Best Bluetooth Page Turners

When it comes to scrolling your screen upwards, what if you didn’t need to use your hands at all? What would this mean for purchasing, reading, and other activities that require both hands? Bluetooth page turners are finally here and will help with tablet inputs. They will free your hands up enough to perform tasks easily and make sure the tablet doesn’t get dirty.

We know that experiencing your favorite instruments can be tough. Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you and put together a list of the top bluetooth foot pedals and page turners in the market!

Top Bluetooth Page Turners Review

1. Moukey Wireless Page Turner Pedal

The Moukey Wireless Headset and Pedal has many great features and qualities to take a look at if you’re looking for a new way to play music. It will free up your hands from struggle, smartphone screens, or the struggle of reading music on your tablet or laptop. The casing here is smooth, soft, and made of non-toxic PVC and silicone. The pedal itself has no toxic components face down in favor of ensuring the product will be safe for you that use it.

It works with MAC, PC, Android tablets and iPads giving you a consistent signal at all times. It also has a great interference-proof system that makes sure your connection is always stable. The range is 33 feet and there’s no risk with the money back guarantee. Customer support is awesome, too.

2. Donner Wireless Page Turner Pedal

The Donner Pedal is well known for its multiple functions that allow you to play more freely. This page turner has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 50 hours, so it’s reliable and can connect to the internet from up to 30 feet away.

There are a number of ways in which you can use the new AI reading application. The newest version will allow you to control what you read, listen to, or look at. You can even use it to control applications on your iPad and others.

3. AirTurn Duo 200 Silent Bluetooth Pedal Page Turner

Designed to withstand decades of use, the AirTurn DUO 200 features silent-tactile switches that are easy on the eyes. They’re lightweight and great for a wide variety of uses including gaming and teaching.

If you need something you can rely on for gigs or for your job, the AirTurn DUO 200 pedal is a great choice – it has a long lifespan and it’s built with quality. It’s also well designed.

4. Starfavor Silent Page Turner Pedal

The StarFavor Silent page turner is an app that uses Bluetooth technology to let you turn pages quickly on your iPad or other compatible tablets and smartphones. It will last for a long time on a full charge and is compatible with major operating systems.

Its light body and small size make it easy to carry with you and its anti-slip bottom will prevent it from becoming displaced by other objects!

5. AirTurn QUAD200 Silent Bluetooth Pedal Page Turner

The QUAD 200 is a tough wireless mouse that uses a blend of polymers and reed switches to ensure it’s durability and usability. These ergonomic buttons provide silent, intuitive control while offering twice the life of any standard switch.

Analog, more advanced

The AirTurn QUAED is a great controller for hobbyists and professionals. It’s reliable, easy to use and its durable (it won’t break easily). If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use Bluetooth wireless page turner, the AirTurn QUAD is a great choice.

6. PageFlip Firefly Bluetooth/USB Page Turner Pedal

This wireless Bluetooth foot pedal is supposed to free musicians from the inconveniences that come with page turning. Just one tap, and you can flip the PageFlip Firefly’s dual pedals, making it easy to scroll or simply read in any direction. Its hands-free use on Android and iPad tablets or Linux/Mac/Windows computers lets you focus on other important aspects of your business.

PageFlip’s new Firefly keyboard works like a standard PSD with extra navigational keys. It comes with preset functions that allow you to quickly jump between digital files. Get your hands on the PageFlip Firefly’s features that make working with it a breeze. When you’re done reading, just switch it off and it will automatically power off too.

7. IK Multimedia iRig BlueTurn Page Turner

Things are about to get a whole lot easier. If you use an iPad, Mac, iPhone or Android for set lists or sheet music on stage, they can turn it all with no hands needed with the  iRig Blue Turn Bluetooth page turner.

This page turning device comes with blacklit buttons that are highly visible on the page and can be triggered by your feet to easily turn the pages of your favorite software, apps, or even an e-book in seconds. It’s a compact page turning solution that is Bluetooth compatible and gives you all the convenience you need on today’s mobile devices.

If you want to make the process of page turning more efficient, all you have to do is get an iRigBlue and it won’t be a problem anymore.

8. STOMP Bluetooth 4.0 Page Turner

Musicians are always on the go, playing music in different venues. Turning pages or swiping screens can be an annoyance and distraction, but the STOMP Bluetooth 4.0 page turner allows them to focus on what they do best – playing their music.

Using this device is easy and even inspires creativity. It works seamlessly with your iOS, Android, Windows or Mac device – no cables or extra accessories required. If you use lyric sheets, charts, digital set lists, metronomes or backtracks? You need to get this great product!

9. AirTurn PEDpro Bluetooth Pedal Page Turner

The AirTurn PEDpro is silent, non-tactile and works with advanced touch-switch technology. It’s a features for any musician on the go! It can be used anywhere and anywhere. This product is even great for studio use because of its portability and innovative design!!!

Best when used on hard surfaces, you can control everything from digital programs to apps with a light press of the foot. From the day it was first introduced to the market, this product has been a real hit with most people who have come across it. From its extra durable design to how lightweight it is, this portable device is a viable choice for many.

10. LEKATO External Pedal Turner

A great page turner that works with both tablets for music scores and guitars for looping. It lasts up to 48 hours on a single charge and can reach up to 60 feet away. It has 4 anti-slip pads on the bottom of the external pedal, is stable to use, and it comes with a guarantee!

Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Bluetooth Page Turner

A wireless page turner can be a musician’s best friend. This includes helping to keep your hands free, enabling you to focus on playing, and saving battery life from your device. However, it helps to know what exactly you’re looking for before diving into the market.

Books tend to be lightweight and compact because width doesn’t really play a role for digital reading. It’s possible for you to differentiate them from one another, but it’s important to look at the individual parts (i.e., size of font, point size, text placement).

People want to ensure that their page turners are high quality and work the way they need them to. These two things usually come down to the responsiveness of a Bluetooth device and how reliable it is.

Responsiveness and Reliability

Most of the bluetooth page turners on this list have a very responsive range of up to 30 feet. Some can do over 60. When using a music player for certain tasks, you want to make sure the app is set to have rapid page turns. Any delays can cause you to become lost in your music.

To make sure that a page turner will last as long as you need it to, it’s important that its responsiveness is top-notch. You also want to make sure that the batteries won’t die unexpectedly halfway through your favorite song!

Pedals and Compatibility

Page turners can typically either be two – or three-pedaled. The pedals should sit on a small metal or plastic platform intended to sit on the floor. Pedals typically have some sort of skid-free surface, such as texturized rubber grips. This helps make a better connection between a musician’s foot and the pedal

To put it simply, pedals need to be durable enough to withstand the weight of your feet. Most musicians will tell you that in order for a pedal to stand up to that kind of abuse, it needs to be on sturdy and strong enough material. The size of pedals is usually marked on the surface and should be in-between your feet, with a wider distance between them. Use pedals that are considered compact for an ideal foot position.

Page turners are important to consider when you want a device that will work with your smart device. But it’s important to remember that not all page turners will be compatible with the vast majority of devices. Smart devices vary the most!

Consider contacting a manufacturer for a list of apps that are compatible with their page turners. They’re also making sure to keep things updated and up-to-date as new platforms become available.

Bluetooth and Modes

A lot of new book and magazine readers do not work with older models. This is because they require Bluetooth 4.0, which has a lower power consumption compared to previous models that are only Bluetooth 3.

A page turner is an accessory/device that can be synced at a range of 30-100 ft. It’s also important to note the range! A standard stage is close to 20 feet wide and 16 feet deep, and Bluetooth prints are still able to provide reliable connections.

Can this device be connected to multiple compatible devices without issue? What’s more, determine how easily it can be connected and synchronize with other devices. In this way, there is no need to set up syncing between devices. It also helps people have a more comfortable and convenient writing experience.

Most page turners offer a handful of different pedal modes. In most cases, users can set their pedal modes through an app of their liking. Popular pedal modes include page up/page down, page left/page right, and distinct trigger selections.

Look and Power

Many musicians spend lots of time preparing either their effects pedals or their stage presence to make sure there is no confusion on stage. This means that these jacks should be easy to find and not too much in one place.

It can be difficult to read the text on a pedal in low-light settings, so it’s good to stick with something that has a distinct color or outshines the surrounding environment. There are lots of options that could work for you and we’ve got everything on our site just for you.

There are various power sources for Bluetooth page turners and the main type of power source we focused on was alkaline batteries. Some page turners had rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and others had DC power in ports.

Many page turners we tested used very small amounts of energy, ranging from six to forty hours of run-time. This means they can last for a long time on just one battery charge or without needing a recharge at all.


At this point, you’re probably fantasizing about all of the on-stage dynamics that you might worry about without adding windblown sheet music and papercuts into the mix.

Now that you’ve found some Bluetooth page turners, you can finally check out those Bluetooth metronomes that have been sitting in your online shopping cart. Rock on!

FAQ for Best Bluetooth Page Turners

What else is a page turner capable of?

Page turners are typically used by musicians, but they can also be used by many other types of people. They’re a great option for public speakers, professors, and bibliophiles. They are easy to use and provide hands-free control during presentations.

Page turners let you use special tools like metronomes and backing tracks. You can even control the size of the font or switch between multiple languages.

Bluetooth page turners are relatively new. They’ve been on the market for a few years, but new features keep introducing themselves to the same audience every day.

If PageFlip pedal is connected, can I type something on the iPad without disconnecting this tool?

You just need to press the pedal once before you’re off and good to go. You can then press the current mode button next to the blinking light.

So just press it once and the virtual keyboard will work as your iOS trainer needs, appearing when you tap into a text field.

If I’d like to control all of the iPads in the group using any of page turners, is it possible?

To control all the devices in one group, you will need an app like OnSong. This program transposes any OnSong-format file to any key. This function works using the editing features. This will allow you to control all the participants you need, so everyone can play at the same tempo and scale where they are comfortable.

Are page turners actually noiseless?

Manufacturers claim that they are noise-free, as you can see in the video. They’re pretty quiet on their own and there’s no sound.

The reduction of springs and other noisy mechanisms helps reduce the sound of them engaging.

How can I load the music into it and how to find the beginning of the song you want to play or read?

You will need to download the lyric file from the app store. Set up on your iPad using iTunes and then open the application in order to start listening.

Can a page turner be paired with more than smart device?

Some page turners can be paired with more than one device. You’ll need to find an app that enables shared pairing. This can help a band stay in sync with one another.

Many musicians like to play music together. In order to do this they rely on the same sheet music. But if there are two musicians playing from the same part it might cause a conflict that ruins the listening experience for everyone else. Controlling these blanket pairings helps make sure everyone gets their fair share of time instead of fighting for more themselves.

How much Bluetooth Page Turners cost?

The price of Bluetooth Page Turners varies depending on the model, size, and brand. Some models cost as little as $10 while others are a bit more expensive at around $30. The most expensive Bluetooth Page Turner is the Bose SoundLink Color II which costs about $150.

What are the advantages of using Bluetooth Page Turners?

Bluetooth Page Turners are great because they allow you to read hands-free and without disturbing others in public spaces such as libraries or cafes. They also prevent you from having to worry about holding your book while you read it which can cause fatigue in your hand muscles.

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