Dirk Geiger

Dirk Geiger

Dirk Geiger was born in 1975 in Tübingen Germany. Even in his younger years he was involved in music. At the age of 15, Dirk took up DJing and within a few years began to produce his own music and formed the band Kraftmaschine which he still takes an active part in today. In 2002, he formed the music label Raumklang Music, releasing works from such artists as Hotaru BayKlangstabilDefektSchwarzer Engel, and his own debut album ‘Dondukov 15‘. For the past few years Dirk Geiger has been working on a self titled solo project in which he mainly produces music that could fall into the genres of IDM, Glitch, and Ambient.

Dirk GeigerDirk Geiger now joins the Tympanik family for his second full-length album titled ‘Autumn Fields‘, a combination of glitch and IDM elements marked by ambient melodies and drones. Each song contains recorded sounds from the artist’s environment that gives each piece its own individual feel and ultimately allows the album as a whole to tell its story. Dirk describes ‘Autumn Fields‘ as like an Evergreen tree: strong, majestic, and everlasting; a musical portrait of his surroundings and a personal interpretation of the world he lives in.

Dirk Geiger‘s new album ‘Autumn Fields‘ is available now from Tympanik Audio.

Dirk GeigerAvailable now is the long-awaited Dirk Geiger remix collection ‘Second Life‘ featuring excellent renditions of songs from ‘Autumn Fields‘ by TapageMidimodeSEHotaru BaySubheimAutoclav1.1PleqAnklebiterCandle NineAhnst Anders, and many more. 14 tracks in all. Available as a free digital download.

Dirk Geiger2012 saw the release of Dirk Geiger’s third album titled ‘Elf Morgen‘. Where ‘Autumn Fields‘ exhibited the more experimental side of Geiger’s vision, ‘Elf Morgen‘ proves to be a more accessible outing, offering the listener nine gorgeous new songs that flow effortlessly with subtle grace and intelligent design. Features a collaboration with Erode and remixes by Tapage and Anklebiter.

Dirk GeigerDirk Geiger’s fourth full-length album ‘Connected Worlds‘ delves deeper into the mind of this prolific German composer, unlocking new paths within his universe of sound creation. Released December 2nd, 2014 on CD and Digital formats.

Tracklisting: 01. Connect 02. 24 Hours Without Interruption 03. Mats 04. Closer 05. Meeting Of Both Worlds 06. Endless 07. Don’t Break Down All Bridges 08. Not The Last Meeting 09. Black Sundays 10. Disconnect



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