TD004 | Lucidstatic: Unearthed

TD004 | Lucidstatic: UnearthedIn answer to the slew of favorable reviews and an overwhelming response to Lucidstatic‘s scorching debut CD ‘Gravedigger‘ on Tympanik Audio in 2008, this highly-prolific Alaskan artist offers us a truly outstanding remix collection that just beckons to be heard.

With renditions by SECopy Paste RepeatPig FatDisplacerHuman ErrorTapageMono PenguinUnterm RadGhost In The Clocktower, and many more, Lucidstatic‘s latest release ‘Unearthed‘ flows and surges collectively without the slightest hesitation, spanning many genres, and ultimately conjugates perfectly with the utmost style and grace. A fitting remix collection to accompany one of the most talked-about Tympanik releases of 2008.

“After the warm reception and glowing praise ‘Gravedigger’ brought for both Chruch and Tympanik Audio, ‘Unearthed’ is sure to be a welcome companion piece. Covering a range of approaches to remixing and the usual array of styles, ‘Unearthed‘ manages to maintain a level of consistency even with so many different remixers involved.” – Igloomag .

Available now as a full digital download only from Tympanik Audio for a mere $5.

As a bonus for the uninitiated: order Lucidstatic‘s ‘Gravedigger‘ CD and receive ‘Unearthed‘ for free…


  1. Night vision (Shad0w remix)
  2. Inner Struggle (Tapage remix)
  3. Defiance (SE remix)
  4. Defiance (Harpsichoid remix)
  5. Inner Struggle (Metlbend remix by Randomform)
  6. Aux8 (Copy Paste Repeat remix)
  7. Aux8 (Synchro Mode remix)
  8. Inner Struggle (Pig Fat remix)
  9. Aux8 (Penguin remix by Mono Penguin)
  10. Lost Inner Struggle (Persian Mynx remix)
  11. Night Vision (Reincarnated remix by Displacer)
  12. Night Vision (Impurfekt remix)
  13. Man Who Wasn’t There (Overt mix by Unterm Rad)
  14. Night Vision (Nightmares in Neon remix by Amphetamine Virus)
  15. Warning (Mild Peril remix by Human Error)
  16. Man Who Wasn’t There (Ghosts in the Clocktower remix)


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