TA026 | Pandora’s Black Book: Black Brothel

TA026 | Pandora’s Black Book: Black BrothelIn between composing the harsh, uncompromising mayhem of his main project, Lucidstatic, Alaskan native James Church utilizes his prolific side-project Pandora’s Black Book to focus on more selective dark Industrial rhythms and dense ambient atmospheres, all carefully wrapped up in alluring beats and meticulously crafted synthwork.

With careful attention to cohesiveness and alluring dark ambiance, ‘Black Brothel‘ commands an air of maturity and function, expertly merging shadowy melodies, haunting pads, rich atmospheres, and infectious beatwork to arrive at a solid collage of intelligent down-tempo, yet abrasive Industrial works that will not soon be forgotten.

Pandora’s Black Book’s sultry new album ‘Black Brothel‘ is available now on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.

…the aural equivalent of a post-modern noir thriller.” – Connexion Bizarre

a grand, labyrinthine performance with surprises at every unpredictable twist and turn.” – Dark Twin Cities

This album is a real experience, which seems to be constantly on the move.” – Side-Line

…makes a perfect item to add to your collection…” – Reflections of Darkness

…well done and …sure to ring a lot of bells for a lot of people out there.” – Enochian Apocalypse


01. Handless
02. Dark Passenger [clip preview]
03. Empty Words
04. Whiteout
05. Lullabye
06. The Wait [clip preview]
07. Between
08. Black Brothel [clip preview]
09. Adverse
10. Mr. Hidden
11. Slowburn [clip preview]
12. Threshold
13. Wavelength


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