TA071 | r.roo: mgnovenie

TA071 | r.roo: mgnovenieBy popular demand, r.roo‘s critically-acclaimed new album ‘mgnovenie‘ has finally been made available on CD.

After 4 albums, an EP, several remixing, collaboration, and compilation appearances in just under two years, the prolific r.roo finally crosses the Tympanik threshold with his finest work yet: his new album titled ‘mgnovenie‘.

With equal focus on atmosphere and beats, r.roo creates a definitive sound that grips and pulls on the unsuspecting listener. Shadowed in soulful piano movements, twitches of violin, random static and strange radio voices, accented perfectly by crushing beats and a meticulous stitching of glitchy misfires, ‘mgnovenie’ (translated as “The Moment”) proves itself as the ideal soundtrack for intentional mental defections.

“…a marvelous interplay of atmospheres they grips you and carried you to the limit. The album is an extraordinary composition of beats, random static, sometimes sad melodies, but also hopeful soundscapes. Everything fits together perfectly.” – Nothing But Hope And Passion

“…if the idea of a gifted young producer pushing the electro-acoustic envelope to create a fully-realised mood appeals to you, you’re in for an absolute treat.” – IDie:YouDie

“Let mgnovenie gradually penetrate your every cell, until its rhythm becomes your heartbeat, until the glitch becomes your synapse, and the bass becomes your step. This is the land where r.roo paints with sounds. Best of 2012″ – Headphone Commute

“‘Mgnovenie’ is a wonderfully bleak album, not necessarily drenched in black, but one that is constructed out of many shades of charcoal. …one of my better listens so far this year.” – Blackaudio [9/10]

“…mixes very different and opposite influences, but it perfectly matches. …a rather accessible and beautiful sound.” – Side-Line

“…constantly walks the line between being all out dark and maintaining an accessible approach. “Mgnovenie” is pathos-heavy, but doesn’t fall into kitsch, and fits well with the calmer side of Tympanik’s roster.” – Ad Noiseam

“r.roo has constructed a lovely world on ‘mgnovenie’. …well worth adding to your short list of music that proves you can nod your head and stroke your chin at the same time.” – Igloomag

r.roo ‘mgnovenie‘ is available now in digital formats from all fine digital music outlets. Buy now at Bandcamp.

r.roo ‘mgnovenie‘ is available now on 4-panel digipak CD.


01. vdokh
02. medlenno
03. kasanie
04. otkrovenie
05. otstuplenie
06. on the other side of the glass
07. au fall
08. from you
09. hello my reflection
10. don’t talk about it
11. one day
12. we will never see how people
13. thank you
14. vydokh

Order r.roo ‘mgnovenie‘ CD here.

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