Best Violin Pickups and Transducers

If you want to amplify the sound of your violin or give it a electric violin-like sound, you might want to purchase a violin pickup or a violin transducer. A microphone will provide similar high-quality sound as you might hope, but the sound from a pickup is more natural.

There are a lot of options for violin pickups on the market. We hope this guide will help you find the perfect match for your instrument.

Overall Best Violin Pickup

Cherub WCP-60V Violin Pickup

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to capture the sound of your violin anymore, with the new Cherub WCP-60V piezo pickup. This is a super affordable device that gives you an easy way to get started with capturing music on your instrument. This ensures that there’s no damage to the instrument and it can easily be taken on and off.

The device is plastic with a metal frame and runs on batteries which can be replaced. It has a wire that’s connected to the receiver with a ¼ jack at the end, and that’s only a little shorter than what we’re used to.

Most people don’t expect musical instruments to be this affordable, but at only $100, it’s worth the investment. This speaker is able to filter out external noise and produce a clear sound on any occasion.

If you’re looking to make your Gibson Les Paul look a little more upscale, this is the guitar pickup for you. It will cover up the body of your instrument and make it look classy instead of cheap. If you’re keen to keep the traditional aesthetic of your violin, you might prefer something that subtly clips onto the bridge.

If you’re new to sound system devices, then the Cherub WCP-60V will be perfect for you. It’s relatively cheap, has a good range of sound quality, and it’s very easy to use.


  • Super cheap.
  • Easy to clip on and off.
  • Even if your instrument does get damaged, it will stay in good shape and you won’t end up shelling out a pretty penny

Cheapest Violin Pickup

Leegoal Violin Pickup

This piezo pickup from Leegoal is a great product that comes at an affordable price point. It attaches by Velcro and also includes a ¼” jack and 9 inch cable. This pickup can be installed easily on any instrument and can also work on violas, cellos, banjos and guitars. This product does not include the power cable to plug into your amp. As such, it’s really not a big deal for the price that this item is being sold for.

Best Violin Pickups and Transducers

Today’s violin pickups are a great solution for people looking to include music in their lives but not be forced to purchase an expensive instrument. This is one of the best options on the market. The product is still a good investment for many reasons. It will provide high quality sounds and it can be used on multiple instruments and different sounds.


  • Cheap
  • Piezo Transducer
  • Includes velcro

Top Violin Pickups and Transducers Review

1. Cherub WCP-60V Violin Pickup

The best violin pickup is capable of reproducing the natural sound from a violin. This can also be connected to an amplifier or PA set-up for amplification. This is a tiny device that offers variety of functionalities for both beginners and enthusiasts to use. It is small, lightweight and can be used without any battery.

2. SUNYIN Transducer for Violin

This violin transducer will avoid feedback squeal and produce a sound that’s clear, warm and crisp. An adhesive that’s more than 3 times faster than an ordinary bond paper, so you can install it within minutes without damaging the instrument.

This device is not something that you can easily notice. It’s compact, has a padded clip that protects your violin, and has a high output without the need to use batteries.

3. Fishman V-200 Violin Pickup

The piezo-ceramic violin pickup transducer attaches to the violin like a chin rest and has a 0.25-inch jack. You can only plug it into your amp or other recording equipment. It could be mounted on any acoustic instrument such as your violin.

It is not influenced by external sounds it doesn’t hear and can be used more effectively.

4. Barcus Berry 3100 Violin Piezo Pickup

Our next violin pickup quickly clamps to the bridge. It has an output jack connected via cable to the 3100P output. Additionally, it offers a wide range of frequencies and is ideal for a balanced sound.

This pickup features a feedback rejection element which provides excellent signal isolation. It’s easy to attach and detach, so there’s no need to put holes on the instrument.

5. EverTrust Andoer Cherub WCP-60V Clip-on Pickup

This is a professional violin pickup that has been designed to fit onto any violin. It has a clip-on design which can be fitted onto your violin with ease and to create stability. If you use this pickup and connect it to a guitar amp or PA, then you can eliminate external noise during recordings.

Best Violin Pickups and TransducersThe guitar has a 1/4 inch input with a 2.5 mm cable. This gadget is way easier than dealing with wires and cords. It’s lightweight, compact and easy to take anywhere, which is important if you want to get it on the go.

6. Fishman V-100 Classic Series Violin Pickup

This violin pickup is durable and light weight, giving you a less muted sound. It mounts on the violin bridge using a patented Fishman Floating Mount system.

Best Violin Pickups and Transducers

Beginners are recommended to get an impedance-matching preamp. There will be no hassle in putting it into your instrument, and there is an easy installation without having to make any alterations.

7. Luvay Piezo Violin Pickup

Perfect installation and sound quality are standard for this violin pickup. It’s easy enough to adjust the volume up or down thanks to its control knob and produces a good, bright, and crisp sound quality.

Best Violin Pickups and Transducers

This violin pickup is great for using with your electric guitars, guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and cellos. It also comes with a 10-foot cable and 4 x stickers to improve your sound quality.

8. Headway The Band Violin Pickup System

We offer an easy and instant fit, transferable pickup system for your violin. This can produce a warm, clear tone that is sure to please any audience.

This pickup has no noise, and it doesn’t require any plugs or batteries. It also eases the worry of feedback or buzzing too much as it connects straight to your mixing desk or combo amp.

9. Kmise Violin Contact Pickup

Our next model is a professional Piezo Microphone pickup with a 1/4 inch jack with a 10-inch cable. It similarly picks sounds up by being in direct contact with the sound source of your violin.

Best Violin Pickups and Transducers

It comes with a double-sided tape and a self-adhesive Velcro for multiple mounting options. It also includes a self-adhesive clip and two screw clips for amplifying your sound. It can be used with guitar amps or recording equipment.

10. KNA VV-3 Pickup for Violin

Our last pick is the KNA VV-3 Pickup. It has a lightweight and wood encased sensor that produces the natural sound of your violin. Included with this instrument is a cork-lined jack.

Best Violin Pickups and Transducers

This jack can be installed on the violin and removed any time to change out. It provides a professional sound and sounds great on stage or across an auditorium.

What are the Best Violin Pickups to Buy

First, you’ll want to pay attention to the different items that are used in the violin pickup – from piezo wire crystals, magnets and magnets arrays. There are good options on each side of these three parts of the pickup, so it’s up to what you prefer. Second, be sure when buying a pickup that your strings will fit on it without any problem – this way you know it will work well with your violin.

How the Violin Pickup Attaches

You should think about what type of pickup you want. Do you want the removable or the permanent one? There are various designs, styles and pricing of these pickups. Players who play their violin regularly use a pickup so that they can practice and perform anytime they need a guitar, but what if you don’t have the necessary time or money to ensure the instrument is playable? Many players purchase a removable one for convenience.

Piezo or Magnetic Pickups

Piezo Pickups

These pickups are based on the principle of piezoelectricity, a kind of electro-mechanical voltage that occurs from vibrations created by an external source. CM’s can be used as live performance microphones or as studio microphones. They’re perfect for capturing violin sound in a live performance or recording it separately from an audio source.

One of the other benefits is the ability to superimpose recorded sounds that can be made louder or quieter depending on required listening.

Magnetic Pickup

Fil wrapping is a way to prevent the strings from breaking by covering them with multiple coils of strong, thin wires called “tension springs” or “fine wire.” These are then driven into each lead of the string.

When you attach strings of metal or plastic to a magnetic field, the vibrations that change the magnetic flux cause a change in the frequency of electromagnetic waves which are then passed through cables to record and amplification equipment. There can also be a preamplifier with that records it inside.

The Volume Produced

One of the benefits that more people are beginning to realize is how much of an impact volume makes. It’s worth knowing how much volume your violin transducer can produce. You should note the violin transducers that can produce a loud sound without creating that annoying squealing feedback.

There are many considerations to make when looking for the best violin pickups and violin transducers. When choosing, always remember that awareness of the vital features will help you choose wisely which will make your job easier.

Amplifier for Violin

To play an instrument, especially a violin, you need an amplifier to make the sound louder. We recommend the Fender Frontman amp because it’s durable and can be used for guitars as well.

Violin pickups are little batteries that attach to the instrument body and convert vibrations into digital signals. If you want to buy a pickup for a guitar, first think about what your needs are. Some things to consider are:

  • Do you want a sound with some style?
  • Do you need help with your everyday tasks?
  • Are you looking to install a pickup on your acoustic guitar, violin, or electric bass?

You can choose from a wide range of options to find a pickup that’s right for you. Depending on the type of violin you have, the purposes it serves, and your personal needs, there are dozens of different brands and models to choose from.

Making a good decision is very important. You have to think about what you need and what’s the most important thing for your instrument. Some are more suitable for permanent use, while others are better suited as they don’t take up much of your time. In order to make the right choice, you can look at different options such as price and ease of putting on and taking off the instrument.


Here is a list of models of pickups that are chosen by their popularity and the range they offer. For both low-budget players and high-budget ones, we have various options to choose from! We offer a variety of auto-playing violin pickups across multiple types to meet your needs. They will provide a clear, loud sound for whatever you need and will save you money on the unit in hand.

The acoustic pickup system will provide increased volume, and the violin will sound louder playing with other instruments. The sound quality is rich, clear and bright on these. A better option than a microphone, pickups are often seen as more efficient and professional in design. Moreover, you can also modify the sound output with these and record your work professionally sounding.

Define your needs first and then identify your affordable budget range. It will help you to narrow your search down. Here are some things to consider you might want: a sound system, speakers, soundbars, or a subwoofer. They are all affordable alternatives for improving the sound and you will not have to regret your choice.

FAQ for Best Violin Pickups and Transducers

What are the differences between violin pickups and transducers?

Transducers are the sensors that convert the vibrations of sound into an electrical signal. This is while violin pickups are the sensors that convert the vibrations of sound into an electric current.

There are two different types of pickups in a violin:

  • The one closest to the bridge is called a “transducer” because it converts vibrations from sound into an electrical signal.
  • The other type is called a “vibrator” because it converts vibrations from sound into a magnetic field.

The two types of pickups work together to create a more complex and detailed sound for the violin player.

What are the benefits of using violin pickups and transducers?

Violin pickups and transducers are used in modern violin recordings to capture the sound of the violin. They are mostly made from a piezoelectric material that is able to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The main benefit of using violin pickups and transducers is that they are able to give a more realistic sound of the instrument. It captures the vibration of the strings and gives it a more natural feel.

Which types of violin pickups and transducers offer the best sound?

The most common type of pickup is a magnetic type that many people use. In addition to being economical, it is also very easy to install. However, it does not offer an accurate sound reproduction as it does not have any tone shaping capabilities.

There are also other types of pickups that use piezoelectricity for generating sound waves instead of magnets. They are usually more expensive than magnetic pickups but offer a better sound quality as they can shape tone more accurately than magnetic pickups can do.

The last type is the optical pickup which uses light sensors to generate sound waves in order to create a more natural tone from the violin strings. These pickups are generally used by professionals who want a purer sounding instrument without any interference from external factors.

How much violin pickup and transducer cost?

A violin pickup and transducer cost anywhere from $40 to $200. However, the cost of the pickup and transducer is only one part of the total costs. There are also other factors such as length of wire, type of wire, type of wood, etc.

What are the key features of a good violin pickup and transducer?

The most important feature of a good violin pickup is its sensitivity. A high-quality transducer can detect even low-frequency vibrations and will not distort or muffle them. It also needs to be able to withstand temperature changes, humidity, and physical wear.

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