TA084 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms vol. 5

TA084Tympanik Audio presents volume 5 of their prominent ‘Emerging Organisms‘ compilation series showcasing 30 new and exclusive songs from some of electronic music’s most promising new and established talents.

Artists include Ocoeur, c.db.sn, Roel Funcken, Comaduster, Dreissk, Tangent, Blamstrain, Huron, Ginormous, Cloud Roots feat. Tineidae, VNDL, Dirk Geiger, The_Empath, Zinovia, Charles & The Fury, Balkansky, r.roo, Blossom, Idlefon, Atiq & EnK, Frank Riggio, Miktek, The Walton Hoax, Poordream, Underfelt, Pleq and Marihiko Hara, Adsol, Displacer, MultiColor, Jan Amit, and Lights Out Asia.

Mastered by Frank Riggio with artwork by shift.

30 tracks on a limited 2CD collection. Released by Tympanik Audio October 14th, 2014.



Disc One:

1-01: Dreissk: Way Out
1-02: Atiq & EnK: Revival
1-03: The_Empath: Trackology (Special Derivative)
1-04: VNDL: Cosme
1-05: Roel Funcken: Chrone
1-06: Ginormous: Slugs
1-07: Balkansky: Sleep Well
1-08: Ocoeur: Reconstitution (Re-edit)
1-09: Blossom: White Deer
1-10: The Walton Hoax: Limitless
1-11: Jan Amit: Ghostly Blossom
1-12: MultiColor: A Special Moment (Remix by Lights Out Asia)
1-13: Frank Riggio: Fullof
1-14: Displacer: Slow Blade
1-15: Blamstrain: Goodbye AH
1-16: Zinovia: Blind
1-17: c.db.sn: Flesh and Bone for Armour

Disc Two:

2-01: Huron: Survive
2-02: Adsol: Time
2-03: Underfelt: Everybody Has Nightmares
2-04: Cloud Roots feat. Tineidae: Drama Oceana
2-05: Pleq and Marihiko Hara: Night Air
2-06: Tangent: Interpolating Waves
2-07: Dirk Geiger: Mrs. Alien
2-08: Miktek: Deep Dive Conversations
2-09: Comaduster: Car Crash at Sea
2-10: Idlefon: Stonefall
2-11: Poordream: Flying Blind
2-12: r.roo: Somno Diu Erit
2-13: Charles & The Fury: Fissions of You

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