Best Capos Guitar: Electric and Acoustic

If you play guitar, then having the best capo is essential – it’ll make life a lot easier. There are loads of tunes needing a capo to be able to perform them correctly, especially if you’re in the folk music genre. Without it, you won’t get very far! So what is this thing called capo for guitar? It’s basically a device that can change the pitch of your electric or acoustic guitar. You place it on particular frets, and it holds down the strings, then you can play higher up the fretboard with more ease.

It’s hard to know which capo to buy, so this article will be a big help. There are tons of options out there, so it’s good to get some guidance. We’ve put together a list of capos that varies in cost. We’ll explain why some are rated higher than others, as well as discuss their advantages. After that, we’ll cover any questions you may have so that you can purchase the right one.

Top Capo for Electric and Acoustic Guitar Review

Different capo designs have their pros and cons, however, the fretboard radius should be your main focus. After that, you can decide based on comfort level, construction quality and features. For this guide, we only included durable and robust capos on the list. Any capos made of fabric, plastic or elastic were eliminated.

We’ve made shopping for a guitar capo easier by picking some great options that won’t break the bank but still have amazing quality and performance. Plus, these are the ones that have gotten the best reviews out there, so you can be sure they’re worth your time and money.

1. Nordic Essentials Deluxe

Nordic Essentials have a great-looking capo that’s perfect for any performance. It has a stylish design that looks professional, plus their logo is nicely engraved onto the hinge. Not only does the metal finish look great, it also helps make the capo more durable.

There’s plenty of color options to choose from to match your guitar – metallic bronze, matte silver, matte coffee, metallic gold and metallic black. No matter which one you pick, you can rest assured that it is made of quality materials and will last you a long time. This capo works with electric/acoustic guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, bass guitars or banjos – you name it! Perfect for multi-instrumentalists looking to use it across a range of instruments.

This product is great and really easy to use. The release mechanism is smooth and effortless – unlike many similar products at a lower price point. It’s also really durable since it’s made with high-quality materials like zinc. Every capo comes with a lifetime guarantee – if it stops working for any reason, you can get a replacement at no cost. Plus, it comes with a carry pouch making transport to shows an absolute breeze.


  • Includes a carry pouch

  • Made with premium-grade zinc

  • Lifetime warranty

This top-notch capo is strong and durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Plus, you get a carry pouch for easy transportation. To sum it up, Music Critics declare this to be the best capo out there!

2. Shubb Deluxe Series

Check out this super stylish capo from Shubb. It’s Amazon’s ‘Top Pick’ and has received a lot of five-star ratings from users who have used it. People love it for its user-friendly design and features. Having a lightweight guitar capo gives your hand plenty of room and flexibility while playing. Plus, it’s really durable too – easy to attach and remove from your guitar whenever you need it.

With acoustic guitars, the strings are placed far enough away from the fretboard so you won’t have any issues. Plus, they come in a sleek design that looks amazing with any guitar – cheap or expensive! You can rest assured that no wonky vibrations will come up with this item – it evenly distributes the pressure to all six strings, so none of them are left too loose.

This capo is great ’cause it’s adjustable, so you can make sure it fits most guitars. It’s more expensive than some of the others out there, but it’s totally worth the price for all that you get!


  • Unique design

  • Compact

  • Adjustable and versatile

This product has something special – its spring-free design is both durable and precise. What’s more, it presses the strings with even pressure so there’s no buzzing or muffling of sound. The team here highly recommends it since it ticks all boxes!

3. Donner DC-2

Donner is known for offering high-end products at an affordable rate with its guitar accessories and pedals. This capo perfectly captures why Donner has such a favorable reputation. It’s super cheap in comparison to other capos on the list but it still offers five-star quality. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable, good-looking capo that gets the job done, then this one is a great pick. It comes in five colors – gold, black, silver and cinnamon – so you can easily find one to match your style!

There’s no need to worry about potential damage when you’re using a cost-effective capo. Plus, the release on this one is super smooth, making it very simple to take off whenever you need to. You can use this on electric and acoustic guitars, banjos, folk guitars, ukuleles and all kinds of other stringed instruments – it’s a great fit for all!

You don’t have to worry about any annoying buzz with this capo. It applies even pressure across each string so it’s a fantastic choice for anyone on a budget who wants something dependable and cost-effective. Plus, it’s made by an established brand too!


  • Built to last

  • Easy to move

  • Leaves no scratches behind

It’s cheap, it works well and is made by a reputable brand. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about it damaging your instrument. And it’s easy to transport during gigs – so it’s worth investing in if you’re on a budget.

4. Planet Waves NS

Planet Waves makes some really cool capos for guitarists that don’t obstruct your playing. They want to make sure customers have access to one-of-a-kind designs. This cool little hook shape in six colors – black, silver, classical, lite, bronze and metallic grey – looks great & works with acoustic-electric guitars. Perfect for those with limited space.

With the micrometer tension adjustment, you can be sure there won’t be any fret buzz when it’s placed on the fretboard. This capo is designed to be easy to move with one hand and is lightweight. The thermoplastic construction also makes it really durable so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Not sure if this product is suitable for 12-string guitars – they require capos that can apply the same pressure on twice the number of strings compared to single string electric guitars. If you’ve got a 6-string guitar, then this is really awesome product – the company has put in lots of effort when making it.


  • Variety of colors

  • This design is great for acoustics-electrics and is one of a kind

  • Durable construction

If you need a reliable, functional and attractive capo, then look no further than Planet Waves! It’s sleek, lightweight and can fit any fret on your guitar. Plus, it’s made by a reputable brand that makes quality products. We really liked this one!

5. Dunlop 83CB Acoustic

Dunlop’s also a big name when it comes to awesome guitar gear. This capo’s available in 5 shades — black, gold, nickel, smoked chrome and a super nice maple design with an eye-catching wooden finish. Whether you’re playing a 6-string or 12-string guitar, this convenient product is perfect for you. Built with high-grade aluminum and a secure locking spring, it’ll stay firmly in place for your performance. No more worries about it coming loose!

This product is designed with ergonomics in mind, making it a breeze to reposition – even if you’re mid-show. In just seconds, you can move it around with one hand. The handle is fitted with padding, making it super comfortable to grip. It’s much softer than a hard aluminum handle.

Definitely worth mentioning is how cheap this capo is. It’s definitely one of the most budget-friendly options you can find, making it a great option if you’re looking for quality without breaking the bank. The quality of this product easily surpasses its price tag.


  • Five colors

  • Lightweight, quality aluminum

  • Padded handle for easy use

This product has been a staple in the guitar world for over 20 years and is still highly sought after by guitar enthusiasts around the world, regardless of skill level. The sound of this product is great and it’s really helpful for fingerstyle guitar playing, whether with 6 or 12 strings. What’s more impressive is the price – it’s unbeatable!


KLIQ has outdone themselves with this awesome capo. It’s got a really smooth, rounded design that’s so much nicer than other capos with sharp edges. Holding it is a total breeze! This product is a breeze to carry around and fits easily in your hands. It’s available in three cool colors – black chrome, brushed bronze and satin silver.

This capo is designed for quick and easy switching between frets. No need to fuss around on stage – the spring-loaded mechanism ensures just the right amount of pressure along the fretboard every time. Don’t fret about your strings being either too loose or too tight – you’re all set!

This product is great for both electric and acoustic guitars. It comes with a metal carrying case which is perfect for when you’re on the move and it also makes it much easier to store away when not in use. So, you can be sure that your instrument will be safe! Yeah, it’s a tiny gadget, so it’s easy to misplace or lose.


  • Attractive design

  • Metal carrying case

  • Three colors

This product looks amazing and has such a great design to go along with it. Plus, it comes with a handy metal carrying case to keep it safe. Be sure to put the capo back in the case when you’re done so you don’t lose it! One hundred percent worth your money, this product is totally flawless and looks fantastic.

7. xGuitarx Ultra Lightweight

xGuitarx’s capo has been out for a couple of years now and is still one of the top selling capos on Amazon. It’s no surprise – it looks great with its modern, understated design and matte finish. People love it ’cause it’s super simple! No complicated features that you don’t need, just does the job without any fuss.

Plus, it’s really durable so you won’t have to worry about things breaking easily – great choice in our books! This product has a lifetime warranty, so if you ever have any problems, the manufacturer will replace it. It also comes in various colors like black, gold, silver and metallic blue.

This capo is extremely lightweight and ensures an effortless release. It can be used with electric, acoustic, bass guitars, ukuleles and even banjos – so if you play multiple string instruments you’re in luck. It’s highly durable and made from aluminum for extra sturdiness. The silicone pad will be great for keeping your guitar’s neck safe from any scratches.


  • No fret buzz

  • Made from lightweight aluminum

  • Lifetime warranty

xGuitarx’s capo is your best pick if you want something that’s long-lasting and not too pricey yet still does its job properly. Costing slightly more than a budget version, this one gives you a lifetime warranty which makes it worth the additional cost, in our view. If you don’t lose your capo, chances are you won’t have to buy another one.

8. Liroyal Single-handed

Here’s a great deal – Liroyal’s capo for under five bucks! It’s perfect for anyone who isn’t sure if this is the right accessory for them yet. Super affordable and of good quality, it’ll be money well-spent. You can choose from seven colors – green, blue, gold, red, white, black and silver – for this capo. Plus you’ve got two styles: one classic and the other more modern that looks like an archer’s bow.

This capo works with acoustic and electric guitars, staying securely in position on the frets. It’s also easy to remove with a gentle touch so it won’t hurt your hand. This is a great budget capo that won’t break the bank yet still provides great durability and efficiency. People love it for its quality build, perfect for those testing out the waters with capos. While it might not last forever, it will definitely do the trick in the meantime.


  • Very affordable

  • Tight, firm hold

  • Well-built

This capo is really affordable and it works really well, so it’s a great choice for all you budget-savvy guitarists out there! And if you’re the kind of musician who sometimes misplaces equipment, it’s inexpensive enough to buy multiple pieces as backups.

9. Kyser KG6B

This cool capo is a definite head-turner with its distinct features. Plus, it also comes in eleven colors so you can easily find one that will match your style and guitar. Those colors are unique, to say the least! This product has been around over 10 years, and it’s been a hit the entire time. This item has been carefully designed to be easily adjustable. When you use it more, the stiff hinge loosens up but still holds its grip firmly. So, no matter how often you use this capo, it’ll stay in great shape and last for a long time.

If you’ve gone through the hassle of buying a capo that makes your strings sound dull and buzzes in a live concert, then this capo is for you. You won’t experience any of that with this one – it’s ideal for shows! You can attach this capo to your guitar and perform stress-free. When you’re done playing, it’s easy to remove or reposition with one hand. It’s ultra efficient and won’t bog down your playing either.


  • Best for live concerts

  • Funky and unique patterns

  • Reliable and efficient

If you’re considering buying this product, we’d say it’s one of the top-notch capos out there. Perfectly suited for live gigs, in our opinion. Gigging musicians should definitely check out this capo – it works like a charm! Plus, there’s plenty of cool colors and designs to pick from, so you can customize your look. If you’re looking for a dependable capo, this is the one.

10. Deal Grinder Co. GP004

This product is super affordable, under five bucks! It’s a great choice if your existing capo is busted, or if you’re just curious about using capos. It works perfectly for acoustic and electric guitars. This piece of equipment is made from thick metal that makes it pretty solid and reliable. Plus, fret buzz isn’t a concern either as the construction is quite secure and strong.

This capo is well-padded and has a great spring-action feature, making it easier to move across the frets. Plus, it comes with a silver finish. Additionally, you can use the adjustment knob on the back if you find your guitar neck is too big for it. We think this product has good construction and the grip won’t start fading away anytime soon.


  • Very affordable

  • Fits almost any guitar neck

  • Adjustment screw

If you’re looking for a product that won’t break the bank but still provides great quality for your jamming and gigs, this is definitely the capo to get! affordable and reliable – perfect combination! Even though it’s really cheap, this capo gives you a strong build and a great design. If you play either an electric or acoustic guitar, this is the budget-friendly capo for you.

Guitare Capo Buyers Guide

Top Choice

The Nordic Essential capo is a standout option. It has five great color options and stacks of features to suit even the pickiest of customers. After you pick the color and buy it, you’ll get a lifetime guarantee plus a small bag to store the capo in. It’s an amazing deal that anyone would be happy with. This item is the real deal! It’s made with premium-grade zinc coating, so it has a high-quality feel. Plus, you can use it for mandolins, ukuleles and banjos – and any other stringed instruments!

This capo is so easy to operate – all you need is one hand. Unlike other capos that can be really tough to handle, Nordic Essential’s product is flexible and smooth. It’s also really durable, modern-looking, and fashionable. Sure, looks aren’t the be-all and end-all of capos but this one definitely stands out. If you’re an entertainer who wants to look their best on stage, then you’ll love the appearance of this capo.

This Nordic Essentials capo is our favorite because it has a bunch of useful features – like the included carrying case and its lifetime warranty. You never have to worry about it breaking with the protective carrying cover, and if the worst does happen, you’re covered with the lifetime warranty.

Premium Choice

Shubb’s GC-30 is our top pick for best capo! It has some of the highest ratings on Amazon, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Shubb is always looking to make improvements and push boundaries. It’s no surprise that this company has become popular for their amazing capo. It’s been around for almost 10 years and still manages to hold a 5-star rating from everyone who has tried it.

We think this particular design looks great and is also very practical. It won’t hinder your playing experience, which is something that many capos don’t offer. Shubb has a long history of helping guitarists – that experience translates into this amazing product. It’s simple, efficient and built to last – the perfect combination for any musician! You have to pay a bit extra for this premium service, but you’re still getting great value for your money. The quality is top-notch and totally worth it!

Shubb’s capo is our go-to recommendation because setting it up and taking it off is a breeze. It’s not too tight so there’s no fear of scratches on the guitar neck, or strings being damaged. The rubber works just like your own fingers, making it feel almost like you’re not even using a capo at all. This product has been around for a while and is really worth the money if you can afford it. We honestly don’t think you’ll be let down by the amazing capo.

Great Value

Donner definitely deserves a shout-out here. They offer high-quality products at wallet-friendly prices, and so many guitarists start their gear journey with them. It’s clear to see why they’re such a popular choice when it comes to picking up guitar accessories! Donner is known for producing good-quality items, whether it be a guitar pedal or plectrum. Their capo won’t cost you a fortune and can last you years without any issues. It’s the 2nd best-seller on Amazon – people love it, and we do too! This bargain product also comes in four colors – so no matter what your style is, you can find a perfect match.

This nifty gadget won’t make any marks when you drag it around and doesn’t cause fret buzz either. Plus, it’s designed to stay put on your guitar so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose after long hours of playing. If you ever decide to move it, it’ll be a breeze. It has a smooth release and is built to last – which is amazing! Plus, it’s lightweight because it’s made out of high-quality zinc. So not only does it look great but that material will help keep its appearance for years!

This Donner capo is a steal! It offers both top-notch quality and a super affordable price. So, if you’re looking for an amazing product that won’t cost you an arm and a leg – look no further. Plus, it’s durable enough to last you for years! We love all things Donner, and we can always vouch for their reliability. Although they might not be the most technologically advanced, they never let us down!


Shopping for a capo can be tough with all the great models out there. In order to make the best choice, consider your guitar (especially if it’s 7 or 12-string) and decide on an affordable option. Once you narrow down your options based on these two important features, make sure to consider durability and the color/appearance of the product. Those factors should also be taken into account when making your decision.

Our top 10 capos are all great options. After reading this article, you should now know which one to get. Hopefully it has answered all the questions you had about these handy devices.

FAQ for Best Guitar Capo

What is a guitar capo?

A capo is a handy tool for guitarists; it’s like a clamp that you attach to the fretboard at any fret and it allows you to change the pitch of your strings. Capos can be operated in various ways – with springs, threaded or elastic bolts – but they all do the same thing: shorten the length of guitar strings and increase their pitch.

It’s normal for a guitar capo to be positioned over all the strings. But sometimes you may find yourself using it on specific strings only, which is not as common. Capos make it really easy for guitarists to play open chords and shift the key so singers can match the pitch with no hassle.

Let’s take an example – if you’ve put a capo on the first fret while playing an open G chord, then you’ll get an A-flat sound which would be really hard to achieve without it. This little gadget is great for creating cool sounds!

Why should you use a capo on a guitar?

Putting a capo on your guitar is a great way to quickly switch up the key of a song. This makes it easier to find the right key that fits your vocal range by just moving it up and down the fretboard. A capo can instantly brighten up the sound of your guitar and give it a more mandolin-like sound. This is great for creative duets with two guitarists – one can keep the capo on and the other one off, producing an amazing result!

A capo can be a great help to guitar beginners, as it brings the frets closer together when you move up the neck. This results in less stretching for the left hand, making playing some songs a whole lot easier.

How to use a capo for a guitar

Using a capo is a piece of cake – just attach it to any fret and you’re good to go!

What is the best acoustic guitar capo?

If you’re looking for a capo specifically for classical guitars, Dunlop is one of the best brands. Their capos are constructed to be strong enough to clamp down on thicker strings which are usually found on acoustic guitars. The 85FB is an especially good one in our opinion – it’s reliable and efficient. You won’t break the bank with this one, it’s very cheap, costing under 15 bucks. Plus, you get to pick from three colors – gold, nickel and black.

What is the best electric guitar capo?

A great electric guitar capo that we’ve tested is the Shubb C1 Nickel Capo. It’s available in four different colors and is one of the best on the market. You can choose from black, brass, bronze and chrome. It has adjustable tension so you can determine how snug the capo sits on your guitar. Plus, it’s quite compact and lightweight making it an ideal travel companion!

Can you use a guitar capo on a ukulele?

People constantly wonder just how versatile capos are – the answer is, surprisingly so! You can put one on ukulele strings with no difficulties at all. Capos can be used on mandolins, folk guitars, banjos and more. Make sure to read the product description before buying one to make sure it fits those other stringed instruments. Generally a guitar capo should work for those other instruments.

What are the different types of capo?

Capos come in a variety of options and each one can give your instrument an amazing sound. Having one of these around is great, as it lets you be creative and experiment with different tones. So if you’re looking to play with the pitch of your string instrument, a capo is an awesome thing to get! Hey, let’s take a peek at the 5 major kinds of capos and what they do.

  • A clamp capo – Chances are, you’ll run into this type of capo a lot when shopping – it’s the most popular one. It clamps onto your guitar’s neck and bars all the strings at once, plus it can be taken off easily. Generally speaking, you’ll find that it features a spring mechanism.

  • A Shubb – This capo comes with a screw and lever, so you can change the size to fit any guitar’s neck.

  • A g-band – You can use a capo on certain strings, either the upper or lower ones, giving it the shape of a ‘G’. It won’t cover all of your strings like some capos do.

  • A slider – This capo’s a breeze to move around- you don’t even have to take it off when switching frets.

  • A spider – The current capo is a bit more complicated than the previous ones and comes with a higher price tag. That said, it offers plenty more options for sound experimentation so if you’re looking to play around with different tones, this is definitely worth considering.

Do beginners need a capo?

As a beginner, you don’t need to use a capo, but it can be really helpful for playing in different keys without having to learn new chords. It’s also great if you’re trying to accompany an experienced singer with your basic skills. While a capo can be a great help when you’re starting out, it can also prevent you from learning and improving your skills. That’s why most music teachers advise against using one right away.

If you’re a beginner, you don’t need to get a capo right away unless it’s needed. However, using one in moderation can be beneficial to your learning process. Having said that, if you want to purchase one there’s nothing stopping you. If you’re a beginner, experts suggest investing your time and money in lessons and practice instead of other options. That’s the best way to go according to them!

Does leaving a capo on damage the strings?

Playing the guitar with a capo won’t ruin your strings, but you should remove it when not playing – to avoid damaging the frets. It might not look bad now but constantly having the capo on will definitely take a toll on the strings. If you don’t take it off once in a while, the damage could be irreversible.

When clamped on the neck, the capo will hold the strings down and create extra tension on the top and neck of the guitar. While all guitars are destined to have problems at some point in time due to the tension of the strings, using a capo all the time can hasten the process.

Instead, you should remove the capo off your fretboard after you are done playing the instrument. This shouldn’t be a problem since most of the products currently on the market are designed to be stored behind the nut when not in use.

What’s the difference between guitar capos?

If you’re a guitarist, you might want to look into getting a capo. They come in three varieties – spring-loaded, trigger-style and manual. The spring-loaded one is great for when you need to make quick changes on your instrument. Installing and removing a guitar capo is easy and fuss-free – the few moving parts makes it ideal for everyone, regardless of skill level. It can be done in no time!

C-Clamps are the way to go for pro guitarists who need an adjustable capo. However, they require more effort to take on and off, which can be a bit of a hassle in live shows. Toggle capos are ideal for guitarists on-the-go who want something simple, compact and affordable. Though not the most top-of-the line product, they are great for those looking to practice and learn.

What is the fretboard radius?

Don’t stress out about fretboard radiuses – it’s just the curved shape of your guitar’s neck. You can get guitars with a round radius (like some vintage Fenders) or those that are almost flat. Every type of fretboard has its pros and cons but it’s fair to say that certain fretboard designs help make the best of capo design.

Putting a rounded capo onto a flat fretboard (or vice versa) will result in string buzz and bad tuning. This is due to the strings not being clamped properly and also from the capo being tightened too much. If everything was ideal, each capo would use the same amount of pressure on all 6 strings at each fret spot, so that any issues can be avoided.

Capos mostly come in three varieties – radiused ones for more rounded fretboards, flatter ones good for shreddy SuperStrats and classical guitars, and all-in-ones that work on different radiuses (just like the G7th) or incorporate both a flat surface and a rounded one into their design.

Will any capo work on my guitar?

Before picking a capo, make sure it fits your guitar. Most manufacturers have multiple choices so if you like one, chances are you can find one that fits your guitar. Capos are designed to be as practical and versatile as possible, so you won’t need a specific one unless your neck or fretboard is unusually different from the usual. Most companies make capos that fit 7-string necks, so you don’t have to worry too much about size. They come in fabric, plastic or elastic varieties and are easy to use.

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