TA003 | Totakeke: eLekatota – The Other Side of the Tracks

eLekatota - The Other Side Of The Tracks CDThe brilliant new album from New York producer, Frank Mokros (Synth-etik / Hands Productions) featuring 13 stunning tracks of complex rhythmic Industrial. With previous remix collaborations flanking the likes of TerrorfaktImminentRadial, and Klangstabil, 2 successful releases for Frozen Empire Media, and a radiant new track on the recent Tympanik Audio compilation ‘Emerging Organisms’, Totakeke is back with his 2nd full-length album that proves to be his finest work yet.

From start to finish, ‘eLekatota’ manages to effortlessly merge several genres of electronic music into one seamless body of work, without distorting the mood or veracity of the album as a whole. Each track feels alive, constantly morphing and shifting into new directions without the slightest loss of cohesiveness.

A masterful collage of addictive rhythms, richly-layered beats, intriguing samples, and cavernous atmospherics, that all seem to somehow replenish themselves with each listen. ‘eLekatota: The Other Side of the Tracks’ is timeless opus that is being hailed as one of the finest Industrial productions in years.

Available now on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.

eLekatota is “an impressive album” with the “potential to become a reference in the current industrial scene” – Side-Line magazine

eLekatota is “original…a widely varied and ever changing sonic soundscape of moods, textures, rhythms and atmospheres” – Igloo magazine

eLekatota is a “complex array of intricate beats and synthesized ambience” – Re:Gen magazine

eLekatota is “intelligent rhythmic industrial that smoothly flows from one track to the next” – Headphone Commute

eLekatota “works well alongside IDM acts such as Detritus and Mnemonic”. – Gothtronic

“eLekatota is one of those albums that demands (and deserves) the listener’s undivided time and attention to be fully appreciated. An excellent listening choice for those occasions in which one finds time to not do anything else but sit down, relax, appreciate a very good record and forget about life’s worries.” – Connexion Bizarre

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  1. eLekatota one
  2. carrier signal
  3. pull the plug [clip preview]
  4. ignorance
  5. millenia [clip preview]
  6. gift of nervous methods
  7. strangle
  8. fragile thoughts
  9. power of ideas (original mix)
  10. show me the faith [clip preview]
  11. immolate
  12. eLekatota two [clip previews]
  13. the other side of the tracks

Total Run Time: 73:06


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