MultiColorMultiColor was created by Russian musician Anton Guskov. As often is the way, Anton’s love for music is rooted in his childhood in the form of a record player spinning pop music of the ’80s. As time passed his influences grew from rap to rock, alternative to classical, and eventually lead to electronic music and a passion to understand the technologies that create it. Influenced by such artists as Ametsub, Dream Stalker, Aes Dana, Booka Shade, Ott, Shpongle, Asura, Apparat, Bonobo, and the like, Anton dove headfirst into music theory and sound design, mixing and arranging in Ableton Live and experimenting with developing his own sound.

MultiColorThe moniker MultiColor was created to represent the multitude of influences that ultimately shaped Anton’s sounds and ideas and by 2014 the first EP ‘Cyclicity‘ was complete, representing a thoughtful projection of Anton’s inner world. ‘Cyclicity‘ immediately caught the attention of Tympanik Audio and plans were set in motion for its release. With ‘Cyclicity‘, MultiColor‘s deliberate placement of sounds open an auditory field that not only creates an impression of space, but contracts and expands with a blend of glitch and guitar motifs over deep rhythms and warm undertones.

MultiColor‘s debut EP ‘Cyclicity‘ is available now from Tympanik Audio, featuring artwork by Stefan Alt and remix by BalkanskyTracklisting: 1. The First Stage 2. Moving Up 3. A Special Moment 4. A Special Moment (Balkansky remix)

MultiColorMultiColor‘s first full length album ‘From The Outside‘ is available now from Tympanik Audio featuring eight new songs full of warm bass, crafty time signatures, bright melodies, and infectious beats. Accessible and inviting, ‘From The Outside‘ maintains a consistent flow throughout, embracing the listener with a cohesive blend of contrasting atmospheres and engaging beatwork. Nimble and balmy intelligent dance music. Order hereTracklisting: 1. Special Time Stretching 2. Indecisive Dream 3. His Name in Your Eyes 4. Sacramental Moments 5. Lost Moment 6. Three Languages 7. History of the Senses 8. Permanent Ascent



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