Best Vintage Speakers for Vinyl Record Players

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, your speakers are one of the most important pieces of your record player. They need to be well-matched and reserved for a rich, classic sound which is one of the reasons they’re popular at high-end headphone or audio system stores. While record players with built-in speakers exist, they don’t truly reproduce the sound quality of external vinyl records.

But not everyone can afford the most extravagant audio systems; technology has made great sound quality available at a wide variety of price points. Even if you are on a budget, it’s possible to find great speakers that can help you get the best sound from your vinyl. The speakers below will still rival high-end vintage speakers for their sound quality.

Best Speakers for Record Player

Edifier S2000 MKII

The MKIII model of Edifier S2000 Bluetooth-powered speakers is big, but it measures a good size. If you’ve ever gotten tired of having to move your speakers every day or through the holidays, this one won’t fit where you are currently. This version might be a bit tough to get into the box, so you may want to get a helpful tool like a winch in advance.

These soundbars allow you to easily turn your TV into a home theater. It was designed with audiophile-level audio and allows you to build a household party system around it. Plus, it can also be integrated into other devices via Bluetooth or an optical connection. Our favorite speakers for listening to records are these ones. They can be used with vinyl turntables.


  • Flat diaphragm tweeters

  • 5 inch woofers

  • Bluetooth 4.0 support

Best Turntable Speakers for Classical Music

Edifier R1280DBs

Edifier R1280 DS stands for “Dimensions: 12.80” and is a darker shade of black, with MDF panels that effectively prevent acoustic shock. Get genuine freedom from wired connections by using Bluetooth 5.0 speakers. You can use them for nifty speakers like this one that supports devices such as iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows all wirelessly.

When the subwoofer is connected to the subwoofer out, your speakers automatically detect it and activate the digital crossover. There’s an optical input and a coaxial input, ensuring that your sounds will always be on point. Plus, you’re able to connect two devices with dual RCA inputs!

You’ll be able to connect your devices easily with the included cable. The optical and RCA cables will allow you to connect most of your devices, while the 3.5mm jack-RCA cable is good for connecting a few inputs. The transducers in these speakers are designed to give you a great concert-like experience.


  • Affordable

  • Lossless connections

  • Included remote

Top Vintage Speakers for Vinyl Review

Below, we’ve listed what are some of the best vintage-looking speakers on the market. These speakers are in the lower price bracket so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. I’m in the market for a vintage speaker that will fit well with my furniture. I find they’ve got a design that is not too old and has some really unique features that would be nice to have.

1. Edifier S2000 MKII– Best Powered Speakers for Turntable

Considered by many experts to be among the best speakers for vinyl, Edifier S2000 partners high-quality components with excellent sound quality. These speakers include a lot of connection options and come in different colors.

These speakers are designed for use with your phone, tablet or laptop. With such a wide range of inputs as well as Bluetooth compatibility and rich sounding capabilities, these speakers are sure to provide the high quality sound you need. The speakers feature independent volume controls so you can adjust them to respond to different styles of music.

2. JBL Charge 4

For those who love their vinyl records and want to listen to them on the go, the JBL Charge 4 provides good sound quality and is a Bluetooth speaker. The Charge 4 is a compact speaker that delivers impressive volume and clarity at a small package.

The unit is compact enough to be held in your hand and light enough to take with you when needed. It’s also designed with a waterproof housing, lasts around 20 hours on one charge, and has a wide Bluetooth radius.

3. Presonus E4.5

Intended for studio monitoring in a music production context, they have excellent clarity and sonic flexibility. They’re also quite convenient as well. “When you’re setting up your speakers, it’s a good idea to experiment with the EQ settings to see which settings sound best for your needs. Pumping up the bass and treble can sometimes make softer music sound much better in a smaller room.”

While the low end of speakers’ frequencies only extends from 70 hz to a little further than 110 hz, they are able to accurately represent the rest of the sound spectrum.

4. Polk Audio T15

These speakers are perfect for any home theater system. They provide crystal clear sound that doesn’t overpower other people in the room. These are a pair of speakers I have used over the years and always been happy with my purchase. This is the kind of ash color that I always think about when I think about 1980s audio equipment. All the cool hi-fis in the 1980s had speakers like this. I admit that I could do without the Polk logo on them. They still have that “vintage” 80s vibe with the retro design down to a T. These headphones are also very reasonably priced at around $99.

Polk is saying that these speakers are the perfect entry into high-performance audio. They’re the perfect upgrade if you have a cool turntable with built-in speakers, but you want something with a bit more kick. I’m not sure if this makes sense but I found that the size of the tweeter and the size of the driver worked well for me.

I would not have these cranked up super loud, but the mid-range on these things is fantastic. I mainly screwed around with some live records and was happy with the sound quality. These things are pretty much ready to go out of the box.


  • These have a real 80s style about them

  • I like the overall size of them

  • Very easy to hook up to a turntable or receiver

  • The sound quality was fantastic


  • I don’t like the Polk logo being on their shirts

  • If you’re not a fan of black ash, these may not be the standard for you

5. Edifier R1280DBs Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

These Edifier R1280DBs speakers are the same as their more expensive-sounding counterparts, but they are a lot less expensive. They also happen to be one of the most convenient speakers for setting up and have plenty of input options to choose from.

They’re a great option for those seeking a more affordable way to access Edifier quality. Easy connectivity is available with your phone, turntable, CD player or other audio devices. They are Bluetooth-enabled and powered so any Bluetooth-enabled record player can be connected to these speakers easily.

6. Audioengine A5+ Plus Wireless Speaker

Audioengine A5+ Plus speakers are available with our #1 seller, Amazon Prime. They are designed with the audiophile in mind and powered to offer 150 watts of high-fidelity audio. The Audioengine A5+ Plus is the most expensive option on this list but because of its superior performance, it may be worth the amount paid.

The speakers feature a whole range of input options from bluetooth to RCA, which means they provide consistent sound quality for the best possible listening experience.

7. Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We’re wrapping up this round- up with this funky looking Bluetooth speaker. I personally haven’t used it, but my friends thought the vintage design and branding on the front was cool! This is a really nice 70’s jukebox!

I love all of the fun features that this speaker has and it has an excellent design. There is a big price difference though, which does not bother me at all! It was designed with a Bluetooth chip system in mind, but there is also an option to plug in a 3.5mm audio jack just in case you need it. They say its battery lasts for 25 hours which is amazing.

So when I looked at what was producing the sound, it was definitely what I expected from a speaker like this. Two 2 and ¼ inch woofers are rocking this thing. I think at more low to mid-volume this is going to sound awesome, but I am not sure what it will be like if you want to crank up the Metallica and headbang in the living room. The design is super fun and it would look great if you have a vintage-style record player.


  • This thing looks great

  • Has the Marshall name on right on it

  • It is very easy to connect to your devices

  • Most reviews that people seem to love are for the newest, most updated items


  • There’s a 70s speaker in here for you to try

  • You will have to remember to charge it

8. Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers

If you are not as concerned with audio quality, but you need speakers that improve on the volume and audio quality of built-in turntable speakers, the Micca MB42 is a great option. While the build quality isn’t quite up to par with that of better speakers, these produce a fairly good sound for the price.

The passive speakers have been some of the best-rated items on Amazon as their customer success rates are excellent. They require a power amplifier, but it’s easy to set up and well-reviewed. For an extra $60 or so, you can upgrade to the more powerful PB42X model which are powered so they do not require an amp.

9. Edifier R1280Ts Powered Bookshelf Speakers

These Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers are the first in our selection. They cost $100 and offer a great deal of value. What I like about this pen is the wood-grain casing that they have used. It has a transition into the blending of the metal body on one side and then it goes into the pen barrel that’s made from metal glass.

I really think these speakers could give that late 70s, early-80s design a twist. They’re wireless (if your device has Bluetooth capabilities) and you could connect them to the back of your record player too. And they even come with their own remote! You can easily adjust the volume and tone of these speakers if you want.

Sure, you aren’t getting the best sound in the world with this speaker, but after a few hours of listening to some Iron Maiden and a little Motley Crue, I could say that this sound quality was actually really good. These speakers are 4 inches and their bass driver can provide sound at even the loudest volumes. They are not as small as other cheaper speakers, which means they won’t have problems when you have friends over for a party.


  • I love their new woodgrain style! It looks so great

  • They are easy to connect with your turntable

  • It’s great to have a set of records that sound as good as they did the first time I heard them

  • I like how you can manipulate the tone of your sound and make it louder or softer through what’s called bass and treble adjustments


  • I get that wood is not everyone’s taste

  • Some might find that there’s no Bluetooth

10. Fluance SX6W High Definition Two-Way Bookshelf Loudspeakers

I think these cool vintage looking speakers look better with a white speaker and dark cherry wood. They also come in black. The walnut models of the Pebble Time Steel are just $160, which makes them the most affordable model.

I really like the style of these speakers. They’re also really classy and made to go with a vintage home. This is perfect if you have a turntable that’s out on display and you want some speakers that look great with it.

Despite their size, these speakers pack a good punch. I tested these on my weekend and was impressed with the way some of my records, even older stuff like Slippery When Wet, had a cool sound. These speakers have a five-inch driver powering things and a nice 1-inch soft domed tweeter running the show. I was impressed with how they sounded there in the store. I’m sure if I used them even longer they would find a real sweet spot, and sound even better. These are wired only, but this doesn’t bother me too much.


  • They come in three different colors

  • The asking price is very reasonable

  • I thought these would last more than a few weeks, but they were incredibly powerful

  • They look super cool as well we vintage


  • I don’t know why the walnuts cost more

  • Breaking in a pair of boots may take up to 20 hours

11. Acoustic Audio AA321B Mountable Indoor Speakers

I haven’t personally tested these speakers – they’re “outside the box” for my tastes, but they make for an interesting addition to the list. First of all, we have these  Acoustic Audio AA321B Mountable Indoor Speakers  which as you can see are tiny! These I feel have a bit of a 90s vibe to them.

The small, compact speakers look a lot like those famous tv speakers back then. Today’s speaker market has changed because of how popular hdmi cable systems have become and they’re selling for around $30 each. Ok, so these earrings are probably better for decoration than wearing. They also don’t have much practical value and are expensive!

They’re not the best speakers you’ll find out there but they’re pretty solid. You’d probably be better off looking at something else if you are trying to spend more money on a speaker. These have a 2.5-inch woofer for maximum sound depth, so at louder volumes it may be hard to hear them clearly unless you’re sitting right up close to the monitor. But they’ve done their best to keep size and price down, while still delivering quality sound.


  • I love how they are becoming more 90s than 80s for a change

  • They do look super cute!

  • The asking price is insane

  • For the most part, reviews are all really positive about your company


  • A lack of output on a sound system is always a concern when dealing with these microphones

  • I’m not sure if I’d like these as main speakers

All the speakers use sound technology that has a vintage style.

What to Look for in Vintage Speakers for Vinyl

Sound Quality

You’ll want to know if the speaker will play what you listen to most often. And you don’t have to stop there — think about the sound quality in general. Some speakers are better tuned to certain types of music, and you’ll want to get the best sounds possible that’s beneficial for your turntable. A stereo speaker will allow you to get the full experience – two-sides of sound – which is better than just one side.

Frequency response

We can hear sounds that range from 40 Hz to 20 kHz; speakers vary in their frequency response. For speakers that may have trouble with bass or treble frequencies, look for speakers that have a strong presence in these areas.


Sometimes, your wireless speakers or other devices require a 3.5 mm wire to play audio from the device. It’s important to make sure you have the right connections and to know how they work with your device. You’ll need to make sure that your turntable is connected to your speakers correctly. It’s possible that you don’t even have a remote control for it, so be sure to keep one around.

Powered vs. Passive

When you choose between powered and passive speakers, you may have to consider the size of your space, the volume of sound that you want to project at the location, and/or if other people will be present in the room. Powering a speaker is complicated but necessary when its time for amplifying your turntable’s sound. Powered speakers have amps inside of their enclosures; these compact speakers are typically powered by a turntable that’s equipped with an amp. Unpowered speakers need to be connected using an external amp, which can often take up quite a bit of room.

Wired vs. Wireless

As Bluetooth and similar technologies become more accessible, many consumers are opting for wireless speakers. Wireless speakers provide a number of conveniences over traditional models or even the radios in cars. These devices can be easier to transport in general, making it easier to listen to vinyl everywhere. You can set up wired speakers easily and they provide a consistent performance that many listeners find appealing. However, wireless speakers provide convenience along with less of an issue with cords and setup.


The style of your speakers is a big consideration. You want to make sure that they match the decor and especially if you’re going to be displaying them on a bookshelf or coffee table like in an outdoor space. Wood or black speaker enclosures are preferable.

FAQ for Best Vintage Speakers for Vinyl

What are powered speakers (AKA active speakers)?

These speakers use an internal amplifier so they don’t rely on a separate power source. Instead, power is given to them internally and can be supplemented by an external amplifier if needed. They are also known as powered or active speakers. Most of the speakers on this list are self-powered or powered.

Powered speakers are speakers that don’t need external amplification to make sound. An example of this would be a speaker on a ceiling – they’re not designed to receive power from an amplifier because the sound travels up through the air.

What are the best speakers for audio technica record player?

If you own a Bluetooth capable record player or audio system, then one of the speakers in this list can connect to it. We recommend the Audio Technica LP60 or LP120 speakers with Bluetooth, as they’re both connected to a remote and are generally good in terms of sound quality. Audio Technica turntables come bundled with speakers.  Someone might have a good experience with the Audio Technica LP120, however, it has been known to produce a minor hum.

What are the best budget, powered speakers for a turntable?

We like the Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. They’re powered, have Bluetooth and optical and coaxial inputs that provide studio-level quality.

Do you recommend getting a record player with built-In speakers?

Turntables with built-in speakers are a hot new trend; they’re affordable, portable and simple. One of the best ones we did is a guide on our blog.

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