Best Studio Desks and Workstations

When you’re busy choosing recording gear for your studio, don’t forget the importance of a good studio desk. It’s easy to overlook, but it plays an important role in setting up an efficient and comfortable space. Regardless, the furniture you pick for your studio has a massive impact on its overall setup. And if you’re looking to create a super efficient recording setup, it’s important to make sure you choose carefully.

Going to a recording studio instead of using one at home can be a hassle. To start, you need to reserve their services and go to their location—not to mention that you’re typically on a time crunch during the session.

Setting up a home recording studio is great for all musicians, whether you’re just starting out or already established. You can record new songs without any time restrictions plus it’s ultra convenient. Third, it’s easy to quickly take advantage of any inspiration you might have and set up a home studio to record songs. Plus, it’s super accessible. Lastly, you’ll have plenty of time to mix and remix your recordings.

Top Studio Desks and Workstations Review

Looking to upgrade your music studio setup? You’ll find plenty of great studio desks and workstations for all your production needs. Navigating the world of studio desks can be a daunting task, so you’ll want to take your time researching all the different styles out there and pick the dream desk that fits your needs. Ready to upgrade your workspace? This article’s got you covered with the best studio desks and workstations, plus a quick guide on what to look for and how to pick the right desk for you.

1. StudioRTA Producer Station

Looking to get a good studio desk for under $500? We’ve got you covered.

Looking for a great studio desk without breaking the bank? Check out the Producer Station by StudioRTA. For just under $500, it’s our top pick and is perfect for any situation. Great reviews too! Plus, StudioRTA are one of the leading makers of music equipment furniture out there. If you’re looking for a great studio desk, the Producer Station would be a good choice. It’s spacious and made with wood and metal to make sure it stands the test of time. Plus, it has some nifty features that help you organize your gear easily.

When you check out the Producer Station, you’ll be impressed by how much room it has for your rack gear. Plus, with its multi-level design, it’s great for having multiple monitors going or lifting up studio monitors. To the top, there’s a pull-out shelf for you to put your MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller, or even your computer keyboard.

The Producer Station has enough space to fit a computer keyboard, an audio interface, a desktop/laptop and even a mini mixer or other small control station. Everything you need in one desk – pretty awesome!

There’s an extra shelf between the two main surfaces that you can use for all sort of things. It could be used to store smaller modules, an audio interface, or anything else you might need. It also has a slot cut out on the top level so it’s easier to manage your cables. The space on top of the desk is smaller than the rest, but that makes it ideal if you wanna add another display screen or your speakers — if you’re tall.

The Producer Station is designed with convenience as a priority. It has an open back to manage cables and holes for heat dissipation, plus it’s easy to move around thanks to the wheels. Reorganizing your studio is now super simple! The Producer Station from StudioRTA is a great option if you have a large home recording studio. It has plenty of storage and its design helps keep all the wires organized. It’s perfect for larger home studios or even small professional ones.


  • Got wheels to get around and change things up

  • Easy cable management

  • Multiple large desktop surfaces


  • Unfortunately, the pull-out shelf can only fit a 25-key MIDI keyboard; it’s not spacious enough for anything bigger

  • Hard floors are not the best place for wheels, probably better to leave them off

2. Slate Raven Core Station with 2 MTi2s

Looking for the perfect desk to set up your professional studio? Look no further – get the best workstation desk for your workspace!

The Raven Core Station by Slate Media Technology is a control system with desk features designed to work with its two built-in 27-inch MTi2 touch screens. It’s quite a stylish piece of equipment that really stands out thanks to the MTi2’s design.

Core Station is a cool way to level up your music-making game. It offers a sleek modern touch for DAW controllers, but also has a bit of that analog feel like the old consoles. Plus it’s an all-in-one workstation with screens – perfect for studio setup!

The MTi2 allows you to perform all types of tasks on your workstation without needing to use a mouse. All you have to do is use your finger, and you can control plugins, mix tracks, automate parameters and much more. Now you can work on your digital audio workstation (DAW) more efficiently with two touchscreens. You can access different pages and edit or mix them simultaneously.

This workstation also includes Raven 3.7 software to customize your DAW’s multi-touch controls. You can take advantage of special gestures to open plugins and mute tracks quickly without any extra effort, so you can speed up your workflow. Raven Toolbar is a great choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one DAW tool. It has features like recording/composing, editing and mixing and comes with extra perks like a monitoring area, talkback system, speaker sources and USB inputs.

If you’re comfortable with a mouse and keyboard, the Core Station has enough space for both those plus a MIDI controller. So you can easily setup your workspace and get to work! Sorry, there’s no room for your studio speakers here, so you’ll have to get some stands and place them behind the control desk. The Core Station’s a bit on the heavy side but it looks and feels good. It’s made from solid materials so it’ll last you a while. Sitting or standing around it is a pleasant experience.

The Slate Media Technology Raven Core Station is the ultimate desk for advanced studios. It’s built with professional producers in mind, but even those who are new to producing or have large home studios will experience a whole level of ease that they weren’t aware was possible.


  • Ability to control your DAW without having to squint at a tiny computer screen

  • Allows multi touch gestures

  • Taking advantage of Raven to amp up productivity!


  • Heavy and cumbersome

  • No space for studio monitors

  • Expensive

3. Output Platform

If you’re looking for a great desk to use for music production in your home studio, you won’t be disappointed with a top-of-the-line model.

Output makes some really sweet audio plugins and their recent foray into studio furniture is also pretty impressive. The Platform is a great example of this; it’s an ideal desk setup for music production that has enough space to fit all your gear. The Platform is a heavy-duty desk made of wood and has various finishes to choose from. It’s perfect for studios as it has a big rolling tray that fits most 88-key keyboards and MIDI controllers. Plus, its timeless look ensures your space looks great!

The height and extendability of this desk are adjustable to suit any height or playing style. Keep in mind though that the keyboard tray comes as an optional add-on when you order this desk. The Platform offers plenty of space for your laptop, keyboard and mouse, plus more than enough room for audio interfaces, small mixers or other controllers. It’s the perfect size for all your desktop needs! You can store up to 9 rack units in 3 large areas of rack space. To allow for cables and proper heat dissipation, the back of those spaces are left open.

If you want something different than the angled separator that comes with your desk, it’s possible to switch it out for a straight one. Keep your cables neat and organized by installing a horizontal panel under your desk. This will keep everything hidden so you won’t be distracted by the sight of tangled cords. It’ll also help you stay organized for easier cable management.

The top shelf of the rack provides a flat, open area perfect for mounting small speakers, computer screens, or personal items. Monitor stands are generally recommended if you intend to place bigger studio monitors up there. If you have a big recording studio, The Output Platform is a great desk to get. It can easily fit all your gear and has really helpful cable management tools to keep you organized.


  • Crafted with only wood for maximum sturdiness

  • Lots of room on the rack to fit all your effects modules

  • Good cable organization helps keep your space neat and tidy, so you can just focus on creating music


  • The basic Platform design doesn’t come with a keyboard tray – you’ll need to get that separately

  • Not suitable for small studios

  • This one’s a bit of a beast and can be pretty tough to lug around

4. On-Stage Stands WS7500 Workstation

The best compact studio desk. The WS7500 workstation desk by On-Stage Stands is an amazing deal at just over $200. It’s the perfect choice for music producers who don’t have a lot of space. Despite its low price, it’s made of high-quality wood and metal and is surprisingly lightweight so you can easily transport it wherever you need to go.

The WS7500 serves as both a stage and desk for creating music. It’s incredibly easy to make music while on stage with this machine, and you can use it in the studio just as well. The WS7500 has an awesome hideaway keyboard tray that can fit both a standard computer keyboard and mouse. It might even be able to squeeze in some small MIDI controllers too!

Having a smaller desk in your workspace means you have to sacrifice some storage and work area. Having only essential items you need for music production on your desk can be really helpful in streamlining the whole process. It’s way better than having unnecessary decorations or bulky gear taking up space.

Above the slide-out keyboard tray, you’ve got a big desktop space which could be used to put your laptop, keyboard and mouse, audio interface or MIDI controller. And right above that is an even smaller workspace where you can fit studio monitors or a bigger monitor screen. This workstation is light, so I would recommend getting small monitors for the desk and monitor stands for bigger screens.

This desk has been designed with ergonomics in mind to keep you comfortable whether sitting or standing – perfect for the office or home use. However, it’s not adjustable in height nor does it fold up or roll away for storage, so bear that in mind before making the purchase. This desk is perfect to be used as your main desk – On-Stage Stands also has corner desks and a rack effects cabinet that can go with it really well. If you’re short on space or don’t have much gear, the WS7500 by On-Stage Stands is a great, small and lightweight workstation that I’d highly recommend.


  • Super convenient to carry around and not too heavy

  • Perfect for small studios or live performances

  • If you’re going for minimalism, having adequate space helps a lot


  • No rack effects area

  • Prone to tipping over

  • Small keyboard tray

5. Studio Trends 30″ Studio Desk

Another compact budget desk option. While it’s hard to find a studio desk for less than $200, you can usually get some decent desks and workstations in the $200 – $400 range. For example, Studio Trends has an awesome 30 inch desk which works great both for studios and on stage.

The 30″ Studio Desk is the perfect combination of flexibility, light weight and portability. It comes in two wood colors and is a great option for people who want a smaller desk that has all the features of a larger one. It’s made up of wood and metal which makes it super durable yet lightweight.

This desk has 4 wheels, so you can easily move it around. The front 2 wheels also lock, so you don’t have to worry about it rolling away while working. The 30″ Studio Desk has an adjustable height, making it easy to fit into different office setups and match with your other furniture. It’s also great for modular desks!

This desk doesn’t have a dedicated space for the keyboard but it does have pretty decent-sized surfaces that can accommodate a laptop, soundcard, and either a mouse or keyboard. The desktop isn’t the only workspace available – you can set up more gear on the top surface like monitors, a computer screen or just use it to store your MIDI controller.

The main desktop surface has additional space below it for up to 4 rack effects modules. Plus, there’s a circular port at the back for easily managing cables – something that smaller studio desks often don’t have. It’s great to see this feature included! The Studio Trends 30″ Studio Desk is a real game-changer for small studios and bedroom studios. It has more features than the On-Stage Stands WS7500 workstation desk and you can even move it around with wheels if you need to. So, if portability’s what you’re after, this is an excellent choice!

If you’re after a bigger model, Studio Trends sells a 46-inch one too. It’s got the same great design but can accommodate more space. I’d say it’s perfect if you have a minimalist setup or don’t require the extra convenience of a rolling tray for your keyboard.


  • Front-wheels with locks make it easy to move around quickly

  • Height adjustable

  • Cable management port

  • Rack effects space


  • No way to get a rolling keyboard shelf or connect one

6. Omnirax Presto 4

Ultimate gear storage. If you need to store and organize a large number of items related to music production, then the Omnirax Presto 4 studio desk will be perfect. This ergonomic desk is made from wood and melamine laminate, making it strong and durable.

The Presto 4 has something different compared to most other desks on this list – wheels! It’s rare to find a large desk with wheels but this one supports the weight of all your equipment. The Presto 4 has an adjustable mini keyboard tray in the center of the desk on the right side. It’s perfect for a small MIDI controller or computer keyboard.

The main desktop provides a spacious area so you can choose to put an 88-key keyboard instead of that of your computer. You’ve got plenty of room for it! You can easily fit a lot of stuff on the Presto 4’s desktop – audio interface, MIDI controllers, laptop, keyboard and mouse and even a mixer. The surface area is also surprisingly bigger than most other desks of the same size.

The back of the main desktop has room for 8 rack effects, divided into 4 modules of two each. Plus, it is left open so the heat from all those effects can dissipate and cables can be managed easily. Above all the rack space is a shelf/desk where you can put another computer screen and/or your studio monitors for nearfield listening.

One of the best things about this desk is that it has a hidden shelf that’s perfect for storing your computer and other stuff. Most desks don’t come with something like this, so it’s definitely a great feature! The Omnirax Presto 4 is perfect for a big or high-end recording studio. It has tons of space and balances sturdiness with being lightweight. This desk is great for when you want to quickly jump into creating – no need to rush around the studio looking for things. It’s got a big storage capacity, so all your gear will be at arm’s reach!

Keep in mind that the keyboard drawer isn’t necessary – it’s an optional feature, so you have to click the box if you want it as part of your setup.


  • Super long desktops that take up loads of space

  • A sneaky shelf tucked away under your desktop to store stuff

  • Has wheels


  • Gotta put it together once it arrives

  • Keyboard tray is optional

7. BHG Lindon Place L-Shaped Desk

Folks who like to work at a desk should check out office desks. If you’re not looking to splurge on a pro studio desk, the Better Homes and Gardens Lindon Place Desk makes for an ideal budget-friendly option when setting up a home office or computer station.

Turns out you don’t necessarily need a studio desk to create at home. Office desks like the Lindon Place L-shape model might be even more suitable for some cases – they’re quite roomy with their cage-style shelf and storage. This desk is constructed from both oak and metal, making it durable but still lightweight.

If you look from left to right, you’ll find the Lindon Place desk with its main part having one small drawer and one bigger horizontal cupboard – perfect for a low-profile MIDI controller or your computer keyboard. Under the first drawer there’s a lower shelf area which is great for setting up rack effects modules. It’s also caged off at the back, so you can organise the cables easily.

This L-shaped desk is quite large and can fit in your computer, mixer, studio monitors, keyboard and mouse plus other modules. Plus it has a cage area alongside the longer side for storage. To make things easier, there’s a shelved cabinet at the end you can use for storage or rack effects. It has a mesh panel door so you don’t need to open it every time you want to get something from inside, this makes it really convenient especially when making quick adjustments on audio gear.

The Lindon Place desk can work in a big studio/ bedroom, but if you’re tight on space, you might be able to make it fit due to the extra storage it provides. The Lindon Place L-Shaped Desk by Better Homes and Gardens is an amazing choice for your home office if you don’t want to buy a full studio desk or it’s out of your budget. The Lindon Place desk is a steal – it offers tons of storage without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s one of the most cost-effective options out there and worth every penny. I’d definitely recommend it since it can fulfill multiple needs.


  • Very big desk

  • Tons of storage space

  • Built to last but easy to carry around


  • No stands for studio monitors – gotta keep them on the desk itself

8. Respawn RSP-1010

Here’s another potential choice for your studio! For all the gamers and music producers out there, there are plenty of gaming-style desks to choose from. They’re perfect if you’re into minimalism and want to mix your music in one place.

If you’re looking to revamp your music studio, Respawn is the way to go! They make some great gaming furniture, and the RSP-1010 desk specifically would be perfect for you. The RSP-1010 is quite basic when it comes to storage, but it does have some really cool features that could be useful for producers who need to be glued to their computer for extended periods of time.

The Respawn RSP-1010 is made of metal and plastic but surprisingly can handle a lot of wear and tear, while also being incredibly light. You can easily fit in a laptop, computer keyboard and mouse, possibly even a mini MIDI keyboard and audio interface into the spacious desktop area. You have plenty of room to squeeze in some rack modules between the main desk and the platform above it. Plus, there’s space at the back for cable management too.

The RSP-1010 desk has stands for monitors or speakers, which can come in handy if you don’t want to keep your computer screens on the top platform. Perfect solution! Studio monitors are the perfect choice for this lightweight desk. Loading it up with heavy monitors sounds risky, so I’d recommend sticking to something smaller.

The RSP-1010 also has a headphone hook on the side, so you don’t have to keep it in your hands. Plus, it has a cup holder that won’t take up any extra room on the desk. This desk was designed for gaming with ergonomics in mind, so you won’t have any problems using it to work or game for extended periods of time.

The Respawn RSP-1010 is the perfect gaming desk to get if you’re just starting out or on a budget. It’s lightweight and won’t break your bank at just under $200. I’d recommend it for bedroom producers, amateur streamers, and those who like to game. This desk is perfect if you want something ergonomic and not chunky. The only downside is it doesn’t provide storage, but that might work for you if you don’t mind.


  • Ergonomic design that has a raised surface for your computer display

  • Lightweight but durable

  • Comes with a cup holder and an area to hang your headphones


  • No spots to put rack components

  • No rolling keyboard tray

9. OneSpace Regallo Expandable “L” Computer Desk

The OneSpace Regallo Expandable “L” Computer Desk is a genius design for those needing to save space. It’s super expandable, so you can make the most of any area available – it’s perfect for studios! This desk is perfect for work and will make sure you’re as comfortable and productive as possible. It’s the ultimate workspace!

This workspace has some serious expanding capabilities – it’s got 41.5″ wide and 23.5″ deep of space for your laptop or desktop, plus an extra 47″ x 15.75″ shelf for accessories. You can even slide out the table into an L shape to get more surface area if needed! If you don’t need the extra workspace, it’s easy to slide out.

The “L” shaped design of this table has made it really popular for studios. Even people who don’t do music are buying it for other specific tasks and purposes. This model is great for home studios and will give you plenty of space and comfort to do your paper works. Plus, if you go for it, you can rest assured that it’ll fit your workspace needs perfectly.

If you’re looking for a workspace for your home studio, this desk is ideal. It offers plenty of surface area to place your equipment and also comes with extra storage space for any accessories or components you need to store. With the shelves, you should easily be able to store and organize more of your recording gear.

You can rest assured that this desk can support your PC tower with ease. And if you’re concerned about its durability, the maker of this desk is known for making top-tier items. It’s made out of a combination of metal and MDF – two materials that are pretty sturdy.

10. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

You know you’re in for a treat when it comes to the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation. Its modern design featuring a cherry surface with black accents and clear tempered glass surrounded by black borders looks pretty chic. Safety is also key, so that’s an added bonus! Additionally, its cylindrical chrome-coated glass makes for an ideal base for the desk.

Plus, it has a pull-out keyboard tray so you have enough room to maneuver a mouse. The desk sits on five casters, four on the outside plus one in the center. Got a heavy desk to move? No problem, these five castors can help – even though they’re not huge, they’re well-oiled and very responsive for easy movement over carpets. You’ll have no trouble relocating the 71.7 pound desk!

This desk has a large desktop area and also features raised shelves, good for putting scanners, printers and other gadgets. This desk is great if you need some extra space for your keyboard. It has a curved-wood finish and two tiers with cool sports details, plus it makes managing all the cables a breeze. This desk has a full-width riser, which makes it roomy enough for two big monitors or speakers. It even has a large base above the floor, so it’s ideal if you want to put another tower-style computer there.

This desk has a large cutout for you to fit your chair in easily. The working surface is large enough so that you can place your mixing panels and keyboards without any hassle. Its dimensions are 48x26x36 inches and when it’s assembled, its length will be 48 inches.

A tough tempered glass sits above a very reliable keyboard tray that gives you enough space for a mouse. It’s strong and designed to endure, with no track misalignment or connection issues. On the back of this desk, there’s a grated metal support with three holes in it, which are used to run cables through. So you can connect your computer, speakers, monitor and other wired devices to it.

11. HOMCOM 61 in. Modern L-Shaped Office Workstation Computer Desk

If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist studio desk, you should check out the HOMCOM Modern L-Shaped Office Workstation Computer Desk. It doesn’t have any shelves or drawers but it’s designed to give you plenty of space to work on. The HOMCOM Workstation Computer Desk has a spacious L-shaped design, with a generous working area and is lightweight yet strong. It’s made from thick MDF boards and supported by an ultra-durable steel frame for extra stability.

This fantastic desk comes with a slide-out keyboard tray and provides plenty of room for your computer. Plus, it’s very budget-friendly! It also features a detachable computer tower cart that you can move around on smooth-rolling wheels which makes transportation super convenient.

12. Studio Designs 13315 Monterey Craft Station

The Monterey Craft Station from Studio Designs is a great choice for crafting, hobbies, and other projects. Its main work surface has a width of 35.5″ and depth of 23.75″. Plus, it has a tempered safety glass light table with an angle adjustment up to 30°.

The Studio Designs 13315 Monterey Craft Station has four detachable side trays, a 24″ slip-up pencil ledge and powder-coated steel frame for extra strength. It’s an awesome choice for those who want to keep their craft stuff handy and organized! IT has four levels for stability that work with light-pad support bars. The price tag for this desktop is higher than the other two desks mentioned earlier.

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Perfect Studio Desk or Workstation for Your Studio

Finding the right studio setup for you is not easy; what’s good for someone else may not work for you. This guide will help in figuring out what you need from a studio desk or workstation and give you the confidence to choose the right one for your studio.

What to consider before looking at options?

Before picking out a desk for your music studio, there are several important points you have to take into account. Don’t just buy the first desk you come across – think about it carefully and consider factors like size, ergonomics, budget etc.

  • Whether you’re a fan of using plugins or prefer analog gear and effects, there’s something for everyone!

  • How much gear do you have now?

  • What things do you need on your desk?

  • How big your studio is.

  • How your studio looks (and how important it is to you).

  • What you can afford.

  • Other aspects.

The type of work you do will influence the kind of specs your computer should have. Knowing this will help you decide on what features to look out for when purchasing a workstation.

Working in the box vs using analog gear?

If you don’t use analog stuff like compressors and EQs, then you won’t need much space at your workstation. However, if you do require using such gear, many desks come with designated areas to install these effects racks and modules. If you want to keep your racks in the same room with you while working on the computer, consider getting a desk with a lower shelf or one specifically designed for mounting the racks.

How many pieces of gear you have?

If you tend to have a lot of equipment, then getting a bigger desk is probably the way to go. It’ll provide you with more storage space and help keep everything in order. This means you won’t get distracted looking for supplies and can focus on the job.

Not everyone is a fan of minimalism though – some people want to have multiple items on their desk and prefer it looking busy. No worries! You may not have enough room in the studio depending on your setup or the size of the room. This will require you to figure out which pieces of gear are most important for you and place them on the desk – which leads to our next factor.

What pieces of gear you want on your desk?

A normal studio desk usually has:

  • Computer

  • Audio interface

  • Studio monitors and subwoofers

  • MIDI keyboard

Many setups also include:

  • Analog effects racks

  • Multiple computer screens

  • Synthesizers and other smaller instruments are becoming more popular these days. They could be easily used at home or in a studio to create a unique soundscape

  • Mixers and microphones

Think about the items you use the most and keep them close by. It’s probably a good idea to keep them on your desk so they’re within easy reach.

How big your studio is?

If you’re creating music in a bedroom or home studio, the best desk for you will be a smaller one. Oversized desks in tight spaces can be more of a hindrance than a help with blocking creativity and reducing workflow. If you’ve got a spacious studio, then it’s best to get yourself a large desk. Thankfully there’s plenty of choices when it comes to studio desks and workstations – various sizes and shapes available!

The aesthetic of your studio

If you’re running a more professional home studio, you may want to take into account the overall look and feel. Most recording desks come in wooden finishes or muted hues like black, white and grey so they should fit in easily with any studio aesthetic. No worries if you don’t have a matching look in your studio. Even someone like Nav, who’s an established producer, has mismatched furniture that doesn’t give off any type of vibe.

Buying the necessary gear and furniture and not just splurging on fancy things is definitely a good way to save money initially. And if you need more than that, you can always upgrade later. So as a beginner, prioritize practical stuff that will help with your workflow like monitors and chairs over stuff that looks nice but won’t be as helpful.

What you can afford?

Prices for studio desks range from low-cost options like $200 all the way up to $2,000+. Depending on your budget you may need to be picky when choosing which type of desk works best for you.

Other aspects

There are a couple of other features to think about when picking out a desk. Check that it has adjustable height and rollers/locks on the wheels so you can customize it to your needs. If you’re looking at desks, make sure to consider the extras they may have too. Pull-out keyboard trays, storage spaces and cable tidiness are all things to bear in mind when selecting one. It’s easy to forget these features, so just look out for them!

Don’t forget to think about what your desk is made of! You’ll usually find desks made of wood, metal or synthetic laminates. Each one comes with its own pros and cons so you should make sure to weigh up all the options before making a decision. Wood is usually heavier than composite materials, but composites are much lighter. Durability can also vary depending on the material so choose the one that best suits your space and needs.

Styles of studio desks and workstations

When shopping for a studio desk, know that there are several different styles to pick from.

More portable studio desks:

  • Folding and compact desks

  • Stage desks

Portable desks are great when you’ve got limited space. They’re small and some of them can be tucked away when you’re not using it. If your workspace is tight, it’s definitely a good option for you.

More stationary desks:

  • Modular and platform desks

  • Compact desks

These desks are great for music producers and those who work with keyboards – they’re much bigger than your average desk and have shelves, platforms for gear and monitors, plus pull out spaces for a full-size 88-key MIDI keyboard.

The next steps

Once you’ve answered those questions and realized what factors to focus on while looking for your desk, it’s time to do the actual shopping. Chances are, you’ll get the best results if you check out a music-related retail website. If you’re buying a studio desk online, keep in mind that some assembly may be required when it gets to your studio.

Before your desk arrives

Before you get your desk, make sure to give your studio a thorough clean and organize it so you can assemble the desk or move it around with ease. Also take the time to manage your cables neatly and sweep up where the desk is going.


You should now be equipped with the info you need to go out and buy your own studio desk or workstation! We hope our guide and reviews have given you a good starting point on what to look for and how to choose the best studio desk. It’s not easy to find the right studio desk for your music studio setup, but we at Consordini are here to make it much simpler! We want to help you get the perfect desk that’ll suit all your needs.

FAQ for Best Studio Desks and Workstations

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Are there any sizes or shapes that are best suited to particular types of studios?

What type of material should I look for when buying a studio desk or workstation?

Are there any accessories that I can add to my studio desk or workstation to make it more efficient?

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