Best Violins for KidsReviews
Best Violins for Kids
Finding a good violin for your child can be quite the challenge, regardless of whether they asked for it, you decided to give it as a gift, or they expressed
Best Cheap Guitar Amps Under 100Reviews
Best Cheap Guitar Amps Under $100
It’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for guitar amps as there’s just so many out there varying in shapes, sizes and colors. What you need to
Best Subwoofers for Turntables Under 100Reviews
Best Subwoofers for Turntables Under $100
Does your audio system lack a certain something? It may be missing the one piece that brings it all together: an 8-inch subwoofer. Such devices are designed
best violin hangersReviews
Best Violin or Viola Wall Hangers and Mounts
Proteins found in meat, such as beef or pork, are full of a variety of nutrients that can help build muscle and gain lean muscle mass. For some reason, it’
Best Viola JokesReviews
Best Viola Jokes
Violins have always been the butt of jokes since first violas came into existence. Viola jokes were popular in the 18th century and according to WikiPedia
Best Scott Cao ViolinsReviews
Best Scott Cao Violins
Some musicians think that violinists are only as good as their instruments and that their Scott Ciao violin is the best. Undoubtedly, Scott Cao violins
Best Cello Rosin StudentsReviews
Best Cello Rosin for Students
To get your bow to make beautiful sounds, you’ll need rosin. Regular rosin isn’t enough and it’s the hairs of a cello bow that will pick
Jazz Clubs in Portsmouth VA
    Roger Brown’s Restaurant and Sports Bar Rating: 3.9 (2329) Address: 316 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704 Phone: (757) 399-5377 Description: –
Best Educational LMSReviews
Best Educational LMS (Learning Management System)
Education has become incredibly easy for everyone on the internet. The progress of technologies such as LMS’s have done a great job at making it
Best Violin Pickups and TransducersReviews
Best Violin Pickups and Transducers
If you want to amplify the sound of your violin or give it a electric violin-like sound, you might want to purchase a violin pickup or a violin transducer.
Connect Your Guitar to a ComputerReviews
How to Connect Your Guitar to a Computer of Laptop: Gear, Software, Tips
If you want to record and save any recordings, whether you’re recording a song or making practice recordings, you’ll need to connect your guitar to a computer.
Best Theme Organic Food StoreReviews
Best Theme Organic Food Store
The Best Themes Organic Food Store must convey a feeling of freshness and wholesomeness. Color schemes and designs are just as important for organic-food websites.
Major Scale Chords: What they Are and How to Build Them
Building chords from the major scale is a step in helping you to write or understand chord progressions, varying keys and developing your ear as a guitarist.
Best Ukulele Cases BagsReviews
Best Ukulele Cases and Bags: Buying Guide
Ukuleles are a fairly popular instrument. They are easy to play, they’re very affordable and they’re fun to have during downtime!
Cigar Box Guitar KitsReviews
Cigar Box Guitar Kits
As it turns out, if you follow this guide, you don’t need a lot of expensive tools to make your guitar. All you need is a small screwdriver and small
Cigar Box Guitar Kits 1Reviews
Best Sounding Jazz Albums on Vinyl
Jazz is different from other genres and once you understand why jazz lovers love it, you’ll be changed for life. Listening to a record is like going
Best Preamp for Rap VocalsReviews
Best Preamp for Rap Vocals
Rap vocals tend to have lower overall volume and that low-volume profile means that there’s no single microphone that’s best for all rappers.
Best Music LyricsReviews
Best Music Lyrics Ever Written
Music is a great way to express yourself. Music often reflects your experiences and emotions, and some songs use lyricism better than others.
Best Knilling ViolinReviews
Best Knilling Violin
Are you looking for the best violin to buy? Wondering how to choose between different brands or instruments? That can be very tricky, but it’
Best Double Bass StoolReviews
Best Double Bass Stools
Playing the double bass is a workout for sure and making sure you’ve got a comfortable bass stool with you is key. Unfortunately, it can be tricky
Carbon Fiber Viola BowsReviews
Best Carbon Fiber Viola Bows
A viola bow is an essential piece of equipment for any violist. Whether it’s for practice or a live performance, you don’t want your instrument to be the
Best Carbon Fiber Cello BowsReviews
Best Carbon Fiber Cello Bows
Carbon fiber and graphite bows are actually the same thing. They provide a good balance between fiberglass and wooden bows in terms of sound quality, as
Best D Z Strad CellosReviews
Best DZ Strad Cellos
Being a cellist, you gotta be picky when it comes to the brand of cello you’re gonna buy. Your performance depends on the quality of your instrument, so it’
Best Piano LightsReviews
Best Piano Lamps & Piano Lights
Trying to find the right piano lamp isn’t easy, considering all the options out there. But having one can be really handy, especially when you’
Best Vocal Warm UpReviews
Best Vocal Warm-Ups & Exercises
If you want to be better at singing, it’s essential to make practice part of your daily routine. Don’t just stick to singing your favourite
Best Music Stands for ViolinReviews
Best Music Stands for Violin
The best music stands for violin can help you to actually enjoy practicing and performing. The violin is a tricky instrument. One thing you need for better
Best Vintage Speakers for Vinyl TurntableReviews
Best Vintage Speakers for Vinyl Turntable
Newer speakers often don’t provide the same quality as their predecessors. Although more manufacturers are coming up with new and daring designs
Best Violin PegsReviews
Best Violin Pegs: Fine Tuners and Fitting Guide
It’s really easy for us to get obsessive about violin stuff, but sometimes the small parts are what make all the difference. Some people forget about
Best Xylophones for KidsReviews
Best Xylophones for Kids
A xylophone is a type of percussion instrument with different bars that you can tune in sequence. This is kind of like the tuning of a piano, except on
Best Violin DuosReviews
Best Violin Duos Ordered by Level
Playing violin duets with other musicians is a great way to practice your musical skills! Making music with friends (or even new people) can be very rewarding
Best Stereo System for JazzReviews
Best Stereo System for Jazz
Today we’re checking out the best stereo system for jazz; good for those of you who love jazz and like music in general. When I was growing up, my
Edifier R2000DB vs. Logitech Z623Reviews
Edifier R2000DB vs. Logitech Z623: Which Soundbar is Better
It can be confusing to know when you should use a speaker and when you should use something else. While most speakers could technically be used as public
Edifier M601DB vs. Edifier S350DBReviews
Edifier M601DB vs. Edifier S350DB: Which Soundbar is Better
A 2.1 speaker system is a great way to enhance your home entertainment – it has two satellite speakers and one subwoofer, hence its name!
Edifier S350DB vs. R1700BTsReviews
Edifier S350DB vs. R1700BTs: Which Soundbar is Better
This buying guide will compare Edifier S350DB and R1700BTs and determine which is better. Edifier has a wide range of products to choose, so you can enjoy
Edifier S360DB vs. Edifier S350DBReviews
Edifier S360DB vs. Edifier S350DB: Which Soundbar is Better
Some people prefer to keep the TV remote close because the soundbars might not work for everyone. Most homeowners want to make their living rooms sound
Best Speakers for Jazz and Classical MusicReviews
Best Speakers for Jazz and Classical Music
Part of the reason we are looking for jazz and classical performers today is that they’re both so close to each other in terms of classification.
Best of Beethovens Orchestral WorksReviews
Best of Beethoven’s Orchestral Works
Beethoven’s music was under-appreciated in his own era. Now, some people claim that he wrote the best music of the Romantic and Classical periods.
mendini violinsReviews
Best Mendini Violins
Beginners might be interested in looking into a cheap but fun option, whereas experienced players can go with a more expensive violist in order to get
Best DZ Strad ViolinsReviews
Best DZ Strad Violins
As a violinist, you need to know who makes your instrument and know their reputation for quality. Since the quality of your instrument could highly affect
Best Violin BridgesReviews
Best Violin Bridges
A violin’s tailpiece, posts, chin-rest and pegs are all important components that work together to make the violin function. One of the parts we’
Building from the Minor Scale ChordsReviews
How to Building from the Minor Scale Chords
This lessons gonna go over how to build minor scale chords, which is the same as building major scale chords (leads to chord). The goal of this system
Cheapest Band InstrumentsReviews
Cheapest Band Instruments
This is a question that many people tend to ask when they are starting up a band or music lessons, or when parents want to send their kids some instruments
Diminished Triads on GuitarReviews
Diminished Triads on Guitar
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to round out your major scale with different diminished triads. Sounds like one of the chords in a minor jazz scale.
Best Piano Performances by RousseauReviews
Best Piano Performances by Rousseau
A YouTube channel called Rousseau creates videos that have a reactive visualizer. The result is a mix between Rock Band (or Guitar Hero, depending on which
Best Violin Finger GuidesReviews
Best Violin Finger Guides
“Finger guides” are helpful for musicians who don’t know the names of the notes on their instrument or how it’s organized. Beginners don’
Best Movie Soundtrack Albums on VinylReviews
Best Movie Soundtrack Albums on Vinyl of All Time
It’s impossible to do without great music, which is why so many films have iconic soundtracks. Without the Do the Right Thing soundtrack, Radio Raheem
Best Component Speakers Under 1000Reviews
Best Component Speakers Under $1000
If you want the best component speakers for your car so that you can rock out while you are driving, my friend has got your back! These speakers are all
Best Vintage Speakers for Metal MusicReviews
Best Vintage Speakers for Metal Music
Today I am shopping for vintage speakers to enjoy loud and cranky music without blowing my eardrums out! I feel that today, a lot of metal music has gotten
Best Musical Instruments for Autistic ChildrenReviews
Best Musical Instruments for Autistic Children
Children with a developmental disability like autism can find great relief and enjoyment when they are able to play a musical instrument.
Best Elderly CareReviews
Which Country Has the Best Elderly Care
With the increasing availability of medical care, our average life expectancy is rising. We see this in greater numbers of elderly people than ever before.
Best Eastman Acoustic GuitarsReviews
Best Eastman Acoustic Guitars
Eastman acoustic guitar is a type of guitar that is made in the United States by Eastman Guitars, based in New York, New York. The company was founded
Best Boss Waterproof SoundbarReviews
Best Boss Waterproof Soundbar
Boss Audio makes some really great stuff and today I am going to show you some of the best waterproof sound bars that are on the market right now.
Best Bluetooth Page TurnersReviews
Best Bluetooth Page Turners
When it comes to scrolling your screen upwards, what if you didn’t need to use your hands at all? What would this mean for purchasing, reading, and
Edifier S350DB vs. S3000ProReviews
Edifier S350DB vs. S3000Pro: Which Soundbar is Better
You’ll never be able to find the right speaker just by browsing an electronics store. A buying guide can help make it easier for you to select the
Edifier S880DB vs. Audioengine A2Reviews
Edifier S880DB vs. Audioengine A2+: Which Model of Active Speakers is Better
Are you ready for Oscar award-winners, Nobel Prize winners, and amazing musical legends that’ll provide the best cinematic experience while watching
Edifier S1000MKII vs. Edifier S2000MKIIReviews
Edifier S1000MKII vs. Edifier S2000MKII: Which Model of Active Speakers is Better
If you’re looking for a soundbar alternative for your TV, you might consider a powerful bookshelf speaker. Edifier is a popular brand for manufacturing speakers;
Charango Instrument Andean MusicReviews
Charango Instrument: Andean Music from South America
Andean music has a long and rich history. One of the musical instruments that are particularly prevalent in their culture is the charango –
Buying vs. Renting a Musical InstrumentReviews
Buying vs. Renting a Musical Instrument: Which is Better
The use of a good instrument during practice is vital to the success of every music student. Thousands of parents each year face decisions like whether
Best Soprano RecordersReviews
Best Soprano Recorders
Soprano recorders are a very common instrument to use in music education. They’re not only light and portable, but they’re also easy to learn songs on.
Best Kennedy ViolinsReviews
Best Kennedy Violins
A good violin can be a major factor in how well you play. Regardless of how long you’ve been playing, a high quality instrument can help take your
best peg dope and dropsReviews
Best Peg Dope and Drops: Peg Compound for Violin, Viola, and Cello
As a string player, there are some things that’re indispensable to keep your instrument up and running. These things’re not only crucial –
Best Plastic Trombone Brands and ModelsReviews
Best Plastic Trombone Brands and Models
You’re in the right place for all your plastic trombone needs – though there are so many different types on the market, we know it can be difficult
Best Symphonies of All TimeReviews
Best Symphonies of All Time
Haydn’s symphonies conveyed emotions more intensely with Beethoven’s symphony. To this day, his symphonies are viewed as brilliant models of
Dual CS410 Best Entry Level Turntable ChoiceReviews
Dual CS410: Best Entry Level Turntable Choice
Here is another great quality record player for entry-level buyers. Usually high quality comes with a price tag, but this Dual CS410 model is one of the
Diy Ultrasonic Record Cleaning SolutionReviews
Diy Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Solution
In terms of sound quality, ultrasonic record cleaners are often said to be the top of the line cleaning machines and they do a terrific job.
Easiest Marching Band InstrumentsReviews
Easiest Marching Band Instruments
Marching bands can have hundreds of members and play instruments as they walk together. The University of Michigan Drumline has over 340 instruments total
D’Addario Ej34 Nylon Ball End Strings
D’Addario is the world’s biggest string maker and provides strings for a lot of different kinds of instruments. Whether you play guitar, bass
Common Repairs the ViolinReviews
Common Repairs the Violin
Violins are a great investment. The more you care for them, the longer they’ll last and the less likely they are to get made redundant or become unfashionable.
Different Versions of Bachs Cello SuitesReviews
Different Versions of Bach’s Cello Suites
Johan Sebastian Bach is one of the greatest composers history has seen so far. His music was precise, soulful, innovative, spiritual and complex.
Common Repairs for CelloReviews
Common Repairs the Cello
Cello’s are big, bulky and heavy instruments, but they are as delicate as violins, and so they need the same amount of maintenance.