TD008 | Access To Arasaka: Orbitus

TD008 | Access To Arasaka: OrbitusFresh off the heels of his new album ‘void();‘, Access To Arasaka treats us to a fantastic new EP titled ‘Orbitus‘. Based around a detail within the “Takeshi Kovacs” novels by Richard K. Morgan, ‘Orbitus‘ references Martian orbitals that shoot down anything that flies over a specific height, save for one gap near the planet’s equator, and how the characters try to figure out how to bring them down; symbolic of the limitations we place on ourselves and our attempts to overcome them.

Orbitus‘ finds Access To Arasaka in top form, incorporating complex, serendipitous beatwork against a stunning backdrop of thick atmospheres and  futuristic synthlines. Beautiful and flowing dark electronic music that will surely grace any set of headphones.


01. Source
02. Sicral
03. Ellipse
04. Helios
05. Cynosure
06. Relay
07. Kyokko
08. Brilliant Pebbles
09. Photons

Download ‘Orbitus‘ for free right here: (MP3 320kbps 90MB)


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