Best Mendini Violins

Beginners might be interested in looking into a cheap but fun option, whereas experienced players can go with a more expensive violist in order to get better quality sound. Noting that the quality of your violin could affect your performance can be important. So evaluate the various models to find the right one for yourself.

Mendini produces some of the best violins which would surely suit your taste. These instruments provide you with a stunning sound, making it much easier to play or hear. But be conscious of the model surrounding taste. It might be difficult to choose which one is better for your needs depending on the type of customer you are targeting – there are many models. Here is our guide to finding the best Mendini Violins on the market.

About Mendini Violins

Mendini violins are manufactured at the company’s workshop in California. Mendini instruments are made to be affordable and make up a part of the Cecilio company, which is popular for making mass-produced instruments.

A good option for musicians is buying a quality instrument from an online auction house such as eBay. Quality handmade instruments can be very expensive so this is the ideal option for many musicians looking to stock their small collection.

Best Mendini Violins Review

1. Mendini 4/4 MV400 Violin – Best for Beginners

The Mendini 4/4 MV400 is a violin made of solid wood with beautiful finishes and tones. This is a full-size (4/4) violin for aspiring musicians.

The violin is composed of Ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest. The material used to make the bow is Brazil wood with Mongolian horsehair. It includes a lightweight hard case, two bridges, an adjustable shoulder case, a rosin cake, and an extra set of violin strings.

2. Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D Flamed Violin

The next product on the list is the Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D Flamed Violin. This violin is composed of solid maple and has beautiful rich red color and a flamed finish. The grand spruce top has a beautiful inlaid purfling, providing a warm and organic tone. This violin has a tailpiece that has four fine tuners, pegs, a chin rest and an ebony fingerboard.

This violin includes a hard case, bridges, rosin cake, and extra strings. Most of these features are great in small violin specifications. However, there is one thing that this instrument lacks that many might want to consider: the infamous Brazilian wood bow made of two pieces with genuine Mongolian horsehair on them.


  • Comes with two bows
  • Affordable
  • Improved sound quality
  • Everything included


  • Only two sizes available
  • Not for intermediate and advanced players

3. Mendini MV400 Violin

The MV400 Violin has solid spruce wood. It also has maple wood on the back and sides. It comes with a beautiful inlaid purfling and varnish finish, ebony fingerboard, chin rest, & pegs. It even has an alloy tailpiece.

This violin is also great because it comes with a set of straps, a lightweight case with pockets, and it includes a chromatic tuner to help you tune easily. BOWS: Includes two handmade Brazil wood bow with genuine horsehair, two violin strings, a shoulder rest with soft foam padding, two bridges for the violin to play on, and rosin.


  • Affordable
  • High quality materials
  • Everything included
  • Improved sound quality


  • Fewer sizes available
  • Not for intermediate and advanced students

4. Mendini 4/4 MV300 Violin

As a violinist, you should also consider the Mendini 4/4 MV300 Violin. This full-size satin antique violin has hand-carved maple top and side wood and includes a maple fingerboard, chin rest and peg set.

This violin comes with a lightweight hard case, a Brazilian-made wood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, a rosin cake, two bridges, an additional set of strings, and an adjustable shoulder rest. This violin also comes in a variety of colors, such as black, purple, and blue. It has an antique finish too!

5. Mendini 4/4 MV650 Violin

The Mendini 4/4 MV650 Violin is made of a solid maple back and side that is hand-carved into a one-piece. It also has a spruce top with an attractive varnish finish and lovely inlaid purfling. This violin has an ebony fingerboard, four fine tunes, and a tailpiece made predominantly of silver.

Interactive tutorials and a chromatic string tuner help the violin’s user when they’re trying to learn how to play instruments like a violin. With these and 2 bows made of Brazil wood with horsehair, the brand can really make your musical dreams come true! It comes with a lightweight hard case, an adjustable shoulder rest, two bridges and an extra set of violin strings.


  • Comes with two bows
  • Affordable
  • Improved sound quality
  • Everything included


  • Only full size available
  • Not for intermediate and advanced students

6. Mendini MV300 Violin

The Mendini MV300 Violin is a full-size violin with a hand-carved top and maple back and sides. This product includes a maple fingerboard, a chin rest, pegs, and an alloy tailpiece with four integrated fine tuners.

This violin comes with a lightweight hard case, a Brazil wood bow made of unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, a rosin cake, two bridges and an adjustable shoulder rest. This violin is perfect for beginners because of its included package: a DVD, a lesson book, and straps. Not only does it have an antique finish to its blue body, but it also has many other colors like pink and white.


  • Affordable
  • Multi-colored varnish available
  • Everything included
  • Large range of sizes


  • Not for intermediate and advanced players

7. Mendini MV200 Violin Outfit

The MV200 violin outfit is an affordable instrument that is also very reliable. It’s a good option for students looking to purchase their first violin and it provides consistent quality.

I recommend this violin to all students and artists looking for their first instrument or to those who are looking for a way to try violin without making a huge investment.


  • Affordable
  • Multi-colored varnish available
  • Everything included
  • Large range of sizes


  • Not for intermediate and advanced players
  • Sound quality is low

What to Look for in Mendini Violins

Identifying the features that your selected violin has is an essential step to purchasing one. For instance, you will want to make sure that it’s capable of the kind of sound you need and identified what type of strings are needed. This way, you are assured of a quality instrument that you could use in practice or performances. Here are some of the features that you should look for when selecting the best Mendini violins.


When you’re looking for a violin to buy, you should consider its construction. You want it to be well-made without any glaring issues. You also want something that will last long & have an appealing tone quality. This means that you shouldn’t have any seams or cracks on the violin you’ve chosen. Some violins don’t have large creaks which can make them last for a really long time.

Make sure you pick the material that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like copper & zinc in order to feel safe with their safety.


Putting an instrument like this on your budget is a great decision. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars or more, you could have this violin for just a fraction of that price. Ebony is vital to the violin, and it is difficult to change the tone of a violin with other woods. It’s true that different woods will change the sound but it causes a loss of quality overall.

Before you can pick a violin out of the best Mendini violins, it’s important to understand some key features that they all have in common. Discussing these features with a knowledgeable guide will make it easier for you to select the right instrument.


There are a variety of different violin sizes that you can get. From the smallest size to the largest, violins come in a range of smaller measurements. It’s important to find the type of instrument that fits your body so it’s comfortable. If a violin is too big for you, there is a high risk for injury which can be uncomfortable for you and your performance.

To know the size of your violin, stand with it in position and try to locate the scrollings for your hand when you wrap your hand around it. For average-sized adults, a 4/4 is usually what people go for but some violins can go up to a 6/4…

The Overall Tone & Sound

You won’t need to worry about variations in tone quality or sound production from one instrument to the next because most Mendini instruments have a uniform tone quality and sound production. These instruments may not be as high quality as more expensive models and brands, but they provide players with a dependable sound for their instruments. It’s perfect for any beginning student!


Instruments don’t have to be expensive. Mendini violins range from $100 to just around $400, which are a lot less than other instruments. Compared to playing a musical instrument or recording your own, learning an instrument with one of these instruments is a great and affordable option.


Mendini violins come in six different colors, with the cheapest available in multi-color finishes. Be sure to know what you’re looking for before you make your decision, as these additional layers of paint can negatively impact sound quality.

Types of Mendini Violins

Many different models of Mendini violins are designed to be affordable options for beginning students. This is because there are multiple models of buttons, so it’s hard to distinguish between them by just looking.

There are three main categories of Mendini violins; the baroque, classical, and contemporary models.

Basic Models

These instruments are highly affordable to beginners and cost less than $100 on average. Great for someone looking for their first instrument!

Mid-Range Models

The next category is the mid-range instrument models, which are slightly better instruments, although still quite affordable.

Highest Quality Models

There are many brands of violins with a wide range of prices, but the Mendini violin is affordable and has been used by many beginning students.


Violins by the Mendini Company are known for their quality construction and distinctive features. Because of this, they have been used in various performances and rehearsals.

However, you should note the features of Mendini violins. You can then find a model that meets your needs based on these features at the most appropriate price point for your budget.

FAQ for Best Mendini Violins

As you look around at your options, we encourage you to consult our frequently asked questions page. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions that may help guide your search:

How much do mendini violins cost?

Violins by Mendini are very affordable; they start at just over $90 and go up to $400.

What are the best mendini violins?

The best Mendini violins are the three slightly more expensive models: MV400, MV500, and the MV650.

  • Mendini MV 400 Violin Outfit – The Mendini MV400 is a step up from the  model just below it, but it’s still fairly affordable. It’s a great option for students looking for their first instrument.
  • Mendini MV500 Violin Outfit – This beginner’s instrument is a step up from the MV400 and features many improvements like improved tone quality and sound control. It will provide the same amount of sound worth as the MV500 but costs significantly less, so it’s a great option if you’re new to learning how to play.
  • Mendini MV650 Violin Outfit – You may want to consider the Mendini   MV650 . It’s essentially the same instrument as the MV500, but with a slightly different varnish and appearance.  It’s another great option for beginning students.

Where are mendini violins made?

Mendini violins are made in California.

What is the best sounding mendini violin?

The MV500 and MV650 are the best sounding Mendini violins.

Where to buy mendini violins?

Mendini violins are an extremely popular option for beginning students, and they can be found at every major music retailer and online store.

  • Amazon – Mendini violins offer great prices and a risk-free trial. Furthermore, their reviews are pretty useful for making informed decisions about what instruments to buy.
  • Online music retailers – Online music retailers are also great options for finding Mendini violins, including and
  • Your local music store or box store – Your local music store most likely has several models of Mendini violins in stock, as do common box stores like Walmart.

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