takes the sound from your record player and amplifies it so it can be … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitars Overall

Best Acoustic Guitars Overall

The acoustic guitar is more than just a musical instrument – it is a versatile masterpiece. Whether you prefer the soothing fingerpicking of a classical guitar or the captivating blend of notes from a plectrum, this guitar has got you covered. What’s more, it bends to the musician’s every need, whether you need gentle notes … Read more

Best Oboe Brands & Models

best oboe

Shopping for an oboe can be a bit different than grabbing some other instruments. As not many people play the oboe like the flute and clarinet, there aren’t as many cheap, basic, mass-produced beginner instruments available. Generally, folks who play oboe start off on a different instrument. This indicates that you’re likely to stick with … Read more

Best Musical Instrument for Toddlers

best musical instruments for toddlers

As a parent, providing the best for your child is crucial, and a musical instrument is no exception. When shopping for a kid’s musical instrument, it’s important to keep their age and behavior in mind. Opting for high-quality, durable, and long-lasting options ensures a worthwhile investment in their musical journey. Trying to pick the right … Read more

Best Music Themes for Shopify

Best Music Themes for Shopify

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect music-based Shopify themes for your eCommerce store. We want to make sure you can make a quick, informed decision, so today we’re showcasing the top themes for music stores and businesses. Top Music Themes for Shopify Review Alright, here are the top Shopify themes for music … Read more

Best MIDI Drum Pad Controllers

Best MIDI Drum Pad Controllers

For those starting out or making music in a home studio, MIDI keyboards are the way to go. They let you totally control synths and other instruments for precise results. MIDI is great for at-home music producers who can control other instruments and synthesizers with a single platform. It was basically designed to make things … Read more

Best Mic Preamp Under $100

Best Mic Preamp Under 100

No matter if you’re a musician or a sound tech, when you need to make your recordings sound good, finding the right Microphone Preamp is key. It’ll give you a nice, clean and professional-sounding output. Even if you’ve got the best microphone around, it won’t be much use without preamps to boost the output and … Read more

Best Metronomes for Violin

Best Metronomes for Violinists

As a violin student, you know the importance of a metronome. Not only does it help you stay in time, but it also boosts your confidence by eliminating the need to count in your head. Although the use of mechanical metronomes has decreased over time, it remains a valuable tool for instructors and beginners. Don’t … Read more

Best Marine Sound Bar for Boat on the Market

Best Marine Sound Bar for Boat

Discover the top marine sound bars for your boat on the market today! Don’t let the “marine” label confuse you – think of it as a waterproof or weatherproof soundbar. After thorough testing, we’ve chosen the best amplified marine soundbars that both look and sound exceptional. But why do you need an amplified marine soundbar? … Read more

Best Guitars for Kids: Electric and Acoustic

Best Guitars for Kids Electric and Acoustic

Remember the moment you received your first guitar? It’s a memory that lasts a lifetime. Why not give that same experience to your child? Playing the guitar not only develops creativity and coordination, but also enhances self-confidence. We’ve got you covered with our top picks for kids’ guitars. Learn guitar easily with our top picks … Read more

Best Hi-Fi Speakers of All Time

Best Hi Fi Speakers of All Time

Upgrade your home audio system with the best stereo speakers available. Despite the advancements in one-box wireless speakers, nothing beats the sound quality of a pair of hi-fi speakers. From affordable to high-end, we’ve handpicked the top options for every music genre. Whether you prefer floorstanding or bookshelf speakers, desktop or all-in-one wireless stereo speakers, … Read more

Best Capos Guitar: Electric and Acoustic

Best Capos Guitar Electric and Acoustic

If you play guitar, then having the best capo is essential – it’ll make life a lot easier. There are loads of tunes needing a capo to be able to perform them correctly, especially if you’re in the folk music genre. Without it, you won’t get very far! So what is this thing called capo … Read more

Best Drum Mic Kits for Every Budget

Best Drum Mic Kits for Every Budget

Having trouble figuring out which microphone is best for your drum set? Don’t worry, our guide on all-purpose mics will help you out. After all, they say the best mic is the one you already have! You know that drum kits generally produce a broad range of frequencies, right? From low to high. When you … Read more

Best DI/Direct Boxes

Hosa Sidekick DIB 443

For guitarists out there, DI boxes are practically essential. They are the go-to item for recording engineers, session players and gigging guitarists everywhere and it would be a real struggle to record without them. Confused about which DI box to pick? There’s so many options out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. It’s understandable … Read more

Line 6 Spider V 30 Guitar Amplifier

рисунок 14

Introducing the new V series from Line 6, taking their groundbreaking Spider IV amps to a whole new level! Featuring a whopping 101 different effects and 78 amp models, these stunning amplifiers are perfect for any musician’s creative journey. Plus, with integrated drum loops, metronome tools, full range speaker systems (except on the V60), and … Read more

Best Violins for Kids

Best Violins for Kids

Finding a good violin for your child can be quite the challenge, regardless of whether they asked for it, you decided to give it as a gift, or they expressed an interest in learning how to play. It’s understandable that you don’t want to invest too much money if your kid isn’t going to stick … Read more

Best Cheap Guitar Amps Under $100

Best Cheap Guitar Amps Under 100

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for guitar amps as there’s just so many out there varying in shapes, sizes and colors. What you need to do is find one that’s right for your individual needs; one that’ll serve you best. Not everyone needs a huge amp setup that costs thousands of bucks. A … Read more

Best Subwoofers for Turntables Under $100

Best Subwoofers for Turntables Under 100

Does your audio system lack a certain something? It may be missing the one piece that brings it all together: an 8-inch subwoofer. Such devices are designed to enhance bass and create a richer, more realistic soundscape for movie buffs or music fans alike – but don’t worry about having bulky equipment in place; modern … Read more

Best Violin or Viola Wall Hangers and Mounts

best violin hangers

Proteins found in meat, such as beef or pork, are full of a variety of nutrients that can help build muscle and gain lean muscle mass. For some reason, it’s never good to set your instrument down while it’s playing. There’s always a risk that someone would walk by and knock the instrument off the … Read more

Best Viola Jokes

Best Viola Jokes

Violins have always been the butt of jokes since first violas came into existence. Viola jokes were popular in the 18th century and according to WikiPedia, may have originated from an earlier time in which part of the viola was simpler because it served a more “filler” role. Despite this, musicians took a liking to … Read more

Best Scott Cao Violins

Best Scott Cao Violins

Some musicians think that violinists are only as good as their instruments and that their Scott Ciao violin is the best. Undoubtedly, Scott Cao violins are some of the best on the market, made out of exquisite materials and great quality in a Chinese workshop. The company believes that what’s old is new again and … Read more

Best Cello Rosin for Students

Best Cello Rosin for Students

To get your bow to make beautiful sounds, you’ll need rosin. Regular rosin isn’t enough and it’s the hairs of a cello bow that will pick up this material and spread it on the string to hold their sound for longer. Get some handy at all times if you’re going to learn how to play … Read more

Jazz Clubs in Portsmouth VA

Jazz Clubs in Portsmouth VA

  Roger Brown’s Restaurant and Sports Bar Rating: 3.9 (2329) Address: 316 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704 Phone: (757) 399-5377 Description: – Arlen Lang 1.0 It took 40 minutes to get our drinks from the bar. The bartender looked like she was doing inventory. I asked our waitress after 20 minutes and was assured they … Read more

Best Educational LMS (Learning Management System)

Best Educational LMS

Education has become incredibly easy for everyone on the internet. The progress of technologies such as LMS’s have done a great job at making it more accessible for everyone across the world. The long term is an Educational Learning Management System. Education LMSs are the best way of studying while at work, as you have … Read more

Best Violin Pickups and Transducers

Best Violin Pickups and Transducers

If you want to amplify the sound of your violin or give it a electric violin-like sound, you might want to purchase a violin pickup or a violin transducer. A microphone will provide similar high-quality sound as you might hope, but the sound from a pickup is more natural. There are a lot of options … Read more

Best Theme Organic Food Store

Best Theme Organic Food Store

The Best Themes Organic Food Store must convey a feeling of freshness and wholesomeness. Color schemes and designs are just as important for organic-food websites. And with these themes, your website will have an appealing design with excellent features. There are different themes for each type of person you want as a client. Some look … Read more

Best Ukulele Cases and Bags: Buying Guide

Best Ukulele Cases Bags

Ukuleles are a fairly popular instrument. They are easy to play, they’re very affordable and they’re fun to have during downtime! However, you should always make sure that it’s on your mind when using it in various situations like at gigs or when somebody is watching it. It’s safety and security is something that the … Read more

Cigar Box Guitar Kits

Cigar Box Guitar Kits

As it turns out, if you follow this guide, you don’t need a lot of expensive tools to make your guitar. All you need is a small screwdriver and small hammer which can be found in almost any household. You’re well aware which cigar box guitar kits are priced best in the market this year, and … Read more

Best Sounding Jazz Albums on Vinyl

Cigar Box Guitar Kits 1

Jazz is different from other genres and once you understand why jazz lovers love it, you’ll be changed for life. Listening to a record is like going on a journey, with the musicians as your hero. You never know where exactly you’re headed however, or if you’ll ever get back home- but the twists and … Read more

Best Preamp for Rap Vocals

Best Preamp for Rap Vocals

Rap vocals tend to have lower overall volume and that low-volume profile means that there’s no single microphone that’s best for all rappers. For this reason, a rap vocalist should try different combinations of preamps and mics in order to find out what suits them the best. A microphone produces quite a low voltage out. … Read more

Best Music Lyrics Ever Written

Best Music Lyrics

Music is a great way to express yourself. Music often reflects your experiences and emotions, and some songs use lyricism better than others. Like quotes, some songs have become more famous than others. In fact, depending on the song, once the music starts playing almost everyone can repeat some of the best lyrics. Top Music … Read more

Best Knilling Violin

Best Knilling Violin

Are you looking for the best violin to buy? Wondering how to choose between different brands or instruments? That can be very tricky, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips from top violin brands like Knilling. There is no guarantee of success when it comes to spending a lot on an expensive guitar. There … Read more

Best Double Bass Stools

Best Double Bass Stool

Playing the double bass is a workout for sure and making sure you’ve got a comfortable bass stool with you is key. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to find the perfect one. When it comes to picking a chair for bass players, it’s hard to identify which one is going to be the perfect fit … Read more

Best Carbon Fiber Viola Bows

Carbon Fiber Viola Bows

A viola bow is an essential piece of equipment for any violist. Whether it’s for practice or a live performance, you don’t want your instrument to be the reason you fail, so why not make sure your bow is up to par? So it’s crucial to be careful when picking the right carbon fiber viola … Read more

Best Carbon Fiber Cello Bows

Best Carbon Fiber Cello Bows

Carbon fiber and graphite bows are actually the same thing. They provide a good balance between fiberglass and wooden bows in terms of sound quality, as well as added sturdiness. Traditionalists in the world of string instruments are skeptical that a carbon fiber bow can ever match up to the sound quality of a wooden … Read more

Best DZ Strad Cellos

Best D Z Strad Cellos

Being a cellist, you gotta be picky when it comes to the brand of cello you’re gonna buy. Your performance depends on the quality of your instrument, so it’s important to opt for a reputable and well-known brand. One of the best cello brands is DZ Strad. DZ Strad is at the top when it … Read more

Best Piano Lamps & Piano Lights

Best Piano Lights

Trying to find the right piano lamp isn’t easy, considering all the options out there. But having one can be really handy, especially when you’re practicing or playing the piano during night time. We put hundreds of piano lamps to the test and found some truly incredible ones. You’ll be able to light up your … Read more

Best Vocal Warm-Ups & Exercises

Best Vocal Warm Up

If you want to be better at singing, it’s essential to make practice part of your daily routine. Don’t just stick to singing your favourite songs or humming while in the shower, but get into vocal exercises and warm-ups too! Even if some people don’t believe in vocal exercises, it’s clear that singers who’ve achieved … Read more

Best Music Stands for Violin

Best Music Stands for Violin

The best music stands for violin can help you to actually enjoy practicing and performing. The violin is a tricky instrument. One thing you need for better play is an accessible stand. Whether practicing or playing, it needs to be reliable. The goal is to have a stand of some kind that provides the same … Read more

Best Vintage Speakers for Vinyl Turntable

Best Vintage Speakers for Vinyl Turntable

Newer speakers often don’t provide the same quality as their predecessors. Although more manufacturers are coming up with new and daring designs, there have been a lot of average speakers for quite some time. This is largely due to the lucrative lifestyle market and how brands want people to see their products. This leads to … Read more

Best Xylophones for Kids

Best Xylophones for Kids

A xylophone is a type of percussion instrument with different bars that you can tune in sequence. This is kind of like the tuning of a piano, except on wood and metal bars instead. They are very easy to use (but difficult to master) don’t worry if you’re not a pro yet, they’re great for … Read more

Best Violin Duos Ordered by Level

Best Violin Duos

Playing violin duets with other musicians is a great way to practice your musical skills! Making music with friends (or even new people) can be very rewarding, and builds important listening and communication skills. Playing an instrument can be hard if you practice by yourself and get lonely. Find someone with a similar musical experience … Read more

Best Stereo System for Jazz

Best Stereo System for Jazz

Today we’re checking out the best stereo system for jazz; good for those of you who love jazz and like music in general. When I was growing up, my grandparents had a bunch of jazz records and, more recently, I got them a stereo system with the old records on CD. They were really happy … Read more