Best Marine Sound Bar for Boat on the Market

Discover the top marine sound bars for your boat on the market today! Don’t let the “marine” label confuse you – think of it as a waterproof or weatherproof soundbar. After thorough testing, we’ve chosen the best amplified marine soundbars that both look and sound exceptional. But why do you need an amplified marine soundbar? Read on to find out!

Upgrade your outdoor sound system’s durability with a waterproof sound panel. Whether you’re on a boat, golf cart, or hosting a summer pool party, water resistance is crucial. Don’t risk damaging your system with Mother Nature’s blows – invest in a waterproof soundbar to ensure long-lasting performance.

Enhance your audio experience with a powerful soundbar that not only amplifies sound but also improves its quality. Don’t settle for subpar sound that falls flat in open spaces – choose a soundbar that can fill a room with ease. And when you install a soundbar outdoors, make sure it’s loud enough to compete with the noise of engines on golf carts or boats. Choose a soundbar that delivers high-quality audio and can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Top Marine Sound Bar for Boat Review

Ready to dive into the world of amplified marine sound bars? In this article, we’ll highlight the top performers of 2023 for those who need sound bars that can withstand the water. Get ready to make waves with any of these impressive options.

1. PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar

Introducing the PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar – the ultimate sound system for your outdoor adventures. Packed with 600 watts of pure power, this soundbar is the real deal. At 27 inches long and weighing almost 20 pounds, it’s the perfect blend of size and weight, making installation easy and secure whether it’s on your boat,

ATV or by your pool. The circular button placement and slick design will impress even the pickiest audiophile. And, setup is a breeze – simply connect to your phone via Bluetooth. At around $500, the XL-800 is an investment that’s worth every penny. Upgrade your sound experience now!

The PowerBass XL-800 boasts six high-performance 3-inch full-range ‘marine’ grade speakers that produce impressive sound quality. Our backyard pool party was turned up a notch with this powerful sound system, and even at higher volumes, the clarity of the sound remained unbeatable.

The bass was solid, giving us a rich and enjoyable audio experience. The only downside is that you’ll need to purchase the remote separately, but with smartphone control available, this is a minor inconvenience. Upgrade your sound system with the PowerBass XL-800!

Looking for a marine soundbar that delivers great sound and is easy to connect to your phone? Look no further than the PowerBass XL-800! Despite its steep price, it’s actually the lowest priced soundbar in its class. Plus, it can handle the elements and looks absolutely kickass. Perfect for high volume use in big open spaces. Don’t miss out!


  • This thing is built to last – it’s waterproof and weatherproof, so it can take a beating

  • Get awesome sound with the perfect mix of bass and treble

  • Super simple to connect to your phone with Bluetooth or an audio jack

  • All in all, the cost is right and you get your money’s worth.


  • It might be too expensive for some people

  • Weirdly, the remote isn’t part of the package.

2. Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System

Are you skeptical about the Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System’s performance? You’re not alone, but I am confident that this sound system is a perfect match for the amplified marine soundbars.

What stands out about this soundbar is its attractive price point. There are two options available from Sound Storm Laboratories, and the 6-inch soundbar is priced modestly at slightly over $100. However, if you require a larger size, the 8-inch soundbar is also available at a slightly higher cost.

Get ready to experience sound like never before with the BTB6. Its unconventional tube-shaped design is weatherproof, making it perfect for outdoor use on a boat or ATV. At a competitive price, you won’t find a better amplified marine soundbar with two 6-inch speakers and 1-inch tweeters.

Don’t be fooled by the photos, the BTB6 measures 26 inches in width ensuring you get the most out of every beat. While some might find the construct slightly plasticky, the fair pricing makes up for it. Give your outdoor adventures an upgrade with the BTB6 soundbar.

Experience powerful sound with BTB6, boasting of 450 watts. While it may not deliver the same ‘rich’ and ‘real’ sound as some other options, like PowerBass XL-800, it’s certainly good enough for poolside lounging or partying on a boat. Connect your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth, or use an audio jack. With a four-star rating from over 424 reviews, users have not only been blown away by its affordability but also by the remarkable sound quality at just over $100.

Experience low and punchy bass and crisp highs with the Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 soundbar. This absolute best value comes with two 6.5-inch speakers. While its design may be an acquired taste, don’t let that stop you from enjoying excellent sound quality for your money. Get past the strange look and be satisfied with your purchase.


  • The asking price is super sweet!

  • We weren’t too keen on the design at first, but it grew on us after a while and now we find it refreshing

  • Wow, the sound quality for the price is way better than expected!

  • It could not be any easier to use


  • I kinda felt it was a bit of a bargain, if you get what I’m saying

  • When I maxed out the volume on the PowerBass XL-800, I was a bit underwhelmed with the sound.

3. BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Soundbar

Join us on our search for the perfect amplified marine soundbar with the BRT26A UTV Soundbar from Boss Audio Systems. While we haven’t personally tested it yet, we are already impressed by the practical and innovative mounting clamps, perfect for outdoor use and on-the-go adventures.

No need to worry about securing this soundbar to your moving vehicle. Unlike other models we’ve tested, the BRT26A comes complete with two adjustable mounting clamps that fit bars with a width between 1.75″ to 2″. This feature makes the BRT26A a versatile soundbar that fits any adventure or setting.

Upgrade your ATV/UTV with the weatherproof BRT26A soundbar. Boasting four 4″ speakers and two 1″ horn-loaded tweeters with a 500 watt built-in Class A/B amplifier, this compact speaker packs a punch. Its IPX5 rating ensures resistance to low-pressure water jets, making it ideal for all weather conditions. Priced at just $199.99, the BRT26A is an affordable option that sits comfortably between the PowerBass XL-800 and the BTB6.

Experience wireless convenience wherever you go with the BRT26A soundbar! Its wireless remote allows you to adjust settings while on the move, and it’s accessible to a wide range of devices through Bluetooth, audio jack, and USB connectivity. With an impressive 4.3-star rating on Amazon and high consumer satisfaction, the BRT26A is easy to secure to your vehicle and compatible with a variety of open vehicles – making it a must-have addition to your audio setup.

The BERT26A comes with a remote, but most reviewers prefer using their smartphones to control the soundbar. Despite some Amazon reviews mentioning that the sound could be louder, the majority found the BRT26A to be practical and a good value for its under-$200 price tag.


  • Attach to your vehicle (like UTV, ATV, golf carts, boats) safely and quickly.

  • Powerful and clear sound for outdoors use

  • Easy to connect with Bluetooth, audio jack, or USB

  • Value for money


  • Apparently, a few people have said it’s not as loud as they’d expected.

4. JBL UB400BKL Marine Passive Soundbar

Upgrade your marine audio experience with the JBL UB400BKL Marine Passive Soundbar. Featuring a high-performance speaker array with long-excursion mid/woofers and high output tweeters, this soundbar delivers clear and powerful sound on your boat, UTV, or recreational vehicle.

With a frequency response range of 50Hz to 20kHz and a 100dB driver complement, you’ll enjoy impeccable sound quality. Plus, the weatherproof and splash-proof design with IPx6 rating ensures it can withstand the elements on the water. Please note that an amplifier and a receiver are required to operate the soundbar, but they are not included. Upgrade your audio setup today!

Gain the ultimate in versatility with our soundbar’s mounting system! With universal mounting clamps, inserts, and quick-release brackets, installation is a breeze and provides numerous mounting options. Keep it looking clean with plates provided to cover and conceal its exposed parts when speakers are separated. Plus, the included 9.8-foot cable allows for ample distance between speakers. Completing the package are 2 bottom filler plates and 16 screws for added convenience.


  • weatherproof and splash-proof design

  • versatile mounting system

  • requires an amplifier and a receiver

5. Infinity Kappa Marine Soundbar

Looking for an exhilarating audio experience while out on the water? Look no further than the Infinity Kappa Marine Soundbar – the perfect addition to any boat or family vehicle. This powerful soundbar delivers the renowned Infinity sound, and can even be separated into two speaker towers for unbeatable quality. In addition to the two soundbar speakers, you’ll receive two mounting brackets, an AVRCP remote control, battery, RCA adapters, and more – everything you need for easy installation. Order your Infinity Kappa Marine Soundbar today and experience the thrill of superior sound on the water!

Experience the ultimate in flexible mounting and high-quality sound with the Infinity Kappa soundbar. With built-in Bluetooth and versatile output jacks, you can easily share your favorite playlists with friends. And, capture all the excitement with the included GoPro shoe and ambient lighting feature.

This marine sound bar delivers a powerful 120W x 2 A output and a frequency response ranging from 50Hz to 20kHz. Plus, it boasts a sleek and sturdy design, with dimensions of 19 x 9 x 19 inches and a weight of only 27 pounds. Upgrade your audio experience today with the Infinity Kappa soundbar.


  • 2 soundbar speakers

  • Built-in Bluetooth feature

  • glowing red LED output display

  • weighs about 27 pounds

  • equipment and accessories are included

6. DS18 SBAR25 Marine Hydro Sound Bar

Introducing the Ds18 Hydro Sound Bar model – our top pick for marine sound bars. This waterproof two-way speaker system is the perfect addition to your boat, with no need to worry about accidental water damage. Designed with an extrusion aluminum cabinet and black sand powder coating, it is both waterproof and 100% UV stable. Measuring at 30 x 12 x 8 inches and weighing in at around 16 pounds, this passive sound bar requires an amplifier to work. Take your boating experience to the next level with the Ds18 Hydro Sound Bar model.

Experience the ultimate sound experience with our advanced soundbar. It comes with an integrated LED-RGB Sound Bar Lighting, a versatile BT or Wi-Fi Controller, L mounts, tube mounts, and 2 x 1″ titanium tweeters, all included. While the other accessories can be purchased separately, you’ll need an amplifier to get started. Get your hands on this amazing product today and elevate your sound game like never before.


  • 25-inch two-way soundbar

  • IP65 waterproof

  • 100% UV stable

  • LED-RGB Sound Bar Lighting


  • This is your dream party gadget – it’s got RGB lights to make any bash extra awesome!

  • This bodysuit is super durable and will last you a while

  • The sound should stay clear even when you crank up the volume

  • Easy to use


  • It does cost over 300 bucks

  • Some people may not be a fan of its more “factory-like” aesthetic.

7. Bazooka BPB24-G2 24-Inch Bluetooth G2 Party Bar with LED Illumination System

Looking for a high-end Bluetooth soundbar that’s perfect for your boat parties? Look no further than Bazooka’s BPB24-G2 24-Inch Bluetooth G2 Party Bar! Sure, it might be a bit pricey, but the “party bar” name alone should clue you in that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill soundbar.

Sporting four well-designed speakers and an easy-to-use app, this soundbar packs a ton of features into a sleek, high-quality design. Plus, its waterproof rating means you don’t have to worry about damaging it on your aquatic adventures. Trust us, your next party will be a hit with this bad boy at the helm!

Looking for a sound system that will be the life of the party? Look no further than the Bazooka BPB24-G2 24-Inch Bluetooth G2 Party Bar with LED Illumination System. After testing it out for a week, I was blown away by the solid construction and impressive sound quality. While it may be on the pricier side, I believe it’s worth the investment for the years of enjoyment it will bring. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your next get-together.


  • It looks super cool

  • Wow, the sound quality was great no matter how loud it was!

  • The app is super simple to work with – no rocket science involved!

  • Gives off a really premium vibe


  • The price tag is more than 400 dollars

  • Wish the power cord was longer!

8. Planet Audio PATV65 ATV UTV Weatherproof Sound System

Introducing the Planet Audio PATV65 ATV UTV Weatherproof Sound System, available in two versions. The first features powerful 6.5-inch speakers at an affordable price of $150, while the second boasts larger 8-inch speakers for $200. With an impressive 450 watts of power, this system can deliver exceptional sound even at high volumes. While some distortion is noticeable with hard rock at maximum volume, it won’t be an issue for most users during regular use. Perfect for entertaining guests, why not bring the party to life with this remarkable sound system?

Looking for a budget-friendly Bluetooth soundbar for your boat? Look no further than the Planet Audio PATV65 ATV UTV Weatherproof Sound System! The Bluetooth connectivity is top-notch, and the included remote is easy to use. Plus, it’s uniquely designed with a U shape, making it perfect for those who want something that won’t take up too much space. While the bass may not be as thumping as some other soundbars, it still offers great sound quality at a modest price. Don’t miss out on this must-have addition to your boat parties!


  • I like the design of it

  • It has a very hefty and solid feel to it

  • Very easy to connect to your phone

  • It has LED lights which are cool


  • The bass is not the best

  • Turn the volume up and you might start to hear distortion.

9. Kuryakyn 2715 Road Thunder Waterproof Soundbar

Take your off-roading to the next level with the Kuryakyn Soundbar, perfect for ATVs, UTVs, and bikes. This sleek 10-inch soundbar fits seamlessly on your bike or even a jet ski. Enjoy crystal-clear vocals and crisp audio through its two full-range speakers and four silk dome tweeters with N35 grade magnets, providing a powerful 150-watt peak power output.

Easily connect to Bluetooth or plug in with a 3.5mm AUX-in port for all your audio needs. And with an IP66 rating, you’ll never have to worry about weather conditions affecting your device’s performance. Experience the ultimate outdoor audio experience, whatever the weather.


  • IP66 rating offers protection from all kinds of weather, making it great for outdoor use

  • This device has really great sound quality, no interruptions or anything

  • Even while driving at 60-70 mph, you can easily hear the audio output from this device

  • It is compact, portable, and lightweight

  • It is easy to install and operate

  • It is ideal for use in bikes and boats


  • The soundbar’s audio output could be affected by the source of the audio, whether it’s a phone, laptop or other streaming device.

10. ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE18 Amplified Weatherproof Bluetooth 5 Speaker Soundbar

Experience the ultimate outdoor music adventure with the ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme soundbar. With an IP66 international standard rating, this device can withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. Equipped with five marine-grade speakers, this soundbar delivers a powerful 300-watt peak output and optimized bass performance for a superior audio experience.

But that’s not all – the Soundbar also features a rear-facing LED Light Bar and multi-mode Party Lights for the perfect party atmosphere. You can control light colors, style, speed, and manage your own party with ease. Don’t let the weather put a damper on your outdoor fun. Bring the ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme soundbar with you and enjoy non-stop entertainment, rain or shine.

The ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE18 is the ultimate waterproof soundbar. With compatibility with up to 50 ECOCAST units, this device is perfect for any occasion. Connect with Bluetooth 5.0 or the Aux-in jack for seamless connectivity, and enjoy powerful and clear audio from up to 100 feet away. Budget-friendly individuals can snag this device for a steal at around $300, getting top-of-the-line features without breaking the bank.


  • It’s an awesome device that can handle all kinds of weather outdoors

  • The sound produced by it is incredibly loud and can easily be heard up to 50ft away

  • Its audio quality is crisp and clear

  • It has a great LED system built in which makes it perfect for parties and late-night vibes

  • You can sync up to 50 ECOCAST sound systems with this one – pretty impressive!

  • You can easily connect with both Bluetooth and Aux options

  • For just $300, it’s an awesome soundbar that you can get!


  • No such cons reported.

Let me share some exciting news before we wrap up – you remember the amazing PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified PowerSports Bluetooth Soundbar we talked about earlier? Well, it turns out the XL800 I reviewed was just the smaller version of a whole series!

If you loved the XL800 but need something stronger and more dynamic for your outdoor space, then you’re in luck. The XL-1000 is available for $630 and the XL-1200 is a true powerhouse for just $750. Saving up a bit more for an ‘upsized’ PowerBass XL soundbar is worth considering if you want the ultimate audio experience.


Discover the unbeatable champion in outdoor soundbars – the PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar. This top-notch device boasts superior construction, exceptional sound quality, and all the must-have features for your outdoor adventures. While the PowerBass XL-800 comes with a hefty price tag, the Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System is a fantastic affordable option for budget-conscious buyers.

While the PowerBass XL-800 has superior sound quality at higher volumes, it comes with a hefty price tag. The BTB6, on the other hand, offers comparable sound quality at a much more affordable price. Ultimately, the decision comes down to whether or not the extra money is worth it for superior sound. For me, the answer is a resounding yes! Don’t forget to also check out our Marine Speakers without Amplifiers and the Kickers Marine Speakers Kit.

FAQ for Best Marine Sound Bars for Boat

What is a Marine Soundbar?

Marine sound bars are perfect for any boat party. They’ll let you crank up the volume and really get the party going. Some of them are even versatile enough to be used with UTVs and other vehicles, so you can take your tunes anywhere.

What are the special features these products have?

Boating has unique requirements, and these products are tailored to those needs. They’re made from really strong materials and their coatings stop corrosion and keep them steady in intense UV light. Plus, they can handle all that sunshine and splashing water out on the open seas.

What else will you need?

Experience superior sound quality on your boat with a marine soundbar. Achieve optimum volume and sound quality with amplifiers that enhance these features. Some marine sound bars come with built-in amplifiers, while others require separate purchases. For larger boats and bigger crowds, amplifiers are essential to ensure an enjoyable experience. Certain marine soundbars can even support two speakers per channel wired in parallel, making it an even stronger choice for your boating needs.

What kind of connection does It require?

Stream Your Favorite Playlists Easily with Boat Soundbar. Connect your phone or MP3 player to the boat soundbar and enjoy your favorite tunes with ease. Simply plug in cables or use the built-in Bluetooth feature on modern soundbars to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

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