Accuphase E-800 vs. Diablo 300: Which Amplifiers is Better

We have two extremely high-end amps, the Accuphase E-800 and Gryphon Diablo300. The Accuphase E-800 and Gryphon Diablo 300 have solid online reputations. It will be fun to combine these two giants of the internet. But ultimately, I’ll have to choose which one I like best.

About the Accuphase E-800

Accuphase’s new flagship model, the E-800, is now positioned above its E-650. The preamplifier section has the exemplary Balanced AAVA volume control.Β The power amplifier section is an instrumentation amplifier that uses a six-fold parallel push/pull configuration with power MOS-FETs driving in pure Class A. The result is comparable to high-class, separate amplifiers. The E-800 is a smart and simple system that achieves the acoustic excellence of music.

The Accuphase E-800, measuring 24 cm high and weighing in at 36 kg, costs more than 15,000 euros. It has two power displays on its thick, pale gold anodized front panel. However, these are not compatible with pointers. Instead, 30 LEDs in orange light strings indicate the current power voltage. They twitch to the beat of the music and are approximately 50 decibels in volume.

This feature is only available to the Japanese brand’s best components. This light show can be turned off if it becomes too distracting or if you prefer to listen in silence. The Accuphase E-800 can be used as a standard amplifier..


  • Fully balanced integrated amplifier that extends from input to output
  • Volume control by balanced AAVA type
  • As an instrumentation amplifier, power amplifier stage
  • Power MOS-FETs in Class A are driven in a six-fold parallel push/pull configuration
  • Linear power progression: 50 watts into 8 Ohms, 100 Watts into 4 Ohms and 200 Watts into 2 Ohms
  • 300 W output to 1-ohm load (music signals).
  • High damping factor of 1,000
  • Power supply with large, high-efficiency filtering capacitors and a massive high-efficiency transformer
  • Protection circuitry with MOS-FET switch switches

About the Diablo 300

The Gryphon Diablo, which was introduced nearly 10 years ago, brought new credibility and respectability for the integrated amplifier. Audiophiles used to be averse to integrated amplifiers. The Gryphon Diablo was the first integrated amplifier to realize its full potential. It was so far ahead its time that it has remained the standard in its class for over ten years.

Gryphon Diablo is the most beloved High End integrated amplifier ever made. Its absence from the second-hand marketplace despite sales exceedingly high is a sign of Diablo owners’ extreme loyalty.

Analog, more advanced

The Gryphon Diablo 300 replaces the Gryphon Diablo 300. It is a revitalized version of the technologies and components which made it the most award-winning High End integrated amplifier in the world.

The Diablo 300 has a full-range subwoofer input and, to use in surround settings without compromising the stereo performance, the Diablo 300 has an AV throughput. This allows the Diablo 300 drive the main channels of the Diablo 300 without having to rewire or recalibrate it when switching between surround and stereo operation.

Diablo 300 can be set up to automatically match input levels. This protects the owner’s ears, equipment, and ears from switching between sources of varying output levels. To prevent volume from rising while the Mute circuit is active, the volume control is linked with the Mute control. This reduces the chance of damaging loudspeakers by accidental overpowering.

You can select a fixed start level or maximum level in the Diablo300 setup menu to provide additional protection. A non-invasive, intelligent protection system continuously monitors the operational status and shuts down immediately and safely in the event of any problems.

Gryphon speaker terminals can accept bare wire or spade lugs, or banana plugs, for a secure connection. 12V DC link inputs, outputs, and integration with a home-automation system are also available.


  • Flemming E. Rasmussen, exterior design
  • Tom Moller, Electronics Design
  • 2 x 300W (8 Ohm), 2 x 600W (4 Ohm), 2 x 950W (2 Ohm)
  • True Dual Mono configuration
  • Zero negative feedback
  • Microprocessor-controlled 43-step fully balanced relay volume attenuator for best sonic performance based on a minimalist contingent of ultra-precision resistors
  • Ultra-short signal path
  • Minimal internal wiring
  • Military specification. Dual-layer and quad-layer printed circuit boards featuring up to 105 micron copper trace traces
  • To eliminate any mechanical noise, the dual Mono Holmgren transformer has a vacuum-treated core and windings.
  • The sockets mounted on PCBs reduce wiring and the signal path is shortened by using them.
  • High-speed, single-ended, discrete Class A input buffer with best possible sonic performance
  • Two balanced sources can be supplied by Swiss Neutrik sockets XLR in gold-plated, gold-plated Swiss Neutrik sockets
  • Phono sockets in gold plating with Teflon insulation, 3 inputs and 2 outputs
  • For uncompromising integration with surround preamplifier, fixed-level AV throughput
  • To prevent sudden level changes, input level matching is important
  • Large vacuum fluorescent display for easy reading
  • Adjustable display lighting (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, Off)
  • Controls for the front panel with backlit touch-sensitive controls
  • Optional MM/MC Phonostage Module
  • Optional PCM/DSD DDAC module with 1 USB, 2x SPDIF and 1 AES.
  • 12V DC Link input and output
  • Upgrade flash memory via key fob
  • For optimal noise suppression, use local shunt regulators
  • Non-invasive protection system
  • Remote control by infrared
  • External iInfrared receiver input
  • Conforming to the latest EU standards, standard power consumption is less than 0.5W
  • CE approval by the EU
  • Denmark designed and built

Accuphase E-800 vs. Diablo 300: Side-by-Side Comparison


These amplifiers must be fought off. Let’s start by looking at the price you can expect to spend.

Accuphase E-880

The Accuphase E-800 is a top-selling amp on the market. This has led to a high asking price. This amp can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000 depending on where you buy it. It is worth shopping around and taking your time as there are often significant price differences. Pre-owned units are selling for more than 10 grand on eBay!

Gryphon Diablo 300

The entry level Gryphon Diablo is well over 10 million. This tells you that the Gryphon Diablo300 will be expensive. This can go as high as $16,000, and you might have to pay even more if you add the modules that fit into the back. You may find it cheaper if you shop around. Although I did find a used item on eBay, it was not from the UK. It cost me over 17000 dollars!

The verdict:Β It’s hard to choose a winner as both are very expensive and prices vary depending on where one is located. My personal preference is to choose the Gryphon Diablo300, although there’s not much in this round. You will spend a lot, no matter which of these you choose!


The design is what we come to in the amplifiers contest. This amp is very different and it’s a lot of fun to compare them!

Accuphase E-880

The Accuphase E-800 couldn’t have a more retro design. This late 70s-style silver design is truly amazing. The display is located in the middle. To the right and left are volume and input dials. The other dials are hidden behind a panel that you can flip down. This is a nice touch that amps from the 70s and early 80s had.

The back has a wide range of connectivity options. All of them are clearly labeled. It measures 18.31″ x 9.41″, x 19.76″, and weighs quite a bit. This unit will take up a lot of space in your home. This unit would look great in my home and I’d be proud to display it. It has a retro look and I love the remote control. You can also control the amp with it by pressing buttons.

Gryphon Diablo 300

Gryphon produces some of the most innovative amps on the planet, and the Gryphon Diablo 300 I think is one of them. The Accuphase’s retro design is great, but this amp has a cool modern design that I love. The front is minimalistic, with no dials and just a cool-looking display and touch controls. I also love the glossy finish on parts of the amp.

It is reminiscent of an engine and looks very impressive! You have all the connection options on the back, but you also have a slot to add an amp such as the DAC one if that is what you want. This thing, like the Accuphase is huge at 18.9″x9.2″x18.1″ and weighing in at over 80 pounds. The remote control is also great. It’s easy to use, and the design is the same as the amp itself.

The verdict: It is so difficult to pick a winner because the styles are so diverse. This is why I’m choosing the GryphonDiablo 300 as my winner. The retro charm of the Accuphase E800 is great, but I prefer black and the modern design of my Diablo 300. But I can understand why people would choose the E-800’s retro charm! Accuphase deserves a little extra credit, though. That remote is really quite sweet!


Now we come to the most important part of the showdown between these two amplifiers. This is the look at the sound quality you can expect. Sound is subjective and I am only able to share my personal experience with each amplifier with you.

Accuphase E-800

The Accuphase E-800 was a great product right out of the box. Although it may take some time to fully break in the Accuphase E-800, my experience was very positive. The mid-range was amazing and the retro design meant that I could rock out to Leftoverture by Kansas. This amp will bring your record collection to life like nothing else.

Check out the Accuphase E-800 Integrated. Is it any good or not? You can see the full capabilities of this device in action on video. This amp was amazing. And this is coming from someone who wasn’t able to play it for 40-50 hours. Although I understand why this amp is so popular, I have one complaint. The higher notes are a little too harsh for my taste. But that could just be how I was hearing it.

Gryphon Diablo 300

Gryphon Diablo 300 was a wonderful opportunity to try it out. Although I admit to being a little influenced by the incredible design, I was still blown away. It was not something I had the opportunity to use for a week. This thing rocked straight out of the box. The first record I tried was Follow The Leader by Korn, which brought me back to high school. This thing rocked!

It was amazing to see the clarity in every range. This was truly out of the box. This amplifier is a great amp and it keeps getting better. It was amazing! I was able to throw all my favourite records at it and, as clichΓ© as it may sound, it was almost like hearing some of my favorites for the first time. This was amazing. I can see why Gryphon is considered the best amp.

The verdict: These two amps are both really awesome and there’s no way either one is any better than the other. However, I think I was more into the Gryphon Diablo 300 more. Look, you could read another guy’s take on this and they might go for the Accuphase E-300, but for me at this price point it is all subjective. But for me, I preferred the Diablo 300.


We’re done with this post and now it’s your turn to give it a read! These are two incredible amps. I think that you will be very, very happy if you can get either one of them! You can make a strong argument for each amp being the best, so it really is up to your personal preference.

I love how retro the Accuphase E-800 is, and I really liked the sound quality. I’m not really a fan of Gryphon though – to be honest, it was more my style. I love the quality of both the sound and design of this speaker. I actually thought about buying it.

FAQ for Accuphase E-800 vs. Diablo 300

What are the key differences between Accuphase E-800 and Diablo 300 amplifiers?

The Accuphase E-800 amplifier is a two-channel, stereo amplifier. It is a tube design with an all-tube preamplifier. The Accuphase E-800 is a high performance stereo amplifier that is capable of delivering 150 watts per channel. It has a frequency response of 10 Hz to 100 kHz and THD of 0.001% while driving 2 channels at 8 ohms. It has four EL34 output tubes and two 12AX7 preamp tubes.

The Diablo 300 is a two-channel, stereo amplifier. It has a solid state design with a hybrid preamplifier and power supply. The Diablo 300 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a more affordable option. It offers 250 watts per channel and features the same frequency response as the Accuphase E-800, but does not offer THD measurements It has one 12AX7 preamp tube and one 6L6GC power tube.

The key difference between these two amplifiers is power output, with the Accuphase E-800 offering 150 watts per channel and the Diablo 300 offering 250 watts per channel.

Does the Accuphase E-800 amplifier have a phono input?

The Accuphase E-800 amplifier does not have a phono input.

Which the Accuphase E-800 or Diablo 300 amplifiers would you recommend for a beginner?

The Accuphase E-800 is a great amplifier for beginners because it has four channels and a variety of inputs, so you can connect any type of audio device. The Diablo 300 is a solid amplifier too, but it only has two channels.

Is there a significant difference the Accuphase E-800 and Diablo 300 amplifiers in sound quality?

The Diablo 300 is a cheaper amp that is meant to be a budget model. It has less power than the Accuphase E-800, which is made for high-end use. The Diablo 300 also has fewer features and lower quality parts, which can affect its sound quality.

The difference in sound quality between the two amplifiers will depend on what you are using them for and what your preferences are. For example, if you like to listen to rock music, then the Diablo 300 might be a better choice because it produces more distortion on low frequencies. However, if you listen to classical music or jazz then the Accuphase E-800 would be a better choice because it has more clarity in those genres of music.

How much does each the Accuphase E-800 and Diablo 300 amplifiers cost?

The Accuphase E-800 is a high end audio amplifier with a price tag of $12,000-$15.000 and the Diablo 300 cost $16.000 and higher.

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