Best Play-Along Beginner Cello Books

Got a kid who’s starting to learn the cello? Teach orchestra at school? Or do you tutor and lots of newbies come your way? To get a young learner hooked on playing an instrument, show them songs they like or already know. That way it’ll be easier and more enjoyable for them to get into it.

Even adults have a great time singing and playing along to songs they know. We’ve found the best books for beginners who want to learn the cello! It’s essential for students to have a book of songs they love playing, in addition to the one their school or private teacher suggests. This helps them keep the enthusiasm alive and motivates them to learn more about music!

If someone has decided to pick up an instrument, there’s a good chance they want to play some of these songs. For example, when our editor first learned the viola, his teacher was playing the Star Wars theme!

For any budding cellists out there, there are tons of beginner books to pick from that include basic, familiar songs that make it easier to learn. They’re perfect for novice players and you’ll likely get these recommended by either your school or private teacher.

Tons of sheet music books are available in stores to satiate your ears with the music from Harry Potter, Disney, Lord of the Rings and other films and TV shows. Most of these books are for beginners but a few might be too difficult even for intermediate players. If you want to tackle those, it’s probably best to have at least one or two years of playing experience first.

If your child’s just getting into playing the cello, you’ve likely already got an idea of what kind of music they like. See if their teacher has any recommendations for books that go with their level. If you’re an educator, build relationships with your students and involve their parents. Try to figure out what kind of music they listen to and suggest a book that could interest them.

Before you buy any music-related books, consider how advanced it is. It would be really frustrating if you get something that’s too difficult for you to play the songs that caught your eye! Here’s a brief collection of play along music books that span all kinds of genres. Keep in mind there are many more options available. Doing a quick search on Amazon should show you just how much there is if you’re looking for something specific!

Top Play-Along Beginner Cello Books Review

Are you a new cellist? We’ve got some of the top cello books for beginners. These aren’t just scale or etude books – they’re helpful resources meant for those who are completely new to playing the cello and/or reading music. We suggest these books as extra work for what you are already doing with your teacher and orchestra class; don’t use them to replace whatever you’re learning with them!

The cello is a beautiful instrument that belongs to the same family as the bass violin. It’s usually found in an orchestra and its heavenly tones blend perfectly into the music. Playing the cello involves blowing into the strings in a way that creates a melody. It’s usually tuned in fifths and is lower-pitched than other instruments of the violin family.

Cellos have been around since the Baroque era, making them quite popular in the music world today. The versatility of cellos is something that has made them beloved by many for centuries. If you’re interested in learning the cello, there are beginner guidebooks written by experts who have mastered the instrument. These books can be bought online and offer you the ability to learn at your own pace.

1. Star Wars – A Musical Journey

Music from Episodes I-VI

This book is a must for Star Wars fanatics! It includes all the most popular tunes from the initial 6 movies, composed by John Williams and adapted for players with a mid-grade expertise. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any music from Disney’s more recent movies.

When you buy a book, they throw in a free CD with the same songs as cello versions, plus an added version of just the music so you can jam out with it. You can find a book filled with piano accompaniments that let you jam with a pianist. Just make sure you get the right book!

String and wind players can now access a range of special accompaniment books. It includes some of the most popular music such as “The Imperial March” (Darth Vader’s theme song), “The Throne Room,” Anakin and Padme’s love ballad “Across The Stars,” and, obviously, the iconic main theme from Star Wars!

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Instrumental Play Along

If you’re a Star Wars fan who was disappointed that the first book didn’t include any music from the recent movies, don’t worry! The new book includes music from The Force Awakens.

If you’re at level 2-3 or higher, this book offers audio for each track to show you how it’s done – just like the other books from this list. You’ll have a chance to listen to classic hits like “Rey’s Theme,” “March of the Resistance,” “The Jedi Steps and Finale,” and more!

3. Harry Potter – Instrumental Solos

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books were a huge success and John Williams’ music made the movies even more special. His scores created such a spellbinding atmosphere, as if you were really in Hogwarts! A lot of folks don’t realize that John Williams wasn’t the only one to create the musical score for the Harry Potter films – he was just the first one!

This book has tracks from the 4 composers who worked on the series. John Williams did 1-3, Patrick Doyle did 4, Nicholas Hooper took care of 5 and 6, and Alexandre Desplat wrote tunes for 7 parts 1 and 2.

This book comes with a CD full of demo and accompaniment tracks. It’s not ideal for first-year players, but people say it’s great in getting children interested in practicing their instruments!

John William’s amazing signature music and magical Harry Potter tracks such as “Hedwig’s Theme,” “Fawkes the Phoenix,” “Leaving Hogwarts,” Patrick Doyle’s stunning “Hogwarts Hymn,” Nicholas Hooper’s fantastic “Wizard Wheezes,” and Alexandre Desplat’s eerie “Lily’s Theme. Plus lots more!

4. The Big Book of Disney Songs

The Star Wars book is great for die-hard fans, and the Big Book of Disney Songs is a must-have for Disney music lovers. The reviews for this book suggest that it might be a bit challenging for the beginner musician, as it may include some tougher elements such as complex key signatures and rhythms found in modern music.

A skilled student might be able to pick up a few tunes within the first year, but it’s probably better to wait an extra year. That way, your learner won’t get discouraged if they can’t play the Disney songs right away. This book only has songs from Disney movies released before 2012, so don’t expect to find Frozen, Moana or other newer films in it.

Disney classics are still loved by many and the songs are no different! Who can forget ‘Under The Sea’ from Little Mermaid, ‘Trashing the Camp’ from Tarzan, ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ from Lion King, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ from Beauty and the Beast, ‘Scales and Arpeggios’ from Aristocats or ‘The Bare Necessities’ from Jungle Book?

5. Songs from Frozen, Tangled, and Enchanted

This book is ideal for Disney aficionados seeking tunes from more recent movies. It’s got melodies from Frozen, Tangled and Enchanted!

Instead of a CD, this book comes with online audio demos for each song in it. It has some popular tunes like “Do You Want to Build A Snowman?,” “Happy Working Song,” “When Will My Life Begin,” and naturally, everyone’s favorite, “Let it Go.”

6. Moana Instrumental Solos

If you’re just starting out on the cello, this book is perfect for you with some of the best tracks featured in Disney’s latest release, Moana. Plus, it also gives you access to audio demonstrations of all the tunes!

This book’s got all the awesome Moana songs like “How Far I’ll Go,” “You’re Welcome” and “Shiny” in it, plus more. Perfect for any kiddo who loves Moana and also wants to get into playing cello!

7. Easy Pop Melodies

This is an awesome book for all those who are starting out in music. It’s got a great selection of tunes – from the latest pop songs to classic showtunes, plus full lyrics and chord symbols to go with them. Perfect for learning something new!

This book has loads of classic tunes, like “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay, Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music, and of course The Beatles’ classic hit – “In My Life”. Plus a bunch more! There’s a total of 50 songs! Follow the link and click ‘preview’ to check out what comes in this book.

8. The Big Book of Christmas Songs

Christmas music brings so much joy and it’s only around for one season. This book features different difficulty levels from beginner to advanced, so it’s suitable for everyone. You can use it year after year to further develop your skills!

Apparently, buying the physical book is advisable instead of the Kindle version since a lot of songs take up multiple pages – kind of hard to scroll through that on Kindle (but overall, people still loved the book). Get ready for the holidays with The Big Book of Christmas Songs! It has everything from classic carols like “Away in a Manger” to modern bops like “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” You’ll also find classics such as “Frosty the Snowman,” “Blue Christmas,” and even “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer!” Plus so much more!

9. The Lord of the Rings Instrumental Solos

This beginner cello book is perfect for Lord of the Rings fans as it includes music from all 3 movies plus a bonus CD with tracks to showcase your skills and practice. It also comes with a piano accompaniment book!

This book is suited for intermediate to advanced players, but some reviews say even those who’ve just started playing can also get something out of it. So anyone from complete beginners to experienced musicians can find something here. This book contains an awesome collection of 12 songs, such as the iconic “Concerning Hobbits,” “The Black Rider,” and “Gollum’s Song,” plus plenty of other greats.

A lot of parents that buy books from Amazon often say how happy and motivated their kids are to practice when there’s music playing. They also love hearing their child playing tunes that excite them! Kids are naturally drawn to music and it quickly becomes more fun for them when they can play something familiar. Making sure they can do that easily is really important for maintaining their interest.

10. Suzuki Cello School

This collection of cello books has everything you need to play and take your cello skills to the next level. No matter what experience you have, this 7-series package will be a great help. This book is great for cello beginners, as it starts off with the basics and then builds up on that knowledge. It also provides a good insight into the music theory specific to this instrument.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of music theory, there’s lots to explore. The range of songs you can learn is huge – it’s a great way to practice and develop your skills further. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced cellist, there are plenty of songs out there for both! Plus, all the instruction books have been written in English which make them really easy to understand.

Practicing songs with a CD makes it super easy. After listening to the demo, you’ll find it much simpler to practice. The book has all the music theory you need, so it’s a great reference while practicing with the tracks on the CD.

Explaining the notes in an easy way helps people using this book better comprehend and remember them, so they don’t need to bother with counting finger numbers while trying to play the cello. All in all, it’s simple: following directions and lots of practice will help you master your skills.

11. Essential Elements for Strings

“Essential Elements for Strings” is one of the cello books available online that includes interactive learning features. It contains a blend of both music theory and practical exercises which are great for aspiring cellists who want to learn independently. The cello teaching course is divided into two parts – Book 1 and Book 2. It’s great for beginners as it dives deep into the essentials of playing the cello.

This book is a great resource if you’re learning the cello, as it covers theory, history and performance monitoring. To make things even better, a CDROM is also included with a huge selection of music pieces for training purposes.

This cello book comes with an MP3 file for each exercise, so users can listen to the orchestra sound that matches the exercise they’re learning. Plus, when you buy the book, you get access to an online library from EE.

You’ll have plenty of resources to support you while you learn the cello. This book has its instructions written in English, making it easy for anyone to follow along.

12. Cello Playing for Music Lovers

This book makes it easy to learn the cello with its creative instructions. Even if you’re a beginner, the author’s written it so that anyone can understand and become an expert player. The lessons have been designed in such a way that it’s easier to understand, with clear instructions and examples.

Not only have the lessons been informative but there are also exercises to reinforce those concepts. It’s a great way to cement what you learned and get some hands-on experience. This music program contains lots of helpful info for those starting out. It teaches concepts such as music theory, how to properly hold the bow/cello, note identification, instrument tuning tips and orchestra playing instructions. Everything has been designed with a beginner in mind.

Not only do you get the book with this cello-learning package, but also a CD filled with 97 tracks. Learners can use it to practice their skills and have some fun while doing so!

This book includes plenty of illustrations to help you get a better understanding of how to play the cello. It’s broken down into smaller sections so that users can easily progress through their lessons and practice.

Once you grasp the fundamentals, you can kick things up a notch with the more advanced tutorials. This book’s got everything you need and covers a wide area of music knowledge – it’s great for users of all skill levels!

13. The ABC of Cello

This book is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn the cello, from beginners to experienced players. It covers all the basics and has lessons suitable for both kids and adults.

The initial lessons are fairly straightforward, like learning the finger graphs, getting the hang of scales, honing your duet-playing skills, and understanding notes using worksheets.

The cello package comes with useful resources like a music glossary and practice charts. Plus, the included CD offers 29 tracks of MP3 and PDF files that can help with playing as part of an ensemble.

The book has some great guidelines for beginners to advance from the basics to more intermediate stuff. Accompaniments are great for building user confidence as they help keep practicing their skills.

Essential for playing cello correctly are the precise guidelines which help players understand the proper hand positions as well as great stamina when bowing. Mastering these skills helps musicians reach their full potential.

The learning material is pretty straightforward and fun. Plus, the audio quality of the CD is great. That means you’ll really get something worthwhile out of this.

14. Position Pieces for Cellos

If you play the cello at an intermediate level and want to improve your knowledge of the fingerboard, this book is specifically made for you! It’s a great tool to help you get better. This book makes learning the cello a breeze – the lessons are straightforward and easy to understand. Plus, it’s fun while you’re picking up new techniques and improving your skills!

One of the topics in this book covers hand position techniques. It has helpful exercises for readers to practice and master various strategies. The goal is to help you become more accomplished with your hand positions. These lessons cover everything from how to work with strings and notes, to help you create beautiful music. You can also find resources that will help you play the cello together with someone else.

If you’re looking to take your cello skills to the next level, the book offers helpful advice and guidance on how to master those more complex notes. It also includes clear info for intermediates who want to improve their sight-reading of music clefs.

Overall, these exercises help you understand the most appropriate way to hold your hands while playing the cello. It’s perfect for anyone who has already mastered their first position and wants to learn how to move from one position to another. Plus, it teaches you how to practice in a way that allows you long sessions of playing. Learning is a breeze and the tasks are a blast to do!

15. All for Strings

This book is a great resource for anyone looking to learn or improve their cello skills, from beginners up to more experienced instrumentalists. It follows the standard textbook format and can also be used by music instructors in the classroom. This material covers everything you need to know about playing the cello – from how to master the instrument to performing with it.

With this book, students can learn all the important cello techniques, from playing with the right rhythm to producing great music. It has hints and tips on everything from hand positioning to figuring out the notes. Want to learn the left-hand techniques for playing cello? Maybe need a quick refresher on sheet music and playing by ear? Posture guidance can help you become a better musician. All of these skills are essential for improving as a cellist.

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner, this book has got you covered! It’s easy to use with illustrations and pictures for better understanding. The exercises and theories are designed to be both enjoyable and educational.

Students who are interested in the cello can not only learn how to play it, but also develop their duet and trio skills. The book provides comprehensive lessons and allows students to easily master the instrument at their own speed.

16. Easy Classical Cello Solos

If you’re a cellist, this is the perfect book for you! It’s full of some truly incredible classical solos from some of the greats, like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Handel. Super cool stuff to study and get inspired by. If you’re trying to expand your range of solos on the cello, this book will definitely come in handy.

This great book provides interesting lessons on how to compose without using sheet music like the legendary composers did. It’s written in an easy and enjoyable way, so anyone looking for guidance will have no problem understanding it. These lessons teach readers how to improve articulation, rhythm and intonation during practice, so they can become more confident when speaking.

This book is great for people who want to learn something at their own speed. Pick a song, practice it until you’ve got it down pat – then onto the next one! Plus, there’s so much variety here that you can pick your fav tunes to work on. This book is great for cellists regardless of their current skill level. It helps them keep motivated and eager to practice without feeling overly frustrated. The author has done an amazing job at making sure of that!

17. Orchestra Expressions

This book is basically a bunch of organized lessons that can be used for individual or group instruction. Teachers should find it really useful when planning their classes with all the resources and content included. This cello book is a great learning tool for anyone starting out. It covers all the basics of playing the cello, and also has plenty of useful tips and advice for intermediate players.

All the music lessons comply with the national standards. Kids get to learn how to read notes, use proper bow techniques, hand postures etc. Additionally, they also cover playing chords from first position and changing positions too.

This book covers the interesting story of orchestras, and introduces users to all the musical terminology used by cellists. It also contains a CD with audio files that help with practice sessions and allow you to perfect your technique. This book is a great resource for cellists looking to learn more about music theory. It’s filled with information that can help advanced players, and it even acts as a reference book.

18. The Big Book of Cello Songs

This book is great for anyone who’s looking to learn the cello. It has a wide variety of songs, including both easy and challenging ones, so everyone can find something to their liking. The songs have also been organized into categories which make it easier for beginners to get started. If you’re feeling more adventurous musically, there are songs that can challenge the intermediate and advanced guitar players. These tunes usually require a bit more skill and knowledge to master.

Not only does this book have instructions and tips for learning cello, but it goes further and covers a variety of topics from notes/scales to bow and hand positions. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll learn all the basics for enjoying practice sessions.

This book is designed with an easy-to-follow approach to give readers a great experience. Plus, it’s perfect for those who need to work on different rhythms for their cello playing practices. So, it’s great for all skill levels! This book’s a hit with people because it has some of their favorite tunes in it. So you can sing along and have some fun, all while learning new songs!

A few of the tunes have been composed in the 1st position. Loads of the exercises can be performed on the A and D strings. It’s a great book for both rookies and more experienced cello players.

19. New Directions for String Cello

This book is perfect for cellists of any skill level who wants to learn how to play in an ensemble better. It has tips, tricks and techniques from experienced and highly knowledgeable music teachers. It’s the ultimate guide for anyone wanting to get better at string instruments. This package also comes with CDs filled with songs/tracks to help make your training sessions more enjoyable and effective.

This book contains advice and guidance for strengthening your left-hand playing techniques, proper hand placement, and how to take advantage of different options that enable you to create great ensembles like a pro. The book is super easy to use and the visuals make understanding the lessons a breeze! It’s got illustrations and pictures that help break down complex topics.

Teachers will also find this book really helpful. It’s got information about the cello that can be useful to anyone starting out with the instrument. Plus, it’s got a great selection of songs in the CDs, making practice fun and easy. This book is great for beginners who want to learn how to bow. It’s got a step-by-step guide so you can easily get started.

Learning to bow with this book is quick and easy. It has a structured approach, which keeps your practice consistent until you have mastered the advanced bowing techniques. It’s great for those who want to learn the cello by themselves.

20. The Irish Cello Book

This book holds a huge collection of Irish songs that you can master on the cello. It’s perfect for learners of all ages and skill levels, providing you with the best way to play those beautiful Irish tunes!

If you want to get into playing Irish melodies, then this book will teach you all the notes and rhythms but also the usual nuances and articulations associated with such music. Plus, it introduces you to different traditional Irish ensembles so that your practice sessions are even more productive.

This book’s instructions are super straightforward and detailed. It gives an understanding of how cellists can adjust their methods to fit traditional Irish music. The instructions in the book are detailed and easy to understand. It’s also packed with tons of helpful advice and tips to help you make your music sound as professional as possible.

This book is split up into different chapters, which makes it easy for you to work through it independently. That way, by the end of it, you’ll have all the info needed to put what you’ve learned into practice and get better at playing the cello.


If you’re looking for a cello book, it’s best to go for something written in plain English that’s easy to understand. It’d also be great if the book includes a glossary section so you can quickly look up complex terms you’ll come across while reading. Before you buy, it’s always a good idea to check out reviews from other users to see if they found the material easy to understand.

When shopping for cello books online, it’s worth taking a look at the ones that come with CDs and DVDs. The videos and audio files on these are great for practice sessions – a true bonus! So, make sure to check out these packages if you want the ultimate cello book experience.

All in all, it’s best to choose cello books with music theory, practical use guidelines and offer access to a large music collection – they’re perfect to help you practice.

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