Best Mic Preamp Under $100

No matter if you’re a musician or a sound tech, when you need to make your recordings sound good, finding the right Microphone Preamp is key. It’ll give you a nice, clean and professional-sounding output. Even if you’ve got the best microphone around, it won’t be much use without preamps to boost the output and tech to adjust the frequency. You won’t get the full benefit of such a high-end mic unless you have these things.

There are many different factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing the best mic preamps under $100 such as reviews and specifications. Price matters when it comes to almost anything. Luckily, whatever budget you have, there’ll be options to fit your needs – from the top-range products to more affordable ones.

After considering the technical specs, make sure to consider what exactly you need the product for. Is it for large-scale events? A recording studio? Or just personal use? Make sure it’s tailored to your own needs and preferences.

Different situations will require different specs – such as power, channels and preamp – whether it’s tube, solid state or hybrid. We have compiled a fantastic list of preamps and reviews of them so you can choose the best mic preamp under $100 for you.

About the Mic Preamp

Discover the Versatility and Classic Sound of a Microphone Preamp! If you’re in the sound engineering field, a microphone preamp is an essential device that can help clarify and enhance your audio recordings, setup or live shows. Whether you’re a musician seeking to boost and refine your sound or a broadcaster working in the TV, radio or news fields, a preamp can make all the difference in creating a high-quality output.

Did you know that the first preamplifier was created back in 1909 using tube technology? Even though transistor-based amps became more prevalent in the late 60s, many music lovers and audiophiles still crave that classic tube and valve sound today. That’s why preamps with tube capabilities are still in high demand and remain a popular choice among sound professionals.

Experience the power and flexibility of a microphone preamp today and take your sound to new heights! Do you struggle to capture clear and high-quality sound when using microphones for instruments like vocals and drums? Microphone preamps are the solution you need.

They enhance the mic’s signal by boosting its sound quality and reducing background noise, making it easier to process through sound engineering equipment. By doing so, each layer of the output becomes clearer, ensuring a polished and professional sound output. Don’t let weak signals hinder your audio quality – invest in a microphone preamp today.

Elevate your sound to new heights with our preamp unit filled with an impressive range of customizable functions. Whether you’re trying to boost your mic’s signal or prevent unwanted noise, our preamp has got your back. With various models available, you can choose the functionality that’s just right for you. Additionally, you’ll appreciate our preamp unit’s ability to prevent clipping and keep your sound crystal clear.

Unlock the full potential of your condenser microphone with Phantom Power. By using a simple XLR cable, you can transmit audio and power simultaneously, without the need for extra cords and outlets. With voltage options ranging from 12 to 48v, you’ll have the power you need to capture crystal clear sound in any recording situation. Don’t settle for subpar audio – upgrade your preamp with Phantom Power today.

Top Mic Preamp Under $100 Review

1. TNP 2 Channel Microphone Mini Audio Stereo Mixer

Introducing the TNP 2 Channel Microphone Mini Audio Stereo Mixer – a cost-effective solution at only $37.99! This compact device accommodates two microphones simultaneously, with individual volume controls and the option to mount it to a desk.

Best Mic Preamp Under $100

It features standard white/red RCA outputs for effortless integration to your existing audio setup. Need to record onto a computer? Simply grab the RCA to USB cable, available for under $10. Otherwise, enjoy singing or connecting to your speakers with ease. Get your hands on this mixer and get the job done!

Get high quality sound at an unbeatable price with the TNP 2 Channel Microphone Mini Audio Stereo Mixer. At under $50, this versatile mixer is perfect for recording, singing, and more. Even with the extra cost of an RCA to USB cable, it’s a steal. Don’t settle for poor volume – upgrade your sound with the TNP mixer today.


  • The asking price is great

  • It’s capable of accommodating two microphones at the same time

  • If it needs to, you can easily screw it into place

  • The unit is very compact


  • You may need an extra cable

  • Man, that big red light is super unattractive!

2. Rolls Mini Microphone Preamp

Introducing the Rolls Mini Microphone Preamp, a must-have on our list of the best mic preamps under $100. With a current price of only $56, this gem from Rolls, a company with a proven track record in producing top-quality preamps, is a steal. This preamp is incredibly user-friendly and requires minimal setup. Simply connect it to your device, and you’re good to go! It’s perfect for making announcements or singing, but take note that it only supports one microphone. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!

Best Mic Preamp Under $100

While it may not be suitable for a huge concert, the Rolls preamp is an excellent choice for those with simpler needs. It’s easy to use, with simple dials to customize your sound. Don’t expect any fancy features, but this preamp makes up for it in reliable performance. As a longtime Rolls fan, I trust this product and highly recommend it. However, for those seeking perfect clarity, additional research may be necessary before making a purchase decision.


  • The cost is quite affordable

  • Rolls tend to produce good products

  • It is simple to use

  • The size of this thing is tiny!


  • You’re only able to connect one mic at once

  • People’s reactions to Amazon are kinda all over the place

3. USB 2×2 Audio Interface with Mic Preamplifier

Check out this USB 2×2 Audio Interface with Mic Preamplifier for only $69.99! Not only does it have sleek and stylish looks – with a cool red casing and accent colors – but it also adds personality to any video podcast setup. Don’t let a bland device bring down your content – upgrade to this eye-catching option today!

The box has two sound inputs on the front, each one with its own volume control knob so you can adjust it to your liking. On the back, you’ll find both RCA outputs and a USB port, so you can get this connected to your computer without any extra accessories. So cool!

If I could ever start a podcast (which I would really enjoy doing) about the music of my favorite artists like Guns N Roses, or chitchatting about films or whatever topics, I’d love to. This USB 2×2 Audio Interface with Mic Preamp is exactly what I need – nothing fancy but enough to get the job done. It has multiple inputs and a USB port on the back – really convenient!


  • It’s definitely way cheaper than our 100 dollar limit

  • This one takes the cake when it comes to style

  • Two mic inputs

  • RCA and USB outputs on the back


  • Not everyone will be a fan of the red design

  • You may have to adjust the settings a bit to get your desired sound

4. Saramonic Smart Rig

The Saramonic Smart Rig may look a bit different from the other preamps we’ve seen, but it’s currently available on Amazon for just below $90 – that’s ten bucks less than our budget! One great thing about this device is the USB-C that’s included with it. Plus, you can connect headphones or speakers to it through the headphone jack with a cable if needed – perfect for hooking up to a karaoke machine, receiver, etc.

At the other end, you’ve got a microphone jack and on the front, you have buttons and switches. This device is really easy to use and it’s designed in a way that makes it simple to store away. This seems like it’s made for people always on the move since you need a square 9-volt battery to power it. If you often find yourself recording audio from shows or conventions, this could be a great accessory for you. Basically, it’s a way to record and save audio directly to your phone with ease.

If you’re mostly recording on your phone, the Saramonic Smart Rig should definitely be an option. It’s compact, great for on-the-go use and the USB cable is attached to the top – all awesome features.


  • It has a built in USB cable

  • If you need to record on the move, the best option is a mic preamp

  • This is perfect for people who want to create audio recordings when they’re not at home

  • It costs under $100


  • It does require a 9-volt battery

  • There’s no single way to evaluate the cause of an issue.

5. ART Tube MP Project Series Microphone Preamp

This ART Tube MP Project Series Microphone Preamp is close to our pricing maximum as it’s currently priced at $89.99. It’s a tube amp designed for people looking for more serious recording capabilities. The USB output isn’t available, only the standard output on the back. Not sure why they had to put both of them there, but that’s how it goes.

The thing that makes this mic preamp more “professional” is what you have on its front. It comes with a bunch of buttons for various options and the regular gain/volume knobs. With a mic setup, you have greater control over the sound quality. This makes it really tempting for people who take their recording seriously.

The design of this ART Tube MP Project Series Microphone Preamp may not be the prettiest but it does have lots of good things going for it. The cost isn’t too bad and if you’re looking for more professional sound and control, this device has plenty of options/buttons that’ll help you get the exact sound you want.


  • This is very professional

  • There’re a bunch of adjustabilities to fiddle around with

  • They have made it easy to use

  • This thing looks like it could last forever!


  • Let’s just say it doesn’t win any beauty pageants

  • Those flashy lights on the front are pretty intense — I bet they can get real irritating.

6. IK Multimedia iRig Pre HD Digital Microphone Interface

Lastly, we’ve got the IK Multimedia iRig Pre HD Digital Microphone Interface. Just like the one we discussed earlier, it’s perfect for recording while traveling. Even better – you can find an awesome picture on Amazon of a guy using this for a boom mic with his phone connected! This one’s priced at $99.99 so it may be a bit pricey for you. But it looks sleek and discreet, so it won’t be too obvious that you have it. So overall, worth considering.

This appliance has a microphone port on one end and a USB and headphone jack on the other. It even comes with great recording software so you’ll have everything you need. Pretty cool, right? You can customize the gain and volume settings to suit your needs, so whether you’re recording on the go or producing a podcast, this mic is great for both.

I’m absolutely amazed at the IK Multimedia iRig Pre HD Digital Microphone Interface – it’s an awesome, little device that’ll give your vocals a big oomph despite its miniature size. This setup offers the best of both worlds – great portability and convenience if you’re recording on the go, and a top-notch mic preamp for superior sound quality. If you’re recording at home with this setup, you should be pretty pleased with the results you get!


  • It has a very compact design

  • Awesome if you need to get some recordings done when you’re not at home

  • It’s got some great free software you can take advantage of

  • If you want to record your own stuff at home, then AI writers are awesome


  • It fits our budget perfectly

  • You’ll need two AA batteries for this

Overall Best Mic Preamp Under $100

There are a couple of stand-out options here. The USB 2×2 Audio Interface with Mic Preamplifier is one to consider, for sure. I’m really impressed with this product – it’s perfect if you’re looking for something to use at home and the price tag is totally reasonable – only $70!

If you need something that can be moved around, IK Multimedia iRig Pre HD Digital Microphone Interface is worth checking out. It costs $99.99 but it’s totally worth it as it can do a variety of audio recording tasks.

Focusrite OctoPre Preamplifier – Best Pick

FocusRite have been around for ages and they’re known for creating high-quality preamps, especially in the professional market. Over time, they changed their strategies and now offer amazing equipment that’s advanced but still quite affordable. Sure, there may be some compromises on quality when targeting a lower market, but it’s usually not too noticeable. FocusRite is famous for giving you great preamps without breaking the bank.

FocusRite’s Octopre units have been a popular choice for years; now they’ve gotten even better with added features and improved design. It’s definitely worth checking out! The Focusrite 8i6 has 8 inputs and high-quality preamps, just like its name suggests. There are 2 inputs on the front and the rest at the back, along with 8 analog outputs. Pretty cool right? On the back, you’ll also find a digital ADAT connection which is better than older models.

The 10db pads on every channel give it an impressive range of gain. Not to mention, the LED display is really great and provides accurate readings so you can mix with confidence. Overall, these units make mixing simple and precise.

We’ve got nothing bad to say about this unit. It’s strong, versatile and can do multiple tasks – plus it looks very professional. Quality wise, it beats other models hands down, making it a no-brainer for our best and top pick!

Grace Design M101 – Premium Choice

Discover the incredible M101 microphone preamp – known for its crystal-clear sound quality. With Grace, a leading manufacturer based in Colorado, this device played a key role in the rise of independent sound engineering. The M101’s affordable price point, combined with its premium abilities, revolutionized recording studios everywhere. Achieve perfectly balanced and clear sound output for your recordings with this professional-grade product. Though it won’t add a dramatic or distinctive edge to your sound, it will bring out the true essence of your microphones, perfect for studio recording.

Grace has a reputation for producing outstanding preamps, which is why they have such a devoted following of customers. Many people who own the M101 – which is renowned for its exceptional clarity and transparency – have owned previous versions of the same product. Whether you’re recording in a big-budget studio or at home, the M101 is the perfect choice for pristine, high-quality sound that showcases your microphone’s capabilities. Say goodbye to preamp interference and hello to unparalleled sound quality with Grace’s M101 preamp.

Cloud Microphones CL-1 – Best Value

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, practical mic preamp that doesn’t break the bank, the CL-1 is your best bet. It’s great value and ensures you don’t have to spend more money than necessary. This’ll give you awesome, pro-level sound quality, but also offers plenty of gain if you need it.

This preamp can work great for pretty much any sound. But if you’re specifically working with quieter sounds like acoustic guitars or even softer vocals, then this is the perfect preamp for the job. This is why sound projects so well with it and you get loads of gain without affecting the clarity of the audio. It also adds depth and makes every layer of your final product really stand out.

Cloud is an awesome company with a great background and is known for making the best preamps out there. Their mics are basically unstoppable and this preamp was made specifically to work with them perfectly. This mic preamp is awesome, and the best part is that it’s really affordable despite the fact that it’s from a great brand. The sound quality and performance here are impressive.


Discovering the superior preamplifier is crucial in the modern-day music and sound engineering fields. Nowadays, sound engineers, musicians, record labels, producers, and customers all demand exceptional quality in recorded and live music. With innovations in technology, even low-budget recordings produced independently can now achieve unheard-of levels of quality. Check out the new releases from emerging artists to witness this phenomenon.

New independent releases surpass their predecessors in both budget and skill level, and even rival the professional recordings of established artists from years past. This progress is largely due to advancements in technology and recording techniques. To deliver top-notch quality, certain equipment is now a must-have. Discover the best products on the market and elevate your recording game.

FAQ for Best Mic Preamp Under $100

What does a mic preamp do?

While plugging your microphone directly into a receiver can be fun, it won’t give you the high-quality audio you need. That’s where a mic preamp comes in. A preamp increases the volume and enhances the sound quality of your recordings. If you’re serious about your audio, don’t settle for anything less. Crank up your karaoke sessions and take your recordings to the next level with a mic preamp.

Why and when do you need a mic preamp?

Do you ever wonder if a preamp is really necessary for sound engineering or music production? If you want your sound to be of professional, high-quality and meet industry standards, the answer is an unequivocal yes. A preamp is an indispensable tool for recording studios, home studios, and live performances, adding a professional touch to your music and ensuring that it meets commercial standards. Don’t skimp on this essential investment if you’re serious about producing exceptional sound.

Preamps are a must-have in any recording session, regardless of whether you’re recording vocals, drums or acoustic guitars. A preamp will prep and amplify the mic signals so they get to that perfect sound quality before they’re recorded. If you wanna record your acoustic guitar, a mic for guitar amps is the way to go.

It’s essential to have a good unit while mixing live sound. The audio technician can use the preamp features to adjust the sound nonstop so as to make sure it’s balanced and the show goes well. When mixing live sets, having good LED displays really comes in handy. It gives you an easy visual cue of your output levels and makes things a lot easier.

What are the different types of mic preamps?

Preamps come in all shapes and sizes, with some designed for one specific purpose and others made from certain tech or to change the sound of the output. Preamps come in a variety of types, including tube preamps, solid-state preamps, hybrid preamps, digital preamps, and others. We’ll discuss these further later on.

Tube preamps are equipped with vacuum tubes, which are an older tech that has been around since the first amps and preamps. Despite its age, it’s still in demand because of its unique analog warmth it adds to the sound.

Tube preamps have been around for a while and despite their outdated tech, they still sound really good. This is why many music producers and audio engineers still prefer to use them for their projects. If you’re in search of a unique sound, then this could be a great option to consider.

Solid state mic preamps have become the new technological trend in this area. Rather than using traditional vacuum tube designs, they use transistors which are more reliable and efficient at getting a higher level of amplification. Compared to tubes, they can work much more efficiently under amplified sound settings and won’t mess with the tone as much.

Hybrid mic preamps basically merge the best features of tube and solid state models. All those desirable elements are combined into a single product – the hybrid.

Tube-driven warm sound and solid-state gain control are the 2 main features you get with this setup. By combining solid-state circuitry with tube output gain, it offers a great balance of quality and performance.

Digital microphone preamps are the next big thing in this industry. Their main roles are to increase the signal of your mics, give it clarity and make it suitable for further processing on a mixing desk or console. What’s really cool is that you can use digital preamps as digital interfaces. This basically takes an analog signal and turns it into a digital format.

Besides microphone preamps, there are also instrument preamps that offer their own unique set of features and characteristics. We’ll focus on mic preamps in this article, though!

What is a channel strip on a mic preamp?

Channel strips are either one single unit or a few components within a mixing desk. When it comes to microphones though, a channel strip is basically just a preamp but with extra functions and wiring. These AI writing assistants are really powerful and come in handy when you’re working on a studio recording or a live mix.

Most channel strips come with an external mic preamp, a compressor and EQ already built-in. However, there are variations available as well. These units are super useful because they have all the signal processing capabilities you need wrapped up into one neat package. That’s what makes them so powerful.

Solid-state and hybrid technology are the go-to technology for most sound engineers as they make it easier to avoid wasting time on tedious set ups. Having multiple units connected and configured can take up a lot of the precious studio time. Channel strips let you stuff all the power and functionality of a full-sized mixing console into one simple box. Their flexibility and capacity to control your output in such depth from one product makes it easier for you to shape your sound before it hits the last recording stage of the studio setup.

How do determine which mic preamp is best?

Through all the reviews above, you should have a better understanding of the type of preamp that will work best for your needs. If you’re after a specific sound, then it’d be wise to narrow down between tube or solid-state models. If you need something that can do a lot and become an important part of your studio, then you’d want to look out for individual models and what they offer. You’ll want to consider all their features too.

For a warm, full-bodied sound, look no further than tube preamps. But if something with a more modern and versatile sound is what you’re after, then solid state or hybrid units should be your go-to.

After you’ve figured out what type of preamp fits your needs, it’s time to see what models are in your budget. Your budget will ultimately decide the best mic preamp for you. Don’t rush into buying the first item you find – take your time to shop around and make sure you get the best deal possible. We looked at a few options, all of which offer great value for your money.

It’s pretty easy to figure out which preamp is best for you. Start by figuring out what sound and features you want from it, then work out which type of unit will be needed to get the job done. After you’ve worked out how much you can afford, check out the models and see which ones fit within your budget.

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