Best Guitar Foot Stools (Foot Rests) and How to Use One

As classical guitar playing becomes more serious and competitive, the need for accessories to prevent discomfort and help maintain good posture increases. Pro players know that having a foot rest is essential; it lifts the guitar up higher so they can move around easier when practicing or playing for extended sessions. For those just starting out, the importance of this may not be clear until they’ve gotten more comfortable with their instrument – but eventually everyone will come to see its value in helping refine their technique!

Mastering the guitar can be tricky, especially if you’re a beginner. Too much practice without proper posture can cause your back and arm to ache – but a foot stool could be a quick fix! Not only can this help lessen the strain of playing for hours, but it could also help with other tasks; anyone who spends a big chunk of their time using a computer should think about getting one too!

Give your feet some love and don’t forget to take breaks often. Plus, it’s a great idea to switch up the positioning of your feet now and then. If you want something extra durable, get a good footrest for long practices. It needs to be made of tough materials so it won’t break while you’re using it. This can really help when practicing for a long time.

Top Guitar Foot Stools: Review and Comparison

Guitarists are always trying to improve and take any chance they get to practice – it’s their passion! They’re constantly striving for that next level of skill and mastery. Whether you’re an amateur or pro musician, a quality guitar stool or stand is a must-have. In this post, we’ll review five products to give you an idea of where to begin when it comes to finding the best one for your needs and budget. Experienced gamers have tried over 20 different stands, so you can find the one that fits your style and budget! It’s never been easier to get the perfect gaming set-up.

If you’re a classical or Flamenco guitarist, having a foot rest is key – even if you’re just starting out. A decent quality one is definitely worth the investment as it’ll help you get the most out of your performance.

Let’s dive deeper and check out some amazing features of these guitar accessories!

  • You can adjust the height to whatever works best for you

  • Super convenient and capable of being folded up small, making it great for taking on trips

  • The good ones usually have a long lifespan

  • Easy to use and super light

1. 360 Degrees Guitar Stool and Stand Combo Black

If you’re a guitar player, having a stool and stand combo is essential to make your gigs/practices smoother and more enjoyable. Looking for a great and affordable guitar stool and stand combo? Look no further! The 360 Degrees Guitar Stool and Stand Combo Black Foldable is the perfect pick – it offers great back support, so you can play both electric and acoustic guitars comfortably without feeling any fatigue.

This ergonomic design helps you stay productive when playing your instruments! This foldable stand helps safeguard your instrument from any harm when not in use! It’s surprisingly strong and supports instruments up to 280 pounds. So whichever type of music you play, this sturdy setup has you covered!

Be it the stage or your garage, rock away in style with the 36 Degrees Guitar Stand and Stool Combo. Not only does it keep your electric or acoustic guitar safe, but its faux leather cover gives extra comfort. It also has a handy footrest for adjusting chair height. Weighing only 7 pounds and yet still strong & durable – this is the deal of a lifetime!


  • Easy to stow away when you don’t need it

  • Comfortable seat with foot rest


  • Not suitable for guitars with a radius greater than 13 inches.

2. On-Stage FS7850B Guitar Foot Rest

Working from home has its perks, like no more colleagues typing away or hearing car horns outside. I can really focus and get into my work without any distractions. One of the best things though? Working at night! The awesome thing about adjustable strap-on keyboards and mouses is that I can stay in any posture for the longest time without straining my shoulders – even if I’m short!

The rubber end caps keep your floors safe from any unintentional damage that could come with playing. They also prevent any excessive movements while playing. The stools are super easy to move around in while sitting. No need to be extra careful, like with other items – I found this out from experience! Give it a go yourself and you’ll see.

On-Stage has a well-deserved rep for being great to guitarists, especially if you’re dealing with fatigue or injury. Even though it’s a bit pricier than other options, the quality of their products makes it totally worth it.


  • The height is easy to adjust

  • The strap is lightweight and won’t give you any shoulder issues

  • The rubber caps on the stool’s legs protect it from getting scratched and makes it really easy to stand up after you’re done playing.


  • The cost may be high, but it’s totally worth it due to its reliability and strength.

3. Gator Frameworks Foldable Guitar Stool

This guitar stool and stand combo is great for gigging musicians looking to keep their playing comfortable when on the go. It’s easy-folding design means it fits into almost any space, making it really convenient to transport from one venue to another. If you’re looking for an accessible & comfortable solution while still being able to see in darker environments, then this product with the red safety rings could be a great match. You can now move with ease and peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to worry about any accidental tripping or falls.

If you’re constantly gigging with your guitar, the Gator Frameworks Foldable Guitar Stool is definitely something you should consider! It offers maximum comfort and convenience – since it’s foldable, transporting and storing this piece of gear is super easy! On top of that, each stand has red safety rings wrapped around the rubber feet that light up in dark environments like churches or auditoriums, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping into your gear during a performance! If you’re a musician, this product is perfect – it’s super convenient and won’t disappoint. Highly recommend!

Gator Frameworks Foldable Guitar Stool is the perfect buddy for any guitar player out there gigging. With a thick cushion and a built-in rest, you can be comfortable while playing, no matter what the lighting condition is – thanks to the red security rings that offer great visibility. This tiny stool is so handy when you’re jammin’ out for hours, plus it won’t get in the way like bulky furnishings!


  • Super convenient, simple to put together and take down


  • In dimly lit areas, it can be hard to spot the red safety rings.

4. ProRock Gear Player’s Guitar Stool and Stand

If you’re always on the go, this travel-friendly stool is great for comfort & stability regardless of size. It’d be a great buy! This rocker base feature is really great – it stops your instrument or seat from shifting around while you’re playing. It’s also perfect for when you’re on the go and if it had an extra handle, carrying would be even easier. All things considered, this buddy is both versatile & reliable and definitely worth the price.

This stool is so convenient and slides easily underneath your chair. You can also lock it in place if you want to. It’s perfect for guitarists who want their instrument to stay close without taking up too much space – great for hobbyists or starters!


  • Sturdy and portable

  • Rock solid base


  • It can be a bit wobbly when in use

5. On-Stage DT7500 Guitarist Stool with Footrest

If you’re a guitarist looking for your ideal stool, the On-Stage DT7500 Guitarist Stool with Footrest is just what you need. It offers everything a musician could want in terms of features and performance. Setting up is a breeze and when you’re done playing, it’s easy to store away. Seats are comfortable too with its custom cushioning, so you can play for hours without feeling any discomfort. Oh, and the footrest stand – it can really elevate your playing experience! Believe me – if you’re serious about improving your musical skills, this is an investment worth making.

This item is great for guitarists! It comes with a footrest that adds both comfort and convenience and it’s built to last – perfect for any fan of music. The pedal safeguards your stool/stand from any harm, which is why you should definitely give it a shot – it won’t disappoint!


  • Setting up and putting away is a breeze – couldn’t be simpler!

  • Comfortable seat cushion

  • Having a footrest is really helpful, especially if you have carpets or rugs on the floor

  • Using a pedal to play guitar is great because it won’t mess up your stool or stand, which is awesome.


  • This place is a bit dull, it could really do with some color – maybe a blue or red one to spruce it up?

Benefits Guitar Stool

Looking for the ideal guitar stool can seem like a complex task, but if you take your time and do some research, you’ll eventually find one that fits both your budget and needs. Don’t rush when looking for the perfect model – it’s important to look at all the pros and cons of each option, such as convenience and ease-of-use, as well as if it’s robust enough for lengthy practice sessions. Perseverance pays off and when you find a music stool that works for you, nothing will stop your musical creativity!


Comfort should be your #1 concern when picking out a guitar stool. Look for something that you can stay in for a good amount of time and keeps your back straight – you want to make sure you’re comfortable! That way, you can practice for an extended period of time and become a pro at playing the instrument.


Fabric stools are a good choice if you’re looking for something long-lasting and easy to clean. Not only do they have a high durability, but they’re also very simple to clean up quickly. Alternatively, leather or vinyl might be a better option if you only need it for a short while, since they’re liable to deteriorate over time.

Easy to set up

Need something to put together fast? Think about getting a music stool. Metal stools are super easy – all its parts just fit together like a jigsaw puzzle! And the fabric ones don’t even need screws – just fold and you’re good to go!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Guitar Stool

Finding the right music chair can be a challenge when there are so many options out there. You need something that’s comfortable and tough enough to last. Don’t rush into buying something without thinking it through. Taking your time to shop around and consider how the item might be used, as well as the material, comfort level etc., can save you from possible buyer’s remorse later on. Put some effort into what you’re doing, and you’ll soon start seeing great results in the form of amazing tunes! Quality always pays off.

Thinking of buying a guitar stool? When choosing a chair, there’s a few key aspects you need to consider: height, comfort, durability, adjustable features, storage options and slip-resistant material for the bottom.

Quality Material

Don’t just look at the price tag when shopping for a guitar stool – think about the quality and durability of the materials too! Get one that’s been made with care and will last you for years. Make sure all the joints are solid – that way you won’t topple over no matter how energetic you get!


Looking to play guitar in style? There are a ton of stools out there you can choose from, without going over the budget. If you’re looking for something with more features, though, be prepared to spend a bit more – do some shopping around and you’ll find the best deals!


Getting the right height for your guitar stool is important for a comfortable playing experience – and you should definitely go for an adjustable one so you can customize it if needed. That way, those music-making dreams of yours will become a reality without any hassle!


Struggling to find a guitar stand that’s comfy and stylish? Look no further! There are tons of awesome and colorful options when it comes to guitar stools–all complete with extra cushioned rubber padding so you can wail away in comfort.

Additional Features

Want to make the seating experience more comfortable and secure? Look for features like backrest, arm rests, and even wheels when searching for stools. This way, you can easily position yourself or shift positions without straining your body to move heavy furniture!

Durability (How Will It Hold Up Over Time?)

When you’re looking for a guitar stool, don’t skimp on quality. Check out the materials it’s made from and make sure they’ll last. It’s worth spending more now to get something that’ll stay reliable in the long run!


A guitar stool is an essential for any guitarist that wants to play comfortably. Plus, there are tons of styles to choose from so you’re sure to find one that matches your own style and aesthetic. Not only do they provide a comfortable playing experience, but sitting cross-legged on an offset also reduces lower back discomfort and makes it simple to move if you need to stand up suddenly.

Get yourself a product with rubber padding or wheels for extra support and safety while playing around with an audience. Don’t wait any longer – invest in something that’ll offer maximum music-making pleasure today!

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