Best 5 Free Vinyl Ripping Software

I know some of you guys are probably going to be saying that turning vinyl into digital files destroys the purpose of collecting vinyl, but hear me out. You might not want to give up your old records, but there are a few good reasons why you would want to rip your records so that they’re available on your iPod or MP3 player.

Top 5 Free Vinyl Ripping Software Review

Considering there are a ton of software that can do this job, these were a few vinyl ripping software reviews I found enjoyable to read.

1. Golden Records Vinyl and Cassette to MP3 or CD software

The Golden Records Vinyl and Cassette To MP3 or CD Software. This is my favorite free vinyl ripping program. This is the software that I use. This is so easy that even a total novice will not have any trouble understanding it.

The software plays back every record I have ever recorded in high quality. Although it offers a few options, such as speed or restoration, I found that just ripping the vinyl was sufficient.

The Golden Records Vinyl and Cassette To MP3 or CD Software has a feature that I love: it can effortlessly split the tracks. This is done by sensing silence, which is very clever.

I’m one of those old folks who still has a CD player in their car. I love how easy it is to put my vinyl onto my phone and burn it to CD. This software has absolutely no problems!


  • This is my favorite software!
  • It is so easy to use.
  • It allows you to easily burn your vinyl to CD.
  • Clean and nice UI


  • There might not be enough options for some to tinker.

2. Audacity

Audacity will be the top-ranked free vinyl ripping program. This software is very user-friendly and I don’t see anyone having any problems using it. Audacity will work well for those who don’t care about editing their music. This is because it’s so easy to rip vinyl once your record player is connected to your computer.

Analog, more advanced

It is, however, a bit more difficult to learn the software to edit and play around with your music. This is something you might want to remember. You can’t go wrong with this piece of software if you are looking for a piece that is both free and easy to access your digital music.


  • It is so easy to use.
  • There are many options available for guys who want to tweak the sound.
  • The UI is simple and straightforward
  • It’s free!


  • For some, the editing options may be a bit confusing.

3. Spin it Again

Next is Spin It Again software. This is a paid service but they offer a free trial. According to my knowledge, the free version gives you access most of the bells and whistles. This program has some amazing tools to clean up pops and hiss. I think many people will enjoy it.

There are many additional features available that allow you to edit more precisely. This is about sound levels. I don’t like the idea of playing with the bass, treble and more. But I do know that there are people who enjoy this type of editing. It does make me wonder if the $19 it costs to purchase the full version is worth it.


  • This is so easy to use!
  • You can even rip tapes with them!
  • It can remove the sound, which is cool
  • UI that is smart and efficient


  • The full version of the software is available for purchase.

4. ION EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter

The ION EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software is a great piece of software. It is easy to see how it is one of the most popular pieces of free vinyl ripping software. The best thing about this software is its ease of use. It will be easy to connect your record player once it is connected. Although the UI is basic, it’s very user-friendly. It was very easy to rip your record.

After the tracks have been ripped you can decide if there are any adjustments you should make to the sound or reduce the volume. If you wish, you can also choose the order and layout for the tracks.

You have some cool features that make it easy to put the album on your phone or CD. Even though I don’t like messing around with my music or editing it, It was fun to play with the features.


  • It is totally free to use
  • It is easy to understand the UI
  • It allows you to play your recordings.
  • This is a great tool if you need to burn vinyl to CD


  • This might be too basic for some people

5. VinylStudio

It is true that VinylStudio was a topic I was debating about. This is because it is a program you can pay for. However, there is also a free trial version. That is what I am looking at, mainly due to a suggestion from a friend. Anyway,

This free version was very feature-packed. I tried it out. VinylStudio might be the right choice for you if you’re looking to not only rip your vinyl but also make edits so the sound quality is better or the tracks are split exactly the way you want.

Analog, more advanced

I have not tried the full version, so I’m not 100% sure what features are missing. The basic version costs around $30 and the pro version about $50, but I know that you can purchase the software. It isn’t the most affordable software, but it has some users who swear by it!


  • You can get a fun trial for free.
  • You can play with your vinyl records in a variety of ways.
  • It is very detailed with the recordings.
  • If you’re interested, there are premium versions.


  • Some services have a paywall

Why you Should Consider Ripping your Vinyl Records

Check out the following reasons why you should consider digitizing your vinyl records.

Convenient and Protects

It is one of my favourite things to do, and it is also one of my highlights. But I do spend a lot of time outside the house. My “records”, whether in the car, at work or anywhere else, are not available for me to listen to while I’m out and about. Digitally storing my favourite albums allows me to still enjoy them when I’m not at home.

If you’re like me, and you collect vinyl records, you will take extra care of them. A very rare live Kiss album is mine that I would most likely save from a fire. This is how much I love the album. But, I also love it when I listen to it.

To prevent vinyl from being played too much, I only listen to the ripped version. Although I don’t do this with most of my vinyl, it is something I do with rare and difficult albums. I try to limit how many times I break the vinyl out of its protective box.


These five software programs can be used to convert vinyl records into digital files. These are my top picks for free vinyl ripping software.

It really boils down to Golden Records Vinyl, Cassette-to-MP3 or CD, or Audacity. These two are the best, and there are no hidden charges or features behind a paywall.

FAQ for Best 5 Free Vinyl Ripping Software

What is free vinyl ripping software?

Free vinyl ripping software is a type of software that allows you to create digital copies of vinyl records. It can be used to convert audio files into MP3s or other formats, or it can be used to create ringtones for your mobile phone.

This software has been gaining popularity in the last few years because it’s much cheaper than the traditional methods for converting vinyl records into digital formats, such as turntables and record players.

What are the benefits of using free vinyl ripping software?

Vinyl ripping software is a free software that can be used to convert vinyl records into digital files. It is a perfect tool for music lovers, who want to enjoy their favorite songs from the comfort of their own homes.

The benefits of using this software are the following:

1. You can preserve your vinyl collection and enjoy it with ease.

2. You can listen to your favorite songs anytime without having to worry about not being able to find them in physical format anymore.

3. You can share your digital files freely with friends or upload them on social media sites like SoundCloud or YouTube without any restrictions or copyright issues as long as you give credit where it’s due and use the Creative Commons license that is provided by the software maker.

How does free vinyl ripping software work?

The program will scan your system for all the music tracks on your computer, then it will create a list of all the songs in order from shortest to longest. The user can then decide which songs they want to rip from each album, and then they can choose which format they want them in. The program will also scan through the tracks on your computer, so you don’t have to manually enter them.

How do I install and use free vinyl ripping software?

Free vinyl ripping software is a tool that can be used to rip your CDs to MP3 files. It can also be used for other purposes, such as converting audio files from one format to another. The best free vinyl ripping software have some great features that make them stand out from the rest of the competition.

The process of installing and using free vinyl ripping software is easy if you follow these steps:

1) Download and install your chosen program onto your PC or Mac

2) Open up your chosen program

3) Choose a source  – this could be a CD, an audio file from your computer or an online streaming service like Spotify  – and select “ripping” as the type of audio conversion you want  – usually MP3 or WAV.

Can I use the vinyl ripping software to rip my own vinyls?

This is a question that many people ask themselves but the answer is no. Vinyl ripping software cannot be used to rip vinyls.

Vinyl ripping software has a specific purpose – it is designed to make records playable on digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. It does not have the capability of ripping vinyls.

Do I need a computer to use free vinyl ripping software?

The answer to this question is no, you don’t need a computer to use free vinyl ripping software. However, you should be aware of the limitations of the software and what it can do for you.

Free vinyl ripping software is not meant for professional use. It may not be able to handle complicated tasks such as editing or converting audio files.

Is free vinyl ripping software legal to use?

Many people use free ripping software to download their favorite vinyl records to digital files. However, some people believe that this is illegal. There are many arguments for and against the legality of free ripping software. Some argue that it is legal because it is a personal copy of the record, while others argue that it’s not legal because the record companies don’t want anyone to have their music for free.

What are the risks of using vinyl ripping software?

Vinyl ripping software is a great tool for music lovers. It allows them to rip their favorite songs and other music from vinyl records and convert them into digital files. However, there are risks associated with using this software that should be taken into consideration before you use it.

  • You may end up losing your original copy of the song;
  • You may lose your rights to the song;
  • You may not be able to make money off of the song;
  • Your computer may get damaged by using this software

Why should I use a vinyl ripping software?

It’s a good idea to use a vinyl ripping software if you want to save money on the costs of your records. This software can be used for all types of music and also for audiobooks.

Vinyl ripping software allows you to listen to your records without any hassle. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You might want to know how this tool works before you make the purchase.

There are many benefits of using vinyl ripping software such as saving money, listening to your favorite songs, and converting them into digital formats.

What is the difference between a vinyl ripping software and an audio converter?

A vinyl ripping software (also known as a record cutter) is a program that can be used to convert your music files into MP3s. An audio converter, on the other hand, is a software that can convert audio files from one format to another. In this case, it would be converting your MP3s into WAVs.

The main difference between the two is that vinyl ripping software will only work with vinyl records while an audio converter will work with just about any type of file.

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