TA089 | MultiColor: From The Outside

TA089 | MultiColor: From The OutsideFollowing his well-received debut EP ‘Cyclicity‘ in 2014, young Russian producer MultiColor immediately went to work on creating his first full-length album ‘From The Outside‘.

Featuring eight new songs full of warm bass, crafty time signatures, bright melodies, and infectious beats, ‘From The Outside‘ projects MultiColor‘s vision that art is ultimately derived from outside influences and then converges in the creative regions of the mind.

Accessible and inviting, ‘From The Outside‘ maintains a consistent flow throughout, embracing the listener with a cohesive blend of contrasting atmospheres and engaging beatwork. Never overpowering or invasive, ‘From The Outside‘ does manage to thoroughly engage the listener with it’s steady stream of  acute rhythms, cavernous atmospheres, and expansive soundscapes.

Nimble and balmy intelligent dance music.

Available now on CD and Digital formats. Artwork by Stefan Alt.



  1. Special Time Stretching
  2. Indecisive Dream
  3. His Name in Your Eyes
  4. Sacramental Moments
  5. Lost Moment
  6. Three Languages
  7. History of the Senses
  8. Permanent Ascent

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